It was a moonlight night near the city of Asgard and Emil and the others decided to make camp. They were close to the city, sure enough but they were tired and didn't feel like running into monsters in the dark. That wouldn't be a really good fight, even for Ratatosk so with that feeling in mind they got themselves prepared for the night. Emil looked over to the friends of the one called who he'd known as "Lloyd the Great", not to mention the great one himself. He found himself smiling at the group that he'd thought would never like him.

"Hey...g-guys..." he mumbled, catching a few of their attention in the flickering the firelight.

"Yes Emil, what is it?" Raine asked, the first to speak up to him. He blinked and then let out a breathy giggle.

"What do you want to do until we go to sleep? I mean...well...that say..."

"Yes?" she inquired again, raising a brow to him this time.

"I...umm...well...I-I don't want to be nosy and all but...umm..."


"I getcha bud...Emil here wants to know about us but being as shy as he is, he's just afraid to ask, right kiddo?" Zelos asked, coming in for the save and throwing an arm around the younger's shoulder. Emil nodded bashfully under the contact and stares of the others. "So..." he grinned leaning closer to the blonde's face, "What do you want to know about us? What Raine likes? What's Colette's favorite animal? What's Sheena's jubblies sizes, trust me, they're not the same-" and at that moment they were both knocked over by a hard blow to the male chosen's head.

"I'm gonna smack you Zelos!" a blushing Sheena yelled from their previous position.

" always say that after you do it! Get your timing right!" the red head groaned while getting into a kneeling position, which also allowed him to free Emil. The chosen began to dust off his clothes. "And don't knock me down like that. I'm just too pretty to get dirty." he shrugged, regaining his smile.

"I'll say this once and I'll say this again. The definition in your brain is reversed." Genis mumbled with sarcasm.

"Hey brat, shut up."


"U-uh, g-guys..." the male blonde called.

"Yes?" They almost all answered that time.

"I still didn't learn anything..."

"Well...if I remember correctly, everyone has a word that describes them, right Professor Sage?" Colette spoke up with her finger to her chin.

"Yes...that's correct. Do you need an example?" she asked while reading into her book.

"Umm...well, if you could say everyone's that would be helpful..." Emil murmured.

"Okay, sure..." Raine agreed, adjusting the blanket over her and the sleeping Marta and Presea. "Zelos, as I don't have to tell you is a 'narcissist'."

"Whoa, Professor, is that really what you think of me?"

"That's what the world thinks of you..."

"If I'm that, then what is that Decus guy?" he asked, beginning to get annoyed.

"He is 'foolish'...anyway...a lot of people call me the 'knowledgeable' one. Regal is the 'sophisticated' one, you could say, running a business and all... " she turned a page. "Genis is-"

"Bratty..." Zelos cut in.

"Hey!" the insulted boy yelled. "You shut up you failure at a womanizer!"

"Excuse me, I always do my job right. Unlike you who can't even talk to Presea, Mr. Studder stutter squeak."

"Stop it you two, besides, I was about to say 'sarcastic'." Raine scolded. "Sheena is-"

"A violent banshee who is hellbent on abusing me-" another whack.

"Shut up Zelos before I whack you!"

"Sheena! Your timing seriously sucks!"

"Ahem...Zelos, why don't you finish since you keep interrupting me then?" the platinum blonde huffed at the redheaded chosen.

"Sure hunny. Well as you can clearly see, Presea is 'distant and quiet', Colette is an 'airhead' and Lloyd is...'determined'."

"I think he's more 'courageous' than 'determined'...and why am I an airhead? What's that mean? I don't have air in my head, it's in my chest right?" the female blonde blinked confused. The male blonde sweat-dropped.

'She just proved it whether she knows it or not...' he laughed a bit to himself about that. "Well then, what about me and Marta?"

"You are what's commonly known as 'shy' and Marta is clearly 'outspoken'." the kunoichi put in, leaning over the boy's shoulder. Emil looked up to Sheena then looked down a bit dejected.

"Oh...I wouldn't have thought that way...the 'Ratatosk Mode' me calls me a coward..."

"Eh, that version of you is a jerk, screw what he says." she huffed, standing straight up and folding her arms.

The boy smiled weakly. "Thanks Sheena..." then something came to him. "Is that where they got calling Alice a 'sadist' from? And why Aqua calls Tenebrae 'spiteful'?"

"Yes...doesn't help that it's true. Anyway, looks like Lloyd is coming in from the patrol. At least I think... she pondered, looking at the shape coming in from a distance. Upon the figure getting closer they realized that even though it wasn't Lloyd it was still someone familiar. "It's that guy...that redhead..."

"Huh?" Emil questioned looking up. "That looks like...Richter!" he exclaimed, eyes widening. 'W-why is Richter here? The man himself stopped as another figure approached them, floating to be exact. Tenebrae joined Emil's side at that moment. The boy raised a brow at him.

"Centurion Aqua. What is your business here?" the centurion of darkness called.

"It isn't for you, you spiteful dog! Master Richter wants to speak with that boy...the one that looks like the one named 'Aster'...if you don't he'll come here and take them boy himself...with casualties that is..."

"Pssh! Like we can't take him. Especially when bud comes back, he'll be in a world of hurt." Zelos scoffed, smugly smirking at the water centurion.

"How dare you mock Master Richter? I ought to take care of you vermin for him. You're too filthy for his hands."

"Aqua, stop that...I'll just go..." Emil sighed when standing up.

"Emil...that isn't smart. What if it's a trap and he tries to kill you?" Regal warned.

"As long as you guys and Marta are safe, I don't mind. Besides, I'm not that weak. I can defend myself."

"It's not if you can defend yourself that's the issue. It's if you can bring yourself to fight's a very tough decision...I learned that the hard way with Alicia..." the blue haired man trailed off growing a melancholy look on his face.

"Thanks Regal, I'll be fine. So Aqua, what does he want me to do?"

"Just go out to meet him. Unfortunately, I have to stay here. He wants me to be the guard to make sure they don't follow you or interrupt whatever he wants to talk to you about..."

"...okay?" he walked over and grabbed his blade, checking it before sliding it into the sheath. "I'll just see you guys later." he smiled, swinging up a bag and walking off towards the figure in the distance. Aqua glared at them all crossly.

"Honestly...what would Master Richter want with that boy so badly that I have to watch these pests..."

Emil continued the trek up the hill until he finally reached the man that had sought him out. Richter stared down at him.

"What did you bring your sword for? I told her to tell you I wanted to talk, nothing more..."

"I'm sorry...force of habit..." the boy sighed. Then he looked to Richter's waist. "You didn't come unequipped either..."

"I'm still in the midst of traveling, you were in a camp. You clearly could have left it but never mind that. Come this way...away from the prying eyes of those companions of yours..."

"If I do that then they'll try to come look for me-"

"Stop relying on the protection of others. You really haven't changed much have you?"

"I-..." the boy sighed. "I'm sorry..." the older flinched.

"And you don't listen apparently either. I told you long ago to stop over apologizing..."

"I-..." they began a long stare at each other before they both sighed. "Sorry..."

"Enough." the red head commanded, flicking a few strands of hair away from his face and then pushing up his glasses. "Come this way..." he huffed, walking off. Emil quickly followed, trying not to get Richter angrier than he already seemed. The red head ahead sighed. If the boy kept apologizing like that, this wouldn't go well... They reached an area down the other side of the hill near a small forest like place. Trees were their cover from their eyes as well as ears seeing as the wind made the leaves rustle restlessly. After getting a good distance inside the forest the elder turned around to the younger. "Emil..."


"You should stop interacting with that group of yours...they'll do nothing but cause you trouble."

"But they joined me! I can't really do that..."

"Emil, if you continue to travel with them to stop the Vanguard and it's commander, I'll be forced to kill you all. As it were, I don't really feel the need to kill pointlessly. Stop your quest for the centurions cores and"

"But Richter, I can't! It's something I told Marta I'd help her with and I don't want to go back on my word!" the blonde yelled, balling up his fists. Realizing he was getting too riled up by Richter's expression, he let out a deep breath and let his arms drop down. "I'm sorry's just something I can't do..."

"Emil..." Richter sighed, sitting down on a nearby rock. He pushed his glasses up and shook his head. "You're forcing my hand in this. You won't even consider..."

"..." well, Emil hadn't really thought about it from Richter's view. That was the same issue he had when asking about Lloyd. He found himself stepping in front of the other before he even knew he was moving. He stopped, blinking and looking down at the top of the others head. "Richter..."

"What is it?"

"I...I'm sorry..."

"Emil...stop apologizing..."




"...sorry..." the blonde found himself saying again while scratching his head sheepishly. All but suddenly he found his arms being grabbed. As the elder pulled him closer he looked up with an odd look in his eyes. Emil's eyes widened as he felt Richter's breath ghost against his lips, causing a heavy blush to grace his face as well. "R-Richter!"

"Shut up..." came the stern command in a more huskier voice than usual, considering Richter's normal tone. Emil found himself almost frozen in place as the other neared him even more, first kissing him lightly then again with more force, as if to snap the boy out of it. He lowly whimpered at the pressure Richter was pushing on him and he pulled away to regain some type of normal breathing.

"R-Richter..." he panted, slight fear darting through both pair of green eyes. The older closed his eyes and sighed, about to apologize for his sudden behavior when Emil grabbed the face of the other and kissed back, fiercer than ever. Although this took the other by surprise, he recovered, bringing the other into his lap in a straddled position and he began wrapping his arms around the others lean frame. After a few quick frenzied kissed they began to slow themselves a bit, deepening each kiss as they progressed. They went from just kissing to allowing their tongues to dance and mingle amongst each other and through this process they reached an even higher height than before. As if the high that they had reached were literal, their air thinned and it became hard to breathe. More so for the younger than the elder so Emil was the first to pull back. He clenched at the front of Richter's jacket panting madly as the seated person himself was breathing just a slight bit faster than normal.

" have no stamina..." the man joked slightly, only out of the small disappointment of having to part so soon. Truthfully, neither of them actually knew how long they'd been doing that but it felt like an eternity to Emil. The said boy slightly pouted, pushing some of his bangs away from his eyes amidst his heavy breathing.

"Well...I'm...sorry..." another kiss was forced upon him at this. Emil, again parted away, he still hadn't fully regained himself. He looked at the other confused, which caused Richter to smile.

"It drives me insane when you say that...I've barely been able to control myself around you..." he admitted, pushing up his glasses and shaking his head slightly. The boy began to smile then.

"Well now I do you still want me to stop saying it?" he giggled.

"That was the only reason I really wanted you to stop...and you really do over apologize."

"Sorry..." a by habit apology escaped the boy before he could stop it. A wild smile passed the others face but instead of kissing his lips he began to work at his shoulders, seeing as it was free skin. As he continued in his ministrations, he slipped the thick scarf off the blonde's neck and slid it to the ground. Richter's tongue made a dancing trail up to the base of Emil's neck, the younger enjoying every bit of the miniature tango. Leaning into the other as well as offering up more of his neck to the other, he relished in the heat of the other. The man began to suckle at the boy's throat, enjoying the little noises that came from Emil in the process. Emil busied himself with removing Richter's jacket and shirt, sliding it to his muscles seeing as they wouldn't be removed with him in the others embrace. The red head let go momentarily, shrugging off the clothing and shedding his gloves as well. Once his chest was bared he went to do the same for Emil. He shed the belts quickly and the shirt was pulled over his head before he could take account for it. Just as fast as his shirt was on the ground was almost the same as he was there, Richter joining above him. He placed quick light kisses down the chest of the blonde as he worked at the black pants of the one underneath him. He pulled them to the boy's knees, just about noticing he couldn't get them off in his lustful frenzy due to the boy's shoes. The one on the bottom giggled again. "Sorry."

"Instead of saying you're sorry you should be slipping them off...and I haven't given you a reason to be sorry just yet..." a seductive smirk crossed the tanned skinned face. He, also remembering that he had on a useless item, removed his glasses smoothly, placing them off to the side. After the shoes had been abandoned he looked up, noticing for the first time that he hadn't ever really seen Richter without those oddly shaped glasses and for some reason without them he looked all the much more daring. Emil leaned up to place a kiss on the others forehead but Richter stole another kiss from his lips, not that the boy really all that much minded. This time successfully getting the boy's pants off, he threw them to the side as well, his underwear just about joining it just a quickly. As Richter undid his own pants he looked at the figure beneath him. Emil was lean but he did have some muscle about him. He was just the right mix of skinny and strong. Another thing, the boy had a slight tan about him that contrasted with his hair when you actually paid attention to it. Trailing lower, he glanced at the other member that wasn't his. It was decent but compared to his own, his was more than decent. The blonde removed his gloves and looked back in time just to notice where the other was staring.

"D-don't do that! That's embarrassing..." he mumbled, blush just now growing heavy even in the current situation. Richter stifled a chuckle.

"What's the problem? Anyway, do me a favor will you?"


"Here..." he smiled, offering three fingers to the other. Emil looked at the appendages strangely. "It's so I won't hurt you so mind? Unless you have some type of secret masochist fetish that I know nothing of..."

"I do not! But..." the younger blinked and looked away. "What do you want me to do?"

"Suck them...that's all...I'll be doing the rest of it for you..."

"Oh...okay..." he exhaled while grabbing the hand of the other. He ran his tongue around the digits fluidly and quickly, making Richter wish that his mouth was directed to another need of his at the moment but, that wasn't to be at the moment at least... At the moment... He pulled the fingers from Emil and rubbed them together to test just how slick he'd made them. Good enough. Being as he rested on his knees at the moment he brought the boy's legs over his own, letting them rest on his thighs and the boy's middle hang between his own legs.

"This may hurt a little or a lot so bare with me..." Emil nodded to Richter's warning and he slipped one finger inside. That didn't bother him much so he didn't really react. Seeing as that wasn't a problem, he slipped another finger inside. Emil winced. Definitely a difference, a little one so it shouldn't be that bad. The elder spread his fingers slightly, causing the younger to groan. He nearly stopped what he was doing but he knew that wouldn't help. Instead, he entered the third lubed up finger, causing the blonde to slightly arch his back. He bit his finger to stop himself from making an abrupt noise that would cause attention to be drawn to them. After a little while of Richter spreading his fingers and rotating them, Emil's expression turned from a grimace of pain to a smile of pleasured relaxation. Richter himself smiled at him. Never had he seen him in such a way and never had he seen him smile like that. He also chuckled. That smile would be gone in a second. He removed his fingers from the other, causing Emil to look at him rather crossly. Never had he seen that face either. The elder tilted his head with an amused smile. "Hey Emil...there's something else I need to to suck as well..."

"Huh?" the boy asked sitting up. The man scooted the teen out his lap to undo his pants. Noting what Richter was getting at, he bent over to crotch level with the man, pulling out the apparent thing that needed to be sucked on. Richter found himself with a slight blush on his face at how Emil stared at him there. It was innocent and curious yet arousing at the same time. Odd huh? He cleared his throat, snapping the other out of his trance. "O-oh...sorry..." Richter's blush worsened at that. Emil reached for the others slightly stiffened erection. Seeing as he hadn't done anything like this before, he proceeded with curiosity, licking the tip of it first, slowly for some reason. The elder exhaled roughly. That wouldn't work for what Richter needed him to do it for but it was going to drive him nuts if he continued to do that. This time, Emil decided to actually take it into his mouth to see if it made a difference. The elder grunted and muttered something under his breath. Emil whined a question that wasn't audible but was clearly understood.

"N-no..that's what I wanted you to do...don't worry, I'm fine..." he assured. The teen eyed him one last time before closing his eyes and focusing on the tool in his mouth, sliding his tongue down the length of it as he tested how much of the other he could take in. Richter clutched the grass beneath his hands in an attempt to not clutch a clump of blonde hair and force the other down as far as possible. It felt unnaturally good! He felt his hand move on his own and he simply placed a hand on the lemon colored hair. Emil, slightly taking a hint, tried to go further. Feeling his gag reflex, he forced it back and pressed on. Clearly feeling the difference, Richter lost it, that last feeling of himself being enclosed in such a tight space sent him into a climax. Emil squeezed his eyes shut, fighting the need to move away and hack and gasp for air but instead settled for little coughs in between breaths. When the waves finally stopped, Emil sat back, clutching his throat in an attempt to soothe it, wincing at the slight stinging from him coughing in the middle of that. "You'll have to forgive me for that..." the blonde looked up due to Richter placing a hand on his throat as well.

"I'm okay. Really. And it's not like you to apologize." Emil smiled. Richter scoffed lightly.

"That's your job I take it?"

"That's not even funny..." the boy responded pouting. A smile graced Richter's lips before leaning in to kiss Emil with small laughter. He pulled the boy into his lap again.

"I know. Now come on and lean up for me..."

"Oh...okay...n-now what?" he asked, looking down at the others member warily.

"It doesn't matter how you do it as long as you end up on it..."

"...I know that but..."

"But what?"

"I don't think it'll..." he trailed. Richter looked at the blonde dumbfounded before just full out laughing at him. "It's not funny! Stop that!"

"Alright,, I'll help you..." he chuckled, grabbing Emil's hips and directing him correctly. Leading the younger down, he aligned him with the head of his own member. "Go ahead..." Emil stared at him with a slight glare before actually easing himself down onto the other. Upon the head reaching completely inside they both groaned in a lustful bliss. The feelings Emil felt with Richter's finger was almost nothing compared to this and although Emil had slightly deep throated him, this felt much better and he wasn't even fully embedded in him yet. He felt another one of those urges to force Emil down but again he fought it. Maybe if they went at this again at some other time he could just have his way with him but for now, he'd let Emil take the pace of things. The blonde slid down further, feeling all the heat of Richter inside him just as Richter was relishing in the tightness of Emil's cavern. Seeing as this didn't hurt too much, he did this faster than before, continuing to gain speed with the movements and heightening their pleasure. Richter found himself growing restless sitting in his current position, pushed the other against the grass, gaining the dominance of the situation. Emil looked up at him slightly dazed at the switch in positions but all he found in the other was lusted over jade eyes that were contrasted with a smooth smile. The blonde panted as the red head leaned over him, the long mahogany strands bristling up against the tanned skin of the other. He lifted the younger's legs to his shoulders, pulling him to his hip level. "You'll have to forgive me if this hurts..."

"H-huh?" and then came a quick gasp from a sudden thrust from Richter. A repeated assault against the boy's rear. Whining, breathy moans and guttural grunts echoed throughout the forest greenery. Panting, huffing, thrusting and sweating carried over time. For them, it felt like eternity, for a certain brunette passing by from patrol, damn near the same thing. He was frozen in place, staring as quietly as possible, voice caught in his throat and refused to leave for the life of him, and for once, he lived up to his title of "Peeping Tom" (which was again by accident. 3rd time but who's counting?) As much as he tried, he couldn't blink, he couldn't talk, he couldn't even budge a muscle. The only thing that seemed to work for him was the blush that worsened over time, almost matching his shirt at this time.

Even with as much air as he was breathing in, it still didn't seem to be enough. Richter was controlling all of his senses with just a single movement. Even though the red head had him pinned by the wrists to the grass, he didn't want to run or go anywhere. There was the perfect place. Although it did hurt a bit, he didn't mind much, except when the half-elf thrust particularly hard. Emil's back arced as Richter then switched to an embrace. It wasn't the hug itself but where the embrace aimed the others member. Realizing what he'd done, a smirk crossed his visage as well as his eye lids lowering.

"Emil..." the low voice of the elder man cooed as he lowered his face to Emil's neck. A whimper was his response. Apparently it was all he could muster. A chuckle rumbled through the forest. "Do you want me to do that again?" a low mumble. Richter licked a path across the younger's Adam's apple. "Emil...what does that mean?" a slightly disgruntled groan this time. "Emil...answer me..." he began to even out his breath, swallowing air and then replying:

"Sorry..." he panted, slightly opening his eyes. Richter flinched at the word. He knew the boy wasn't doing it on purpose but still...

"Emil...answer the question..."

"Y-yes.." he replied, face slightly flushing at having to actually say that although the other obviously knew the answer. His eyes shot open as Richter hit that spot again, as promised. Emil suppressed a scream, biting his bottom lip and exhaling sharply. Richter looked up at him through one eye while lightly suckling on his jawline. "R-Richter..."



"Again what?" he asked back, smirking lightly.

"Again Richter...d-do it again..."

"Sure..." he sultrily replied, smiling devilishly at this point. He slammed into that bundle of nerves continually, again and again and again. The blonde gripped the blades of grass underneath him desperately, eyes hazed over in pure bliss, toes curled from undisputed pleasure. Little moans lined with Richter's name flooded from him uncontrollably, also fueling the fire inside of Richter. The half-elf exhaled deeply. "Emil. I'm limit..." a light nod was his response. Seeing as he couldn't take much more himself, Emil hugged Richter back, closing the gap between them and giving Richter better access. The even rougher friction driving the teen insane to the point of clawing into Richter's back. The man hissed, biting into the others neck as punishment for the tings of pain. Even though he's not anything near a masochist, that bite sent him barreling over the edge, sending him into a exploding climax. The blonde forcefully tightening around his shaft sent Richter over the edge of a cliff, into the ocean and sinking beyond the deep dark blue.

After a few moments, Richter regained himself, leaning up off the boy, noticing the mess on his lower abdomen. He sighed, rubbing at a bit of it futilely before grabbing his glasses from the rock he was sitting upon earlier. He heard a shuffling noise, he turned, seeing that it was Emil crawling over to his bag. He raised a brow, inquiring silently what he was doing just to be answered by something light blue and fluffy. Using one side of it to wipe himself clean he handed it to Richter. He nodded in silent gratitude, taking the item and cleaning himself as well. They gradually got back dressed and began to head off. Then Richter looked to Emil as they began to leave the forest.



"Did you hear that shuffling earlier?"

"...earlier when?"

"When we were getting dressed..."

"I thought that was you."

"If I'm asking you about it, it clearly wasn't me..."

"Huh...maybe it was a random monster that got scared off..."

"I doubt it..."

"Then what could it have been?" he pondered, looking up into the air absently. Upon reaching the point of when they first saw Richter, said man sighed. "Hey, Richter..."

"Yes-" and with that Emil quickly stood on his toes to kiss the swordsman. As he was about to retreat, the half-elf snatched him back by the arms, kissing him back, lingering with it as long as possible. Emil giggled, pressed against the other before pulling away and running downhill with a small wave. Upon getting back to camp the first one to greet him was a wide awake Marta.

"Emil! Why didn't you wake me up? You shouldn't do dangerous things like that...I was worried..." she rambled absently, causing Emil to smile weakly.

"S-sorry Marta..." he replied with a breathy chuckle, rubbing the back of his head bashfully.

"So..." she trailed, leaning closer to his face.

"S-So what?"

"So what did he talk to you about? You were gone a long time..."

"Yeah kid, what's up with dark and broody?" Zelos chimed in, pointing a thumb towards the swordsman in the distance. Emil blinked a few times.

"Well...I..." he started.

"Well what?" everyone asked simultaneously.

"Master Richter!" Aqua chimed, happy to finally be reunited with him after hours of watching everyone glare at her for the longest time.

"Ah...Aqua..." he noticed looking up at her.

"Master Riiiichteeer what did you need to talk to that boy about?"

" something that has been settled in a way I didn't think it'd be..." he smiled while pushing up his glasses. Seeing Richter smile made a smile appear on her own face.

"So Master Richter," she started with a giggle, "What happened?"

"Nothing much...let's be off..." he sighed – a contented sigh – while flicking the strands that rested on his shoulder as he began to walk off.

"Sure ! Anything you say!" she chimed, floating behind the one she was hopelessly in love with.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU FORGOT?" Marta screamed at him, grabbing him by the scarf.

"W-well, he started talking but then we ran into this really strong monster in the forest and after that we didn't really talk much..." he -untruthfully- admitted, looking away from the girl giving him a death glare.

"That sounds like something you'd do..." Genis scoffed. "But after you fought the monster, why didn't you just come back?"

"Well, he was trying to talk about it again was a bit strange, you know? He couldn't get the words straight so we just sat there and rested for a while. When we were fine he just said he'd try some other time and left me to come back. No real danger, no problem. See? Told you it'd be fine!" he smiled, tilting his head slightly.

"Okay, that explains why you were late and why your hair is all messy like" Zelos sighed and shrugged, forwarding towards the twin swordsman at the other side of camp. "Someone explain what's wrong with Bud. He's been acting strange since he got back. Actually, he got back a little while before you did...wonder what happened to him or what he saw you know?"

"I would like to know that put Lloyd in a state of shock like that..." Raine added. Emil flinched. He really, really hoped he didn't see what he thought he saw.

"Umm...if it's okay, can I talk to him?" the blonde blinked out.

"...sure. Go ahead." she shrugged, walking out the way for the path to Lloyd. Emil approached him with caution.

"Lloyd...did you-"


"That was you? Please, please don't tell anyone, okay? Seriously, they'd all kill me!"

"But you...did that...with him..."

"I-I know! Is there anything I can do that will make sure you'll keep my secret?"

"Well..." a small smile danced across his evil one. Emil swallowed.

"W-well what?"

"Well you see..." and a small laugh rang out. At that moment, Emil made an excellent observation. Lloyd had snapped.

Richter obtained the title of "Emil's Secret Lover."

Emil obtained the title of "Richter's Secret Lover"

Emil obtained the title of "Honorable Liar"

Lloyd obtained the title of "Snapped"