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Sephiroth sighed as he leaned back in his chair while ignoring his history teacher. Not only was he waiting for the bell that signaled that school was over, he was hoping that he could catch Tifa in time to ask her if she felt like walking home with him since she lives in the same apartment complex as he and lived right across the hall from him. Not that he was a stalker or anything; he just really wanted to get the chance to spend some time with her before her asshole of a boyfriend stole her away. Sephiroth snorted. He really did hate Reno for taking his chance of asking Tifa to be his girlfriend away from him… It was just his luck that the day he was going to ask her, Reno had already taken her out to the ice cream parlor and made his move. Despite her dating his newly made enemy, they were still good friends and he still cared for her.

He cursed when he looked up at the clock and realized that the bell rang fifteen minutes ago. Sighing, he gathered his books and made his way down the stairs, already knowing that Tifa was long gone. He walked out of the school and unlocked his bike and pedaled out of the school yard and towards his apartment. Though he wasn't like most of the 18 year olds in his school that either walked or drove an expensive car, he found that it was better to ride a bike to where he wanted to go, especially since Tokyo's sidewalks were always crowded.

He stopped pedaling when he heard whimpering and growls coming from an alleyway that wasn't too far from his apartment. He looked down the alleyway and saw that two large hounds were growling and trying to get behind the dumpster to get to what appeared to be a blonde kitten that was meowing for help. He was about to start pedaling again, but something inside of him told him that he should help the kitten out. Furrowing his brows, he took off his shoes and threw them at the dumpster and smiled when it created enough noise to frighten the dogs away from the dumpster and watched as they ran away.

As he went to retrieve his shoes, he noticed that the kitten had yet to run off. Deciding to see if the kitten was injured or not, he kneeled down and saw that the kitten was lying against the ground while licking the wound to its right arm. The kitten stopped licking at the still bleeding wound and stared at him, obviously thinking on whether or not he should run away from him. Sephiroth found it odd that this kitten had golden blonde fur and big blue eyes, but he shrugged it off before calling to it.

"Come here, kitty. I won't hurt you… I just want to help…"

That was enough to get the kitten to slowly walk towards him and Sephiroth took off his jacket in order to make a makeshift bed for the kitten to rest on while he pedaled home. The kitten got the gesture and curled up in his jacket and purred. Sephiroth slowly picked up the injured kitten and saw that its wound was easy to fix as he placed him in the metal basket on his bike.

"Now don't move around too much. I don't want you to fall out and hurt yourself even more, okay?" Sephiroth said to the kitten that was staring at him as he sat on his bike. He knew that animals understood commands, but he didn't expect for the kitten to nod its head before settling further into his jacket. Sephiroth shrugged it off and thought that he was just tired and was seeing things before pedaling home.

"There you go… I bet you feel a whole lot better now, don't ya?"

Sephiroth grinned when the kitten purred and leaned into his touch when he rubbed his ear. Sephiroth carefully lifted his paw to make sure that he bandaged it correctly before going into his bedroom to pull out his work uniform. As he was changing clothes, his thoughts drifted to the strange kitten.

Unlike all cats, this kitten wasn't afraid of water. In fact, he enjoyed it so much that he had to lift him out of the bathroom sink with some force because the kitten was using his good legs to grip onto the edge of the sink just to stay in it. Not to mention the fact that the kitten understood everything he said. If he asked him a question, the kitten would nod yes, shake his head no, or tilt his head to the side and meow in confusion. It was weird and exciting to know that he now had a pet that somewhat knew how to talk back to him. Granted that pets were not allowed in the apartment and that he now had to work more hours to be able to pay for the necessities of the kitten, but in the end, he knew that it would be worth it because he was tired of being alone.

He'd been by himself for as long as he could remember and didn't know if he had relatives or not. All he had was the few friends he talked to occasionally and Mr. Gast, who allowed him work at the grocery store since he was 13 and helped get him the apartment, but they weren't enough to stop the loneliness that washed over him every time he opened the door and said, "I'm home." And no one responded back. Perhaps his tiny kitten would be enough to fill the void. With that in mind, Sephiroth lightly smiled before pulling his work shirt down over his head and fixed his hair and turned around. His eyes widened when he saw something that no animal he'd ever seen before do.

"Kitty, are you…blushing?"

When his kitten's cheeks turned a darker shade of red before he buried his head into the sheets on his bed and heard a muffled meowing, his suspicions were confirmed. Sephiroth stared at the twitching tail of his kitten with amazement. He didn't know what he did to make his baby cat blush that bad, but he shrugged it off and placed his hat on his head before sitting down on his bed to put his shoes on. When he heard the meowing stop he looked down and grinned when he saw one blue eye of his kitten staring up at him.

"Did kitty blush so bad because he saw me naked?" Sephiroth asked with a brow raised. The kitten ducked back underneath the sheets and started to meow again while nodding his head yes, making Sephiroth laugh as he stood up. At least a cat thought he had a hot body… He looked down at his watch and cursed because he was running late.

"Alright kitty, I have to go to work now. I'll bring you something to eat when I come back. Just don't make too much noise in here that will attract attention to our home because you are not supposed to be in here, okay?"

Sephiroth wished that he didn't look back on his bed to see if the kitten heard him because when he did, sad watery blue eyes met his and he automatically felt bad for having to leave him here all by himself. He sighed before rubbing his kitten's head.

"I won't be gone long I promise. I'll be back before you know it so don't be sad..."

Sephiroth was sure that the kitten sighed as if saying that he understood. Sephiroth nodded and kissed the top of the kitten's head before smiling at the kitten's blush and quickly ran out of the house yelling that he'll see him later. He never noticed the blue light that shined from underneath his front door after he locked it and ran down the stairs.

Sephiroth sighed in relief as he walked up the stairs and saw his apartment. The grocery store was as busy as it normally was every Friday night, which left him feeling exhausted. He put his key through the keyhole and turned the knob to open his door with a smile on his face.

"I'm home…" He said as he placed the bag of cat food and litter on his kitchen table as he removed his coat.

"Welcome back…"

Sephiroth was about to say something, but stopped and slowly turned to where the voice came from with wide eyes. A spiky haired blond teenage boy with bright blue eyes wearing a white kimono, that couldn't be older than him, giggled as he leaned against the kitchen wall and stared at him with a smile on his face.

"I missed you…did you miss me too?"

Sephiroth furrowed his brows in confusion until he saw the bandage around the teenager's wrist. Impossible…

"…I must be dreaming…" Sephiroth said to himself in shock. There was no way that a kitten can turn into a beautiful teenage- wait…did he just call him beautiful? Sephiroth came out of his thoughts when he heard giggling that sounded closer than before and lightly blushed when he realized that the boy had moved closer to him and was only a few centimeters away from his face.

"I can assure you that you're not dreaming Seph... I'll prove it to you right now…"

Sephiroth was about to question what he meant by that, but was cut off when soft lips pressed against his and arms wrapped around his neck. Sephiroth was too far gone in shock to respond to the blond half cat and half human that was kissing him. When the blond pulled his head back, he furrowed his brows at him.

"What's wrong Seph?"

Sephiroth stared at the teenager in front of him before taking a deep breath and screamed.

To Be Continued…

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