The cats led Edgar, Ferreck, Hadris and Grumpy all the way back to the Bonfamille family's house and into the barn.

Madame and George were surprised to see them and run outside to see Edgar.

"Edgar?" gasped Madame as she saw him with the sack in front of Thomas, Duchess, Toulouse and Marie.

"What are you doing?" asked George.

"Something I should have done a long time ago, especially that your latest cat over here. I admit it, Madame. I was the reason why Duchess and the kittens were missing before this one came into the family and now these cats will be going to Timbaktu."

Madame and George were shocked by Edgar's appearance.

Then Berlioz, Sally, Buckster, Gerene, Mooncho, Dale, Eric, Scat Cat his gang of alley cats came and jumped up on Edgar, Ferreck and Hadris.

Then Grumpy came and growled at the cats altogether.

"Ready, Frou Frou," said Roquefort as he was about to pull her tail in front of the entire scene.

"I'm ready, Roquefort," said Frou Frou.

"Now!" called Roquefort and he pulled her tail, causing her to kick Grumpy into Edgar, Ferreck and Hadris who landed into the pile of hay. They were completely unconscious.

"Berlioz!" said Duchess cheerfully.

And he landed into her arms.

Thomas smiled as well.

"That was a very brave thing to do, Berlioz," said Duchess.

"Very brave indeed, son," said Thomas.

"And now Toulouse and Marie have something to say to you."

Toulouse and Marie walked up to Berlioz and this time he listened.

"We're sorry, Berlioz. For everything."

"It's alright, guys. I forgive you."

Sally smiled at him. Deep down, he had done the right thing.

The pound soon arrived and took Grumpy away.

"It's off to doggy jail for you, beast," said two of them and they placed him the trunk, got into the truck and took him away.

Edgar, Ferreck and Hadris were arrested by the French police.

"Officer, please, I'm not with these men," Edgar lied, "I was only trying to help these cats and you can't possibly think that I would team up with these two. How could you think that I would..."

But the police knew this wasn't true and they closed the trunk on Edgar, Ferreck and Hadris. The truck took them away.

Madame and George looked at all the stray cats.

"Hmm. What are we going to do with these cats, George?"

"Oh, Adelaine. We keep them of course. What do you think?"

Madame thought for a moment.

"Well..." she said, "I don't know..."

All the cats gave her a look in encouragement to do so.

Fortunately, she laughed, finally making her mind to keep them.

"Well, I guess I could extend the fortune a little bit more."

Mooncho, Dale and Eric landed into her arms and Buckster and Gerene sat by and laughed.

"Welcome to the family," she said and everyone was out in a joy.

Sally came up to Berlioz.

"Nice decision, Berlioz."

"Thanks, Sally. Congratulations for joining my family fortune."

And they both smiled at each other.

"We have only a few days before Labor Day," said Madame.

"We'll leave tomorrow," said George, "hopefully we'll arrive just in time for Labor Day."

Next morning, Berlioz, Sally, Thomas, Duchess, Toulouse, Marie, Buckster, Gerene, Mooncho, Dale, Eric, Scat Cat and his gang of alley cats all gathered in the trunk.

Madame and George closed the doors and the truck took off.

Reno and Roquefort waved goodbye and Frou Frou whinnied in good luck.

Labor Day soon arrived. Lots of people around Cannes gathered to watch the cat singing show.

All of the Bonfamille family cats sing a reprise of Everybody Wants To Be A Cat. It ended in huge praise by fans who clapped and cheered especially Madame and George.

Sally and her friends had the best fun they had ever had. They were very happy to be part of a family and there was no better singing group part of the show in Cannes then The Aristocats.