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It had a couple days since Tracy learned about her powers and she was actually starting to be able to control them. She actually was able to walk through walls.

Dane pulled Tracey to the side under the staircase between classes so they could talk without other people hearing.

"What's going on? How are your powers?" He asked with much concern.

"Better, I have a little more control. I can walk through walls now. I'm still dropping things though-" Tracy informed him.

"Um… Tracy?"


"You're um… going through the floor." Dane pointed.

"Oh crap!" Tracy looked down and realized. "Quick pull me up! Pull me up!" She shouted. Dane quickly pulled her up by her waist with Tracy's arm around his neck. Tracey felt a little jolt of electricity as he did this. After being pulled up Dane still held her like that for what seemed like an hour, his hands around her waist with her hands against his chest. Tracy and Dane stood there looking into each other, only to have the spell broken by the bell ringing.

"We're going to be late for class!" Tracy said blushing heavily. Dane simply nodded with an equally heavy blush.

Tracy occasionally thought about the brief encounter with Dane under the staircase throughout the day, each time with a big smile. Later that day Tracy had gym with Sharon. She didn't have a lot of classes with Sharon that year so she enjoyed them while they lasted. The gym teacher had them running laps around the gymnasium. Their teacher was an older buch woman. Everyone clutched their ears as she blew on her accursed whistle.

"Pick up the pace!" The teacher yelled.

"So what's going on with you?" Sharon asked.

"Nothing much, just learning how to control my powers." Tracy said.

"Oh well that's good." Sharon looked at her like she was leaving something out.

"What?" Tracy asked.

"You didn't tell your parents did you?" Sharon said to her like she was a parent scolding a little kid.

"Don't worry about it I'll tell them eventually…" Tracy convinced her.

"Ok, well whatever." Her friend said. "Hey what class do you have next?"

"I have English next why?" Tracy asked.

"I was just wondering." She said honestly. "Do you have it with anyone you know?" Sharon asked

"Just Dane." Tracy said.

"Oh great!" Sharon said. Tracy cocked her eyebrow at her friend. "I'm stuck in classes with nobody I know and you get to make-out in your classes with Dane." Sharon complained. Tracy's mouth hung open in shock.

"I'm not making out with Dane! What would make you say something like that?" Tracy yelled, her cheeks red with embracement. Sharon looked around to make sure no one was listening in to them.

"Look Tracy…" She whispered. "I'm going to be straight with you alright?" Tracey looked at her confused. "Earlier today, a couple people told me that they saw you and Dane making-out under the staircase." Tracy's cheeks got even redder than she thought was possible.

"What! That's terrible!' Tracy gasped.

"I know! Why didn't you tell me!" Sharon slapped her on the arm.

"Sharon that didn't happen!" Tracy yelled.

"What? It didn't?" It made Tracey a little concerned that Sharon would believe that vicious lie.

"No! Of course not!" Tracy said. "We were just talking!" Sharon looked at her like she didn't believe her a little. "I'm telling the truth!" Tracey said to her. How could this have happened? She thought to herself. When she thought about it and realized that maybe it was possible. That maybe someone saw her with Dane's hands around her waist and thought they were more than "just talking".

"This sucks." Tracy pouted.

"Come on dude, it's not that bad." Sharon tried comforting her. "I mean, think about it. Most people thought you were dating anyways, so to them it shouldn't be a big deal."

"That doesn't make me feel better." Tracy said curtly. While in their conversation they didn't realize that they had slowed down to a fast walk.

"Faster you two!" The gym teacher yelled.

"Uh… I hate this… both this rumor and this nasty gym teacher…" Tracy muttered.

Dane took his seat in his Science class. He didn't sit in the front of the class and didn't sit in the back of the class but somewhere in the middle. He couldn't stop thinking about Tracy. Is that wrong? He thought to himself. No of course not! I'm her friend… aren't I? He defended himself.

"Sup Dane!" A kid sat next to him. He was rather scrawny with a thin face and short black hair.

"Hey Mikey." Dane said to him. Dane didn't know Mikey very well; he sometimes talked to him in Science class. He was sort of like a friend.

"Hey man high five!" Mikey said with his hand in the air. Dane looked at with a confused smile but gave him a high five anyway.

"What was that for?" Dane asked. Mikey gave him a weird smile then nudged him.

"You know why!" Mikey said with his strange smile growing wider.

"Know what?" Dane said even more confused.

"You know…" Mikey said Dane still didn't get what he was talking about. "…about Tracy." The mention of Tracy got Dane's attention.

"What about Tracey?" Dane asked half angry, half worried.

"Come on dude, you've got to know!" Mikey said, it appeared that both of them were confused. Dane just stared at him blankly.

"Alright man cut the crap, everyone knows about you and Tracy getting it on under the staircase this morning." Mikey said nonchalantly.

"What!" Dane exclaimed with eyebrows raised. "No we weren't!" Mikey shrugged.

"That's what everyone is saying man." Mikey said. Dane did a facepalm. This is terrible. He thought to himself. How could people think this was true? He thought to himself. Why would people think this was true? He wished it was true. Or did he? He himself didn't know anymore.

Gym was finally over. But it had been out of the oven and into the frying pan for Tracy, for next period she would have to face Dane. She noticed him as soon as she walked in the classroom. Tracy tried to act as normal as possible and took a seat next to him.

"Hi Dane." She said hoping she wasn't blushing.

"…Hey Tracy." Dane said not looking at her. He was too embarrassed.

"Dane it's ok, you can look at me." She hated seeing his brown eyes looking away from her. He slowly lifted his head and gingerly looked at her.

"You heard?" He said.

"Who hasn't heard?" Tracy said angrily.

"This is bad." He said ominously. Before Tracey could respond a group of guys walked by them.

"Hey, if it isn't the two make out nerds!" A guy said.

"Hey man maybe we should turn around and give them their privacy!" Another teased. Tracey stood out of her chair.

"Yeah? How about after you turn around I'll kick your-"

"Tracy!" Dane yelled censoring her.

"What!" Tracy yelled angry at him now for stopping her. Dane motioned to the ground. Tracy looked down and realized that her feet were sinking into the floor. She was able to get herself out.

"Alright class, take your seats!" The teacher walked in, ending the argument. "Turn to page 27…" As the rambled on, Tracy stared at the guys who made fun of her and Dane. She kept imagining beating the crap out of them. Had she stared at them any harder she would have burned a whole in their heads.

The rest of school went like the way it did, only with the addition of people making fun of Tracey and Dane. Tracey never did tell her parents, neither of her powers nor of the rumors at school. Tracy was in her room doing her homework when she heard noises coming from the attic.

The attic was a dusty old storage room that people rarely entered. Tracy walked up the uncomfortably narrow wooden stairs, the floors creaking with every step. Everything in it was covered in cob webs and coated in a thick layer of dust. Once up the stairs she quickly found the noise making culprit; her brother.

"Donnie what are you doing up here? I'm trying to do my homework and you're making a bunch of noise!" Tracy complained, after her day at school she didn't want to deal with her brother's crap.

"I saw this show on TV, these people went through some old junk in their attic and found an old antiquey thing worth a fortune." Donnie said with an immature innocence that only a boy his age could produce. Tracy rolled her eyes. There was stuff thrown about, evidence of his rummaging. He was looking through an old box of photos. Like there's going to be something valuable in there. Tracy thought to herself. She was about to walk away when she heard her brother say something.

"Hey what's this?" Her brother said holding up a photo. "Who's this guy?" He said curiously.

"Let me see that." His sister grabbed it from him. There were two people in the photo. One was a young woman, only a few years older than Tracy. Tracy recognized her immediately; it was her mother. The other person was a young man about her age; but it was not her father. He had white hair that seemed to radiate in the photo –which was strange since he was so young- and bright green eyes. He was standing behind her hugging her romantically with his hands around her waist and nuzzling his face in her neck. They both were smiling and looked deliriously happy. It gave Tracy an uneasy feeling.

This did not make any sense for Tracy had heard the story a million times about how her parents got together. That used to be just childhood friends but then realized they loved each other when they were no older than Tracy is now, but the lovers in the photo had to be at least 18 or 19. Tracy didn't like it, seeing her mom like that with another man.

"It's probably nothing." She thought aloud trying to reassure herself and her brother. She threw the photo back into the old box. It's probably nothing.