Another Ikarishipping story, if you guys haven't notice, I like writing Pokemon stories that involves the Pokemon world and the timeline, not the other stuff like high schools, twilight stuff, or other make up stories, I watch Pokemon the anime and like to keep the storylines or changing it a bit and add "What-If" scenarios. Anyways I'm going to write a few chapters of an Ikarishipping, I hope you guys like it. Please read and review. (By the way, this event happens after Ash and Brock left Sinnoh, spoiler alert)

A week after Ash and Brock left from Sinnoh, Dawn decided to take a trip to Hearthome City, where she holds many memories in there.


"Mom, I'll be heading out now!" shouts Dawn.

Johanna replies, "Alright, be careful!"

Dawn runs and reaches to the bus. "Here's my bus ticket." She enters the bus and sits down.

"I can't wait to go back, Hearthome City is the best place for a coordinator to visit," said Dawn to herself.

*End of flashback*

Dawn is still on the bus, but getting close to her destination. "First things first, I'm going to the Poffin House, I've heard that they make really good poffins," said Dawn to herself. The busfinally arrives to Hearthome City. Dawn leaves the bus and immediately runs to the Poffin House.

Paul's scene.

Paul decides to take on the Battle Frontier, and realizes that one of the Frontier Brain is located on Hearthome City. Paul takes off and makes his way to Hearthome City.

"My first Frontier Brain," said Paul to himself, "According to Reggie, each Frontier Brains have their own unique style of battling and their environment."

Paul reaches to Hearthome City and takes out a Poke ball. "I'm not ready to fight Brendan yet, so I'll start off with the new members of the Frontier Brain," said Paul. The Poke ball opens and Froslass appears. "Froslass," it cries.


"A Dawn stone," said Paul. "Snorunt, Snorunt!" cries the Pokemon.

"You're welcome Paul, but please don't tell Ash," said Dawn.

Paul was confused and said, "Why did you give this to me?"

Dawn replies, "Let's just say it's a little thank you gift for opening up to me back at the Pokemon Center , I get to know more about you." Dawn starts to smile.

Paul blushes a little and said, "Well, thanks. It's a pretty rare stone though, but I'll take it."

"No problem. I hope you'll remember my name, that stone resembles me," said Dawn with a wink.

Paul smiles and said, "Sure, I'll try."

Dawn then blushes a little and said, "Hey, I think you're smiling, how cute."

"Surprised huh, whatever," said Paul with a smirk.

"Well, I gotta go, catch ya later Paul," said Dawn, "Oh and one more thing, good luck fighting Ash at the Sinnoh League." She then leaves.

Paul looks at the stone then to Snorunt, "Come over here, I take it back, I've changed my mind evolving you to a Glalie, here take this." Snorunt then starts to evolve.

*End of Flashback*

"Froslass," cries Froslass. Paul walks and Froslass follows him. "I guess I'll be taking it to the Amity Square," said Paul. He then enters Hearthome City and about to go to Amity Square, and then he encounters Dawn.

Dawn and Paul's scene

Dawn was about to enter the Poffin House, but then she saw a Froslass coming to her. "Hey, it's a Froslass," said Dawn.

Paul then encounters Dawn and he was a little shocked. Dawn then shouts, "Paul! Hey, it's you!" Paul then reaches to Froslass and looks at Dawn with his usual face. "I remember this Froslass back at the Sinnoh League," said Dawn.

"I evolved it using your stone you gave me," said Paul.

Dawn was shocked and asks, "You're kidding right?

Paul shakes his head and said, "It's true, this Froslass is my one of a kind Pokemon."

"Wow, I can't believe it Paul, I never knew you would use it to evolve a beautiful Pokemon like this," said Dawn then hides her face with a couple tears of joy.

Paul then asks, "And why are you crying about this?"

"I'm not…crying, just a little happy that's it," said Dawn with a smile. All of a sudden it made Paul also smile when he sees her smiling.

"Well, thanks again…Dawn," said Paul. Dawn was shocked and gives him a huge hug.

Dawn then said, "You remember my name! I can't believe….Ohh sorry about that." Dawn then ends the hug and blushes a little. "Anyways Paul, you've changed ever since you got defeated, I'd say you don't act like the old Paul I used to know, said Dawn."

"I know, that day changes me a lot, I'll tell you a secret Dawn but you can't tell anyone," said Paul.

Dawn nods and said, "No need to worry, my lips are sealed."

"Well, I may be cold and heartless on the outside," said Paul with a harsh voice. "But in the inside, I'm actually soft and nice," said Paul with a calm voice.

Dawn asks, "Really? I can't imagine Paul being nice."

Paul smiles at Dawn and place his hand on her shoulder, "Well now you do." Dawn blushes a little. "So how's you and your boyfriend Ash," said Paul in a harsh voice.

"Excuse me, but Ash isn't my boyfriend, I never had a boyfriend!" shouts Dawn.

Paul smirks and said, "Funny, every beautiful girl should have a boyfriend."

Dawn blushes even more. She then said, "Wait, me…beautiful, so am I…." Dawn then gets speechless.

"I told you I can be soft and nice," said Paul with that smile again. It made Dawn blushes again.

She then said, "Paul, this is so strange, I never seen you this nice before, in fact that was one of the most sweetest thing a person saids to me, I don't know what to say."

Paul asks, "What do you think about me now?"

"I don't know, at one point I really want to yell at you for all the mean things you've done, but at another point I want to be good friends with you," said Dawn and continues, "In other words, you're both really mean and nice, and….I like that about you."

Paul smirks and said, "How flattering, anyways I'm going to Amity Square, I'll see you around-"

"Wait Paul, let me join, I want to know more about you," said Dawn.

"Sure, I don't mind, I do need company," said Paul while starting to walk.

Dawn then said with a priceless face, "Funny, last time you told me to leave you alone and I didn't, you really can be nice can you?"

"Are you coming or what?" Paul asks.

Dawn replies with a monotone voice, "Yeah I'm coming." Dawn ran to Paul and they both walk together to the Amity Square.

That's the end of chapter 1, I hope you guys like the first chapter, and like I said, I do like to keep the Pokemon storyline like this, if we have more writers writing about Pokemon stories that has to do with the timeline, I would be more than happy to read it, that's my opinion, anyways read and review, thanks!