Elizabeth clinks her glass with Jessica's.

Jessica: "That's my girl. Here's to an evening free of vampires."

Elizabeth: "Yeah. About that "free of vampires" thing. There was kind of a snafu on the way over here."

Jessica: "Don't do that. Don't kill my buzz like that."

Elizabeth: "Sorry. They kinda sniffed me out. I can't help it."

Jessica: "What kind of a snafu? Don't tell me some big undead thing is gonna come in here and try to eat us both."

Elizabeth: "No. There will be no big undead things eating us. However, I do feel like I need to inform you that there are a couple of telepathic wacko a doodle vampires that were stalking me in the woods on the way over here."

Jessica: "Telepathic wacko a doodles?"

Elizabeth: "Yes. Telepathic wacko a doodles. They didn't physically come at me and attack me. They were mind melding me and trying to break down my mental block I put up against them."

Jessica: "OK. You sound like my brother Sam right now. When did you start getting powers all of the sudden?"

Elizabeth: "Do you really want to go into this here?"

Jessica: "Well, it's a little late to go back from that statement now."

Elizabeth: "True. Well, I've been developing this thing for probably close to a month now. I have a more keen sense of what people are thinking. I can also do this thing where I can block my enemies out of my head and use their energy against them. If there are no bad intentions, nothing will happen. But, if they intend to do me harm, they'll go flying across the room like they touched a live electrical wire."

Jessica: "Seriously? You can physically move someone across the room with your mind."

Elizabeth: "Not exactly. It's a little less Criss Angel then that. It's like telepathy. I can read thoughts and pull them out of people's minds. That's how I knew what Damon had done before he said he'd even touched that girl in the woods."

Jessica: "No. Defenatly not Criss Angel. That's more Edward Cullen."

Elizabeth: "Yeah. Kind of, but I also have an ability to defend myself. I can use that energy against my attacker. It's like using their own mojo against them. I shot Damon across the room with his own ill intentions."

Jessica starts laughing.

Jessica: "I'm sure that went over real well."

Elizabeth: "He had to mentally count to ten before getting up again. It was classic Damon."

Jessica: "Wow. I bet he was super happy to discover you had that talent."

Elizabeth: "Yeah. Not really."

Jessica: "Hey, now he knows not to screw with you."

Elizabeth: "That don't mean a damn thing. He's a man. It's in their DNA to annoy and irritate. I can't believe he'd risk his life and ours like that."

Jessica: "In his defense, he was hungry and she was throwing herself at him. He has no legal reason for anyone to go after him. She donated out of free will."

Elizabeth: "That's how I know your drunk. You just defended Damon. A supernatural vampire."

Jessica: "Yeah. I may be a little drunk. Hey, even Dean trusted a demon once."

Elizabeth: "Yeah and it got his brother in deep trouble. Anyway, yeah. She may have been willing, but that was careless. He shouldn't have left the body out there in the woods. That's where it comes back to screw us."

Jessica: "There is no "us" in this. Damon killed the woman and Damon dumped the body. Therefore, it comes back on Damon. I'm sure there's a King Dracula above Eric Northman and his Area 5."

Elizabeth: "Exactly my point. Damon and the King of Louisiana going head to head can't bode well for any of us."

Jessica: "I got my '67 Impala all packed up. I say we just jump in and take off for parts unknown. Leave this shit storm in our rear view."

Elizabeth: "That's all fine and dandy, but Damon can still find me. We have a little thing called a blood bond that's like a human Lo jack for me."

Jessica: "You'll be an alive human Lo Jack."

Elizabeth: "I can't just up and leave my Gran like that. She needs me more then ever these days. I take care of her in the middle of all this crap."

Jessica: "I can understand that. See, I don't have any family to worry about here. My only family is on the road. But, an all out vampire war can get us all killed."

Elizabeth: "It's not like I can keep a 24 hour protection around us. I need sleep."

Jessica: "No shit, you need sleep. I'm not that retarded. Being part blood sucker is going to get you killed if you stay here."

Elizabeth: "So abandoning my Gran is the way to save my humanity."

Jessica: "In a nut shell, yes. You'll live to take care of her another day. You won't end up the trophy for the prize winner at the end of this war. Damon sees his child that needs protecting. Stefan sees a chance to make up for his mistakes with his other human and the enemy sees a prime piece of leverage."

Elizabeth: "I see your point and you are totally making sense to me. It's just we won't be rid of Damon. The blood Lo Jack brings him and whatever trouble is following him straight to us."

Jessica: "This isn't about ditching Damon or abandoning your Gran. This is about survival. You can't survive an all out vampire war. You're mind tricks and electric pulses only go so far. You said it yourself."

Elizabeth: "You make a good point. I can see your trying to protect me and I appreciate your love. As much sense as you can make half sloshed."

Jessica laughs.

Jessica: "So, are we road tripping out of here first thing in the morning or what?"

Elizabeth: "When you get sober, we'll talk. Baby doesn't deserve a drunk driver."

Jessica: "Let's get out of here."

They leave the bar and go back to Elizabeth's house to sober up and rest for the rest of the night.