What a rotten day.

It had been bad enough when Tetsuya had woken up to find that his alarm never went off…due to being unplugged after someone had apparently tripped over the cord in the night. He'd arrived at school late to take a test he wasn't quite sure he was ready for, and the teacher had made a nasty comment about "worthless yakuza punks".

After that, he had stopped at the market to get a few things for dinner that night. He tried to make it quick so he could get home before the Young Lord did, so he could greet him at the gate, but in his haste he'd knocked down a display and broken the carton of eggs he'd been carrying and had to clean up his unfortunate slip.

He'd endured the glares from the market women well enough, but they'd charged him a little more than what he'd expected…not that he could've refused, but it just added to the list of annoyances that was steadily growing by the hour.

Despite his efforts to make it home in time, the Young Lord Kasanda had already arrived and was apparently out back caring for his current pet project.

Dinner didn't need to be started for another hour, but Tetsuya headed to the kitchen anyway. He'd gotten unreasonably angry at the vegetables during the walk home, and he was ready to take a knife to them.

He had already decimated several particularly frustrating carrots and onions, when the door behind him opened, and a certain redheaded heir entered.

"Hey, Tetsuya!" Kasanoda greeted, obviously in a much better mood than his long-haired lover. "You're in here early…"

Tetsuya turned to acknowledge him, forcing a weak smile before turning back to the counter to resume his progress on the vegetables, less violently than before. "Yeah, I am…"

There was a pause, while the redhead pondered the reaction. Tetsuya was about to fill the silence with some average inquiry on the Young Lord's day, when he was stopped by the feeling of a finger drawing something on his back. Was it a word, a picture, or maybe just random lines and swirls? In any case, it felt mildly relaxing, and Tetsuya didn't question it until the finger stopped.

"Ehm…what was it?"

Kasanoda's deep voice answered from behind him. "It, uh, says 'hug needed'…I was wonderin' if I could apply for the job or somethin'."

Tetsuya couldn't help the smile the broke out across his features, and he set his knife down, chuckling but refraining from turning around. "I think you've had this job for a while now. Maybe you should get back to work."

Without another word, the strong pair of arms slid around his chest and closed the distance between them. Kasanoda's chin rested on his shoulder, and Tetsuya caught a glimpse of the slightly reddened, yet smiling, face of the man he loved. It was incredible how this day was beginning to turn around in just a few short minutes.

After a moment, Tetsuya turned around, placing his hands at the redhead's waist. "Hey…I hear there's an opening for a kiss or two. Think I'd have a chance at getting hired?"

Kasanoda glanced away, embarrassed at their exchange of words. "Y'know, you're kinda overqualified for that position…you could work anywhere you wanted here, i-if that's somethin' you'd be interested in…"

Tetsuya grinned, placing a quick kiss on his Young Lord's lips. "I think I'd rather start here and work my way up the ranks. How's that?"

Ah, he loved that dark red blush. Leaving the half-done veggies on the table, the two retreated to find some privacy.

Nothing like a little "work" after a stressful day.