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Renesmee's sat at the kitchen counter eating a breakfast of O positive and Rice Krispies, with her ear to the bowl. Jasper entered the kitchen with look of disgust on his face.

"Young Lady," Jasper said quietly with a pause, "What are you doing?"

"Having my breakfast."

"But, what is it?" Jasper continued with look of mixed curiosity and disgust.

"Oh, it's just some Rice Krispies."

"Yes, but why do I smell blood too?"

"Because I mixed it."

"Okay. Why?" Jasper asked. "Where did you get the blood, by the way?"

Edward, as he walked down the stairs, answered before Nessie could. "She stole it."

Jasper looked back and forth between Edward and his niece. "I'm not getting into the middle of that one. But call me if you need me." Leaving the kitchen to join Emmett. "I'm going to see if Emmett wants to hunt."

Edward turned to Renesmee's asking, "Why are you doing that?"

"Because it's fun." Edward leaned his head hearing the real reason in her thoughts, Because I saw Spike doing so. And I thought I'd try it and see if it really was good. Edward pinched his nose at his daughter's response, mumbling under his breath "I should have seen it coming.

Renesmee interrupted her Dad's bitter thoughts on his daughter's choice of role models, "Dad, You got to hear this!"

"No, I don't."

"Yes, you do."

"No, I don't!"

Alice came down stairs yelling, "Stop arguing already! You're going to do it, Edward. I know, I've seen it."

He turned to Alice with a quickness only he could master. "What if I decided not to?"

"You change your mind after more whining from Nessie." And, skipped out the room with a cheerful breeze. Edward growled low at her retreating back.

Edward snapped at Renesmee, "Fine! I'll listen to your cereal." He said as though the word cereal tasted like dirt in his mouth before turning back to Renesmee to listen to her bowl of 'Rice Krispies'.

Rosalie entered the kitchen upset that they are yelling. "Edward. Why are you so angry?"

"I'm not angry." He hissed at her.

"I heard you all the way upstairs. You were yelling." Rosalie stated matter-of-factly.

"I hear can people in their cars driving on the freeway. It doesn't mean they're yelling."

"Then, why are you so grumpy." She asked crossing her arms, knowing she had won.

"I'm not looking towards this damn family meeting." He replied sarcastically.

"Me neither." Rosalie's turned to her niece, "As, for you I'm not happy with you choice of roles models. First, the mutt! Now, that…that…Spike!"

Renesmee shrugged, "I think they're cool."

Rosalie tapped her on the shoulder, "That's what I worry about."

Edward ignored Rosalie, and returned to his previous concern. "Renesmee, I'm glad your eating human food. But, to mix it with human blood that you stole from your grandfather defeats the purpose. Which you know better."

"Isn't that's what it's there for?"

Edward brushed his hair back with his hand and replied, "Yes. For emergency purpose only, that's why it is called an emergency supply." Paused and started growling, "Great, Jakes here."

"Wait. How can you tell? Do you smell him?" Renesmee responded excitedly.

"No. I just heard his chipper thoughts." Edward grabbed Nessie's hand, still clutching her bowl of half eaten breakfast; and led her into the dining room where the meeting was to start.

Carlisle looked towards the two of them thinking, Why do I smell human blood? Edward answered shortly, "You don't want to know."

Jake leaned into Nessie's bowl investigating, "That's smells gross. But, It's kind of a cool ideal though." She smiled back at Jake beaming, while Edward growled being disgusted and looked to Carlisle.

Carlisle simply shrugged to Edward thinking, "You were the same way with your Bella."

Edward dropped his head to the table then wishing he didn't have the ability to hear thoughts. He picks up the rest of Renesmee and Jacob's conversation.

"You know what you should try Nessie?" Jacobs goaded her excitedly.

"What Jake?" Renesmee asked him eagerly.

"Try making muffins with blood instead of milk or whatever you put into muffins. I don't know, I don't cook." He said laughing at his own absurdity.

Edward groaned hearing Jacob encourage his daughter's strange behavior. "You may consume human food Renesmee, or you may consume blood. Animal blood. You may not mix them."

"But Dad! I'm human and vampire so it only makes sense to mix them. I'm a mix so why not eat a mix." Renesmee seemed to grow a teenage attitude over night. Complete with talking back to her father. Edward started to respond but was cut of by Esme's soothing voice.

"She does have a point Edward. And we could try these new 'recipes' that her and Jacob come up with. We would use animal blood of course." She added pointedly at Renesmee.

"Ok guys. This is not what we are here to discuss." Bella announced to the family. "We are here because, as you all know, Renesmee is coming of age and this will undeniably lead to a more concrete relationship between her and Jacob."

"Mom!" Renesmee yelled embarrassed.

"Nessie." Jacob warned her, "This is important and you should let your Mother continue. You don't need to be embarrassed. Your family supports and loves you." He said smiling at her.

"Jacob." Edward growled warningly at him. "Don't rush her."

"We are here," Bella continued, "To lay down some ground rules for the two of them to abide by to keep them at a healthy pace as well as make the rest of us comfortable." She smiled at the group.

But of course Emmett had to give his two cents. "Right. Because you and my brother here took a real healthy pace didn't you?" He said laughing at his own joke.

Edward glared at him and stated, "This is not about Bella and I. We were both consenting adults."

"You were anyway." Emmett jabbed.

Feeling the growing tension in the room, Jasper butted in. "I think we need to calm down a little and maybe take turns talking. Thing are getting a little out of hand. With everyone here."

"Fine. You can't touch her until you are married. And you can't marry her until I say so." Edward decided he would lay down the first rule.

"What?" Renesmee and Jacob both shouted at the same time. Renesmee blushed of course, ever so much reminding Edward of Bella. Which did not ease his worries one bit. Carlisle laughed at the outburst from the two. The whole table glared at him.

"My apologies. I believe that this is just as absurd a request as you two do. However I do see the importance of it. I believe that it would be a good compromise and appropriate boundary if it were to be said that the two of you were not to consummate your relationship until marriage and that in a similar spirit you take things slowly." Carlisle said trying to keep a straight face.

"Grandfather!" Renesmee was getting more and more embarrassed by the moment.

"I think that we should add that Jake can't think naughty thoughts about Nessie while within a twenty mile radius, possibly bigger, of Edward here. For his own safety of course." Emmett smiled at Edward.

"It would help my sanity." Edward added, regrettably agreeing with Emmett.

"Ok. Listen." Jacob demanded, taking the floor. "I know you guys are all freaking out here but seriously. I'm not going around coming up with ways to get into Nessie pants!" He looked to Renesmee and winced at her expression. "Sorry Nessie." Then looked at Edward to catch him growl and hiss at him. "I mean it man. I love her. I need her. But it is more than that. I'm not some teenage kid who just thinks about mating twenty four seven. I'm not going to dishonor your family or your daughter. She means way too much to me. Plus, we have customs too you know. Not that any of you bloodsuckers have even been polite enough to ask." He finished a little angrier than he started. Bella glared at him for the racist remark but remained in silent agreement.

Emmett laughed before adding, "He he he…doggie style…" All eyes turned to him as Rosalie wide eyed slapped him hard across his face. Then he turned to the family, sporting a brand new crack on his left cheek, and apologized.

Jasper moved with almost unseen speed to wrap his arms around Edward to prevent him from jumping across the table at Jacob shouting, "If you ever think about touching my daughter that way I'll…!" And the whole room fell into a deep calm.

"I think we need to take a minute to cool down." Jasper said to the whole family. "Things are getting rough, we need to remember that we are a family. We support each other Emmett."

"Edward. Bella, You know me. I'm not trying to disrespect anybody. Edward, I would like your permission to court you daughter. I'm not asking to date her or mate with her. I'm just asking to court her with the intention of marrying her when she's ready."

"Jacob, that is surprisingly mature of you. " Carlisle turned to Edward, "Wouldn't you say so, Edward"

Bella became very quiet in order to drop her shield, communicating silently to her husband. Don't you remember calling Jacob your son while we were in the clearing My Love? Bella then proceeded to kiss Edward on the lips. Edward smiled adoringly at Bella, then blinked his eyes a few times, and frowned at her.

"Bella, dear. Did you just attempt to dazzle me?"

"Did I succeed?"

"Yes. But, then again you always have love." Edward smiled lovingly at his wife.

"Yuck! Dad." Renesmee groaned dropping her head on the dining table with a thud. Which in turn made everyone giggle and Jasper smirk like Clark Gable in 'Gone with the Wind'.

"Well, Jacob. Looks like we won't be having any problems with you and Miss Renesmee any time soon." Jasper stared pointedly at Jacob.

"Ooh. Burn!" Emmett shouted, pointing at Jacob.

"Whatever. " Jacob replied, "I agree with Emmett on one point though. I agree not to think certain thoughts regarding Renesmee, anywhere near Edward's hearing range."

"Thank you, Jacob. I appreciate your respect and understanding." Edward replied gentlemanly.

"So, who wants to play Trivial Pursuit?" Alice announced to the whole table.

"No way! You leeches always win!" Jake responded in jest.