The first...

After the failure that was the first case of his first partner on the first day they had ever met Hanna wasn't entirely certain what to do with the undead man. After feeding the fledgling vampire and almost-but-not-anymore employer and returning him to his apartment. Hanna and the Zombie returned to his apartment.

Hanna never let it show that he had no idea what the Zombie had planned. But he invited him in once again with all the flourish he could and even offered him some obviously to small pyjama's to sleep in, insisting he could take the floor since, after having an arm ripped off, he deserved the bed a little bit more.

Jeff declined both offers with a simple "I don't sleep"

Hanna didn't let any of the relief show on his face when he gave his little "oh" and excused himself to change out of his blood stained shirt.

"Man… I loved that shirt." He said dejectedly leaving the bathroom.

Hanna couldn't really remember what happened after that. He'd been running on half vision since he'd finished casting the spell. Black sparks running across his eyes as nothing more then adrenaline and determination kept his body moving against its will. So now that he felt safe in his apartment that exhausted body pulled the plug on the rest of him.

When he opened his eyes the next morning… Well afternoon really he felt guilty he'd left poor Gallahad (he'd decided on that name while sleeping) to fend for himself the long night through.

Sitting up he looked around the room and didn't see the taller man.

"Gallahad?" He called out. He could see into the kitchen and the bathroom from his mattress on the floor. And the zombie was gone.

Closing his eyes Hanna took a deep calming breath to push back the gentle ache in his chest. After last night was he surprised?

It didn't matter.

It didn't matter.

It didn't matter.


It wasn't rare for people to leave, Hanna's life had been a lone wolf kind of scenario for a long time. A one night stand of adventure shouldn't have broken down that wall so fast.

And yet…

The door opened and the undead man walked in holding a hot drink and a bag with something in it.

"Oh you…" Hanna started his voice cutting out before he finished the 'actually came back'. Taking another deep breath he let his face fall back into his smile as he sprang out of bed.

Idle chatter filled the day, and the second night, and even the third and for nights beyond that.

Every morning, after that first night, where for the first time someone who had left had returned, Hanna got a little less surprised, a little less alone. And for the first time he was able to smile in the morning and say "Welcome home"