Summary: kakashi father of sakura hatake.

But what happens when she came to know it was a lie…his father is orochimaru? Will sakura break all her bonds and betray konha or will she be allowed to decide?

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Chapter1 : lost memmories

Sakura, s POV

"Abbaaaaa…" I shouted and darkness surrounded me….



I woke up with a headace on a hospital bed

Confused by my surrounding….blank expression on my face….i saw a man sitting beside me having a black mask covering his face , black eyes , grey hair, wearing green jacket with black lowers reading a book.

He kept his book on a table….and rinse my hair….with his hand and kindness in his eyes despite of his worm behavior .I felt little unconscious, not familiar face against me… thus I start hovering a pain strikes my head so severe I hang to it with both my hands snatching my hairs so badly…..a man next to me compated me "sakura…..listen sakura…..relax I'm here up with you ….no need to panic see here see at your father…" almost his voice cut at the last word . His voice was so warm so caring…..and then he buried me in his arm and I leaned to his chest feeling comfort and secure….a tear form in the corner of my eye .then he patched my face but I panicked because I couldn't remember anything my memory was blank….i shouted '' I don't anything…nothing…who am I ….who are you…." And few drops of tear fall from the eye. He patched me again and says "sakura listen to me carefully …..you. You fall from the stair while playing….am…..am….. n u forget your memories …..you can't uphold them anymore….but. But I'm here always with you…no need to panic "his worm voice was comforting but it was difficult for a 5 year old girl to understand so technically things…but I was conform. I'm safe here with a father like figure .I can believe him … so I stop hovering and hugged him so tightly and that moment I forget every thing. I was calm…..with no tear I my eyes…..in no fear in me yet unknowing to him unknowing to my surroundings…..he patched my back…and says that's enough for today….'' He hesitated a little but says so directly as if he doesn't know what to say or don't know the words….."…..you you are sakura hatake….my dearest one…my daughter and I'm your father kakashi….."

Still I was unfamiliar with it but I was fearless. But then a doctor came in and 2 nurses. I leaned back to him…then he kissed my forehead. I was in fear but that was obvious for

a five year girl who lost her memories.

Word meanings

Abba: father [Muslim language]

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