Out in the frozen fields was a certain green eyed blond, holding himself and shivering. Everywhere he looked to was nothing but white or blue, excusing himself from turning almost red from being frosted over at this point alone. He tucked his chin further into his scarf, his only source of warmth at this point, the boy mentally cursing the fact that his outfit hadn't come with any type of real sleeves. 'Damn Ratatosk...' he cursed to himself in his head, not doing so physically because his teeth were already occupied with chattering against each other in the frigid wind. How long had he been out there, he didn't know. The only thing he knew was that all the white and blue from the snow and sky were going to drive him insane in a matter of moments. Emil, at this point in the snowstorm, was thigh-high in snow and had no clue of which way Flanoirwas, the cold had messed up his senses badly. Unable to lift his foot anymore, he collapsed in a fit of panting, barely able to keep his eyes open. With a shaky breath, he gave in, loosing himself to the frost.

The time could have been seconds, minutes, hours, days later for all the blond knew he lay there. Time seemed to be teasing him, his brain fully awake while his body had given up. Being as it were, he wondered if his mind was playing tricks on him...he could've sworn he heard voices...familiar ones at that...

"Master Richter! He's over here!"

"Lord Emil? You must regain consciousness!"

"Get back you two! Fretting like that will do nothing right now, he needs medical attention. But this will have to do for now... Oh healing power..." and that was the last thing he heard before his mind let him black out, finally giving him rest...

.xXxXx S.y.M.p.H.o.N.i.A xXxXx.

"Ah..." the blond groaned out, catching the attention of the others in the room. Although he could feel that he was definitely inside, he still wasn't warm for the life of him. He could even feel that he'd been changed into his pajamas, which had long sleeves, but still, no help. He tried to sit up but was immediately forced back down.

"Seems you've finally awaken..." the tall redhead spoke, pushing up his glasses as well as pushing down the boy with the opposite hand. Touching the one on his chest, Emil gathered the little energy he had to looking at him.

"R-R-Richter...w-what a-a-are y-y-yo-" he tried to start but the chills seemed to take over. Arching an eyebrow at the boy, Richter looked him in the face. Sure he stuttered sometimes but this was ridiculous...

"What's the matter?" he asked quickly putting his hand against the lemon haired boy's forehead. Nothing seemed too much out of the ordinary there.

"C-C-C-Cold...r-really c-c-cold..."

"You don't feel cold..."

"B-but I a-am..." he corrected quickly, shutting his eyes and again crossing his arms across himself like he'd done before when outside to attempt to keep whatever body heat he obtained to himself. Richter eyed the boy again.

"Maybe you got infected with something? What were you doing out there?" he then thought about his question, blinking once he noticed that he actually wanted to know that even if it had nothing to do with whatever was wrong with him at the moment. "According to Tenebrae, you took off on a Rheiard a while before everyone declared you missing. I'd like you to fill me in from there if you don't mind...much less if you can actually manage to tell me..."

"W-well...I w-was f-f-flying t-then a few..." his face furrowed and a small frown was then on his face. He then shook his head. "I don't r-r-remember w-what attacked m-me...b-but I ended u-up c-c-crashing it...f-far from a-anywhere in t-the s-snow..."

"Ah..." was his only reply. He honestly didn't know what to say to that that wouldn't end up in Emil getting sad for being yelled at or scolded by him.

"Hey you! If you hadn't done that, I'd have Master Richter to myself right now...that stupid Tenebonehead came and found us saying something or other about how that Marta girl would blow a gasket if she found out you were hurt somewhere..." Aqua rambled, huffing at the parts that caused for it. Emil just gazed at her, blinking slowly. 'So that's who those three people were earlier...Aqua, Tenebrae and Richter...' His eyes lazily trailed the room before he closed them and sighed. The female centurion growled. "Now you even ignore me? How dare you!"

"Aqua...as you can see he is clearly unable to speak let alone waste energy speaking to you for no good reason but your petty desires." Tenebrae cut in, sitting at Emil's beside.

"Petty! Your request to us to find the little fool was petty!" she retorted back. Emil's face furrowed. 'Tenebrae asked?' Emil pondered, unable to really respond to them anyway.

"If that is what you consider petty, I wonder what your blatant obsession with that man would be considered?" The water centurion's mouth hung open for a moment before closing it and opening it again. She soon found herself fuming.

"Screw you Tenebonehead!" she yelled before disappearing into a vortex of water. Richter by now had placed his head in his hand, shaking it slowly. He'd hear it from her later for sure...

"T-T-Tenebrae..." the dog-like head turned at the shaky voice of his own master.

"Yes Lord Emil?"

"G-Go a-a-apologize to A-Aqua..." he murmured solemnly. Although he couldn't make himself sound angry, he would at least make himself as serious as possible. The dark creature stared at him for a moment before sighing.

"Understood..." and with that, he disappeared off in his trademark cloud of darkness. Richter let out a small huff.

"I thought they'd never shut up...so, are you still cold? Maybe you have gotten sick..."

"I-if you f-find a w-way to warm m-me u-up, y-you c-could t-t-tell..."

"Hmm...well...since you aren't warm from the conventional way...they do say some liquor warms the body...whiskey or rum or something of that sort..."

"...are...are you suggesting I drink?" Richter looked to him, both of them wearing a mask of surprise. Emil, because of all people Richter was suggesting alcohol and the redhead had that face because that was the first straight sentence he'd said since they found him.

"Only until you get correctly warmed...I'll be back..." he announced, leaving the blonde without a choice in the matter. Not that many moments later, he returned with five bottles, each a different type of beverage. Emil stared warily at them as they were lined up on the table in the middle of the room. "Well? What are you waiting for? Choose one..."

"...I...I d-don't think I-I-I s-should..."

"Fine...try this one..." the older shrugged off the insecurities of the other as he grabbed a bottle and poured half a glass full of the liquid before holding over the boy. "Sit up..." Emil sighed and raised himself up, pushing his back against the headboard so he wouldn't have to put real energy into sitting that way. He slowly took the glass from orange gloves, looking it over before taking a quick swallow and instantly regretting it.

"What the hell is that?" he yelled, sticking his tongue out childishly while holding the glass a bit away. Richter had to stifle a laugh at that. Although the sound didn't escape him, a smile still played at his lips.

"It's Scotch Emil..."

"No! It's disgusting!" he retorted, brows knitting together in the disdain he clearly felt.

"Do you feel any warmer by now?"

"..." he sat still a moment, absently staring at his lap. "A bit...but no more of that stuff!"

"So, you want to try something else?" the lemon haired boy quickly nodded, too happy not to have anymore of that by choice. Grabbing another glass and sitting it on the table, Richter cracked open another bottle with a yellow liquid just to have Emil stop him.

"That's beer...I can smell it from here...it's disgusting too..." he muttered, clinging to the loose part of the others coat. Judging from the raised brow, Richter was wondering how exactly he knew that. "Uncle Alba made me drink some before...never again..." he shuddered. Pushing back his glasses, the elder sighed coming to a quick conclusion.

"Do you like wine?" he asked, predicting the answer.

"It gives me a headache..." the younger mumbled while shaking his head.

"How about Rum?" the elder huffed.

"Uncle Alba...not really..." the blonde shook his head again. Richter was beginning to think this was a moot point coming on...


"...never tried it..." the boy looked up, allowing both pairs of green eyes to meet. Sighing in relief this time, the half-elf turned on his heel, uncapping the new bottle and pouring the clear liquid in the fresh glass. He held the bottle in one hand, the glass in the other and kicked a chair to the bedside. After some adjusting it, he sat, giving his young lover the cup. "...looks like water..."

"Looks can be deceiving...go on, try it..." he ordered, folding his arms and leaning back while doing nothing less than staring down the banana haired boy. Timidly, mildly expecting another case of disgusting scotch to pop up, he sampled the drink. A momentary blink made Richter expect he didn't like it, like the rest, but was surprised when the other downed the glass. "...so?"

"Hmm?" he asked back, eyes widening with the sudden speech out of dead silence.

"Did it help any?"

"...not yet...I don't know...maybe I need another glass?"

"...I guess that's fine...as long as you don't have too much..." he mumbled, eying the other carefully. He was damn near scared to approach the bottle and now he's suggesting another glass? Either he really wasn't feeling the effects or...he'd acquired a taste for Vodka...he'd just have to wait and see... He handed the other another glass and he took it carefully, looking into it before drinking it. He looked straight forward for a long moment before looking back to the other.


"...the one thing you don't have a dislike for is the one that does nothing..." Emil laughed at the other lightly. Richter tilted his head a bit. 'He's not even acting strangely...maybe he has a high tolerance for alcohol? That idiot chosen betternot ever find out about that...' the elder of the two mused in his head. Shrugging, he handed Emil the bottle before standing up and turning to the table.


"It's not really effecting you...try a high dosage before we decide to switch."

"Ah...okay..." he murmured, looking to the bottle and shrugging before removing the cap. He tilted his head back, drinking down the beverage without a problem...on his end. He figured Richter would tell him when to stop but seeing as he didn't get that memo, he didn't stop drinking until it was all gone. The half-elf by now was in the bathroom, splashing the wasted scotch down the drain and cleaning both the glasses. When he got back to the bed however, he saw something about Emil that he didn't expect to see. The boy was staring off into space, eyes half lidded and seemed to be clouded over. His face was adorned with a blotch of redness, not exactly blush but not normal all the same. But what stood out the most was the now completely empty bottle lying sideways on the floor next to the bed.

"Emil...please tell me you didn't do what I think you did..." he lowly growled, eyes narrowing in on the teen in bed. The called boy giggled albeit stupidly, leaning his head back and looking into the others eyes.

"Whadju think ah did?" he smiled innocently. Richter pinched the bridge of his nose and groaned. He should've went with that gut feeling he had earlier...that indeed, in fact, Emil had taken a liking to Vodka out of all things and was somehow able to hide it. Uncharacteristically, he flopped down in his chair next to the bed, refusing to look at the drunken boy next to him. "Rishter? Wassh wrong?"


"Wha? Bu...bu wai?" if the other had looked up, he would've seen that Emil really did look heartbroken at that. Instead, the man just settled for shaking his head.

"You're drunk as hell right now, aren't you?"

"Heh...maaybe..." he laughed again, grinning. 'Seems his emotions are nearly bipolar when he's drunk...' the redhead again mused to himself. "Hey Rishter! Look!" The half elf looked up, surprised he hadn't even sensed Emil leave the bed. Emil began working at Richter's coat when he sat back. The redhead blinked, a bit taken aback by the sudden move.

"What are you doing Emil?"

"You'll see..." he smiled somehow normally. After getting the jacket open he quickly threw open the shirt, unbuttoning his own sleeper shirt and then doing something that surprised the older. It didn't seem random or unplanned but it was just unexpected for Emil to climb unto his lap and hug him like that.


"See? I'm all warm and fuzzy now..." he cooed, nuzzling into the tanned chest in front of him. Richterdead panned him for a second before finding a smile on his face. Even though it was a bad thing that the little blonde was drunk he was awfully cute at the moment, even Richter the stoic couldn't deny that.

"Yes...I can see that now..." he somewhat chuckled. Then the blond boy himself chuckled in a way that didn't quite at all suit him.

"I know a way we both can get warmer..." he offered in a tone that was also unfitting to him. An arched brow raised with high suspicion, expression playing on the tanned-faced expertly though barely used there. The half-elf found his lap soon empty as the lithe framed boy raised from him, stepping back gingerly and kneeling down. This, of course, gave off the true meaning of his implication.

"Emil, no."

"Hmm?" he questioned back, not entirely looking up as he began to unzip the others dark colored pants. As he did so, his hands were promptly grabbed and clasped together.

"No Emil..." he scolded again, frown pressed flat on his lips. A smirk crossed the others face.

"You're funny."


"I remember you saying 'are you a man or a dog?' and when I am choosing to do something, you scold me like a puppy..." he giggled, lowering his eyes accordingly. "It's just funny is all."

"You-" he stopped himself, fully aware that he had nothing to say to that. Hesitantly, he released the others hands. "Never thought you'd think to use that against me...I'm only stopping you so you couldn't even say I took advantage of your drunken state."

"Not that I'd mind much..." he mumbled absently while fishing around the elders remaining clothes. Grasping onto a specific thing in general, he pulled it out of its cloth sheath and smiled, the grip causing the other to groan slightly.

"Hn...what was that?"

"Nothing much..." he placed his finger against the tip of the sun kissed colored appendage, licking lightly at the base of it slowly, causing the other to intake a sharp breath. A huff laced with the youngers name escaped to the air and caused him to do nothing but smile more. "Mmm...what's the matter?" it was then that a faint growl was thrown at him. Taking the redhead's member in his hand loosely, he pressed the flat of his tongue against it, trailing it in a slow stride. A choked hiss and a groan was his response.

"Emil..." he ground out the two little sylables the blonds name took. Never breaking flesh to tongue contact, he glanced up at him, one eye mostly visible because of his current position. He replied with a short 'Hnn?'. "Would you..." he found his voice trailing off as a blush became present. Whatever came after that didn't really need to be said. Emil, being the courteous one drunk or sober, complied, removing himself before taking the tip of Richter into his mouth, lowering himself not to soon after. Richter grunted at the sensation, pushing up his glasses as they neared the tip of his nose. Using his tongue expertly, he played around the girth of it while continuing his motions, feeling the dick in his mouth harden considerably. As it got to a stiffness of his desire, he suddenly removed it from his moist lips. The redhead stared at him as if he were a mix of baffled, confused and annoyed as he was yanked from the chair and pushed unto the bed.

"Wouldn't want to have to pay the inn for a broken chair, would we?" before the man even had a chance to ask, Emil climbed over him nimbly, showing that yes, his size made him quite fast. Squatting while on the balls of his toes, he slid down his pants and underwear in one go and turned himself slightly to fix himself and align up with the head of Richter's cock. After positioning himself, he placed on hand oh the broad shoulder of the one he was straddling and the other briskly against the bedsheets. Biting his bottom lip, he lowered himself unto the pulsing head. His muscles, reacting before he could, tightened around the intrusion, causing the half-elf to hiss. Although he did notice that, he chose not to regard it as he worked to relax that part himself, finding he could do so almost immediately, in turn meaning that at this point, his body had gotten used to the other by now. Emil then slid down slowly, just to test if his body would fight him on this. Seeing as it didn't, he began to lift himself again. "Mmm..." he sighed out blissfully while lowering himself again. He soon felt the slightly calloused hands of the elder on his waist, causing him to look up just as quickly.

"Nothing much..." he mumbled, mimicking the blonde from not so long ago. Noticing the small joke, he chuckled if only for a moment before continuing to focus on his motions, sliding ever so slowly, just to feel the other squirm with impatience. Suddenly he was lowered at a pace quicker than his own. Looking to the culprit, he saw jade eyes darkened over with a glint of that forbidden sin embedded within them. A knowing smirk played both pairs of lips. "No playing around..."

"Always...the serious..." he panted out slightly while smiling. "What happened to not taking advantage?"

"No such thing..." a wider smirk and the slight narrowing of the eyes as he lifted the small frame, "It's not taking advantage if you're willing to take it like you are now..." and with that, he was thrusted downwards to meet the hilt. His head flew back as his voice reached the open air. Of all the times they'd done this, he never remembered the feeling of Richter being embedded so far within him.

"Mmm, ah, so deep..." although he looked a bit pained, he was smiling as if he couldn't be happier, the expression and phrase for some reason causing Richter to blush. A thought of another crossed his mind before he again focused on the task at hand. He slid the other down and rocked himself upwards at the same time, causing Emil to shudder in pleasure. He lightly gnawed on his bottom lip, enjoying the friction of his backside and his member rubbing against Richter's torso. The elder man lapped at Emil's shoulder, leading to the base of his neck and suckling there, also taking in the boy's scent. Never could he forget that scent... He wound his arms around the boy, ceasing his motions, the younger looking at him curiously now. Capturing his lips with own, they drowned out the moans of the blond as he rubbed a finger up and down the crack leading to a fully filled hole. A slight whimper from the sensation was muffled into tan lips that greedily swallowed it down. With a small smack, Emil separated, breathing a bit huskily. "You stopped me...that's not like you..." he slightly teased with a smile. Red bangs mixed into yellow as Richter pressed his forehead to Emil's.

"It's not like you to rush either..." he added with a small rock of his hips, earning a small mewl of appreciation from the one riding.

"Who's rushing? It just feels good that way..." Richter, again, found himself blushing at Emil's choice of words. Although the boy tended to be honest, apparently when drunk, he just went the blunt way about it instead of the nervous way he usually did and Richter was still trying to figure out if that was a good or bad thing. "Richter...can we...?" Richter blinked and raised a brow...something was off in his sentence...yet it was familiar, very familiar but he couldn't pinpoint it... Mentally shrugging that off for later, he began to focus back on the person in his lap. Taking the young's member into his hand he gripped it suddenly, causing a jolt to run through Emil, the boy throwing his arms around Richter's shoulders and letting out a shaky breath.

"Something wrong?"

"Nn-nngn...just feel a bit funny...itshfine." he murmured back, resting his chin against the broad tanned shoulder in front of him. The redhead buried his face into the blond mop beside him while slowly pumping the organ in his hand. At that, Emil's legs shook underneath him and he shifted into a sitting position, also filling himself to the hilt consequentally. He slightly gasped before beginning to pant a bit. "Mmm..." Going with that, Richter continued his motions, taking each stroke slower and ground down a bit harder. Emil's eyebrows knit together as with the motions of the redhead's hand, he himself began to grind into the lap of the other, suitable friction for the both of them.

Emil felt as if he was on fire at this point, sweat rolling sporadically in beads down his face and his breathing just as uneven. Feeling that sensation in the other that began to be familiar, he looked to the lemon haired boys side, planting a light peck against his neck and slowing the motion of his pumps to a mere teasing speed. Not being one to hold out for too long, the blonde growled irritably before slightly driving his chin into the others shoulder and huffing. "S-stop it R-Richter..."

"Hn?" he mumbled in a questioning told. Even though he hadn't meant that in a teasing way, it seemed to have a negative effect and was driving the boy insane all its own. The half-elf, in all truth, hadn't picked up on the others dilemma but that was soon to be fixed in a matter of time. "Stop what?"


"Oh?" he couldn't help but crack a smirk. Never thought he'd hear that one. "Am I?"

"Richt...ter...please..." and to signify his point, he gave a slightly whimper at the slow movement being used against him. A certain thought of a certain question popped to mind at that but he decided that the image of Emil as a puppy wouldn't be so bad... Putting that aside for later, he decided to stop teasing his supposed pup in his ministrations, Emil was close as it were anyway if the walls tightening around him were nothing but one clue. He shifted his glasses higher against his nose while making a grunt.

"You...are teasing more than you realise, you do know that right?"

"I'm not doing it on purpose though..." the boy mumbled, leaning back and becoming more than just a mop of yellow to the others vision. Upon looking at his face though, Richter wanted to smile, a taunting one due to the others pouting but managed to resist the urge. Instead, he claimed those lips with his own, surprising the younger with that and the sudden quicker movement from below. He groaned into tan lips, stopping his own motions and resting in the others lap for the time being. Reduced to nothing much more than whimpers and weak moans, the boy wondered how the touch of the other was turning him to silly putty, that one hand continuing its motion, the elders lips at his chest, his free hand drawing little swirls over his spine and just the closeness of the other was all taking a toll on him. He was lost in everything. The musky scent of sweat and sex, the touch of those nimble yet professional fingers, the heat of the tongue that danced across his body with no remorse.

Upon glancing up at the boy, Richter could see that his intentions were coming along swimmingly seeing as he'd reduced the boy to nothing but a fit of panting and moaning. A hoarse cry rang out from the boy as he came, gripping unto the others arms with a slight tremble. After a moment or so, Emil's head flopped against the chest of the other and seeing as it hadn't moved since then, Richter raised an eye at the boy.

"Emil..." no answer besides steady breathing. "Emil?" still nothing in the form of speech. He began to lean the boy back to see exactly what was wrong until the realization came head on at the full sight of him. "You didn't..." The truth is, in fact, that yes, Emil Castangier just fell asleep. With the hand that wasn't supporting the younger, he massaged his temples before pinching the bridge of his nose. The alcohol just had to be at fault for that...it just had to be... The only thing that annoyed him further was the fact that now that he thought about it...he had a sign...replace "funny" with "sleepy" when he asked what was wrong and it would've made perfect sense...not to mention that Emil was the one that started all this and then fell asleep...

Deciding it was useless to do anything more, even with his current problem, he laid Emil back and left the bed for the bathroom, returning after a while with a wet towel, cleaning off the other who flinched at it. Seems like he purposely made it cold. He tossed the towel back in the bathroom and slid the window up slightly. Not only was it now too hot but the room had that certain tell tale smell that he'd rather not have Aqua asking about whenever they got back. Sighing, he rolled the teen over and joined him in bed, his chest to Emil's back, and he simply pulled the cover back before drifting off himself...


"Aaaah..." The teen groaned, cradling his head and rolling around the bed too child-like for his age. Richter just continued to smirk at him, sitting in the chair from last night while drinking on a cup of coffee. "Riiichteer...make it stooooop..."

"That was your own fault Emil..." he nearly chuckled. This definitely made up for last night, hands down. At the sentence, the blonde cringed, smashing a pillow against his ears and curling up into even more of a ball.

"Stop talking so loud...and how was it my fault? I don't even remember what happened last night!" he shouted before immediately wincing at his own voice. Was it always that shrill?

"My voice is no higher than normal. That's one of the effects of a hangover, which you seem to have a bad case of..." and at that, his smirk grew more. "And as for what you did, I left the room for a minute and you downed the whole bottle of vodka...it's your own fault..."

"Wha-" squinting over at the red head, he could see he was smiling. "H-how are you enjoying this? This is horrible...I'm never drinking again...for any reason!" and with that, he dove back under the pillow for protection from the light. Richter really did chuckle that time before taking another sip.


"Oh, Lord Emil, you're awake."

"Shut up Tenebrae!" he squeaked out from his current position. Taken aback by that, he just blinked, confused as to what he did.

"Ha, ha, you got told off." Aqua taunted, earning a blank stare from the black centurion.

"You too Aqua!" an apparent squeak of surprise ran out along with a low chortle before she regained herself

"How dare you tell me to-"

"Aqua...he has a hangover...it hurts his head to hear anyone talk...or to even look at light for that matter..." Richter offered up.

"He was drunk?"

"How did that happen, pray-tell?" the creature of darkness added.

"That was why you two were sleeping like that?"

"Well..." another small laugh but directed at Aqua, although she wouldn't know that, "It was an experiment that worked but had negative effects...as you can see-"

"SHUT UP!" and with that, a small snort was heard. "STOP LAUGHING!"

A/N: ...this...chapter...is evil...reason being: i wrote it for a good cause, to cheer up my best friend cuz she loves this couple lol the same reason why i began writing it in the first place but...it's evil because everytime i tried to write on it...i got sleepy...HORRIBLY SLEEPY and i couldn't figure what the hell made it keep doing that...and lol ending...just because of what this did to me XDD bet you all weren't expecting that. Also, the next chapter, when i do write it, will be the last. Nyuu buuuut when one door closes another opens beecaaaaause *drumroll* BA DA DA DA DA DA! I'm gunna be writing a new story with these two called "Mistaken for...a Maid?" and it actually has a PLOT *le gasp* cuz...seriously...we all know this story doesn't have any XDD well, enjoy! and be looking out for it! Loland here's a little bonus for you who actually read this owo


"So do you accept the apology or not?" the centurion of darkness questioned. He wouldn't be able to go back to Emil until she went back to Richter and that wasn't happening until she finally calmed down enough to accept an apology, forced or not.

"Why should I, Tenebonehead! It's not like you even mean it!" she huffed back, leaning down to meet his eye level with a glare. "Besides! You wouldn't have even thought to say you were sorry if it weren't for that boy!"

"Although that is true..." time for the trump card, "The longer you continue this silly behavior is the more time you spend away from that man...we are not allowed back until you accept." A little white lie but hey, she didn't have to know... She did however let out a little gasp at that before muttering something that he didn't too much care for.

"Fine, I accept. Let's go. I want to see Master Richter!" Tenebrae found himself rolling his eyes at the name. That girlish squee with the name of a guy who was being fawned over always tended to irk his ears, no matterif it were Aqua or Marta. He followed the water centurion back into the room that was being shared by their masters at the moment. Because the girl suddenly stopped, the dog-like creature bumped her from not fully paying attention in the first place. Before he could ask, she cut him off. "Shh! Be quiet!" came the whispered yell.

"I don't believe I said anything to begin with..." she huffed, then growled.

"This close, Tenebonehead! Thisclose!" looking away from the bane of her existence, she floated into the room, hovering slightly over the bed. Although Tennyread her face as confused it suddenly changed to a smile. "Why are they sleeping like that?"

"I suppose it's to share body heat..." he answered flatly, knowing full well why they were sleeping like that in the first place.

"Oh well...normally, I'd be angry but...Master Richter looks so cute and happy!" she giggled.

"...and he's treating Emil like a teddy bear...ah yes...cute indeed..."

"I swear to Martel that I seriously hate you!" he laughed.

"That's nice to know."


"Nngn..." it was then that they both shut up due to a half-asleep blonde decided to turn in Richter's arms. They wondered on whether to just stay quiet or disappear until he kept mumbling. "Stop...fighting...you two...be nice..." and with that he drifted back off, snuggling a bit into the chest now in front of him. She sighed, almost relieved until another voice reached their ears.

"He's right, you know...only he could sleep through that anyways..."

"M-Master Richter!"

"You two fight like an old married couple...go to sleep..."

"We do no-"


"...okay..." and with that, she disappeared into her water portal, not to be seen until morning.

"You two are quite shameless, just so you know..."


"Oh, nothing. See to it he gets better. That's all..." Tenebrae chuckled before dissolving into his cloud of darkness. Richter shook his head. 'Honestly those two...Aqua isn't a problem and as far as I can see...Tenebrae is actually keeping his mouth shut...ah well...question is...what am I to do with you?' he murmured in his head, now looking at the sleeping face of the blond in front of him. He sighed with a small smile before shrugging it off. Never know, never gonna know, just have to let it take its course, it seemed...