The rain pounded down on my bedroom roof, making me glad I had decided to come straight home instead of going out with my friends. It wasn't because I was emo or anything, but because I had a huge essay due in tomorrow that I hadn't even started yet.

Note to self: Stop leaving things till the last second.

So here I was sitting cross legged on my bed whilst trying to start the essay- starting it was the only hard thing for me, once I got started it came easily to me. Of course, it probably didn't help that I had put Naruto Shippuuden on as background noise- since I spent more time staring at the screen than writing.

It was the part where Deidara captures Gaara and Kankuro goes after them- not that he gets far. I had only recently purchased this on DVD so I was determined to watch it- but the fact that I had to do the essay and the rain was louder than thunder didn't help.

"Damn you stupid weather," I growled under my breath before turning up the TV, and since my most recent foster mum had died- leaving me the flat in her will- I didn't have to worry about anyone yelling at me.

I scribbled out what I had so far wrote and decided instead to work on my fanfiction called 'The Lost and The Found' which was about Naruto finding his sister- an OC of mine called Arashi Mangetsu- who the gets kidnapped by Orochimaru and Naruto goes to rescue her.

So whilst I was doing this, the rain decided to get louder and louder until following a bright flash of lightning, the power goes and leaves me pissed off. Not that it takes much to make me pissed off- I have a short fuse.

I grumbled under my breath before grabbing the flashlight from next to my bed- it being winter meant it got dark very early, and the clouds weren't helping. Unfortunately I had removed the batteries, so I had to search for them in the bombsite called my bedroom.

After a couple of minutes I found one and then immediately proceeded to find the other one. I cheered mentally before placing them back inside.

"And then there was light," I muttered under my breath as light poured out of it- into my eyes. "Crap!" I growled, dropping the light which I had been pointing at my eyes as I fixed it.

I went to pick it up when there was a loud bang from downstairs (It was a two floor flat)- my heartbeat immediately sped up.

Another thing about me is that I can be extremely paranoid when I'm on my own.

"It's okay," I whispered to myself. "It's probably just one of the cats or something."

So, being the brave person I am, I tiptoed over to the door- switching off the torch just in case. Peering out, I spotted something moving out of the corner of my eye and quickly turned to look at it.

Dante sauntered over and meowed, which made me sigh. That black cat was always scaring me- and invading my room. I watched him as he slipped past me and into the bedroom.

I was about to follow him, when another bang sounded from downstairs. Who could it be? Could it be Luna- my little tabby cat? Or perhaps one of my friends trying to pull a prank on me- I really should have locked the door when I got back.

"Do you reckon the kid's back? I could have sworn I heard something upstairs?"

Two feelings enveloped me when I heard the man speak, one was fear the other was annoyance- I was eighteen, not eight!

"Nah- she's probably hanging out with her friends, besides we could easily overpower a girl… and possibly have a little fun with her…"

Bile rose in my throat, and I ran back into my room as quietly as I could and picked up my mobile.

No signal.

Fear rose in my chest, and I fought the overwhelming urge to hide- there was no way I was letting these bastards do whatever the hell they wanted in my house! I wasn't going to be scared of them…much…

Dante meowed at me as he emerged from under my bed.

"We're in some deep shit now," I whispered to him.

Dante, in time, went back to hiding under my bed as I pulled out a wooden baseball bat from under my bed- a reminder of my 'brother' Sam. It may have been a bit old and worn, but it would certainly be effective in taking down the people below- who I hoped was actually just two, I mean they could have split up or something.

But maybe they have guns- it would be best if I went for the phone in the kitchen, which should work… hopefully.

So, gathering up the remains of my courage, I tiptoed out of the room- bat at the ready. Everything seemed quiet, which was bad for me since I now had no idea where they were. But as soon as I thought that, I heard voices coming from the bedroom right next to mine.

"Fucking hell- doesn't this bitch have anything useful?"

Two things struck me at that moment; one, that wasn't either of the two I heard downstairs- and two, he reminded me instantly of Hidan. Funny what your mind does when you're in trouble- or maybe it was just me.

I crept along the landing and looked to see if the bedroom door was open- thankfully it was mostly closed. So I continued on my way, aware that at any time they could come out of the room or the two downstairs could come up- but what didn't occur to me was how the hell they had got in there, that door squeaked like hell. At the time I would have assumed they came through the window, only later remembering that window doesn't open.

Peering over the banister, I looked for any sign of the intruders and listened intently for any sort of noise. I soon heard two people arguing,

"They were nice."

"Quiet- the girl could be in the house!"

"You said she wasn't."

"I said she probably wasn't."

It was two completely different people to the ones earlier- how many people had invaded my home?

There was a noise behind me, and I swivelled around to come face-to-face with…

I stared in disbelief at the person in front of me- surely it was a joke, he wasn't real- and yet here he was, standing in front of me in all of his evil glory, was Hidan.

Surely it was a cosplayer- but no cosplayer could become a character to exact detail, and yet every part of me was refusing to believe it was real. But that didn't stop me from being scared, scared that the person before me was the one who would kill me.

He certainly did look like he wanted to kill me, since he was smirking in that oh-so familiar Hidan way.

There was no way this was real- it had to be a nightmare, the essay must have put me to sleep. But there was no way I could sleep through the storm which battered my house. So the only possible reason was that this was all real.

But it couldn't be.

"Hey- I've found the bitch!" he shouted.

His voice sounded exactly like his Japanese one, and the bat fell to the floor as these conflicting messages pounded at the inside of my skull.

"You don't need to shout- I'm right here," growled another familiar voice. "She looks like Itachi- maybe that has something to do with why she's so important to Leader."

I turned my head slightly to see Kakuzu, who was studying me carefully as I remained paralysed with fear.

"Who gives a fuck? We can go back now- besides I need to make a sacrifice. Though it's a fucking shame I can't sacrifice this bitch!"

"Leader said the girl was to be brought back alive. So how about you stop complaining," said a familiar voice… er… voices.

Those were the voices I had heard downstairs, but I didn't have to turn around to know that behind me was the cannibal called Zetsu.

"Are you Alex Fisher?" asked Kakuzu, almost gently- which got me suspicious immediately.

"What the fuck?" shouted Hidan.

"Leader told us to be nice to her," snapped Kakuzu. Although that didn't exactly make me feel any better- it probably meant they were trying to get me on there side so they could use or something.

"So are you?"

I gave a small nod, and there was a pause as Kakuzu formed a handsign. Light filled the area and as I lost sight of everything, one last thought formed in my head.

At least I don't have to do that essay.