Sonic Elements Chapter One


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Intro: When we last left Sonic, and the others. They had just barely made it out of their last battle alive, and just when everyone was ready to depart the Master Emerald Shrine, for some much deserved rest, some startling truths were revealed to them…

It was still mid day, and the sun was shining bright, amongst Angel Island.

"YOUR DAD?" Shadow, Shade, Knuckles, Rouge, Tails, Marine, and Blaze all yelled with shock.

No one was prepared to hear that. As the seven of them continued to stare, back and forth at the light, and then back to Sonic.

Shadow gawked. "So, you mean to tell me that."

"This being, made of light is." Said Shade.

"Your dad?" Tails, and Marine, stuttered.

"An, these guys are all." Rouge trailed off.

"His friends?" Knuckles said, as he slouched, his shoulders down.

Sonic simply scratched his head, as he looked at his friends faces, "Yea, he's my dad, and his friends, although, I think, the word guardians, is a better term. But is it that hard to believe?" He wondered.

Their faces were consumed with awe at Sonics' calm reply. Each one of them had their mouth agape, almost as if they were trying to catch stray insects with them. They kept on staring in his direction, unsure if they should be furious, or just shocked, but it would seem, that they had all settled on being shocked. For now at least.

Sonic kept staring at his friend's, concerned as to why, they were acting so strange. Finally, getting a grip, Blaze spoke out.

"Sonic, I just think it's the fact that, you caught us all off guard with that one."

"Why, are you guys so shocked?" He replied.

"I guess it's just. All this time, we thought that you didn't have a family, and had no memoires about them. An now suddenly, this light appears, and you're saying he's your father." Blaze explained.

"All right, I believe it's time for some answers, Sonic, and now!" Shadow yelled in his more usual attitude filled voice.

Sonic looked at Shadow and the others, with shock. "To tell you the truth, I don't remember everything, and I have no idea where to start."

Then the being of light began to speak.

"I think I can answer the questions you may be seeking." The voice spoke, as the light approached Sonic, and the others.

Yet, as it came closer, something happened. The light that overshadowed the voice began to dim. It then started to take shape.

The wind began to pick up as this transformation commenced. It kicked violently, as a twister formed around the being, then in a blast of pressure, the winds died down, and a figure in a tattered blue cloak now stood before them.

"Now, that feels much better. It has been so long since I've been in my normal form." The being said as he lowered the cloak from around his head.

Rubbing their eyes, Blaze and the others, tried to make sense of what they were looking at.

Right in front of them, was a light blue hedgehog that stood three inches taller than Sonic, with blue eyes.

The only real difference that could help distinguish, between the two was, their shades of blue, and the fact that Sonic's father had slimmer quills, that more resembled hair. He also had slits in them, in the same place as Shadow's, but instead these were green in coloring. He wore a white jacket that went down to his calves. He had a blue pair of pants, and a black shirt, that fit perfectly along with shoes that looked exactly like Sonic's.

Everyone took a moment to take this in. Seeing the obvious, array of questions, the others were burdened with, the figure spoke.

"I see you have many questions for me. Yet, I believe, it would be best, if I cleared up the matter, of whom, my companions, and I are first. Allow me to properly introduce myself, I am Gust the hedgehog, and these are my guardians." He said, as he motioned to them.

Feeling oh so obliged, the other specter like figures began to lower their cloaks, and introduce themselves as well. All accept the one in silver that disappeared from sight, earning a nod from Sonic's father.

"I am, Cliff the Echidna. It's good to see you again Knuckles, my son." The red specter said, as he removed his hood.

He stood about an inch taller than Knuckles himself. He was a darker shade of red, almost crimson to be exact, with green eyes. He wore a brown t-shirt that fit well, with grey pants. His shoes even matched knuckles', but the colors were inverted. He also sported an eye patch over his right eye which read, stone across it in white letters.

Knuckles jaw dropped, as he seen this happening. left completely speechless, by the fact his father ,whom he had long sense, given up hope of finding, was here speaking to him, as if they had just talked to each other, last week.(Even though, to be exact they had.)

The next one to reveal its self was the specter in yellow.

"Hello everyone, I am Chip the Monkey, it is good to see you again Tails." He spoke as his, calve length tail, swung from left to right.

He had tan colored fur with silver eyes; he wore a yellow smock befitting a scientist, a pair of dark brown pants, and some light brown timberlands, upon his feet. He stood a good foot over Tails, and seemed to have a calm spirit about him.

Tails was struck with awe as he looked at chip's, warm smile.

After him came the green specter.

"I am Victor Wolf, remember it well, Shadow." He scowled as his hood lowered.

Victor was grey in color with yellow eyes, he wore the black robes of a fighting master, but the thing that still stood out the most about him, was his red gloves. That seemed to leave a feeling of uneasiness in the air, as he clenched his fists.

Shadow glared at Victor, with the pure intent to kill, ever present in his eyes. He was left quite angry with the being, the last time they met, and was egger to settle their match.

Then came the specter in light blue.

"Greetings young ones, I am Aula the Otter, how have you been Shade?" she smiled as she looked upon them all and then rested her eyes on shade.

She stood, about two inches above shade, and sported light blue eyes. Her fur was white, with brown hair that flowed down to her back, much like how water would fall off some ones head. She had on a light blue shirt, with the words ocean, spelled across it in white, and with some light blue jean shorts, that stopped mid thigh to match. The last thing about her was the fact that she was bare foot, and still looked quite comfortable.

Next was the phantom in purple.

"My name is Laylene the Fox, hello Blaze, your well I trust." She said as looked upon Blaze, a good three inches taller than her.

She was a black furred fox, with eyes as red as fire itself. She wore a red shirt with the word flame across it in blue. A black jacket that stopped at her mid section, and red pants, that flattered her figure, and had a white tip at the end of her tail. She kept her black hair in a pony tail that stretched down to her neck. Her shoes were black with blue flames painted at the back of them.

Blaze looked at her, and was shocked, to see the true form of this being, which she had thought of, as a powerful phantom but a moment ago.

Sonic then looked at Laylene, and once getting a good look at her rushed up to her, and threw his arms around her, and embraced her with a caring hug.

Blaze and the others gasped at this sight. Yet Blaze on the other hand, was more on the lines of angry as she watched Laylene return Sonic's hug with a caring look in her eyes as well.

This was pushing Blaze's jealousy. In all the time she had known Sonic, he was never one to give away hugs so freely. The only one he really hugged was her, and even then Sonic was very shy about it, but of course so was she. An out of nowhere this woman comes up, and Sonic hugs her with no reservations what so ever.

The others looked at Blaze fold her arms in front of herself, with a glare of pure jealousy. They could all tell that she felt very threatened by her.

An why shouldn't she be? Here was a beautiful woman that Sonic seemed to be completely comfortable around, and obviously better endowed then herself, so to speak. There would be something wrong with Blaze, if she wasn't jealous, then suddenly Sonic started to speak.

"It's so good to see you again!" He exclaimed, still hugging her tirelessly.

"I see you still remember me, don't you Sonic." A smile ran through her face as she said this, and causing a spark to let off from Blaze at the same time.

"Of course, how could I ever forget you, auntie?" Sonic spoke as he released her.

The others tipped to their sides at this development, and Blaze fell over in shock, as the word auntie echoed through her mind, haunting her, but at the same time giving her a feeling of relief.

Everyone now tried to process what they had just learned.

Not only had they found out the identities of the strange beings around them, but some of them happened to be related to them.

"Wow," was the word most of them decided to use to sum up their current situation. They were all utterly speechless, until Shadow began.

"Well, this has been interesting, and shocking, but at least I can finally, put this matter to rest now." Shadow said with a smirk.

"And what matter would that be Shadow?" Sonic said turning to him.

"The fact that now, I have full proof that you and I, are to different beings, and the fact of how we look, is simply coincidence." Shadow said with a little bit of joy, as he realized now no one can call him Sonic's look alike any longer.

"Well, I wouldn't be so sure Shadow." Gust said with a smirk.

"What do you mean by that old man?" Shadow scoffed.

"Hmph, you sure have changed a lot Shadow, but I guess that's not all your fault." Gust said.

"Quiet with the games, what are you getting at?" Shadow growled.

"Man Shadow, You really need to work on your anger a little buddy." Sonic said with a sigh.

"It's alright Sonic, I think it's high past time we cleared your origin up a little… both you and Shadow's."

"Oh! A story, I aint heard a good ole story in ages, mate lets ere it!" Marine said as she grabbed Tails, sat him down next to her, and pulled out some popcorn.

"O.K? As I was saying." Gust spoke.

"It was many years ago, though many millennia ago is a better match. The chaos beings of this universe were constantly at war, split between the light and darkness. I was still young then, and me and my brother, fought against that darkness, as leaders of the light. We had fought tirelessly to protect the master emerald the very source of light chaos."

The others were speechless, to think that thousands of years ago, the chaos beings were at war. They then wondered, what does that have to do with Sonic and Shadow? He then started again.

"We fought in this war for longer than you can imagine, it was starting to seem that the war would never end. Then the darkness began to evolve, strange black creatures began to appear. They rampaged and attacked everything that came their way. With this it actually seemed as if the darkness had the light completely defeated, but the master emerald saw it fit to help us. It granted its power to me, my brother and five others, and with it we were able to send the dark chaos back to the hole it crawled out of. And, from there we experienced peace for a time."

Everyone was in awe as they continued to listen to the story, hanging on every word.

"And with this new found peace, it wasn't long before I had settled down, and formed a family. That's when you two were born Sonic, Shadow, you're brothers." Gust said with a smile.

Shadow and the others were completely caught off guard. They then looked at Shadow, who started to speak up.

"You mean to tell me, that not only am I related to him, he's my brother?" Shadow stuttered, in utter horror.

"Technically, he's your big brother. Your twins, and he was born first." Gust said.

Shadow gawked at his newly realized father, and big brother. All though it pained him greatly to admit it, given the fact that his life so far, had been spent trying to seem like a dark loner. Deep down he had always knew that he and Sonic were closer than he figured, but he never expected this. Then Sonic stated as he helped Blaze up from her previous fall of shock.

"Ha, I knew it Shad! You're not a faker, but my little bro, hey Tails now you've got two big bros." Sonic laughed as he pointed to Shadow. Causing Tails to fall over, and Shadow to turn pale.

"Sonic that is not all that I have to say." Gust stated with seriousness, causing Sonic and the others to regain focus.

"As I was. The peace that we enjoyed was short, as the darkness returned soon after you two were born. It was then that we fought the darkness once more, but this time things were different. The dark forces had grown in power, and had become stronger than ever. So much so, we were just barely able to win, but this time it came at a price." Gust said as he lowered his head in pain.

"What happened?" Rouge asked with curiosity.

Gust sighed, "I lost everything that day. My wife and brother weren't just taken from me, but my two sons were lost as well."

"You mean our Mothers gone?" Sonic and Shadow both said.

Gust simply replied with a nod, unable to look them in the eye.

Sonic looked down and Shadow turned away, in pain at this. Yet Gust continued.

"My brother was lost to the darkness and my wife died protecting our sons. Though neither of us could do anything to fully stop it. Shadow you were mortally wounded by the dark powers and Sonic by far suffered the most, instead of killing him the darkness had infected Sonic and the being you battled known as the Dark Sonic was born." Gust said looking to Sonic.

Hearing this caused the other guardians to cringe in self hate. They were all there when this event took place, but they were unable to help the situation at all, but could only watch as it happened. Things were tense in the air until Shadow then asked.

"So then what happened to us? Why was I in the space colony, and what happened to Sonic, why were we separated?" Shadow said franticly as Shade tried to calm him.

"After you and Sonic were attacked, we began to tend to your wounds Shadow, but Dark Sonic escaped. We quickly tried to heal you but it was of no use. Your wounds were so severe that we had to place you inside the master emerald just to keep you alive. While you healed though, we looked for Sonic, but could find nothing, for a century we searched for you Sonic. Then one day as hope was quickly escaping us, we found him on this planet." Gust said in a lower tone.

Shadow was troubled by all this information, but he could tell that he wasn't the only one. Sonic was holding his head in pain as he started to remember all this.

"What's wrong Sonic, what's going on?"

"It's nothing Blaze, just a little bit of a headache, don't worry about it." He replied, giving her a false smile.

She could see full well that Sonic was just saying this to make her feel better, but the link that they shared would always be able to tell them both the truth, when one was in pain. Yet she let it go, feeling it best not to pry, and that Sonic would tell her in his own due time.

"Sonic if you wish for me to stop." Gust spoke.

"No continue, please, dad. I need to remember everything" Sonic said with pain evident in his voice.

Gust nodded, and continued. "There were many people living on this planet, but they had all seemed to know you Sonic, or by what they had referred to you as, the Dark One."

Shade heard this and at once gasped. "The Dark One."

Sonic began to cringe as he heard this. The memories of all the evil he had unleashed upon this world as Dark Sonic, started to rush back to him. Things he had hopped never to remember, so he had buried them deep inside, to try and hide them from everyone, including himself. Though the worst part was how the others would react to this, especially Shade. Yet Sonic knew this needed to be heard.

"When we were finally able to find him, Sonic had caused a great deal of damage to this world. The darkness was so prevalent in you, that I had no choice but to split your powers and seal you inside the master emerald."

"Wait, than that means Sonic was originally the Dark One." Shade said with fear.

"And that Sonic, is over thousands of years old." Blaze said shocked to hear this about Sonic.

"That would also mean, Shadow is just as old as Sonic." Knuckles said.

"Yes, we are chaos beings, and as such we don't age." Gust said with a little shock that they would be surprised by this. I mean they all ready knew Shadow was ageless and immortal, but it shouldn't have been hard to see the same of Sonic. Come on, he hadn't changed his appearance in twenty years now.

"Oy, oy, can you lot shut it, I'm tryin to ere!" Marine yelled, causing the others to clam up.

"Well, in order to save Sonic's life, I had no choice but to split Sonic's powers. An to do this, I created the chaos emeralds." Gust told.

"So that explains why I felt my power surge after I came into contact with the emeralds. There my missing powers." Gasped the blue hedgehog.

"Yes, you are right Sonic, but that is not all. When I sealed you inside the master emerald, it was to purge you of the darkness still inside you. Yet it would take hundreds of years to fully get rid of it, so I decided to stay on this planet to watch over you two. But there were still problems; Shadow's body was not healing fully and his life was still in danger."

"The darkness had damaged him worse than I thought, but there was hope. A new friend I had made, named Professor Gerald Robotnick offered his help. He would be able to save you, but most of your power would be sealed away, and you would have absolutely no memory of anything that happened before. Seeing no other alternative, I felt it better for you to live forgetting who you are than die." Gust reasoned.

"That tells us of how Shadow and I were separated, but what happened after?" Sonic asked.

"After that I continued to destroy the darkness in you Sonic, but there were some obstacles. About twenty years ago, while you were still sealed in the master emerald, a strange man had discovered you and tampered with the process. His actions caused you to be released prematurely, and as an effect, you lost all your memories' as well. I could have put you right back in, but the darkness inside you had grown so small, it was hardly there, and with all the friends you started to make I figured you would have a better life if I didn't remind you of your past. So I let you two live freely, as I watched over you both from the master emerald, in case you should ever need me." Gust said.

Sonic and Shadow looked at their father with their emotions on high. Hurt by the fact their dad left them alone, but happy to know he cared for them enough, to let them go. The two were silent for a moment but then spoke out.

"I...I…Understand father, thank you for saving me." Shadow said with emotion, getting a confused look from Gust.

"Yea, dad thanks. If it wasn't for you, I don't think I would have made so many friends." Sonic said as looked at Blaze caringly, causing her to turn and blush.

Gust was touched, he hadn't been able to speak to his own sons in over a century, and he feared if he did, they would despise him for leaving them alone. Yet they were thankful to him, and to be honest this was the happiest day he had experienced in years.

"This has been very touching Gust, but don't forget what else needs to be said." Victor said sharply.

Gust was surprised to hear Victor say this, but knew he was right, and replied with a nod allowing Victor to continue. Causing looks of puzzlement to find the faces of Sonic and the others.

"Very well then. Is it true that you all have realized that these dark beasts have been appearing?" Victor questioned.

They all answered with a nod as they heard his question, curious as to what this had to do with them.

Victor was a being of short patience, and even shorter temper, so he decided to just come out with it.

"The fact is, the darkness we fought thousands of years ago, is starting to return, and as the next guardians, it will be up to you all to stop it." He said sternly.

They all gasped at this, speechless until Blaze spoke out.

"How are we the new guardians, and how can we stop something like that?"

"The master emerald chose you all as the next ones to weld its power. And as for the fact of how you will stop it, well I guess will just have to train you then." Cliff said with a sinister smirk aimed at them.

Alright guys, there you have it, chapter one of Sonic Elements. I hope I answered some of your questions from the Dark Winds with this one, and don't worry things are just getting started.

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