C'mon Get Happy

Miss Rachel Berry somehow dresses like both a preschooler and a grandmother, and when she runs up to him at his locker, telling him that the two of them have so much in common, Kurt Hummel wants to throw up in his mouth a little.

It's more than just his superior fashion sense that sets him so very apart from her. He's never met such a prim and proper high school student in his entire life; he can tell just from one glance at Finn that the boy's not getting any. It'd be sort of funny and cute if the whole thing weren't so sad and tragic.

She's a terrible actress, too. Even if he didn't already have an inkling that Finn and Rachel were trying to throw the duets competition, he'd still sure as hell see right through her pitiful performance of shock when everyone acted offended. Yeah, right.

Oh, but maybe the worst thing about Rachel Berry is her pride and arrogance. The way she prances around, acting as if New Directions would fall without her, really grates on his last nerves. Who died and made her queen of all things Glee? She's got a voice, sure, but why does that entitle her to her superior airs?


Except he's not sure why his thoughts have turned into a ranting list of Rachel's character flaws because, okay, maybe Kurt does act the same way sometimes. Sure, he's definitely is a better singer than her and is certainly entitled to that opinion, but perhaps he can't really fault her for such a shortcoming. After all, no one ever said he was very good at being humble.

And yeah, they both never really got to have a motherly presence growing up. He'll never forget the day of his mother's funeral, and it certainly wasn't easy being raised by a father who is the epitome of heterosexuality; of course, he's made the best of it, but then again, so has she. He can't help but respect her for that.

It's almost too hard for him to even think this, but no matter how much he may resent her for it, the fact that Finn's with her (instead of him) probably says something about the similarity of their tastes in men. Though he'd deny it up and down if anyone ever asked him, he can't really blame her for being with his once-upon-a-time Prince Charming; it's apparent that she's not much better at resisting Finn's stupid charm, and he was (is) in her shoes once, too. They work pretty well together, actually. Her dominating personality needs someone like idiotic but adorable Finn. (Sounds once again like someone he knows.)

Miss Rachel Berry somehow dresses like both a preschooler and a grandmother, but maybe when Kurt Hummel thinks about, they're actually not so different after all.

And when Rachel Berry – rival, diva, enemy – reaches for his hand during their duet, he's more than glad to accept it.