Project Echo

Part Four and a Half

By: Lily Zen

Notes: You can skip this scene if you want to. It's not really relevant to the story. It's just Heero and Eris having sex, although there are some interesting parts to it. I've been reading up on different techniques in tantric sex (don't ask me why) and so there's a lot of my research in there.

Warning: There a little bit of anal in here. Just a little. Really. Like not even a pinch.

Disclaimer: Gundam Wing's not mine. Dollhouse isn't mine. The song is "Cut" by Plumb.

I'm not a stranger.
No, I am yours.
With crippled anger
and tears that still drip sore.

A fragile frame aged
with misery,
and when our eyes meet
I know you'll see.

Heero watched her pull up in the driveway. When she got out, he noted that she was still wearing her work clothes and she didn't pull her parasol out of the car. As she walked up to the door, she hit the alarm button on her keys and the lights on her car flashed to indicate it was locked. Pulling open the door when she was a mere foot away, he had the privilege of seeing Eris in a rare distraught state. She didn't say anything, not hello, not what was obviously bothering her, she just pushed him inside the house and kicked the door closed with her booted foot.

Pressing him up against the wall, Eris laid her mouth on his and launched an invasion that thoroughly distracted him from whatever it was he was going to say—maybe 'are you okay?' or 'what's wrong?' Her kiss was a brutal thing that night and he wondered what had occurred to put that edge of desperation in her. She kissed him like he was oxygen and she was asphyxiating. Hands that were normally fairly gentle touched him with force and he realized that he was clinging to her, hands on her bare lower back. Imagine the great Heero Yuy, Perfect Soldier, forced into submission by the power of a kiss.

When she drew back for air, Heero decided he'd had enough of his passivity, and he grabbed her underneath that tiny little skirt and lifted until she was cradled up in his arms, legs wrapped around his waist. The smirk on her face was amused and anguished all at once. Seeming to want a distraction from whatever was going on inside her own head, Eris' arms tightened around his neck and forced his mouth on hers once again.

He started moving and so they kept the kisses light and shallow, neither one of them desiring to have a tongue bitten off. Eris loved trailing her lips down his surprisingly delicate jaw line. Once, she would have thought that a man like Heero Yuy—former Gundam pilot, child soldier, dedicated Preventer—would have a jaw like granite. She'd admitted as much when they were in bed some time ago that she thought it almost incongruous. When he'd admitted that is was more of an Asian thing than something that was done on purpose, that slightly rounded jaw, she'd said she understood and revealed that she had mild albinism, thus the reason for her coloring.

Eris was always careful not to talk too much about her past, which Heero had noticed but respected. After all, he didn't like to talk about the war or his childhood, and she never pushed that either. They understood without words that some things were just better left alone. But that rare instance where she had confided such a thing to him and even made a joke about using sunscreen that was SPF albino had meant something. What, he wasn't sure, but he knew it meant something. The fact that she was here in his arms while in such a mental state meant something too. Heero almost thought he should confide in Duo and ask his friend for his thoughts on the matter, then he remembered that he'd rather remove his own kidney than talk about such personal matters.

She was worrying his earlobe with her teeth. It was a sensitive area for him, one that Eris manipulated gleefully. He propped her up on the back of the couch and yanked her head back with a fistful of long blonde hair, smashed his mouth atop hers with avengeance. Time for a little payback. His fingers deftly undid the spiked leather cuff around her wrist without sight and dropped it on the couch, then he broke the kiss long enough to rip off her cropped sweater.

Heero's mouth went lower than her mouth that time, kissing and sucking and biting at the skin of her neck and chest until her breath heaved in her lungs and she was moaning aloud. She'd have some marks in the morning, but she didn't mind the thought of that just then. Despite the roughness of his mouth, his hands were gentle as they held her in place, keeping her from squirming too much and falling backwards onto the couch cushions. The contrast made her feel frantic, wanting Heero to lose just as much control as she was.

His name fell from her lips in a low, breathy plea, and he obliged, hitching her up again and making his way down the hallway to his room.

I do not want to be afraid.
I do not want to die inside just to breathe in.
I'm tired of feeling so numb.
Relief exists-I find it when
I am cut.

His bedroom was dark except for the little light shining in through the blinds. The dim glow on his mussed bed sheets seemed to be an invitation to her. Heero deposited her on them and she landed with a little whumph. Wordlessly, he took her left leg in his grasp and searched for a zipper to get her ridiculous shoes off. The sound of the teeth catching and releasing on each other seemed loud to her ears.

The boot was tossed to the wayside, revealing the knee-high socks she'd worn that day. They were black, of course, with little skulls with pink bows embroidered on them. Heero rolled it down carefully, making sure to caress her bare skin as it became revealed. His calloused hands touching her so carefully in a place no one else really had made her eyes flutter in the back of her head, back arching against the mattress. He kissed the top of her bare foot, which made her flinch a little and giggle—she hadn't really known she was ticklish there—and traced the slight indentation where the top of the sock had clung to her skin. Then Heero repeated the process on the other leg with all the diligence he had the first.

The earlier desperation that had dominated their encounter in the living room seemed to have dissipated or at least rescinded enough to not dominate the room any longer. A spell seemed to have been cast by the moonlight and the quiet house and Heero's soothing hands. A deep well of calm began to take over Eris, the many voices in her seeming to quiet as they all united in this one purpose: seeking pleasure. Propping herself up on the bed using her arms, she drew Heero closer to her by hooking her legs around his thighs and using enough pressure that he got the hint.

He leaned over her, placing a hand on the mattress for balance, and kissed her long and slow and deep until she sighed with the languorous pleasure of it. Shifting, she balanced only on one hand, using the other to feel the muscles working in his neck and jaw, then drifting down in a caress over his pectorals and stomach, loving the way his muscles flexed as she passed over them.

When they were both breathing hard through their noses to prolong the fusion of mouths, Heero drew back enough to unbuckle her belt and drop it on the floor next to him. Immediately afterward, he flicked open the top button of her skirt, pulled the zipper down, and paused with his fingers grasping the top of the skirt. His eyes met hers with a silent question in them and she raised her hips helpfully in response. The piece of fabric was pulled off slowly and when Eris realized she'd have to let go of Heero with her legs to remove it fully, she raised them straight up in an effortless stretch, supporting her weight on her upper back and shoulders.

Heero found himself questioning again idly just where exactly Eris had obtained her physical skill set. There was so much control in that one movement alone that it suggested intense training in some sort of discipline. He slid the skirt up over her knees and past her feet, leaving it to lay forgotten with her belt on the ground. She was left in nothing but her underwear then, and it should have made her look vulnerable but her muscle definition and that aura she subconsciously projected made it anything but. Her legs came to rest on his shoulder and she smiled at him, crooking a finger in an invitation.

But Heero had ideas of his own. Instead he tugged gently on her right ankle and swung her leg over to his other shoulder. His hands ran down her legs, enjoying the smoothness and the feel of her long, lean muscles shifting underneath the skin, as he knelt on the bed. The position forced her body to curve, testing her flexibility as her knees came close to her chest. There was a question on the tip of her tongue, perhaps something like 'what the hell, Yuy,' but before it could come tripping out, Heero grabbed her dainty thong and wrenched so hard he snapped the strings on the side. She cried out at the violence of the movement and looked at him crossly, a complaint in her eyes. Heero didn't care.

Perhaps sensing that need, that vulnerability in Eris in some place he seldom acknowledged, he was going to take his time with her. With her thighs on either side of his head, he darted in close and placed a gentle kiss just above her slit on her smooth pubis. Eris gasped and then settled, quelling the nervousness she began to inexplicably feel. It was just so vulnerable a position, and…and…

But Heero was doing marvelous things with his mouth down there, nibbling her labia and flattening his tongue to lick her from one end of her slit to the other. She was throbbing and felt feverish all over, tiny pants and moans coming from her without any conscious thought. She'd try to hold them back and then her lover would change what he was doing just the slightest bit and it would start all over again. He knew her and what would drive her to the edge fastest. Heels dug into his back as he wiggled a hand into the tight space he'd made for himself—his face was warm and her musky smell filled his nostrils and all he could hear were the sounds he drove from her with excruciating pleasure—and sank a finger into her tight channel.

She felt herself climbing higher, the nexus of ecstasy growing and tightening in her lower abdomen. Heero was rubbing unerringly at that spot inside of her that made her lose all sense and reason, licking and suckling her clitoris. Her hands were clutching frantically at the bed, unable to find purchase anywhere else. His name became a litany in her mind as she reached the zenith of bliss. Her final cry was louder than all the others and hoarse as she came, her limbs trembling, euphoria snaking out to every nerve ending in her body.

I may seem crazy
or painfully shy,
and these scars wouldn't be so hidden
if you would just look me in the eye.
I feel alone here and cold here,
though I don't want to die.
But the only anesthetic that makes me feel anything kills inside.

I do not want to be afraid.
I do not want to die inside just to breathe in.
I'm tired of feeling so numb.
Relief exists-I find it when
I am cut.
I am not alone.
I am not alone.

Heero gently uncurled her limbs from around him and moved so that he was propped up on his side next to her, his fingers tracing aimless patterns on her twitching muscles. When she recovered her breath, it was only to let out a little laugh and reach for him eagerly once more. He would have offered to go rinse his mouth before they began again, but she kissed him before he could do so. Hands moving over his skin, finding the spots that made him move closer to her by memory and touch, Eris began to divest him of his sweatpants.

Her mouth trailed down his sternum, leaving a trail of saliva that cooled on his skin in the wake of her downward movement. With an efficient series of tugs, Eris yanked his pants off with only minor assistance on his part. Hands firmly kneading the muscles on his back and buttocks, she indicated with a slight movement that she'd like him on his back. Heero obliged and watched as she curved over him, kneeling on the bed next to him, and took his member in her mouth. He recognized the sensation, the tension of her as she worked her lips down his length, taking it further and further into her throat. There was a moment where he felt lips at the very base of his erection, touching the sensitive skin there, and he fought the instinct to buck his hips. Choking her was the last thing he wanted to do.

Then back up she came, his dick a little shiny with saliva, the tip of it still in her mouth as she swallowed and breathed out slowly to avoid coughing. Heero shivered as the cool air danced over his cock. Eris noticed, of course, and he felt her lips quirk around him as she began a slow siege on his sanity that consisted of licking and sucking and the delirious gratification of her hand stroking the remaining length she would no longer swallow.

They were careful with the deep throating now after the time that Eris had done it one too many times in a row and almost threw up when her throat clenched, frantically trying to expel the invader. Later on, she had complained of extreme soreness, and from that point on they were both very cautious regarding that.

Removing herself, she teased just his slit with the tip of her tongue, licking off the proof of his arousal with satisfaction. When his chest started to move up and down in a faster rhythm, Eris used her hand to massage his sac, making Heero release a groan that didn't sound like himself to his own ears, and then she reached beyond, stimulating the perineum. With a firm touch, she pressed something inside of him, something that made his eyes squeeze shut, lightning snapping across his lids. A startled sound escaped him. When she did it again, his back arched, hips thrusting himself further into her mouth.

He could feel himself building up to the precipice, and told her as much. Eris pulled back bearing a wicked grin, still tugging his penis in her hand almost lazily. "Want to try something new?" she asked, reaching behind herself with the hand not clasping his engorged cock to undo her bra strapless bra one-handed and fling it off into the dark room.

"What?" Heero growled, even though at that moment all he wanted to do was come all over her in a hot, sticky mess.

"Did you know that orgasm and ejaculation are two different processes? That it's possible for a man to have an orgasm without ejaculating, thus enabling him to have multiple orgasms."

"…full of shit," he panted, hips moving restlessly.

Her hand tightened, twisting over the head, and he watched in rapt fascination. "No way," Eris said, "Not me." Fingers trailed over his sharp hip bones, dipping into the narrow vee. "If you squeeze your PC muscle right after you start your orgasm—that's when you start having contractions at the base here…" She rubbed the base of his penis, "You can actually have a dry orgasm." Eris nibbled on her lower lip and gave him a smile that was equal parts aroused, adventurous, and teasing. "Wanna try?"

Heero was rather suspicious of this whole thing. It still sounded like a crock of shit, as Duo would say. "I just squeeze my muscles?" His voice was incredibly dry as he spoke, but Eris just nodded rather cheerfully. "Yeah, squeeze and hold 'til the feeling backs down. That's the theory anyway. I don't know how it works in practice. You're the first guy I've wanted to try it out with. I think you could do it though. You've got excellent muscle control."

"Whatever…" he shrugged and knew he'd give it a shot—Eris was feeling playful, a vast improvement over her earlier mood, and frankly he wanted it to stay that way. The worst that would happen was that he was going to come in a sticky mess all over her (not a terrible outcome) and they'd have to wait until he recovered to do anything more.

Eris bounced on her knees a little, celebrating his surrender, and returned her mouth to him in earnest. It was a moment later that her hand resumed what it had been doing between his legs and that exquisite feeling returned. He hadn't realized it was possible to stimulate the prostate gland externally, but that was the only explanation he could think of for the so-good-it-almost-hurts flooding him in waves.



And then he squeezed Eris' hip hard enough to leave a bruise—dimly realizing that she had stopped all stimuli—at the same time that he followed her instructions. He held the muscle contracted while rapture rocketed through him, threatening to dislodge his concentration. He could feel the urge to come, and just barely managed to beat it back. Then it retreated and he opened his eyes which had apparently been screwed shut very tightly as it took awhile to regain his vision to find Eris gazing at him curiously. A small trickle of fluid had run down his length, which was still hard, but nothing compared to the usual amount.

The only thing Heero could think to say was, "where did you learn that?" He sounded slightly accusatory that she hadn't shared this insider knowledge sooner. Laughter bubbled out of her. "A book. I'll bring it over next time. You can borrow it."

Heero nodded in satisfaction and sat up to draw her closer to him so that she straddled his thighs. "Good," he said, and nudged up against her opening.

"Yeah?" The word was more a puff of air than anything else.

"Yeah," he groaned as she rocked her hips and he slipped inside her the barest inch. She sank onto him slowly, drawing out that first motion into an eternity, feeling the pull of her inner muscles and the veins sliding against her slick walls, savoring it like her favorite candy. Heero raised his arms with the intent to pull her down faster, but suddenly there was resistance there. Eris grasped his wrists and fought against the upward motion, trying to pin his hands back on the bed. He tried to push up with his arms harder, and she bore down even more, fighting him to a standstill.

Her muscles were trembling with the effort, but she was holding his hands in place mid-air. Heero was confident that if he applied more determination to the effort, he could break her hold, but a part of him was simply impressed. He'd known that Eris was strong, but he hadn't realized she was strong enough to rival him in any way. That implied…

His thoughts trailed off as Eris rolled her hips, sliding his length in and out of her. Letting loose an almost-moan, Heero allowed his wrists to be pinned next to his head, conceding that battle in favor of thrusting his own hips into the rhythm that Eris was beginning to establish. The movement was shallow due to the fact that she was stretched out over him, and she took the opportunity to nip at his lips and sink into a kiss, their tongues dueling for control.

Eris was making small animal noises which he swallowed eagerly, rocking her hips to a faster tempo. Heero recognized that her impatience was starting to get the better of her when she released her grip to prop herself up with hands on his chest. Rising up on her knees, she suddenly changed the angle of penetration and the quickness of the movement itself. Altering the position had made Heero surrender her mouth, but that was alright. He was far more interested in what was going on where their bodies joined, watching her ride him, breasts bouncing, hair a silvery-white cloud in the darkness, long enough that the ends tickled his skin.

"Oh, fuck," she groaned when Heero began to rub her clit in time to their increasingly frantic rhythm. The slap of skin on skin mixed with their harsh breathing. Eris leaned back a little, balancing herself on her palms next to his corded thighs, and began letting out a little grunt at the end of each thrust, chewing on her own lip. Heero could feel another orgasm building in him, could tell by the flush on Eris' face and chest and the noises she was making that she was close too.

He pinched her clitoris lightly, and it seemed that was just what she needed because suddenly she was clamped around him like a vice and coming with a shout of his name. While she was still trembling with aftershocks, Heero cradled her body like a ragdoll and rolled her underneath him. His movements were frantic and deep, and Eris held her legs as wide as possible for him. Her hands clutched at his ass, pulling him along with each flex of muscles, encouraging his roughness. Then her hand began to trail down—wet with something, he didn't know what or when that had happened—pushed a finger inside him as deep as it would go, stroking against the boundaries of that sacred inner cavity. The fireworks that burst behind his eyes that time were so much more intense, and Heero came with a shocked sound.

It seemed to last forever, pulsing and spasming until finally there was nothing left. He was propped up on shaking arms, wondering when the hell during all that she'd pulled her finger out—seriously, some warning would have been nice—and looking down at Eris' smug, smiling face. Two seconds later he collapsed on top of her with just enough forethought to angle his upper body so he didn't smother her, breathing heavily and luxuriating in the arousal rapidly leaving him.

I'm not a stranger.
No, I am yours.
With crippled anger
and tears that still drip sore.

They were lying side by side, Heero spooned up against Eris with an arm over her middle. She was breathing quietly, drifting some place between reality and dreams, content to stay where she was. The horror of the day had been eclipsed by Heero's love making.

"Do you want to talk about it?" He asked quietly, his voice indicating that he would listen if she spoke, but speaking was not obligatory.

Eris shrugged one shoulder, and then admitted quietly, "No."

"Okay," Heero replied and didn't push for more. He was content—a rarity—and felt sleep pulling at the edges of his consciousness. So with Eris tucked up against him, he decided to give into it.

The moonlight receded from the rumpled bed as it sank from the sky, leaving the two of them in the pitch black of night, uncaring that when the sun came the spell would be broken. Two soldiers with truck loads of secrets would withdraw into their protective shells, and they would go on just as they had before that unusual night together.

But I do not want to be afraid.
I do not want to die inside just to breathe in.
I'm tired of feeling so numb.
Relief exists-I found it when
I was cut.