A year had passed since Sonic's disappearance. A lot had changed in the intervening time, but Tails and Cream had not forgotten. Standing side by side, hand in hand

at the graveyard on that day, the married couple paid their respects to those whom they had lost. Before them stood a tombstone, an elegant one at that, paid

entirely by a grateful city. The names of Amy and Sonic were engraved onto the clean marble stone. The inscription had been one that Tails and Cream had insisted on,

both finding it truthful and succinct.

Together at last

Cream rested her head on Tail's shoulder, tears beginning to flow. Tail's squeezed her hand in kind, unable to prevent tears from dampening his cheeks. They looked

upon that tombstone reverently for a few minutes time, quietly basking in their thoughts.

Tail's remembered waking up in the forest, birds chirping as he felt the morning dew upon his back. He had rubbed his temple soothingly, as his memories slowly

returned. He had wanted to go with Sonic, had wanted to help save his girlfriend. Yet Sonic had-

Tails' bolted upright in an instant, realization settling in. Sonic had gone off alone towards almost certain death. He began to run, hoping that there was still time to

undo Sonic's mistake. Alone with his thoughts, they turned to anger and fury. Sonic had thought him a nuisance, more of a hindrance than a help. He could have done

something, he could have assisted. Sonic had denied that of him, in his hubris had gone charging full speed towards a path that very well may have ended in ruin. He

had to hurry, had to find Eggman's base, heading in a beeline towards the last one they had sieged. He prayed he was not too late to affect the outcome, to prove

himself to the man he most respected. It would be many months before Tails' would understand that Sonic had never doubted his ability, handicapping himself

purposefully to protect the young fox's life.

Cream remembered being found by Tails, half-mad with worry. She remembered his embrace, and how she had told him of what had happened. He was silent at this

news, wordlessly grasping her by the hand to lead her through the maze. She could remember as they left that horrible place, never to return, how quiet her lover had

been. He didn't say a single word to her, and Cream could understand why. She too found she did not have much to say. Nevertheless, as they walked towards an

unknown destination, they said a lot despite the silence between them. Cream can still remember to this day, as they finally emerged from the cavernous depths of

Eggman's lair into the brilliance of an early dawn, how Tails had stopped, looking back towards the place where his best friend had lost his life. It was a momentary

glance, yet despite its fleeting nature it told Cream all she needed to know of what her boyfriend was thinking. Squeezing Cream's hand he turned to face forward.

Into the light they both walked, in the unbroken stillness of that warm autumn morning, despite their many wounds, their many scars, they walked with heads held

high towards a brighter future.

In the present time they both emerged, looking knowingly at one another. Cream unzipped a bag she had brought, freshly cut roses within. She gave one to Tail's

while keeping two for herself. She went first, kneeling reverently in front of the tomb of her dearest friend and the man she had loved. She placed a solitary rose in

front of the tombstone, speaking softly as she did so.

"Thank you Amy for giving me the strength to follow my dreams."

She said a quick prayer, crossing herself as she stood back up to allow Tails' his turn. He kneeled as she had done before the grave of his closest friend and the

woman he had loved. He in turn placed a single rose besides the other, whispering softly to the dead.

"And thank you Sonic for saving me from myself."

He stood up, backing away to be beside his wife of six months. He held her close, as she nuzzled herself protectively within his warm embrace. He couldn't help himself

from petting her stomach soothingly. He could almost feel the baby's movements through her skin, excited to emerge into a world made kinder by the actions of those

who had passed before.

Tails could feel the soft patter of rain upon his head, a soft drizzle coming in. This was as perfect a climax to their visit as any, he turned to leave but Cream stood


"I'll catch up, there's one more thing I have to do." She spoke, determination in her eyes.

Cream raced through the graveyard, leaving behind a shrugging Tails. The rain began to patter harder and harder, a storm approaching. She did not mind the

raindrops, and it was not long before she found what she had been searching for. She knelt before the tombstone, as she had done before.

"I have one last rose, and this one is for you… Shadow"

She leaned down, carefully laying the rose in the soil before the tombstone.

"Thank you… for being there when I needed someone most…"

She leaned over, softly kissing the tombstone, a smile on her lips. She could hear Tails' distant voice.

"If we stay any longer were going to need a boat to get back home! It's really starting to- OH SHIT MY KEYS!"

She chuckled to herself, never a dull moment married to Tails. She gave a final prayer, crossing herself as she had done before. She ran towards his distant, frustrated

voice, laughing in the rain. She had done it; she had married the man of her dreams. She knew within her heart that Amy had done the same. This thought propelled

her forward on that rainy, overcast day, as she found her husband in another pickle that only common sense could solve. Luckily she had that in spades.

As they enjoyed their married life, they never forgot the cost of their current and future happiness. Till the day they died, neither Cream nor Tails would ever forget to

visit the tombs of those who had gone before. Unbeknownst to them, somewhere in the vastness of the big blue sky, two couples smiled earnestly at their devotion.

-Author's note-

Wow its been a long time since I last worked on this, years and years in fact. I'm an old man now comparatively speaking, so if there's tonal/ stylistic difference

between these four new chapters and my previous efforts I suppose that's the reason why. I trudged through this in about a week and a half's time, editing taking up

the bulk of my time. I had never intended not to finish this (as i had never intended not to finish the other project of mine) but I just couldn't find the right words all

those years ago to express what I had wanted to say. Hopefully these last few chapters have been worth the wait. As far as the future is concerned I'm in a bit of a

renaissance as far as ideas go, I plan to work on a few one-shots before my summers through and I have to go back to college so if you enjoyed this rather depressing

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