William was just now meeting the new recruit in his dispatch section. He had been hearing all kinds of tales about this kid. A young guy, kind of short, blonde and from what had been floating around the watercooler he was reputed to be quite the womanizer. Lovely. William would have to explain the rules regarding what and what not to do on top of the copy machine for him. Again.

"'Sup." the blonde said to him. William already hated him. "I'm Ronald Knox.."

"I noticed." William said. Ronald Knox scooted his lawnmower across the office carpet with the ball of his foot while William gave him the tour. He wasn't paying much attention.

"So, do you have any whores here? Like any ladies around the office who are y'know, loose?" Ron asked and William was about to reap himself. Where they really this desperate for help?

"We have a homicidal, transsexual who has massive shark teeth and likes to inflict pain."

"Is she hot?" oh, the eternal question.

"She is my girlfriend."

"So I'm guessing no." Ronald said, and William shot him a glare that could explode a military tank. He hated newbies.