Chapter 3: Home Coming

It was the day…I don't I was excited or scared. But when looked in my father's eye, I know whatever would he'll make it good for me.

The doctor gave me a chocolate after the last test and gave me the discharge certificate but ask for the routine check up every week up to 2 months. I was still emotionless hiding behind my father from fear. We move out of the hospital. Still holding my father's hand so tightly may be because everything was so new to me. I tried to recall my surrounding but I just succeeded in getting a headache.

We moved through the streets, well I thought something was odd everyone looked at me shocked or I think that glare was for papa. They showed like they don't know me. I felt I should behave like that. I get more nervous, confused and scared I hold papa's hand more tightly and buried my nails hard in his palm at then he looked at me he saw fear on my face as I was white with it he passed a smile and pick me to his back I hold him tightly to his neck and I have a pig back ride . And world look so good from above. He narrated me all the things coming to my way. "And we are at the destination" when he dictated I observed my surrounding there was the 2 storey building with many homes. A small garden if we can call it. We move up the stairs and then he landed me to ground. And then a voice trebles from behind it was of a beautiful women as I thought. She was having black hair ,red eyes and purple eye lashes her dress I didn't understand what it actually was a piece of cloth or bandage wrapped around her and red sleeves hanging on one side. But still she was cute enough actually she was very pretty she comes to me kneel down to my level and forward her hand "hey how you…." "Sakura" kakashi completed as still I was holding my father's pant, he looked to me smiled at me and I response the same and then ruffles my hair. The lady laughs and my mind again diverted to her I looked up again to meet her gaze ,she smiled but this time I didn't response back just nudge my face in my father's pant trying to hide my blush. "I think I should meet her when she feel much familiar…bye…kakashi…..bye sakura…" when she left I felt good actually….I just want to be with my father and wants to see my home …he looked at me down "she is kurenai…..she'll be your sensei…..when you'll be in age of going school" I didn't say just shake my head and he smiled under his mask and then we moved in ….we entered in a living room…..walls were of wood followed by wall paper of sunset color floor was in matrix of green giving the odd effect…..the house was dusty….but everything was on its place. Centre was setted by sitting arrangement side was a book shelf on that a beautiful vase was there but flowers in was dried ….there was a window half opened…..letting the sunlight on the photo frame of modern art – mixing of colorful gases…huff….ending it to the kitchen… normal….slap was a bit high with marble shedding… ironed sink. A stand laid with cutleries…a gas stove, a refrigerator and some jars and boxes laid on one side…then my eyes shift to 2 doors opposite to each other one on left other on right…my father gazes me all the time while I was observing my surrounding, like his one eyes says his unspoken my distraction point came when he spoke "your room is at left" pointing to the left door. I smiled at him and make my move to that door. I opened it and moved inside it was actually beautiful dark pink wall paper and light green matrix. Single bed with beautiful pink bed sheet with prints of flower. A big teddy bear , a study table, a book rack with hardly any book…..there were a drawing pad, colors, pen stand with pencil, eraser, sketch pen, ruler, sharpener, and other stationary stuff, a note pad, starters book –ABC ,story books –usually fairy tales, a flower pot at the window- but just the flower pot…no flower, curtains were pink as per the whole room with teddy bear prints….. a cupboard it was decorated with sparkling stars, stickers of Barbie doll, it was so awesome a smile passed my face, I was so amazed that I haven't noticed when my father

Came at my back and kept a hand on my shoulder and says "you always like it…..we decorated as per your choice….but it was due…but now you are back so we can complete it ….if I got a holiday…..or I think I need to take a sick leave….." he said in a humoring mood and we both laugh to it together. But he wasn't done yet he claimed again "I think you wish to see my room also" I nodded yes. Without speaking a word as papa's expression was little difficult to understand

I opened the door and was really amazed and horrified with the scenario. Everything was covered with dust. Window was the only source of light in the room. There was double bed. Beside of a small table on which a photograph was kept and a flowerpot. Bed was full of dust. There was a study table, on which answer sheets, maps, kunai and some other weapon, some scrolls, notebooks, a fallen pen stand scattering all stationary on the table

A box was on floor which was full of scrolls. Papers were scattered everywhere in the room there were 3 big shelf full of books but still they were all where to be found.

I moved to the stand and pick up the photograph…as it was the only thing that I found understandable as rest of the room ws like an office. I hold the frame and shifted to the bed he aagain ruffled my hair and told me "this our team, guy, ashwani and this our sensei….bui,,,,,,ya what were these days" I could see the intense emotions in his eyes ashe were rembering the old days obviously it was difficult for me to understand…..but this thing was clear hey were very dear to him….then his eyes goes to me and he came and sit next to me and ruffled my hair "….this friendship thng is so beautifullll… reliable…so trustworthy…and soon you also will have a team like this….and in just few days….they get so close, that u can't even pay them through our life….as they become our soul, our heart and w can't do anything just to trust them….."

I looked at him in a blank expression as his words were out of mind…..and wy he was telling me this is he was sharing his memories…..or asking for me to excitedly wait for such a team…BUT couldn't help and just pass a smile… and keep that photo safely on the table….. and I haven't noticed I was coughing….in mid b/w from long time may be from so much dirt….then he picked me to his back and says "and now where this train wants to go….." I answered coughingly… "a ….aachi….rou…aachi…..nd…..around…." and just pas a smile….i got up from bed and goes to the window as I coughing very much but my foot slipped and I fall in those 2 boxes of scrolls…and flattered in dust. He stated laughing and I make the face and turn my head to side showing my anger and dissatisfaction. But then he comes to me picked me up and said in a very sweet voice "let's go from here, you are coughing badly, as you are already bathed in dust" in a humorous way o which I smiled and showed my teeth" to that we exited the room and he lead straight to my room and ask me to "you go and take a bath and till then I prepare breakfast….or lunch for us" and from the cupboard he takes out a black frock and a towel. I look at the frock… looks new… doesn't looked it has been worn earlier. It was beautiful, it had a lace of pink darker then my hair, it was cut sleeve, square necked simple frock maybe to my knees. I took it up and ran to the bathroom, I take a warm shower worn the dress and ran to the kitchen hair still wet, even I haven't locked the lace at the back. "Wow waits up my little angel, your hairs are still wet….." I don't let him complete and shrugged my hair letting water droplets split every there and then he spoke again "your lace, its open let me close them, first" then I turned behind and he very gracefully lock the lace of my frock. "The food is ready…." He exclaimed and then he took 2 big bowls to the dining table… "Let start". We settled at the dining and he put some rice and curry on my plate. Our lunch was rather quite. We were over with our meal and I helped him with cleaning matter while we were interrupted by beautiful rust color dog. He jumped inside through a window and my excitements go out of track "wow…...what a beautiful puppy….."And I kept the bowl on table and ran towards and pick him up I noticed he was having a scroll in his mouth and from the background a voice came which was of papa. "Don't" but till that he start growling… "Aye, girl don't think I'm cute, I can bite you to death" and then I saw his eyes action…which scared me and I screamed "papa" and got ran to hide behind him. "Don't worry, he won't go to do anything like that… right pukka"and then his gaze shifted to pukka. "And let me introduce you to my daughter- sakura and he is pukka- my s-d-umm… friend- a dog- which can speak- human tone" he was choosing his words very protectively- maybe for not hurting his feeling. Then his gaze turns to me and he says "I think intro… is over-so apple pie you should go and play…just near there is a park just behind the fence wall. You will make many friends" I nodded my head as 'no' as I was really not confident to will they actually like me and moreover I don't won't to leave my father he patched my soft cheeks and kneel down to my level "it goanna be alright, you should go out and play, you need to interact with other, make friends that's only the rule for childhood, go get it…" I hug him smile and move out of the door.

Kakashi POV

With my serious gaze I waited for her to go and turn back to pukka "what's the news," he handover me the scroll, "sound is right now at rest and well aware of sakura….maybe they have a spy hidden up here, orochimaru is planning something, but what no idea, but he won't sit ideal…and what about her, I know to the point, you rescued her, but you adopted her as your daughter, it goanna be very dangerous…" I tilt my face towards the window and answer "more important is that, she should be safe, she's totally blank about her past and that's good for her and if the spy is here…..then we should get more alert" and move to the window try to figure out what worse can happen "pukka, check out sakura, follow her, silently and I let all info to hokage….now carry on"

Sakura's POV

The park was beautiful, for some time being, I was on swing and saw all children of my age were playing together, I was not at all confident, merely I was nervous a lot…. but I decided to ask them that I can play with them… as I does…..

"Can I play with you all" I said as being as much polite as I can I be. But their intention doesn't look good they encircle me, a girl said "who's this pinkette, never seen here before" scrambling my hair with her hands. Another boy with a ball thrown to me, it hit my head and I fall and tear let my eyes, and all of them start commenting "what a cranky baby", "ugly duckling", "pinkette" "tattering…..annoying….a…Nuisance". I can't hear more I stood up with my head bow pushed the boy which was in front of me and ran without seeing back, front, left, right nothing I straight ran to the house it was closed. I get more nervous, screamed "papa…" and leaned against door on my knees and laid my head on them and cried, I was there for almost an hour not even clutched a toe. Papa where are you, have you also left because I am ugly…..words of the children were pounding in my brain. I don't know anything I was blind searching for my hand. But he wasn't there. Only fear and tear was gasping me .but a comforting voice held me "sakura" it was of concerned felt a warm hand on my shoulder. I look above for a gaze "papa" and hugged him so tightly, "where were you, I was afraid, papa…." Was only I can gasp. He was thoughtful but a calm smile was across his face but at that time it was not at all convincing. He picked me up and opens the door, set me on the chair, kneel down to my level and ask "sakura, stop…stop crying and tell me what happened" I was still crying and afraid "they say I'm ugly duckling, ahh… ahh…they make fun of my pink hair….. I was afraid…. You weren't here…" He patched my back and led me in front of the mirror in my room "see….do you think this beautiful face….one which light's my day….. Bring smile on someone face is not good." Then he led me near the window "sakura….. Sakura you are a very special girl, you were named on these beautiful flowers of sakura… they are pink and thus they belongs to you…. But do you think it's not good…. You are just like these… a blossom…. And you not to listen to those who are nothing to you believe in those who care for you…. And I do think you are such a good and beautiful girl who stroking to bloom…. And you were talking of ugly duckling…. Huh…. Every one even his family repels her because she was different but only the symbol beauty swan told her…..revels her to herself as she so pretty….and" I don't let him complete his words and hugged him…. For he's the best father in the world….and that moment stored in my memory forever…..

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