Chapter 12

Plots and Spy's.

Crashing to the floor with an umph, Hiccup growled as his training kicked in, rolling as he came down, his umph turned into a low snarl as he sprang back onto his feet. His eye locking with the big man who now stood in the entrance to his home, the heavy stench of mead wafted through the air sending Hiccups seances reeling. "Nice to see you're making a house call Finran, now as I'm not in the mood for company, I suggest.."

With a roar Hiccup was cut short as Finran charged into the home, jumping back then sidestepping the big man, Hiccup pushed him adding to the man's momentum, this caused him to slam hard into the sturdy wooden door of Hiccups' room. Whipping around a growl on his lips, throwing down his mug, Finran pulled at his sword with the unbroken arm.

Rushing forward Hiccup caught the hilt of the blade before Finran could pull it out and pushed it back into the sheath. Pulling back his other hand he balled it into a fist then with as much might as he could muster slammed his fist into the man's face. With a bone sounding crack Finran stumbled back as his nose bleed freely. Hiccup did not stop his attack, rushing forward, he jumped grabbing the back of the man's massive head and pulling it down as he brought up his right leg, again a sickening crunch was heard as knee and nose meet, blood now pouring from the crooked nose as Finran stumbled about.

Stepping to hit him again, Hiccup stopped as Astrid now stood in front of him, her arms outstretched as she glared at him.

"What are you doing." His voice was cold as he stated not truly asked, he already knew what she was doing, she was being a idiot.

"He is still my father!' Her eyes watered as tears threatened to spill forth. "I can't let you do this."

Hiccup stepped back, Odin, give me strength he thought," And what pray tell do you think I planned on doing if he approached you or hurt you?"

She looked away, and didn't answer, Hiccup on the other hand continued," Oh did you think I would just smack his hand and let him off the hook, no I gave my word, and he dared to attack me in my own home, that gives me every right to do as I just did, and more."

He went to step around Astrid, but she moved to block his path, "You have beaten him already, he..."

Finran pushed his daughter aside, "Move wench!"

Roaring he now held a dagger in his left hand, rushing at Hiccup his eyes filled with a craze, that Hiccup had only seen in those who were about to die. Slipping back, Hiccup opened his stance, he had about enough of this, if the man wanted to die, then Hiccup might just assist him with that.

Finran trusted out, but before it got anywhere near Hiccup, Astrid slammed hard into the big beefy man that was her father.

"Stop it!" She sobbed as she tried to pin her father arm, but it only further enraged Finran, Hiccup moved but was stopped as Toothless, slammed his body hard against Hiccup, hissing as he did.

"Wake up, you're letting your darkness get the better of you, stop trying to kill him, he is not Elemental, this is a human who is drunk and stupid, stop thinking him an enemy, he is beneath you, or have you forgotten what your adopted father told you?"

Flashes of the once might Swift Wing sprang to mind as he stopped dead in his tracks, the King had chosen him over three other humans to be the rider, then he had chosen him, a human to be of the dragon clan, to be his son.

Hiccup then moved, no longer with hate, or anger, but a cold calmness. He pulled Astrid off her father in one swift yank. Finrans dagger struck out though and caught Hiccup in the leg. Without flinching Hiccup grabbed the man's wrist, twisting with a load sickening pop the dagger clattered to the floor and Finran howled in pain.

"You broke it, you broke my wrist, you son of a …"

Not getting a chance to finish as Hiccup's fist found the big man's already swollen nose. Again and again he struck, aiming for weak points on the big man, years of fighting in the Roman Coliseum and the training by his friend Tomoe.

"Hit here."

His hand slamming hard into the wooden training dummy. A young women only a few years older than him with dark hair and emerald green eyes steps around him and looks at where he had punched. Reaching out the soft skin of her fingers touching lightly on his arm, a shiver running up his spine as she then spoke, her voice soft but strong.

"Good but, you should aim here to kill."

Frowning Hiccup pulled his arm away from her tender touch, "I don't want to kill, I just want to knock them out, if I kill one of the guards then they will really come after me."

Frowning Tomoe reached out again. Her face faded then and Finran's ugly mug popped back into his vision, sighing as he danced away from another dagger swipe. He was starting to get tired but old Fin looks like he was worst off. The big man's tunic was covered in blood and his nose was crooked in 2 spots. Not that Finran had ever been what one would call handsome.

Hiccup was tired of this fight, "Finran, if you can hear me though that anger, listen, and listen well."

Walking towards Finran Hiccup's voice filled with the hisses and growls of the dragon language but, it was deep and held an edge of power to it.

Astride stood wide eyed and looking on as the hissing and growls mixed the air and somehow she could understand what he was saying.

Hiccup kept hissing and growling as he let the worlds in circle the big man, "Now sleep."

The last two words came out as a soft chime sound and no sooner did they leave his lips then Finran slumped forward and passed out. Hiccup almost did the same, just barely catching himself on the side table near him, "Astrid, go fetch Fish Legs.

Astrid looked down at her father, then back up at Hiccup. Nodding she stood and made her way to the door stopping at the now broken door she turned looking back," Thank you."

Turning around she ran out, Hiccup frowned, she had been crying. Gritting his teeth down at her father," You really aren't worth it."

Nudging the big man with his boot a groan slipped out.

Finran looked stunned," I did what?

The large man now lay in the cell, his arms though broken where bond together.

Hiccup crossed his arms, this was more than a drunken stupor, he had treated his own daughter like a common nothing, was he that cold or….was there something else at play here. The big man had been question for hours now but, he seemed to know nothing, something was very wrong.

Stoick stepped to the cell," You attacked my son and you have the guts to fake as if you remember nothing.

"Hold father." Hiccup made his way to the cell.

The eyes that followed were not filled with hate as Hiccup had once seen but, instead with fear.

"What do you last remember?"

Eyes flickering around as if the big man was having issues remembering what happened last.

"I remember….I was having drinks with Drig, when that Farmer came over he started talking to us….an….I don't remember any more."

Hiccup turned," I think he was drugged, the farmer is not who he appears to be and needs to be watched."

Stoick eyed Finran," It does not matter he attacked you and was warned, he has two choices."

Hiccup turned back towards the cell, Finran's face was ash white, "You can choose Finran, death or banishment."

Looking up Finran locked eyes with the rider, "Death, I chose death."

Nodding Hiccup turned, 'Undo his bindings."

The guards looked at each other then towards Stoick, the chief nodded for them to do as his son said, though he did not know where this was going.

Reaching down they undid the bindings, the man groaned in pain as his broken arms were released. Standing he waited watching the bo….no Rider.

"Your brave Finran, I will not have you killed from something that was not your fault, instead I want you to watch the farmer carefully make it seem like nothing happened."

Finran looked as if he had swallowed his tongue, "I live?"

Hiccup could not help but smirk at the large man," You live yes but, I want you to act like nothing has changed you still hate me, and you are to try and get information out of the farmer, then report to my father, understand."

Finran no looked at this bo….no man, there was strength that he had never seen there as well as a mind that work differently from his own, if it had been him he would have had Hiccup killed. He felt respect for the young man, maybe he was wrong. Nodding then he moved towards the cell door," I understand and I will do as you ask of me, Rider."

Stoick watched the two men then turned towards his son," You would let him go?"

Nodding Hiccup now turned looking at his fathers worried face," He was beat father, he knows what I am capable of, even if he cannot remember it his body does, because of that he doesn't pose a threat anymore."

Stocik scratched at the back of his neck," I don't know, Finran is…."

Holding up his hand Hiccup cut him off," You asked me to decide before we woke him, and I have, he lives, that is the end of it."

Nodding slowly Stoick walked towards the prison door looking back he could see the shadows that seemed to cling to his son, as well as the burning hate that was held firmly in his child's chest, it saddened the big man to no end that he had been the cause of some of that hate and sadness. "Very well son I leave it to you."

Watching his father go his eyes turning once more to where Finran had laid, the farmer was someone who needed to be watched at all times and not by him, he could not shake the feeling that he had meet the man once before.

"Where have I met you?"

Hey guys, I have been away a while, between working on my own book, the job, and going to school for Game Design I have lost track of this story. I however never forgot about it, so I am back, I will try to post a chapter a month, so bear with me as I slip back into writing about Hiccup's world again.


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