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Paul, finally defeated Dahlia of the Frontier Brain. Now the story continues, Dawn is currently dragging her heart out to Paul somewhere. "Slow down, now where are we going?" asks Paul.

"Well, there is a place where I really want to take you…before you leave Hearthome City," said Dawn in a slight sad tone of voice.

Paul takes a look at his Poketech and checks the time. "I guess I have some time before I can leave," said Paul. Dawn smiles and immediately grabs his hand. "Hey!" Paul shouts.

A boy with glasses than appears behind Dawn and said, "Well well, where are you taking him?" The boy adjusts his glasses while laughed creepily. Dawn recognizes the voice and the creepiness, "Conway, is that you?"

"Why yes, you know me too well, the fact that my presence is here," said Conway. Dawn immediately runs and hides behind Paul. "Sorry Conway, but I already told you, don't do that!"

Conway points at Paul and said, "And what are you doing here, I didn't know you guys were dating!"

"I'm not dating her, in fact we're just friends, but if you lay a finger on her, or sneaking up on her, you'll be sorry," said Paul with bravery.

Surprisingly Dawn takes it by heart. She questions Paul because of him protecting Conway. "Fine, I'm sorry to bother, I must be going now, see ya!" Conway takes off quickly. "There, you're safe now," said Paul.

Dawn looks away and said, "Just friends huh." Paul looks at Dawn, seeing that she is a little sorrow. He then replies, "Yeah, just friends."

Dawn looks up at Paul. Dawn stuttered and said, "W-well, let's continue…..yeah?" Paul questions Dawn and asks, "What's wrong?"

With Dawn's fake smile, she said, "No need to worry!" Dawn starts walking and Paul follows her. When they get there, it was a small building full of photo stickers. "I drag you here because it's something I can cherish as memories," said Dawn.

"To take pictures huh, sure why not," said Paul straightforwardly. They go inside the building and then to a machine where they take pictures. "Great I only have enough money for one picture, and the rest for a train to Twinleaf Town," said Dawn, taking money off from her purse.

Paul, smiling at Dawn, said, "Well let's make this one count."

"Got it, no need to worry, one picture is all I need," said Dawn, inserting money inside the slot. The machine then shows a time "1 minutes and 45 seconds."

Dawn gave the machine an annoyed face and said, "Good thing its only one picture." They both sit down and start talking to each other. "What you said to Conway earlier, did you mean that?" asks Dawn.

"What do you mean am I missing something?" asks Paul.

Dawn places her hand on her chest and confesses, "Paul, what I'm trying to say is…..,"she hesitates but closes her eyes and continues," I see you more than just friends, more than close friends, no…more than that. You're a special person to me, more special than Ash, Barry, and Conway put together. What I'm trying to say is that I like you Paul, I really do, but I don't think you have that feeling toward me do you?"

Dawn then grips her hand and starts to frown. Paul then said, "Dawn, to be honest I don't like you. Dawn wasn't surprise, she freezes like a statue, not knowing what to do, but Paul places her hand.

"I'm sorry Dawn, I don't like you….," after a small silent Paul finally continues, "I love you Dawn."

Dawn looks up while blushing. Her eyes glitters and she starts to smile. Her face becomes joy and she shed a tear. "Paul I…..I love you too!" shouts Dawn.

Paul then kisses Dawn. Her eyes are widened at first, but then she closes her eyes. 10 seconds later, the camera flashes at them, and they noticed that they are taking a picture. "Wait, did we just have that picture taken?" asks Dawn.

"Let's go check," said Paul and immediately goes out of the machine. They get out and see a picture of Dawn and Paul kissing. Dawn chuckles and said, "Our first picture…and our first kiss." Dawn takes the picture and holds up tightly.

"Careful now, you don't want to rip it," smirks Paul.

Dawn stares at the picture and said, "Oh I won't, this is a keeper." Dawn and Paul both get one picture each and go outside. "Well it's time to part ways now," said Paul.

"Yeah….I'll miss you," said Dawn in a soft voice. Paul comes and gives Dawn a hug. "Maybe one more kiss won't hurt," said Paul.

Dawn reaches up to Paul's face and gives him a kiss. Paul kisses back and breaks the kiss. "Well….Thank you Paul, I have to go now," said Dawn.

Paul then starts to walk, "Yeah….Farewell." Paul slowly walks away, but Dawn stands there. She then runs to Paul and hugs him behind. "I...I can't leave yet, I want to travel with you, I want to train with you, and…I want to be with you," shouts Dawn with all her heart.

Paul then holds her hand and said, "I'm more than happy to." With that, Dawn smiles and cries a little. "Thank you so much Paul," and continues, "now to tell my mom about this."

She breaks the hug and walks with Paul. "Are you sure your mom will be okay with this?" asks Paul.

"I'm sure she would understand," said Dawn with a wink face. They both walk and hold hands together.

"I love you Paul," said Dawn.

"I love you too Dawn," said Paul.

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