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Now, this is my first try at a chapter fic in about...five years or so, so bear with me if it's not everything you expect from me. I will be posting the first part of the two-part prologue tonight, and the second part in a couple of days when I finish tweaking it a little bit. I just really want to get a feel for what you guys might think of this, since it's pretty much out of left field. I've been working on it since early to mid-September, but I still don't have much. So after these first two prologues, updates will be pretty slow, but like I said, bear with me, I've already promised that this will be finished...just not sure how long it will take.

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This first part is extremely short, but part two is much...much...much longer. And each chapter will be of epic proportions, hence the slow updates. (That and I'm really lazy...:D )

They announced it during a family dinner one night. After twelve years together, they wanted to start a family. And everyone was completely ecstatic.

Kendall and Logan had been married for eight years, it was time they started to branch out in the responsibility area, and Mama Knight was getting impatient to hear the pitter-patter of little feet running around. Because goodness knows Katie wouldn't be giving her grandchildren anytime soon.

The next Monday came and went with everyone eagerly awaiting some form of good news. Though impatient, they realized it would take longer than an afternoon to hear anything back.

But once the second month began creeping by without any positive contact, their hopes were beginning to take a slight dent. All they'd heard so far was that there wasn't anything available at the time. Yet every time they went into one of the orphanages in the next town over, there were baby cries everywhere.

By month six, things were starting to make more sense. And it enraged the family to no end. Ignorance won out and homophobia was the key player in what was keeping the family from forming. They had issues with two men wanting to adopt a child together, and after eight months of waiting, they finally said it bluntly without dancing around the issue any longer.

Katie was disgusted and appalled. She could see the pain so clearly on their faces. And when Kendall confided in her about how much they had been fighting because of the stress, she couldn't take the heart break painted on his face. They were on the verge of falling apart, and she just couldn't let that happen to her big brother. He had been in love with that man since the moment his fourteen year old eyes had seen him.

And Logan, well, he had always been an important part of her life. If only because he loved her brother as fiercely as Kendall deserved. They were meant to be.

They deserved so much more than this. More than prejudice and ignorance keeping them from having a family of their own.

Katie watched them walking toward their car, space between them, shoulders tensed. There should never be space between them, and there normally wasn't.

The thought was impulsive when it came to mind, but completely plausible. It happened all the time. But she needed to do her homework first. She had to have a good argument to get them to agree. And she would. She always did.



Katie scoffed and glared at the blonde in front of her. "I haven't even told you what I'm here for yet." Kendall smirked and poked her nose.

"This may be true, baby sister. But I know that conniving look. I taught it to you, remember?" He said, crossing his arms in front of him cockily. "Besides, you have a manila folder. You want to pitch something. And the answer to whatever it is is no."

She shrugged and pushed past him in the doorway. The foyer was as pristine in as was normal, but something about the house just seemed off. There was a depressing air about everything.

"He went and stayed at his parents' house last night." Her brother's soft whisper came from behind her. She glanced at him, noted the bags beneath his eyes, and softened her expression. He was hurting.

"I'm sorry, Kendall." He gave her a tight-lipped smile and shrugged a shoulder, all trace of humor from when she first arrived had vanished.

"He needed some time to think." She could heard the bitterness in his tone at the last word. This was getting worse than she originally thought.

"Is he at the hospital right now?" Kendall shook his head then went to sit on the couch in the living room. Based on the blanket and pillow, he had probably been there all night waiting for his husband to come back home.

Katie refused to believe she was too late. And as she pulled out her phone and called her brother-in-law, she was more determined than before.


It took Logan a few minutes to get to the house, and that time was spent in calm silence between the siblings. Neither one wanted to talk about what was going on. Kendall, because he was still coming to terms with his whole world falling apart; Katie, because she wanted them to both be together before she started petitioning for her cause.

Kendall bit his lip and squared his shoulders as the brunette walked through the door, as if he was holding himself back from getting up.

Logan gave Katie a quick hug and a grimace of a smile. Then he hesitantly made his way over to the couch, pausing a moment to look at his lover before sitting down next to him and curling into the blonde's embrace.

Kendall put his arm around him and squeezed lightly. And everything was alright again. For the moment, at least.

"Okay, Katie. What do you want?" Logan asked, his voice thick from emotion. She could tell he wanted to cry, but he'd never do it in front of her. They would wait until later to do their lovey-dovey make-up. And she was very thankful for that.

She took a deep fortifying breath and looked at them both pointedly.

"I want to have your baby."