Guess who? Did ya'll miss your fav Gwevin Prophet? I thought so. I missed my fav Gwevin Prophet too... The great big mallet of inspiration just hasn't been hitting on Ben 10 at all for the past few...months? Anyway, the silence is finally broken with what might be my best work yet. It's different from my other Gwevins in that it has more plot combined with the fluff and that it's gonna be a full-on Chapter story. Surprised? So am I. I have problems finishing Chapter stories. So far, the only one I can see myself completing is my Mending the Breach GR fic. Therefore, I'll need LOTS of reviews from my old dedicated fans if I'm gonna keep my reawakening Ben 10 fix going. Got it? Okay, this story takes place after the events of episodes 10 and 11. Aggregor has the powers of fire, water, earth, wind, and electricity. He still lacks two key ingredients that will hasten his entrance into the Forge of Creation. Ben, Gwen, and Kevin set out to stop him from attaining these last two powers. We got awesomeness, adventure, and Gwevin (of course)! One more thing: KEVIN KISSED GWEN ON THE CHEEK! Sorry, I found that totally adorable. Okay, on to my story...

It is the Beginning of all time. A single ember is floating in infinite blackness. Its color is indistinguishable as it is changing so rapidly. It is red. Now it is blue. Green. Another color unable to be seen by human eyes. Void. Light. Darkness. Fire. Water. A hand is positioned over the flame, completely invisible in the darkness. Whether this is because of the fact that it is clear, or the fact that no one is viewing it, is uncertain. The fire is growing bigger, brighter. Images are flashing. There is an explosion of black and white. Stars are floating all across the empty blackness. The bearer of the hand can see all of this in the great fire that is burning in a great silver basin. It has always been there, in that same place. In the purplish-black fire, white sparks are spreading out, illustrating a map. The first pieces are being sent out...

A pair of hands reach into an old satchel. The satchel is as old as the ageless fire. The fire is being fueled by a pair of bellows held in another pair of hands that are always working them. The fire keeps growing bigger. It was always as big as it is now. And again. And again. The other pair of hands is throwing a handful of sparkling yellow dust into the fire. The first stars are being created. They have already been made. The planets that circle were always there.

"It is time for this planet to die." A hollow voice echoes. Then it fades. No one had spoken. Silence is all that is known. In human time, it is 10456 AD. It has been this year for as long as the inhabitants of the ageless forge can remember. The planet in question is already dead. Its inhabitants had called it "Earth".

"This galaxy is now born." A deep voice touches the ears of all around. The bellows are working. The only sound is the puff of air. Then there is silence, only silence. There is always silence, always noise. That galaxy has been in existence for millenniums. Some call it the Milky Way.

"Someone is trying to enter." The ever-present voice speaks before being instantly forgotten. There is no sound. The year is 2010, as it always has been...


"I can't believe this!" Kevin kicked angrily at a nearby metal rod, earning him a bruise on his toe. "We lost to him again! He has a fourth of the map already and he barely even blinked." He leaned tiredly against his car. "The way things are going, he'll be in the Forge of Creation by lunchtime."

"Don't say that, Kevin." Gwen put a soothing hand on his shoulder. His tense muscles relaxed instantly. "We just need to be more vigilant. Every Plumber in the Universe is working to stop him. He'll be hard put to get past them!"

"Don't kid yourself, Gwen." Kevin sighed. "In case you haven't noticed, the Plumbers have been kinda weak lately."

"Eh..." Gwen paused, unsure on what to say to that. "Well...there's strength in numbers, right?"

Ben facepalmed. "Face it, Gwen. We're doomed!"

Gwen's shoulders sagged. "Yeah, I guess you're right..."

Kevin looked off into the distance. "It's weird...seeing Aggregor as he is now... He seems so...drunk with power and strength. I was crazy back in the day, but...I was never proud of what I was. He's just...not normal."

"Indeed, young Levin." A familiar British voice spoke behind him.

"AH!" Kevin jumped up and spun around. Gwen and Ben also flinched a little in surprise. Leaning against the car, an expression of solemn calculating on his face, was Paradox. "Don't DO that!" Kevin gasped, taking a deep breath.

"Sorry. I need to have my fun once every few decades, don't I?" Paradox flexed his fingers and looked around at the young Plumbers. "I was just sifting through the future in the Forge of Creation. What I found was most discouraging."

"Can you tell us, or are you just gonna drop vague hints?" Ben asked.

"I'm allowed to tell you only a little: Aggregor doesn't have everything yet. He needs the last two powers that he doesn't possess. You must stop him from gaining those powers. Farewell!" Paradox walked through the door and vanished as suddenly as he had appeared.

"Hold up!" Kevin ran toward the door. "You didn't tell us anything!"

"What else is new?" Ben muttered, falling back on the hood of Kevin's car and closing his eyes. Kevin turned toward him, looking murderous.

"One dent, and you're dead!" He snarled.


"Figures Ben would go off on some mission and leave us with the boring stuff..." Kevin muttered, picking up another book and flipping through the yellowed pages. "Why are you looking through your spell books?"

Gwen frowned and turned the page of the book she was working on. "There's something familiar about Aggregor's obsession with those five particular aliens. If I can figure it out, I can determine what he's missing."

"I'd say that the answer is with species knowledge." Kevin patted his own book and pressed the buttons on his mini computer. "Whatever aliens are the strongest are obviously what he's looking for."

"Not sure what's right..." Gwen pushed her book aside and leaned back against the soft sofa cushions. "My head hurts so long have we been going?"

"About three hours." Kevin glanced at his wrist watch before shoving his own book away. "I'd say we deserve a break."

"For once, we are in total agreement." Gwen groaned, massaging her temples. "I could use a huge cup of hot chocolate..." The pillows shifted as she felt Kevin moving closer to her. Despite her mental fatigue, a light surge of electricity ran up her spine. She moved her hands away from her face and found herself looking into a pair of onyx jewels. "Wh-What is it, K-Kevin?" She whispered.

Kevin grinned roguishly. "Who needs hot chocolate?" He purred into her ear, moving a hand softly up her side. "I had other ideas."

"Yeah?" Gwen felt her lips turn up in a flirtatious smile. "What were you going for?"

Kevin chuckled quietly before pressing his cool, rough lips lightly to hers. Immediately, he felt a flood of warmth in his chest as he felt Gwen's pleased response. 'Why don't we get to do this every day?' He wondered in the back of his head. The answer followed almost instantly: 'Oh yeah...Ben. Well, no matter...he's gone now...' He felt Gwen touch her hands lovingly to his chest, nimble fingers tracing his toned muscles. He broke the kiss and proceeded to Gwen's neck, nuzzling her until she was in a comfortable lying-down position. "Don't let me stop until you're totally relaxed, okay?"

"Kay..." Gwen reached up and gently caressed his face, her eyes clouding over with that familiar daze. Kevin closed his eyes and a blissful smile spread across his face as he leaned into her hands. 'He's almost like a puppy...' Gwen thought to herself, touching her lips softly to his forehead. (Well, it's true! He kinda is like a puppy!) She shifted her position so that Kevin could lie down next to her. She closed her eyes, aware of nothing but Kevin's warm arms wrapping around her waist.





Gwen leaped from the sofa, mana forming on her hands. There was a crash as Kevin accidentally jumped against the back of the couch, knocking it over along with himself.


"Kevin, are you-" Gwen was cut off by the sound of hysterical laughing. She narrowed her eyes. "Ben, you are SO dead!" She spun around to face a red-faced, airhorn holding Ben.

"I'm s-sorry." He sputtered, doubling over. "I j-just had to!" He sat down on a nearby armchair. "You should have seen the looks on your faces!"

"C'mere, Tennyson. I'll show you a funny look that can go on your face." Kevin was standing up, looking rather dark and menacing.

Ben's laughter faded immediately. 'Oh boy...' "Uh...Gwen...could you..." He looked endearingly at his cousin who, to his horror, merely smiled.

"I'm just his girlfriend, Ben. I can't control his actions." She turned her attention on righting the sofa while, out of the corner of her eye, she watched a morphing Kevin chase Ben outside.


A flash of green.


There was a whoosh of air and the sound of Kevin's shouting. "COME BACK HERE YOU COWARD! DON'T YOU FLY AWAY FROM ME!"

A few seconds later, Kevin stomped back into the house, rubbing his head and fuming. "I'm gonna kill him..." He snarled, plopping down grumpily on the couch.

Gwen smiled warmly and hugged him from behind the sofa. "I think this is the opposite of relaxing. Want to get back to work, Caleovigor?"

Kevin's features softened instantly as he looked up at Gwen's emerald eyes. "What's that mean?" He asked, reaching up to touch her cheek.

"While you're looking at alien species, check some Anodite phrases." She gave him a playful kiss on the cheek before jumping over the back of the sofa and landing next to him. "Let's see now..." She pulled out yet another book and began flipping through the pages. Next her, Kevin was reluctantly pulling out his handheld alien dictionary.

"I don't get it..." Kevin grumbled as he looked at the Necrofriggian section for the thousandth time. "What more could Aggregor need? I mean, he's got Bivalvin's water powers and armor, Galapagus's wind and flight, P'andor's radiation, Andreas's earthquake powers and strength-"

"Kevin! That's it!" Gwen gasped, throwing down her book. "That's the key!" She started rooting around for another book. "Come on...I know it's here..."

"What're you looking for?" Kevin asked, utterly bewildered.

"My book on the Elements! I don't know why I didn't check it sooner! Here we go!" Gwen pulled out a small black book and flipped to the Index. "Yes! Here we go... The four elements: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire." She held up the book for Kevin to see.

"Huh..." Kevin looked curiously at the picture, which showed an arrangement of four different items: A candle at the bottom, a stone at the top, a seashell on the left, and a feather on the right. "Looks magical to me...what's the deal?"

"Aggregor has obtained unity of the four elements! That's what makes him so powerful?"

"But what about Ra'ad? Electricity isn't on here."

Gwen frowned and flipped a few pages. "Ah!" She put a finger on the page triumphantly when she gazed at a picture of a woman holding a ball of lightning in the palm of her hand. "Electricity is synonymous with energy. That must have been where Ra'ad came in."

Kevin shrugged his shoulders. "Okay, your guess is as good as mine. What of it? If he has everything already, what more could he want?"

"Void." Gwen replied immediately. "That's the fifth element. It exists outside of the physical realm."

"The closest thing we have to that is a Celestialsapien, or Alien X." Kevin nodded slowly. "Makes sense."

"Not quite..." Gwen flipped through a few more pages. "As strong as Aggregor is, he wouldn't stand a chance against a Celestialsapien, and Ben never uses Alien X. There's gotta be another way to obtain Void..." She glanced at the Index. "Besides, Paradox said that Aggregor is after two things."

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Kevin's Plumber badge was starting to go off. "Hello?" He pressed the button on the side. A hologram of Ben appeared. Kevin scowled. "Too scared to come back here, Tennyson? I oughta-"

"Hold up, Kevin! Listen, Aggregor's at it again! He just attempted an attack on the planet Fulguro! We gotta try to follow him while the trail's still hot! Get the new Rustbucket going! Now! I'll meet you there!" Ben's image disappeared.

Kevin turned toward Gwen. "Bring the book. We'll see what we can figure out when we get there!"


"Supernova." The hollow, all-known voice rings out. A white spot is exploding with a crack, sending red and blue sparks from the navy fire. The voice is gone. There was no voice. There was never any star. The fire continues burning. Continues.




Never anything else.

Hands throw orange and mahogany logs onto the fire, making it ever bigger. It was never any smaller. The logs were always there. No hands had touched them.

And the bellows continue to blow...

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