"What!" Betty almost dropped the package of animal crackers she was snacking on.

"I know, right." Amanda said into her computer.

Betty had made it a habit to turn on Skype in the evenings to see if she could connect to anybody back in New York. She was regularly on line with Justin and Hilda, and sometimes if she timed it right she caught Amanda and Mark.

"He just quit? Why would he do that? He's worked so hard for it." Betty was dumbstruck. Amanda had just informed her that Daniel had resigned as Editor-in-Chief of Mode.

"Why Daniel does half the things he does I'll never know." Amanda commented. "I thought maybe you could shed some light…you two are pretty tight…in that non-sexual way you have."

"We haven't really been very close lately." Betty replied. Understatement of the century. The fact that Daniel hadn't said good-bye had left a monumental chasm between the two – Betty hadn't email, texted or called him in over a month. She was worried that he hated her for leaving - and, truthfully, a little resentful that he was being so petty about the whole thing. Mrs. Meade had insinuated at her going away party that Daniel was having a hard time saying good-bye because he had feelings for Betty. After contemplating it ever so briefly for about half a minute, she had shrugged it off as the ranting of a delusional mother. Her relationship with Daniel just wasn't like that. No – she was convinced Daniel didn't say goodbye because he was angry.

"Marc says he's been like a train wreck at work for the past several weeks." Amanda continued the conversation. "Maybe he's having a nervous breakdown or…like…a mid-life crises or something."

Betty didn't want to talk about it anymore. She was feeling a little sick. If she had swallowed some pride and tried to contact him after she got to London, maybe he would have confided whatever was bothering him and she could have talked him down off the ledge.

"How are things with you and Tyler?" She changed the subject.

"Oh they're pretty good." Amanda replied with a smile. "We have to work out some of our own stuff…so for now we're taking it slow - which is no easy task for two people as hot as we are."

"That's…great." Betty wasn't sure what to say to that.

Amanda added sweetly "I really like him. And I'm pretty sure he's really into me too."

"I'm happy for you Amanda." Betty said sincerely.

"You know…" Amanda continued "I really wish I'd slept with Matt now. Because then when Tyler and I finally do do it I'd have had all three strikes of a Meade-Hartley hole-in-one…or whatever they call it in football.

"Good-bye Amanda." Betty shook her head cringing. "Say "hi" to Marc for me."

"Good-bye Betty. I really miss you…especially when one of the neighbours cooks up some smelly foreign food.

They disconnected.

Betty was still in a state of shock. Daniel had quit Mode. She needed to talk to him. She picked up her phone to dial his number, and then she stopped. What would she say? "Hey, I know we haven't spoken in over a month but…what the hell are you thinking?" No, that wouldn't exactly work. She put the phone back down.