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"Sammy, let's go!" Kelly shouted down the hall as she grabbed his lunch, backpack, her car keys, and a briefcase, "Silver, Naomi, we're leaving!" She grabbed a cup of coffee as Sammy ran out the door. She was about to walk out the door when she tripped—spilling her coffee all over herself. "Dammit!"

Silver rushed down the stairs, "Kel? What's wrong?"

"Someone's shoe tripped me," Kelly retorted, stripping in front of the door. She eyed her sister and took in the bagginess and dressiness of her attire, "take off your shirt."

Silver began to unbutton, "You could at least buy me dinner," she laughed as she tossed the clean shirt to her sister.

Kelly smiled and frantically put on Silver's shirt, "Look, I love Naomi, but if she keeps leaving her crap everywhere, I'm going to kill her."

Silver bit her lip and nodded nervously, crossing her arms, "Yeah."

"Alright, I'm going, see you later!" Then she was gone and pulling out of the driveway.

"Yeah," Silver mumbled, "see ya." She walked over to the door and picked up her shoe, clutching it with a smile.

Naomi sat in the driver's seat and gripped her steering wheel, "So… I was talking to my attorney and the psychiatrist and they want me to move in with family."

Silver furrowed her brow, "What?"

Naomi shrugged, "For my defense they say it's best that I have family support to help my image… if it goes to trial."

Silver looked guilty, "Is this about this morning?"

Naomi laughed and looked at Silver, "This morning?"

"Kelly didn't mean it. She' s not going to kill you… You are more than welcome in our home," Silver explained frantically.

"Wow," Naomi gave a small laugh, "I didn't even know she figuratively kicked me out. But, no, that's not it. I've been thinking about it for a while and I prepared a… presentation of sorts."

"A presentation?"

Naomi nodded, "I figured out how this would help Jen with her reputation, how the sympathetic sister and part care taker and healer would look good for business… or whatever. I also have proof to show that Mr. Cannon did what he did. I just… I don't know. I hope if I approach it like business she'll go with it."

Silver shook her head and her eyes shined with concern, "You shouldn't have to convince your sister to take you in after you were raped by making it a business agreement."

Naomi shrugged, "That's just how this family is, it's how she is. You just… don't understand."

Silver opened her car door, "You're right, I don't." Naomi stepped out of the car as well, "But you know you are more than welcome in our home, always."

Naomi smiled and wrapped an arm around her best friend, "I know."

Jen sat before her sister, holding Jacque, "What is it?"

"Okay," Naomi began with a slight shake in her voice, "Before you completely knock it, I want to tell you have I proof." Jen sighed and nodded.

Naomi licked her lips, "Something… happened last May." She took a deep breath, "And it resulted in criminal charges—"

Jen sighed, "God, Naomi, what did you do?"

Naomi looked hurt and tears filled her eyes, "I didn't do anything."

Jen sighed, "Save the dramatics."

Naomi glared, cleared her throat and prepared herself. "Fine," she took one final breath, "last year a teacher raped me, I freaked out, moved in with Silver, turned in my dress form that night, and am going to trial."

Jen had stopped bouncing her baby at some point and stared at Naomi, "What?"

Naomi began to fidget with her hands, "The dress had his blood on it and the entire reason I'm tell you this is because my attorney thinks it would be a good idea to move in with you."

Jen stood and placed Jacque in his crib, then stood in front of her sister, "I don't understand."

"Look," Naomi tensed, "if you agree this will look really good for your reputation as a person and may help with business—"

Jen stopped her, "No," she looked Naomi, "I don't get why you're telling me this now."

Naomi gave a confused look, "Because my attorney said—"

"No," Jen said, "why didn't you tell me after it happened?"

Naomi looked even more confused, "Why would I?"

Jen released her clenched fingers, "Because I'm your sister!"

Naomi gave a small laugh then straightened up, "Oh, you're serious."

Jen looked hurt, "Am I that awful?"

The moment hung in the air. Finally, Naomi cleared her throat, "I… I, uh, I didn't tell anyone."

When Jen looked up from the floor tears were actually in her eyes, "I'm your big sister."

Naomi gave an exasperated look, "Who stole the attention and care, who slept with my boyfriend and who kicked me out!"

"Yeah, but…" Jen walked away, "Remember when you were five?"

Naomi shook her head in confusion, "Barely."

Jen bit her lip, "There was a thunderstorm and you ran into my room. You were so scared. You crawled into my bed and made me promise to protect you. Even then you were a persistent little thing."

"Jen… I—"

"I failed you…" Slowly Jen sat down on the couch and rested her chin on her hands, "and I am so sorry."

Naomi looked around the room then at her sister, "Jen?"

"I swear to you I never meant for things to get this bad between us. I figured you'd be bitchy during your teenage years like I was, then when you turned twenty three or so and started a family we'd be okay…" Jen began to ramble.

Naomi scurried over to her sister, "Whoah." She moved to the couch and grabbed her sister's hand, "It wasn't your fault. Kelly's been telling me it was no one's fault but his. It's okay, Jen." She held her sister's hand over her heart, "I'm okay."

Jen frowned, "But you're not. You made an entire presentation about your… your rape, just so I would listen."

Naomi released her sister's hand, "You'd have listened otherwise?"

Jen glared, "Of course! God! With mom half way around the world all the time and Dad doing God knows what we are the only family we have."

Naomi's eyes searched for a base, "And you'd have believed me?"

Jen's eyes grew large, "Of course!"

Naomi leaned back onto the couch, "Wow."

Jen turned to her sister with watery eyes, "What now?"

Naomi smiled and wiped her own eyes, "Motherhood has seriously made you emotional."

Jen smiled and playfully shoved her, "Shut up."

Naomi smiled at Silver and Kelly, "I really appreciate you letting me stay here."

Silver was the first to move, "Of course, any time," and she hugged her.

Kelly was right behind her, "I'm always here if you need me," she hugged Naomi. She put her at arm's length and looked at her a moment, an internal debate, then finally, "I've been there. I can help."

Naomi smiled at her and grabbed her hand, "I know, thanks."

"We talked to Cannon and he's pleading to aggravated assault," Ms. Lancaster, Naomi's lawyer, said.

Jen stood before Naomi could even comprehend, "What!"

Lancaster looked apologetic, "With the events from last year as well as no evidence of sexual assault, aggravated assault was the best we could do with the blood."

"What about a trial?" Jen countered.

"Do you know how many rape cases are voted 'Not Guilty?' Over 75%, trust me, this was best." With that Ms. Lancaster left the room.

Jen turned to her defeated sister, "Don't worry, this isn't over."

When Cannon walked into his home he was roughly grabbed by a masked figure. Soon he was shoved against the wall. "If you ever, and I mean ever, touch Naomi Clark or any other girl again, I will kill you," the figure barked and flashed a knife from his pocket to help illuminate his point, "Got that?"

Cannon put his hands up in defense, "Yeah, yeah, I got it!"

The figure shoved Cannon one more time against the wall and slithered out of the apartment.

Jen stood outside Cannon's apartment, a smug smile on her face. She wasn't out long when she spotted her good friend Jason step out of the complex, "How'd it go?" She asked with a smile.

Jason smiled, "Pretty well. I think I scared him enough for the night… I only hope the poor bastard can survive Eddy and Sam coming as well."

Jen gave a short bitter laugh, "That makes one of us."

Jason walked away and Jen's smile grew even wider as she watched Eddy climb through Cannon's bedroom window.

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