Jack Lawson cannot get a Citizen's pass.

You may be wondering why Jack Lawson of all people was on his way to Mount Thomas Police Station. Truth be told, it was a necessity, else he'd avoid the police and all the awkwardness that would go with any meetings.

Lawson had been recently been released to the public, due to good behaviour and "A marked aversion to the less palatable persons in our district." as Inspector Falcon-Price put it. Lawson was marked as low danger. He wasn't a usual criminal in any sense. But, anyone with suspicious behaviour beware, if Lawson THINKS you are a criminal, he'll stop at nothing to destroy you.

So Jack walked up and down and across the streets of Mount Thomas, considering what he'd do when he got to the station. He hoped to avoid his ex-colleagues. Perhaps he could sign himself up with the constable who undoubtedly replaced him. He would avoid a nasty scene in which Tess would probably try her best to ignore him, PJ and Ben would pity him, Jo would cry and Boss would glare at him with contempt. So, thinking a menial task like this would attract the attention of the Junior Constable, Jack pushed open the door.

The effect of his arrival was instantaneous. PJ, Ben and Jonesy, seeing the paper he held, fled into various backrooms and busied themselves with nothing. They didn't avoid Jack -they didn't give themselves the time to recognise him, instead, the sheer horror of paperwork was too much for them.

So that was how all Jack's meticulous thinking went down the drain. Tess came out of a side room, and seeing a man bent over the counter, form lying upon it, she hastened to assist him. Realising too late who it was, she had no way to back out, and being careful to avoid all eye contact, she steely walked up to the counter.

"Good Morning" Jack said, as if greeting a total stranger. That was good for Tess, she'd be able to treat him as such.

"What can I do for you Mr..."

"Lawson. Jack Lawson." Jack explained why he was there, and Tess cooperatively acted, wanting them both to leave the vicinity of eachother.

However, as they quietly discussed the various points of his paroleeship. (He couldn't drink alcohol - That's okay, he preferred cordial.) They found themselves bent over, frowning and considering what the finer issues of him being around the town would mean, Tess forgot she was an officer and a man who killed someone stood before her. Well, not killed exactly, Lawson just hadn't saved him when he could've. And the lack of remorse he showed for his actions was the worst thing he could've done.

Still, Tess couldn't not feel comfortable around him. Unlike Jonesy, who she was forever awkward around, with Jack she could relax. It was as if they were back working on a case together, when Jack was still a free man, when he hadn't let Brad Eckhart fall to his death.

Jonesy had been watching their actions, displeased with the way this...this...nobody was speaking to Tess. He was going to stop them having a chance to go out with each other. Besides, it would be so inappropriate - he was twice her size!

So, face set in determination, he purposefully strode forward just as Tess handed Jack and pen with which he could sign his name and leave. The meeting hadn't been as awkward as they both feared, but they wanted to get it over with as soon as possible.

Jonesy, with his eagle eyes and nosy nose, began reading over Tess's shoulder. As Tess handed Jack the pen, Jonesy read the nature of Jack's crime. Quick as a flash, his firearm was out and pointed right between Jack's eye.

"DROP THE PEN!" Jonesy roared. "DROP IT! NOW!"

Jack put the pen down on the desk, stared for a second at Jonesy, then glanced at Tess, frowning. It was clear she didn't understand his behaviour either. Returning his gaze to Jonesy, Jack looked at him in undisguised puzzlement.

"Thought you could get away with it did you?" Jonesy challenged. "Thought you could take MY Sergeant hostage did you? Well, how wrong you were!"

"Constable Jones, I mean no harm to you or..." Jack's eyes flicked to Tess's namebadge. "Sergeant Gallagher. And as for anyone taking her hostage, that's a laugh, I happen to know Tess is a master at self defence."

"And Jack would never try to hostigate me!" Tess interjected.

"How do you know Tess is a master at self defence?" Jonesy asked. "And why are you two on first name familarity?"

"Because I taught her." Jack replied. Jonesy's eyebrows raised.

"We worked together." Tess added. "Before you came."

The cogs and gears of the machine of history fell into place in Jonesy's mind.

"So my evil ancestor, we meet at last!"

"It's predecessor, Jonesy." Tess corrected him.

Tess decided the best possible course of defusement would be to compliment Jonesy. She was also impressed with the way Jack was handling the situation. She had expected him to blow up when the gun was aimed at him , but he remained cool as a cucumber.

"Jonesy, how could anyone harm me with you around?" Tess asked. Jonesy looked pleasurably stumped. He lowered his gun, and holstered it.

"What would Jack have done to me with the pen?" Tess asked.
"Well, Sarge, he'd have had an wicked sneer upon his face, he'd have pulled back his fist which would have held the pen, and released at your beautiful blue eyes, and he'd have blinded you by poking them out, rendering you sightless and helpless ā€“"

Jonesy was cut off by Jack's fist. You may think that Jack had lost it. Such was not the case, for Jonesy, in his eagerness to describe the evil Jack was planning, had not realised he was playing it out very dangerously. Jack instinctively responded to the danger, and floored Jonesy.

Shocked by the fact her sight and perhaps her life had been saved by a criminal ā€“ and endangered by a colleague, Tess had no time to respond as Jack leapt over the counter to help Jonesy up.

"Sorry!" Jack exclaimed, clearly horrified at what he'd done. That very thing could put him straight back behind bars. Jonesy stood up, glaring at Jack and dabbing at his cut lip.

"Lawson!" a voice called from behind."

"Oh, hello Boss. I mean, Senior Sergeant. I, um, Iā€¦"

"I saw what happened Lawson."

"I'm sorry."

"I understand why you did it. However, I you were lucky to have witnesses around, or else you'd get a one-way ticket to jail."

Boss considered his words.

"I'm going to give you another chance, unlike you gave Eckhart, if you've reformed, we can get along. If not, I want you out of my town, got it?"

Jack kept his gaze at Boss's shoes.

"Yes sir."

Boss marched past Jack.

"Sir." Boss turned around. "Thank you."

Tom Croydon grunted, and walked into his office, closing the door.

"I guess the pen is out." Jack said to Tess, quiet in voice and demeanour.

Tess smiled weakly. Jonesy grinned broadly.

"I have the solution!" he declared.

Reaching into his breastpocket, Jonesy pulled out a neon pink toddlers crayon and held it up triumpantly.

Jo giggled from the door and Tess rolled her eyes as Jack put his face in his hands.