A Claptrap's Existence

-Where It All Began-

In the dawn of another day in Pandora, a little unknown Claptrap is waiting the return of his master- T.K Baha. T.K Baha lost his real leg and his prosthetic leg to a skag named Scar. Dr. Zed had taken T.K out in Fyrestone to show him the progress he had made on an all-new apparently "indestructible" limb which would enable T.K to walk again. The new leg was being built out of materials funded by the Pangolin and Anshin companies. Two manufacturers who only focus on class mods and shields. What Dr. Zed could never cure however was T.K's blindness. After a splash of acid from a bandit's elemental weapon, T.K's eyes were corroded away. A loud shot echoed up the hills and the little Claptrap jumped back into T.K's shack. The shadows of Dr. Zed with T.K Baha in a cart ran along the sand. T.K was holding the corpse of a freshly killed whelp skag. The pathetic squeaking of the wheels didn't bother Dr. Zed or T.K.

Dr. Zed was as mean looking as he always had been and T.K wasn't bothered at all. Fyrestone had a population of 24 people who had mainly kept to themselves. They were all chased out by Sledge's bandits leaving just four people left who were T.K, Dr. Zed, Shep Sanders and a friendly Claptrap by the Fyrestone bounty board. T.K lived in a shack just outside Fyrestone. Claptrap wheeled his way to T.K and said cheerfully, "Welcome home, Sir. Would you like me to warm up some Bladeflower soup to warm you're peckers on?" T.K nudged the little Claptrap away with the butt of his rifle and spat where it was standing. Dr. Zed pulled T.K out of the cart and handed him his cane. T.K limped to the wooden deck of his shack where he sat on his rocking chair. Dr. Zed pushed the empty cart back to Fyrestone. Claptrap was left with his master who had never appreciated him. Claptrap was built to help T.K after T.K lost his sight and leg. T.K had proved many times he could handle himself without Claptrap like the time when T.K dragged himself through Skag Gully to get back home after Scar had torn off his real leg and his prosthetic leg on two separate occasions. Claptrap had nothing to offer to change T.K's mind so he wheeled around the shack and pushed a small green switch. The green Dahl crate slide to its left and revealed a small space where the Claptrap lived. Claptrap went in and pushed another green switch which made the Dahl crate close.