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She could hear them whispering outside the door. Though she couldn't quite make out the words, from the dulcet tones, she could tell they were comforting each other should the results not be in their favor.

Gosh, she wished she had someone in there for her. But that was probably just the super hormones at work. Since she had begun the shot regimen, she had noticed a significant increase in mood swings. She guessed it was twelve years of PMS catching up with her, seeing as how she'd never had issues with it before. She just hoped the tears would slow down soon.

And even at that moment, as she sat on the rim of the bathtub in the guest bathroom of her brother's house, she just wanted to cry. Or scream. Whichever one worked just fine for her. Anything to break the monotony of the waiting.

Her phone beeped and she could hear the two in the other room fall silent. She held her breath and reached for the bit of plastic resting on the sink. Tears burned her eyes as she looked at it. And when she walked out with tears streaming down her face, she saw her brother's expression fall. Then she smiled at them.

And a grin spread so wide across Logan's face that she was sure his cheeks would hurt later, and Kendall's eyes were so vibrant in color, she was sure he was about to cry himself.

"Alright you two," she said, her watery grin never fading. "It's real now, that means there's no backing out anymore." The smile had begun fading as she made the semi-threat. Both men nodded at her in attempted seriousness. Then all three of them couldn't hold it back anymore. "Your baby is officially on its way." Katie beamed at them.

Logan and Kendall shared a grinning kiss that had Katie coughing and looking away awkwardly. " I'm going to go call doc Jakii and see what the next step is."

Normally, she would have made Logan make the call, seeing as how it was his baby and all. But as she saw them gaze lovingly into each other's eyes, she didn't have it in her to interrupt their moment. And if she was really honest with herself, she did not want to be there, when they started truly celebrating.

She said her goodbyes, but she was almost absolutely certain it fell on deaf ears, seeing as how they had begun whispering in each other's ears and lightly teasing ticklish spots.

She wanted to gag.


She let out a loud groan and cursed the day cell phones were invented. The evil thing was letting out a piercing shriek at decibels that were killing her sleepy ears.

Katie groaned again as she reached her hand out and patted around for the object.

"'lo?" She mumbled once she had the piece of whatever it was made of up to her ear.

"Oh good, you're awake!"

She growled at the chipper voice. "God, Logan. What do you want?"

She heard the older man scoff. "Well, I was just calling to let you know that Dr. Winchester called me to let us know that we should schedule your first check up soon." She frowned at the phone.

"Seriously? That's what you called for at this ungodly hour?" She glared at the wall her bed was pushed against, curling her comforter more securely around her face, trapping the phone against her ear so she wouldn't have to hold it. It was too early.

"Well, I wanted to make sure you're okay as well. Have you been having any symptoms yet?" He said quickly, and Katie couldn't help the feeling of awkwardness that came over her.

"No, Logan. It's only been two days. And besides the need to pee at the moment, I'm fine. Now, what's this about?" She heard the brunette let out a sigh and she could see him rubbing his face in her head.

"Okay. I just, really wanted to say thank you. For all of this. And if there's ever anything you need, don't hesitate to ask either one of us. We'll do whatever we can to help you." She grinned.

"You'll rue the day you said that." He chuckled. "But really, I couldn't handle seeing you two pull away from each other anymore. Besides James and Carlos, you two are the only example of a lasting relationship I have." He 'hmmm'd' at her. "Which reminds me, have you guys called those two lately?"

"Ah, I think Kendall called yesterday, but neither one answered. I think they snuck away for an impromptu third honeymoon." Katie barked out a laugh. Over the past six years, those two had fallen off the map numerous times to go away and spend some alone time together.

"Guess they'll just have to hear the news when they get back then. James will probably throw a fit for not being told sooner." She sighed and pulled the large blanket away, she was awake now.

"Well, he should have us they were leaving." Logan said with a snort.

Katie finally made it to the bathroom; she looked at the toilet then at her phone and shrugged, she was about to pop and he had woken her up anyway.

"Katie, what are you doing?" She snickered at his stricken tone.

"Hanging out around a waterfall. What do you think I'm doing?"

"Really, Katie? While I'm on the phone?"

"You woke me up, remember? Freakin' sleep-Nazi." She flushed and went back to her room.

"I didn't hear you wash your hands."

"Goodbye, Logan." She muttered, ignoring his protests as she ended the call. She really hoped he wasn't going to be overly neurotic throughout the whole pregnancy.


Katie sighed as the sun hit her face. After two hours in that lecture hall, she was ready for lunch. And the burger joint down the street was making her mouth water.

Luckily, the shop was on campus, which gave her enough time to eat and then go next door to her class. She loved her school.

She smiled as the smell of grease and artery clogging fat reached her nose. She only allowed herself one heart-attack inducing food a week, and today...she wanted it.

She nodded at the girls who were sitting outside. She would sit with them once she had her food, they were in the same class anyways.


She stopped with her hand half-way to the door hand and cringed. This was not happening. She turned around slowly and had to stop herself from glaring. But when she saw the white long coat and that charming dimpled smile, she groaned.

Logan ran up to her with an eager grin adorning his boyish features. He definitely looked too young to be a fully qualified physician.

"What are you doing here?" She asked as soon as he was close enough.

"I brought you lunch." He responded, holding up a plastic container full of green leafy stuff that made Katie frown. She glanced longingly over her shoulder at the diner that was so close. She didn't want to eat healthy today.

"Okay." She pouted, dragging her feet as she led him toward an empty table, ignoring the curious stares of her classmates a few yards away. One nodded appreciatively at her and she resisted the urge to gag. There was no way she wasn't going to explain that when she got to class.

"So, how's the day going so far?" He began pleasantly, opening her container and placing a fork in her hands before pulling out a sandwich for himself. One of her eye lids twitched, was he being serious?

"Yeah, Logan, I love you. Seriously, you're the best brother-in-law in the world. But this is really awkward. What the hell are you doing here?" She stabbed at her salad as Logan let out a chuckle.

"I'm sorry." He said, placing a hand on her elbow lightly. "I don't know what to do with myself honestly. I have a baby on the way, I apologize for being a little clingy. But I just want to make sure you're being taken care of and taking care of yourself." Katie took a bite and gave him a calculating stare.

"So, where's Kendall in all of this?" Logan chewed the bite he had just taken out of his sandwich as he thought over his words, she could see the gears turning in his head.

"He doesn't seem to be...completely aware of the situation. I think he is still waiting for Ashton to jump out and tell him he's been punk'd." He shrugged and gave her a half-grin that made him look years younger than he already did. "But I think it'll take actually holding our child in his arms for him to come to terms with the fact that we're having a baby." Katie barked out a laugh.

"So, he's the father in this scenario and you're the mother?" She teased, nudging him with her elbow.

"Har har." Logan rolled his eyes at her. "But you're right. I'm ready...I've been ready...for this for the past two months. So, yeah, I guess that makes me the female in the relationship."

"Don't worry, bro. You're more manly than my brother." She assured him, patting him on the shoulder in mock comfort. "You actually got someone pregnant." Logan laughed boisterously at her comment, turning a few heads in their direction. Pink tinted his cheeks as he noticed all the attention, but he just continued smiling and eating his sandwich.

Katie checked her watch and sighed, setting down her fork back in the half-eaten salad bowl. "Alright, gotta get to class. Mid-terms are coming up and this lecture is crucial." They both stood up and she wrapped her arms around him in a hug as he kissed her forehead and they went their separate ways. She was definitely going to have to have at talk with her big brother about his demon husband. If he was going to show up with salad lunches for the next nine months, she was pretty sure she would kill herself...or him. Whichever opportunity presented itself in the best light at the time.

"Katie!" Her eyes scrunched up as she heard the high pitched voice and turned back to the group of students who were in her next lecture hall. They caught up with her, their light jackets swishing as they hurried along. She raised an eyebrow at them. The brunette she got along really well with in her study group grinned at her expectantly. "So? Who's Doctor Hottie?" She asked, acting much like a teenager.

"Doctor Hottie?" Katie made a face that looked like she had just sucked on a lemon. "Gross. That's my brother-in-law." All three of the girls in the group were on the verge of pouting, which made Katie want to laugh at them.

"I didn't know you even had a sister." The blonde in the group said, cocking her head to the side. Katie rolled her eyes, as much as these guys were great study partners, they weren't exactly friends of hers.

"I don't." She stated simply, watching with morbid amusement as the realization dawned on their faces.

"So, he's gay?" Katie nodded and all three of them made faces of disappointment. "Darn. He was really cute. And everyone loves a doctor." The brunette winked at Katie, who laughed at her.

"Yeah, sorry. He's been in love with my brother for almost half his life. So...even if he were bisexual, I don't think you'd stand a chance." She felt the tension ease out of her shoulders as all of the anxiety left her body. She was used to judgmental reactions when she told people about her brother and his husband, and she really didn't feel like finding a new study group to get to know so late into the semester. They all joked and laughed as they made their way into their lecture hall, and she could feel that the day was going to get better. Hopefully all the awkwardness was behind her now.


Katie almost cursed the day her mother told her that she could tell her anything. Because it sure as hell was never that easy. The fact that the three of them had been able to keep this whole debacle to themselves as long as they had was a miracle in itself. And if she was being honest with herself, she'd rather keep it that way. However, she lived with the woman, and eventually her mother would start getting curious as to why Katie was getting fat once she hit about month four or five.

Not to mention the fact that Logan and Kendall both wanted to let everyone in the entire world know they were about to become parents to their first child. Katie gave in and allowed for close family and friends to know at the time being. Everyone else could find out on their own. Besides, it wasn't like it was anyone else's business but their own anyways.

So, almost three weeks after the dreaded pregnancy test came out positive, Katie found herself in the grocery store, shopping for anything she could find that would make an amazing family dinner so she could ease her mother into the situation. Food was always a good catalyst for these things anyways. Because if her mother decided to freak out, she wouldn't be able to throw anything without making a huge mess. If she was uncomfortable, she could just stuff her face with whatever was in front of her. And if she was alright with the whole situation, then she'd be happy and full. It was all win-win really.

But Katie hated shopping, especially for food. Logan and Kendall were making it, as long as she went to the store for it, and had even given her money. But she wasn't sure which brands they preferred on their canned sauces, or how to check to see if a fruit or vegetable was ripe. One of the many things she hadn't deemed important to learn as a child and was suffering for now.

She checked her list once again as she made her way down the aisle of pastas. Kendall's semi-neat script covered the whole thing with items she needed to pick up, and scratched out items that they found were already at her mother's house. Katie looked up just in time to hit someone else's cart.

"Crap." She breathed as the metal clanged together loudly, knocking the other cart back into the person ducked down behind it reaching for a can on the bottom shelf. The person gasped, more likely in shock than pain, and bounced up quickly.

"Ouch." The man stood up with a can of beans in his hand, rubbing his shoulder vaguely before turning to look at her. His bright blue eyes complimented his fiery red hair perfectly, and he stood at least a foot taller than herself.

"I am so sorry. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and..." She babbled, unable to pull her eyes away. There was something so so familiar about this man, it was like something in her brain was telling her she knew him but she couldn't quite place from where. Which was no surprise to her, really, he was very good looking. Nice, muscular arms could be seen through his v-neck shirt; broad shoulders. Oh yeah, he was very nice to look at. But she couldn't shake that feeling that she had seen him before.

"No, it's fine. No harm done." Then he smiled, and she felt like she had been punched in the stomach. Though...that could be attributed to the fact that there was a baby beginning to move around all the organs in her abdomen, but that was besides the point.

"Oh, okay." Her brows knit together as she studied him, probably creeping him out really bad but she couldn't just ignore her instincts. "You seem really familiar." She bit her lip as the sentence slipped out, probably sounding like a come on. The man bit the side of his lip and squinted at her as well.

"Now that you mention it, so do you. I'm Tyler." He reached his hand out to her to shake and she took it, trying to ignore the tingle that shot down her spine at the contact. The name buzzed through her brain and she was sure she should recognize it.

"I'm Katie." She told him, still studying him. It was beginning to gnaw at her that she couldn't quite place him.

"Katie Knight?" His face had lit up at the prospect and she almost worried for a moment that he had known her last name, but she nodded anyways. "Wow, I haven't seen you since we were, what...sixteen? At the Palm Woods." Her eyes widened. No way...there was no way this was little chubby, geeky Tyler. The boy who had followed her around, getting into her schemes without so much as a second thought and given her her first kiss. Sure, she had punched him afterwards, but it still counted.

"No way." Then she was smiling as he came around their carts and enveloped her into a tight hug, his arms folding around her perfectly. They pulled back, smiling widely, arms still connected at the shoulders. "It's been so long! What are you doing out here?"

"Oh, I'm out here for business. You know, the grown up things you gotta do to make money." They both chuckled. "What about you? When did you move back here to Minnesota?"

"About seven years ago, as soon as Big Time Rush ended. Kendall and Logan got married and wanted to come back home, and mom wanted to be near her sons. And all that jazz." She responded, still smiling widely. Mostly out of shock, but she could feel the way her heart hammered in her chest as she looked up into those baby blue eyes. Tyler was still pale and freckled, but it looked good on him.

"Wow, they got married? I knew they were dating when you guys finally moved out of the hotel, but I never heard from you after that." He took a step back, breaking contact with a small smile. Katie almost groaned, surprising herself.

"Oh yeah, they've been married for...gosh...eight years. Right before we moved out of LA actually. I'm surprised you didn't see the gossip rags. They had a field day." She crossed her arms over her chest as she spoke.

"Yeah, I try to stay away from those magazines." He smirked, looking her over like he was in awe. "I still can't believe it's you." She gasped out a laugh, feeling breathless from his scrutiny. "So we should-" He was cut off by a loud ringing coming from her pocket.

Katie clenched her jaw and looked upwards, she recognized the ring tone. And she swore if it kept going off, she was going to kill the brunette. She pulled out her phone, hitting the answer button without even looking. "What, Logan?" She growled lowly, causing Tyler's eyes to widen a little bit.

"Ha. Wrong one, baby mama." Came the smooth tones of her older brother. Her mood instantly lightened up and she smiled apologetically at the red head in front of her.

"Oh, hey Kendall. What do you need?" She pushed the button on the side of her phone stealthily, lowering the volume on her speaker so the words wouldn't be overheard.

"Just wondering if you were about to be on your way back to mom's. We need to get dinner started soon if we want it done by the time she gets off work." Katie pursed her lips and looked at her cart. She was basically done with the shopping, having only to get the noodles before her list was complete.

"I'm just about done here. I'll head that way soon. And you'll never guess who I just ran into." She smiled up at Tyler who laughed and grinned.

"Who?" Her brother sounded excited on his end of the phone.

"Think of some guesses and I'll tell you if you're right when I get home. Bye!" Then she hung up, flipped the button for vibrate and put her phone back in her pocket. "Sorry, Tyler. I gotta get this stuff home. Kendall and Logan are cooking a surprise dinner for mom tonight and I'm the gopher while they clean."

Tyler laughed, leaning against his shopping cart with his hip and smiling at her again. "That's no problem. I'll be in town for a few weeks. We should get together sometime, go to lunch or dinner and just hang out." She nodded her head, unable to form words. The buggers seemed to have been caught in her throat somewhere around the time her heart kicked into double time. "I've missed you, Katie."

"Missed you, too, Ty." She squeaked. They exchanged contact information before parting ways, she watched him turn the corner before letting out a sigh and placing her hand over her heart. The hand trailed down to her stomach area and she rubbed a circle. "I guess we did this at the wrong time, huh?" She asked her belly. Then she picked out the linguine noodles, threw them in her basket, then went straight to the check out lanes.


Dinner was on the table just in time for Mama Knight to walk in the door and put her coat up. The three of them stood around the dinner table waiting for her to walk by the doorway and see what they had done. It was almost like they were kids again, trying to surprise their mom with dinner so she wouldn't have to cook for the five of them that night. The only two missing were James and Carlos, who were still MIA.

"Oh, how lovely." Came Mrs. Knight's dulcet tones, her hand coming up to cover her heart as she smiled charmingly. Her mother always had that certain air about her, it just screamed "motherly" anytime she walked into a room. Children flocked to her at the school where she taught Kindergarten. They always wanted to be around Mrs. Knight, she was the best teacher in the world. Or so Katie had been told one of the few times she had gone to bring her mother lunch.

"It's your favorite, ma." Kendall told her, coming up to peck her on the side of her head as he lead her into the dining room. "And Logan made it." The brunette man blushed and glared playfully at his husband.

"With help, of course." He came forward to give his mother-in-law a hug and kiss her cheek. "How was work, mom?" Mrs. Knight beamed at him, she always loved it when Logan called her 'mom,' it made her feel like he really was one of her own. Katie watched the exchange in quiet delight. The things that went on in her family made them seem like they were perfect, and to her, they were. She wouldn't change anything.

"I'm starved. Can we eat?" Katie asked after her mother had recounted one of the many adorable things her students did that day. All four of them laughed and sat at the table. The thing was, she wasn't kidding. She really was hungry. The food cravings had already begun, she felt the need to eat quite often, but she mostly paced herself and had snacks when she felt the urge to binge. Mostly fruit, because Logan had decided to call quite often and remind her to eat healthy. At this rate, though, the baby was going to come out looking like a strawberry.

Dinner passed by in comfortable small talk, the sound of their forks hitting the plate sounding through the room every so often. It only began getting a little awkward toward the end when their mother decided to take the plunge and ask how the baby search was going. It had been almost two months since they had even mentioned it, and she was dying of curiosity.

"Well, that's kind of what we wanted to talk to you about tonight, mom." Kendall started, his eyes shifting to his husband and little sister, his body language screaming of his comfort level. Logan shifted, his smile becoming strained as he shared a glance with Katie. Mrs. Knight perked up, hope flitting across her face quickly before she hid it.

"Oh?" She looked to the two men questioningly.

Logan scratched behind his ear. "Well, we have a baby coming in about eight months." He began, his face melting into a most uncomfortable expression as Mrs. Knight covered her mouth with a hand, a happy smile making her eyes shine.

"Really? Do you know the mother's situation?" She asked, and Katie swore she could see her mother beginning to bounce in her seat. Kendall reached up to start picking at his lips with his fingers, Logan immediately swatting his hand away.

"Yeah. It's surrogacy. Logan used to get the surrogate pregnant with her own egg. We found out three weeks ago that it stuck." Kendall looked so out of his element, Katie had to stop herself from laughing. The man couldn't even say "semen" in front of his mother, and she swore he looked like he was going to break out in hives at any moment.

"I see. Well, that's exciting." She clapped her hands lightly in front of her face, tears gleaming in her eyes. "Do you get to meet this surrogate? Or is it all anonymous? And why did they only use Logan?" The three of them shared a tense look.

"It's because it's me, mom." Katie said, entering the conversation for the first time since she asked if they could eat. "And if Kendall had donated his semen, then the baby could possibly come out with problems seeing as how we're related indefinitely." She bit the side of her lip as she waited for her mother's reaction. Shock was clear on her face, her mouth was slightly parted and she looked like she had just seen someone hit someone else in the face.

"Oh." Was all that came out of her after a moment. The silence was awkward and Katie almost regretted letting her mother in on the secret so soon. Maybe she should have let Logan ease her into it, or even Kendall, they both always seemed to know just how to break delicate news to their mother. They had done it so many times before, when both had come out, when they had started dating, when they had gotten engaged, and even when they had told her they wanted to start a family. They were experience where she was not. The most she had ever had to tell her mother was when she was sixteen and wanted to start a birth control regimen, just in case she should ever need it.

"Well...what do you think?" Kendall asked, hesitant to get the reaction but craving it all the same. He needed to know what she was thinking, Katie could see it on his face. Acceptance from their mother was top priority all the time with him, well, after his husband anyways. Mrs. Knight opened and closed her mouth a few times, her eyes still wide as she processed.

"I-" She cut herself off, looking at the three of them individually. "When did this all happen? And why wasn't I informed from the beginning?" She had her "mom face" on, giving each of them a scolding frown.

"I wasn't sure they would even go for it when I suggested it." Katie admitted, smiling sheepishly and shrugging. "I didn't want to involve anyone else if they decided it was a bad idea." Logan nodded in agreement.

"And we didn't want to tell anyone until we knew the procedure would-er- stick." Kendall contributed, stumbling over his words in a way Katie had never seen him do before. "And once the test turned out positive, we wanted to make sure the pregnancy stuck before we did let anyone know for certain."

"Yeah, we really didn't want to get anyone's hopes up just to dash them should a miscarriage occur." Logan added, his hand finding its way into his husband's. Katie watched them smile softly at each other before turning back to the mother of the house, who was looking directly at Katie.

"And how do you feel about being pregnant with a child you won't be keeping?" The older woman asked bluntly, making Katie wince. She didn't want to be scolded like some child.

"I'm perfectly fine with it. I am the one who brought the idea to them, and we've already signed contracts stating I hold no claim to the baby." She gestured a little bit with her hands, a nervous habit she had developed as a child. "And I wanted to help." She felt so small as her mother stared her down. And it wasn't like the woman was glaring at her, she just looked like she was seeking the truth.

"Well, alright then. I guess we have eight months or so to get ready for the new addition to the Knight Family." Then she smiled brightly, a tear slipping down her cheek. The three of them collectively let out a sigh of relief, crisis averted.

"Have you two begun to think of any names? Or which room you're going to turn into the nursery?" Mrs. Knight leaned toward her son who sat on her right, her hand reaching out to cover his own. Then the baby talk began flying between the three of them as Katie sat to the side, still panting silently. She had been so worried, and she felt like she was covered in sweat. But everything was alright, she could calm herself now.

Later that night, when her brother and his devil of a husband (who refused to leave until he had set out an eating schedule for her to follow which she crumpled and shoved down his shirt) left, she began putting away left overs and picking up dishes to take into the kitchen where her mother had deemed it her duty to clean.

In silence, they began working as a team to get the plates put in the dishwasher.

"So." Her mother began, handing her a plate to place on the rack. "You're absolutely certain about this?" Katie bit her lip, she wasn't even going to pretend she didn't know what her mother was talking about, it'd be immature of her and she needed to prove her maturity now.

"Yeah. I am." She responded, her lips pulling into a grim smile. "And even if I wasn't, it's far too late to turn back now." Katie patted her stomach that was still flat and bump free. Mrs. Knight nodded at her assessment.

"That's true, but I'm thinking more along the lines of how you're going to hand this baby over to them without any sort of emotional attachment." She said, handing her another plate. Katie haltingly put it with the rest, her brows knit together.

"I think I can handle it." She didn't sound very sure of herself, even to her own ears. But what else could she do? There was no turning back now, and she didn't want a baby of her own. She still had her whole life ahead of her, she wanted to be able to enjoy her life. An image of Tyler flashed across her mind, she still hadn't told anyone she had seen him, and she almost didn't want to. She felt the insane urge to keep him to herself or a little while.

"I hope so." Her mother responded, taking a dish cloth to dry her hands before passing it to her daughter. "I just worry about you. But it's a very noble thing you're doing for your brother." She smiled proudly, her eyes tearing up again.

"I'll be fine, mom." She bit her lip, smiling sardonically at her mother. "But do you think they deserve any less? I mean, it's Kendall and Logan...they deserve this baby. They deserve the best. And if I'm the only suitable option for giving birth to their child, then that's fine with me." She felt weepy, probably due to the pregnancy hormones.

"You're a wonderful person beneath all that sarcasm and snark, Katie Knight. I'm so proud of you." The matron of the family pulled the younger woman into her arms, kissing her on the side of her head as Katie let out a shaky breath. She refused to cry, though the need was strong within her.

"Yeah, well, I just hope Kendall and Logan don't decide they want another one. Because I can't handle all these emotions again." Katie joked, choking out a laugh. Mrs. Knight chuckled lightly with her before pulling away and cupping her daughter's face with her hands.

"You'll change your mind when you decide to have one of your own." She then winked and turned to finish cleaning the mess her son and his husband had made. Katie stood gaping at her.

How did that woman know that that was exactly what she had been thinking about with Tyler?