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Aqua's P.O.V 3 months later.

We had finally gotten Ronnie and Katie back. We had found them in a warehouse in downtown LA which was mostly fields.

Logan,Ronnie and I moved out of the PalmWoods and bought our own house in Malibu. We were happy now as a family.

Big Time Rush was in it's finally weeks as a band. Logan had already applied for medical school. I was going to continue to sing and act.

But it wouldn't be the same was a beautiful child. All the guys and everyone else loves her.

I'm so glad she is part of mine and Logan's life. She united us and everyone else.

13 years later

Ronnie was now almost 14 years old. She was a teenager now.

She was beautiful. She hadn't change much.

All 6 of us were outside in our backyard which was face to face with the beach.

Yep,six. When Ronnie was 3,I had another child. It was a boy.

Logan and I named him Logan William Mitchell. William after my father of course and Logan because he looked just like Logan.

Four years later we found out we were having twins! They were a girl and a boy.

Valentina Leigh Marie and Michael Phillip Mitchell. We were one big happy family.

Ronnie started acting at the age of 8 by her choice and was now a successful actress. She was also working on her first Cd and on her new TV show.

Liam or Logan William who was 11 also was an actor. He said he wanted to become a popstar like his dad someday too.

The twins Valentina and Michael did some acting. They were still pretty young. They both wanted to be famous aslo.

Logan had become a successful doctor and I,I still acted but I was still a house wife.

I loved my children and Logan. They were my world.

All the other guys had also moved on with their lives. They were all married and happy. We all still kept in contact.

Some our kids wanted to start their own Big Time Rush. Who knows maybe one day they will.

"Babe what's wrong?"Logan asked me sitting next to me on the lounge chair.

"Huh,nothing just thinking about my family and how great it is"I say.

"Yep,we do have a great family"Logan says.

We looked out to see our four children playing by the beach.

Ronnie was blowing bubbles for Michael while Liam and Valentina were making designs in the sand.

It was weird because Ronnie and Michael got along better and Liam and Valentina got along better.

Instead of the two girls and the two boys. But Liam and Michael did play their boy games on the girls.

I guess they all got along with each other. I am so lucky to have such an amazing life.

"Come on!"Logan says. We run to our children.

We grab hands and walk down the beach together. They're was still paparazzi behind was trying to get in our lives but honestly we didn't mind anymore.

Cause we had unforgettable love in between our family that every other family wanted.

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