What Makes Us Stronger

Stefan and Jessica come back to the boarding house after the attack at Jessica's house. Jessica had a hate about her that was radiating off of her like heat waves. Damon could feel the disturbance as soon as they stepped foot on the front porch.

Damon: "That can not be a good sign."

Elizabeth: "I told you she's pissed. I wasn't joking. There's no reason for why they attacked her other then her being a hunter and nobody else knew that information."

Damon: "Does she even care that I am on your side? I don't want people to die around me. I don't want an all out war going on. I asked Eric for peace. That's against my nature as a vampire. I'm the one that is usually all gong-ho for this type of thing. Especially if I feel like the people being attacked deserve it for the way they treat us. I tried to avoid this situation like the plague."

Jessica slams the front door.

Jessica: "Well, your plague is sucking the living life right out of me."

Damon: "Welcome home, sunshine."

Jessica: "I wouldn't get my usual smart ass comments going about right now if I were you. I've had exploding vampire bits all over me and my house. I've had to clean up more then I've had to kill and I have a gun in my pants that has proven it can kill vampires. So, provoking the hunter with the vampire exploding bullets is not in your best interest."

Damon: "Provoking the one vampire who is trying to save your ass is not in your best interest either. You and I are fighting on the same side here. I don't want some war happening. I pleaded for peace on your half. I told them to leave both of you alone and to leave me and Stefan alone. Obviously, the memo wasn't received by the whole coven."

Jessica: "Oh, they read it and they decided it was too juicy of a deal to pass up. They can take out a hunter and a half-breed. This is ridding their world of two different types of nuisance. Why wouldn't they try to attack and provoke a war? Beside, as far as they're concerned you're full of crap and talking a good game. You've done nothing to prove that you are on either side. That peace talk was to save your own ass and your ass is the one they are interested in. So, they're not going to give it up that easy. Come on, I shouldn't have to explain this to you."

Damon: "You're right. It's not far fetched for me to think like an evil vampire. I am the evil brother with no soul and no conscious. That's not a far fetched frame of thinking for me at all. Other then being a crazy bitch, what part in this could they possibly think you're playing?"

Jessica: "I know Elizabeth's secrets and Elizabeth obviously knows yours. So, what's a better way to get to Elizabeth then to get to me? They didn't count on the hunter skills or that you two would be on my side of the deal. I'm sure they were hoping you'd sell us both out to them. Hence the in your face confrontation at Fangtasia was seen as an act of suicide on your part. So, you're obviously a Vampire with nothing to lose. So, attacking us wouldn't mean a damn thing to you."

Damon: "That doesn't explain why they avoided Stefan like he was repellent and went straight after you."

Jessica: "Well, I have a theory about that too."

Elizabeth: "So, let me get this straight. They attacked you because they want to get to Damon and his secrets. You know my secrets. So, you're the common link between all three of us."

Jessica: "That's it in a nut shell. I'm the secret diary. They just have to find the key and I am protecting that with my sharp skills. If I have to call Sam and Dean in on this I will."

Elizabeth: "No. We don't need them stirring up trouble with their shoot first and ask questions later attitude."

Jessica: "Maybe we do. Maybe we need Dean to destroy the whole lot of them."

Damon: "The answer to this is not to go in their and just start destroying everything around them. That's going to back fire on us. We start destroying their property and they come after ours and we're screwed. We're out in the open and vulnerable."

Jessica: "Yeah. You're right about that."

Damon: "Not to mention we're fighting in their territory. There are way more of them then there are of us. I don't see the Area 5 vampires uniting with a couple of strangers especially since we're seen as starting this."