OMG! This episode was the BEST EPISODE EVER! It had just the Brotherly Bevin I was picturing, down to Kevin thanking Ben and Ben calling Kevin his big brother! It had our second Gwevin kiss! It had awesomenesss! It's official...I have an alter-ego on the writing staff. It's the only explanation for all of these predictions coming true. Now for the things I didn't like... Number 1: Ripjaws. DAG NABBIT! I was all excited to see an old favorite, then I saw that they GAVE HIM FISH LIPS! What the flip happened to those awesome jutting fangs? What, did Ripjaws get braces or something? FAIL! The other thing I didn't like: Ben's IDIOCY! I mean, REALLY! How hard would it have been to have given Kevin the map before running back to Aggregor? And the dude died anyway in GRIEF! I was literally yelling at the TV, telling Ben to just run for it. Why didn't he just grab the guy and go while they were still THERE? *pant* Well, enough ranting. You're not here to hear me rant. You're here for Aether. One thing: I'm just gonna make a minor change. Aggregor has found all of the map pieces like in the series. I'm too lazy to create new ways for him to find them as it isn't relevant to this story. Let's just say he has them. Other than that, I'm not gonna adjust this to fit the series. Whatever happens next episode, this story is gonna run the course I previously chose. Kay? Let's start.

The cube planet is being created by the time traveler. It is created. It has always been there. The time traveler isn't there. He never was. The piece of the map to the Forge has always been there.

The planet is named Perplexahedron. Someone is entering. They have entered. They are there. The alarms have been going off for infinity. The piece of the map is gone. It was never there. A dweller of the Forge raises a shadowed hand, letting the planet drift off. The planet was always in pieces. It never was.

The midnight-blue fire grows. The flecks of light that dot it spread further and further apart. It is the year 7863 by Earth reckoning. A Forger touches a finger to a single spot, leaving the mark of a new star. It glows bright and red, pulsing with life.

For an instant, the Forger feels a warmth in its chest. Such a beautiful little star, one that one touch created. Had created. It has always been there. The Forger has always been gazing at it, with an almost fatherly affection. Then, another log is added to the fire as the Forger turns away. He had never looked at the star. He was always facing one way.

Growing...ever growing...


They were sitting in a copper grove, surrounded by emerald and cobalt barked trees. A circle of Fulgurans were all around them, lying in the grass, heads and ears turned attentively toward their prince. Prince Corus, along with Ben, Kevin, and Gwen, was in the middle of the circle by a pool of icy water.

"So, tell me what happened exactly." Ben said, looking down into the water like Corus, not quite sure what the unicorn could be seeing in the clear depths.

"I was having a drink in this very grove." Corus touched his nose to the water and shivered. "All of a sudden, a giant hand lifted me up. He had awful red eyes and an unnatural blue face. I could feel a tug on my forehead. My energy was leaking out. I could see my light beginning to go into him. Then, my friends arrived. I blacked out after that. They tell me that they were able to chase him away."

Gwen was trying her hardest to listen to Corus's words, but she could feel herself becoming overcome with that odd feeling that had first come over her when they had arrived: A sense of attraction and completion. This time, however, she could feel it coming from every direction. It made her head pound. 'What is this?'

Kevin frowned, his brows furrowing. 'So he was trying to absorb the Fulguran light... But he already has P'andor's fire... What else could he want? Was Gwen's Void theory wrong? Does he maybe want more power?'

"It's getting late." Corus looked up at the brass and cerulean sky. "Perhaps you would like to sleep here tonight and speak again tomorrow?"

"This is late?" Kevin blinked in confusion, staring up at the sky. "How will we sleep in this light?"

"I assume your ship can be closed off." Corus said with a shrug of his pearl shoulders. "If you wish, we can send some bedding up there for the two of you."

"That would be-Wait, the two of us?" Ben tilted his head. "Am I supposed to go somewhere else?"

"No." Corus said simply. "You and the Osmosian will sleep in the ship if you wish." He turned his head toward Gwen. "I would be honored, my Lady, if you would consider sharing my quarters tonight."

This took Gwen by surprise. "I...huh?" She blinked a few times in confusion before regaining her composure. "That would be-"

"A complete no-no! Sorry, your Highness." Kevin took a step forward and placed a hand on Gwen's shoulder, his eyes shooting daggers at the slight, horse-like creature.

"Kevin!" Gwen scolded, glaring over her shoulder. "Don't be rude." She turned back to Corus. "May we have a moment?" She grabbed Kevin's arm and dragged him a little ways toward the edge of the grove, Ben following. Even as she walked, her chest ached at the thought of moving even a foot away from Corus.

"Maybe you didn't hear him." Kevin growled, his fingers twitching with agitation. "He asked you to sleep in the same room as him!"

"Kevin, something tells me that they don't have rooms." Gwen rolled her eyes. "Honestly, what do you think can happen?"

"I dunno but I don't like it." Kevin muttered, crossing his arms stubbornly.

"I think he's jealous!" Ben piped up from where he was standing.

"Shoo, Ben." Gwen waved her hand dismissively before turning back to Kevin. "He's a horse, Kevin. I highly doubt he's trying to make a move or anything." 'Those aren't his thoughts...I can feel it...' The two-way magnetic feeling seemed to be growing stronger by the minutes.

"You never know..." Kevin's expression turned dark. His thoughts wandered back to the old stories the had heard about unicorns. Sure, most of them spoke well of them. Still others told of their ferocity and their tendency to skewer people with their horns. Some of them had to be based on fact, right? 'I don't want to find out which ones are true tonight...'

Gwen breathed a sigh. "You're so overprotective..." She stood on her toes and pressed her lips soundly to Kevin's. He let out a small "Mmph!" of surprise before relaxing against her. When she pulled away, he had that adorable dazed expression on his face. Seeing it made Gwen want to immediately decline the prince's offer and go to sleep on the ship snuggled up against Kevin. That thought was shattered almost immediately as she became intimately aware of the pangs of longing pulsing from the nearby Fulguran's whole being. She knew she couldn't deny him. "I'll be fine, Kevin." She whispered, stroking his cheek. "I can take care of myself. Just go to the ship with Ben and I'll see you in the morning."

"I'll probably see you later anyway..." Kevin muttered, his will to fight weakened by his post-kiss dulling of the nerves. 'Why does she have such an affect on me?' "It's so light out here, I doubt you'll get much sleep otherwise."

"If that happens, you'll be the first to know." Gwen nuzzled his chest affectionately before backing off. "Go on and get some sleep, Caleovigor."

"You know, I didn't see that word in the Anodite listing."

"Check the Latin section. It should be there." Gwen smiled sweetly. "Now go to bed."

"Okay..." Kevin was still reluctant. 'Calm down, man.' He told himself as he and Ben turned and headed toward the ship. 'She's right. She can handle herself.' Still, thoughts of how these small creatures had been able to overpower Aggregor filled his mind and his sense of foreboding increased.


Gwen ducked her head as she followed Corus through a tunnel of glittering lavender bracken. Eventually, the space widened and grew higher until Gwen was able to stand up straight, her red hair brushing the branches. She was in a room of thickly woven wood and reeds. The ground was padded with soft burgundy moss and the temperature was quite cozy. A few rays of gold/silver light shined through the gaps, allowing Gwen limited vision.


Gwen turned toward Corus as he spoke, his voice soft and calculating. "What is?"

"You." The prince's cloven hooves made no sound on the soft ground as he moved closer to her. "I never thought I'd be so lucky..." He seemed to be speaking mostly to himself.

Under normal circumstances, Gwen would start to feel uneasy. This time, however, she felt completely at ease. His words and peculiar manner didn't bother her at all. Following an outer compulsion, she knelt to the ground in front of him so they were at eye level. Corus's mismatched eyes drifted closed. He bowed his head, touching his prism horn to her chest, right over her heart. Gwen closed her own eyes. She could feel everything. She could feel his vibrant life force as if it were her own. With every beat of her heart, she could feel herself drawing closer and closer to that soft ivory fur. The horn moved up as Corus placed his head on her shoulder. Gwen wrapped her arms around his snowy neck and held him close. He was nice and warm...

Slowly, the two shifted so that Gwen was lying on the moss, one arm draped across Corus's back. Corus snuggled up against her and laid his head protectively across her shoulder blades. "A maiden..." He whispered softly to himself. "So this is what the stories mean..." He nuzzled her neck gently, smiling to himself as she cuddled against him. 'Such a simple creature...yet so perfect...'


"Caleovigor..." Kevin flipped through the Latin section of the Encyclopedia. "Caleovigor..."

"Kevin, would you give it a rest?" Ben moaned. They had drawn the blackening curtains over the windows but Kevin's glowing hand held computer was really interfering with Ben's sleep.

"I just...Aha! Found it!"

Beep, beep, beep.

The Ultimatrix suddenly started beeping. Ben looked down as the form of Azmuth appeared. Kevin put his device down and moved closer.

"Ben Tennyson. I see you are actually in the right place for once."

Ben got a mock hurt look on his face. "You know, it doesn't kill someone to say 'Hello.' or 'How are you?' or maybe, 'I'm going to give you a straight answer for once.'..."

"Now's not the time for such things, Ben Tennyson." Azmuth cut in impatiently. "Tell me, did Aggregor take one of the Fulgurans?"

"No. They chased him off before we even got here!"

"I see...well then it's too early to give you any congratulations."

Kevin pouted. "Oh that's nice! We fly all the way up here and get-"

"You need to make sure Aggregor doesn't take a Fulguran. These beings are the purest light aliens in the universe. Their power in Aggregor's hands would be disastrous."

"What's the news on the Forge?" Ben asked.

"Well, after you failed miserably to keep the last piece in your possession for over a minute..." Ben winced. "Aggregor disappeared. He hasn't been in the Forge yet. We believe he is trying to become still more powerful, to assure he can fight the Forgers."

"Paradox said Aggregor needed two things. What does that mean?"

"Exactly what it says." Azmuth stated calmly. "Though I'll have to think on what the other thing is... Anyway, I am here to tell you to go back to Earth."

"Huh?" Kevin blinked. "But you just said-"

"The Fulgurans are clearly capable of taking care of themselves if they stay in groups. One of you should stay behind to spread the word. The other two need to go back to Earth, because there is a lone Fulguran that lives there. If Aggregor learns this fact, it could be disastrous! Leave first thing tomorrow." Azmuth's image flickered and vanished.

Ben looked up at Kevin and shook his head. "What are the odds that he'll ever call just to say how awesome I am?"

"Probably lower than the odds of me wearing pink." Kevin said, his voice completely serious.


The walls of the forge are made of many different colored stones, all overlapping and melding in a way that no other building materials can. Most of the colors cannot be seen by the human eye. The Forgers can see them all, when they look. When they always look. Then they look away. Always away. The colors are forgotton.

The fire continues to blaze.

And the bellows continue to blow...

The Forge of Creation in the series had better be half as good as the one I made! Did you like this chappie? Hope so! I was you think the Forgers are Celestialsapiens? It would make sense... Anyway, I was just thinking about what happened during the episode. My mom was watching and I was reminded once more of how limited her knowledge of the animated world is. When Ben went Cannonbolt, Mom came in and said: "Why's there a Pikachu?" I just stared at her and said: "Mom...even you should know that that is NOT a Pikachu!" I then proceeded to explain the difference between Cannonbolt and Pikachu. I think it was all lost on her... She pretty much compares any animated creature from my TV shows to Pikachu. She has always hated she compares any show she thinks is stupid to it... Ah well. No one's perfect. But really...Cannonbolt looks NOTHING like Pikachu! Fail... Anyway, see you all! ^_^

PS- I got a correct guess on Caleovigor! The meaning will be announced later on and the cookies will be awarded!