"Harry," Ron said, "You need to come with us."

"Where are we going?"

"To meet the rest of the group."

"And just which group are you talking about?" Harry asked.

"So many questions," Sirius commented, "One would think you were a paranoid old Auror."

"I am." Harry said, "So where are we going?"

"I'm only telling you so you don't hex us to oblivion." Sirius said, "We're meeting up with James and Remus."

"Excellent." Harry smiled, "Are they willing to take my vow?"

"They are and we are meeting at Fred's place."

"Great, I haven't seen Fred since Christmas." Harry said.

"You go on to Fred's and we'll meet you there." Sirius said.

Harry knocked on Fred's door, "What do you want."

"Awww, Fred don't be that way." Harry said, "It's your favorite brother."

"Can't be he's dead." Fred said.

"Ok, that's true," Harry grimaced, "how about I solemnly swear I am up to no good."

"Fine." Fred opened the door, "I wasn't expecting anyone."

"Sorry, I didn't know." Harry said, "Ron told me to meet him here."

"Right," Fred said, "You know how to get in or do I need to show you."

"I know how." Harry said, "You want to come too?"

"Who are you meeting?"

"Ron's friends."

"Oh, yes I want to see this." Fred said.

Fred opened the door and told Harry, "Go in, I want to see their faces when they see you for the first time. Make yourself invisible." Harry changed into a large black cat with green eyes and jumped upon the cabinet, Fred grinned, "That works." He resumed his watch from the door and a few minutes later he said, "They're here."

Cat Harry purred and Fred laughed.

Sirius reached the door first and said, "Where is he?" Fred nodded at the cat and Sirius grinned. He walked in followed by the others.

Ron was looking around confused and said, "I thought he'd be here by now."

"You know him," Sirius said, "Always runs on his own schedule. Hey puff ball how are you."

Sirius started scratching Harry behind the ears and he began to purr loudly again and push against his hand. James, Ron and Remus gaped at him. Cats hated Sirius, they sensed his inner dog and always ran away. But here was a cat that was practically climbing on him wanting to be petted.

"Uncle Fred," Ron said, "When did you get a cat?"

"Oh, he isn't mine." Fred said, "You can't own a cat like that one. He comes and goes as he pleases."

"But, don't you hate cats." Ron asked.

"I do."

"But…" Ron started but stopped when the cat began to grow. Ron rolled his eyes as Harry sat on the counter laughing at him.

"Oh, you never told me." Ron said, "So you're a cat animagus."

"First the vow please." Remus, James and Lily recited the vow Harry required and he continued, "I'm not an animagus, I'm referred to as a shape shifter." He changed back into his cat form and then jumped to the floor and became a lion, followed by a dog that looked like Sirius' animagus form. When he returned to human form he turned to the others and said, "My name is Harry Potter."

"Wow." James said, "What else can you do."

"Single handedly take out the Dark Cloak ring." Sirius said.

"I did not." Harry said, "You and Dean were there as well as ten or fifteen other aurors."

"True but we only did a little cleanup." Sirius said, "You had already stopped the top four and had taken about thirty of the followers. You only left about twenty for the rest of us."

"But he's only what eighteen?" Remus asked.

"No, he won't be eighteen until July." Sirius said, "And he's dating Ginny with the knowledge of all her brothers."

"How long until Alan pranks him?" Lily asked.

"He won't." Ron replied, "He has Harry to thank for saving him from a life in Azkaban."

"How did he do that?" Lily asked.

"It was his idea to check him for mind control." Sirius said, "And he pointed toward the other three as suspects once we knew Browning was in on it."

"How did you figure this all out?" Remus asked.

"The dark wizard I fought before did things that way." Harry said.

"How old were you when you did that?"


"You fought two dark wizards in one year?"


"Now I'm confused." James said.

"Me too." Lily and Remus chimed in.

"He excels in confusion." Fred said, "I'm so proud, you learned so well from us."

"As far as causing confusion," Harry said, "Nothing beats your pranks. That swamp in your seventh year was fabulous. Did you know Flitwick kept a portion of it for years as a reminder. Said it was the best charms work he had ever seen from a student."

"Ahhh yes," Fred said, "That was the only OWL we wanted to get. I almost wished I had tried for the NEWT on that."

"You did." Lily said, "I looked it up you got seven OWLs and seven NEWTs."

"That was the second time dear." Fred said.

"Give them a break you two they'll never figure it out the way you're going." Ron said.

"Figure what out?" Remus said.

"This," Sirius said, "Is Harry Potter."

"Yes," Remus said, "I get that. He's Harry Potter named after the greatest wizard of all time."

"What made him great?" James asked.

"Well," Remus said, "At the age of seventeen he defeated the most powerful dark wizard of all time. He was the youngest Auror ever, hired before his eighteenth birthday, he didn't even have his NEWT results yet. He stayed in that position for seven years before being promoted to be the youngest Head Auror ever, a record which still stands, and he held that position for forty years. After he retired he was hired at Hogwarts where he taught DADA for fifteen years and then became Headmaster which he held for another forty years. He died at the age of two hundred, they almost missed him because he was in a cat form when he died. They only checked the cat because he was a shape shifter and loved to play tricks on people with his animal forms.

"Wow," Lily said, "That sounds a lot like this Harry."

"Because he is that Harry." Fred said.

James looked at Ron, "Is he serious?"

"No he is," Harry said indicating Sirius, "But Fred is telling the truth."

"Ron," Remus said, "I think your friend has some problems."

"Tell them about the map." Sirius said.

"The marauders map was created in the late nineteen seventies by four Gryffindor school boys." Harry said ,"They were pranksters in the extreme. It started because one of them was a werewolf and the others wanted to help him on transformation nights. First they made the map so they could sneak around without getting caught, it was made in stages. Next they became illegal animagi in their fifth year. Moony was the werewolf his name was Remus Lupin."

"A relative of mine." Sirius said.

"Yes" Harry continued, "Wormtail, was a traitor to the group in the end so I'll only say that his form was a rat. Padfoot was an animagus dog named Sirius Black. Finally Prongs was an animagus stag named James Potter. He was my Dad and my Mum was Lily Evans Potter."

"Wow," Lily said, "We all share the same names that weird."

"Get this then." Sirius said, "His best friend in school was named Ron Weasley. Him and his girlfriend Hermione Granger rounded out a group referred to as the golden trio."

The three looked confused for a moment then Ron said, "Jane's first name is Hermione she doesn't like it so she goes by her middle name."

"So what exactly are you saying?" James said, "Do you think we all came from the past?"

"I think you are." Harry said, "I'm the only one dropped in fully formed. The rest were born with old souls."

"And you think Fred is what," Remus said, "the original Fred Weasley that started WWW?"

"He is." Harry said, "I know because I helped him and George start the first WWW."

Remus, James and Lily looked at Fred, "He is correct, and he is the only one who can say that and live. You remember the story about Ron's cousin Albert? He died unexpectedly, they said he broke an unbreakable vow. That was the vow he broke, I was there. When I lost George I gained my past life memories, when the Dark Cloaks showed up I began to expect Harry. And I wasn't disappointed."

"So you're telling us because you think we are those people reborn?" Lily asked.

"It's possible. I wanted to tell you in case you get your past life memories back." Harry said.

"Other that you and Fred has anyone else remembered anything?" James asked.

"No but Mum and Jane have both had flashes." Ron said.

"How many people are from the past?" Lily asked

"Well the five of you, Fred, Ginny, Penelope McDougal, and Merry." Harry said.

"Which is really weird for me because Merry was my mum Molly in my previous life." Fred said.

"So are you going to marry Ginny again?" Remus asked jokingly.

"Yes." Was Harry's reply.

"So who was Aunt Penny?" James asked.

Fred chuckled, "Our transfiguration professor, and later Headmistress Minerva McGonagall. We all called her Aunt Minnie."

"She just can't get away from that can she?" Sirius asked.

"So Lily and I were your parents." James said.

"And Sirius was my Godfather." Harry said.

"I want to make him a member of the group." Sirius said, "He was the son and godson of two of the marauders."

"And I was Godfather to Remus Lupin's son Teddy." Harry said.

"Wasn't he the one that discovered a way to change the wolfs bane potion so that it would stop the transformation?" Sirius asked.

"He did." Harry said, "He was so excited. When he died he was still trying to make it permanent. Did anyone find that yet?"

"No." Sirius said, "They still have to take it every month to keep from changing. It has made their lives easier. Unfortunately they haven't been able to stop the condition permanently, some werewolves still take their anger out on others."

"So you want to give him the tattoo?" Ron asked.

"Yes." Sirius said, "It would have been handy during the Dark Cloak thing."

"But we had to earn ours by pulling multiple pranks." James said, "What pranks have you pulled."

"Other than the cat thing just now. When we were in the Alley last summer," Ron chuckled, "Alan and his friends tried to get him with the hand buzzers. Harry knows the counter and used it so they couldn't prank him. Then he caught them trying to listen. They had slipped a disc into my pocket, he found it and sent some sound over it that hurt his ear, Alan couldn't hear out of it for a day or two."

"Not to mention the unbreakable secret." Fred said, "How many items did you create?"

"A fare few. I aided in a lot of testing." Harry said, "My favorite test was the Kissing candies."

"Is that the one where you eat the candy and have to kiss the first person you look at." Lily said, ""And if you don't it keeps building until you can't resist the urge?"

"That's the one." Harry grinned, "Ginny and I spent hours helping George and Charlie with that one."

"I bet they loved that." Fred chuckled.

"They didn't watch too closely." Harry said, "They tried to make it very clinical and all. They only questioned us on our feelings. Did you know that in the first phase that the potion would be shared with the person you were kissing. It would build until neither could stop from kissing for like thirty minutes straight."

"I want to test candy like that." James said, "Will you help me with it Lils?"

"Of course." Lily said, then continued in a stage whisper, "But we don't need the candy to practice it."

"I have a question of you two if I may?" Harry asked, they nodded, "My parents hated each other from the day they met until their seventh year when they started dating. Were you the same?"

"Funny enough yes we were." Lily said, "I hated how they would prank everyone and James would ask me out like ten times a day. But in seventh year we had the transfiguration project. All seventh years of one house were made to do a project together. We had to decide on a difficult transfiguration discipline and follow it to completion. Gryffindor chose the animagus transformation. We had twelve students and all of us mastered the transformation. We worked together and I realized James was really nice and liked helping people.

I started seeing him in a new light. Of course it helped that he quit asking me out every day. One Hogsmead weekend we all went together to celebrate how far our project was getting. There was an older man there that started flirting with me and wouldn't quit. I was ready to just leave when James tried to stop him. It ended up in a fight which James won. The man left and we went back to our drinks. He came back a while later with two auror's and was accusing James of jumping him for no reason. Unfortunately for the man one of the Auror's was James' dad and everyone in the bar sided with James. Anyway when we got back and were going up to the dorms that night I thanked him for standing up to the man and then I kissed him."

"We had to carry him upstairs." Ron said, "It took ten minutes for him to come around enough to say, she kissed me."

"We couldn't keep them apart after that." Sirius shook his head sadly, "I keep expecting a marriage announcement any day."

"We are far too young to think about that." Lily said.

"No you aren't." Harry said, "Ginny and I are thinking about late July or August."

"But you aren't even eighteen yet." Lily protested.

"But I know what I want." Harry said, "Besides we both made the English National team so won't that be cool when they announce the team, Weasley, Nott, Morton, Finnegan, Portland, Potter and Potter."

"No it should be, Weasley, Weasley, Finnegan, Portland, Nott, Morton and Potter." Ron said, "Beaters always come in just before the seeker."

"Well we've gotten way off track here." Sirius said, "We're talking about the tattoo."

"Right," Harry said, "About that, why a tattoo?"

Ron pulled up his left sleeve and showed a intricate band on his upper arm, "When we are in close proximity we can tap a portion of the band and it lets you know one of us are there. When Sirius was sent undercover he was waiting by the apparition point at my practice arena. He tapped the outside of the band on his arm and it let me know I needed to move to the shadow on the right to talk to him."

"That's cool." Harry said, "Who applies it?"

"Remus does." Sirius said, "So what do you say?"

"Kind of reminds me of the dark mark." Fred said.

"True but a good one." Harry said, "I long ago quit trying to distance myself from everything Moldy did. I'm not him, and I won't turn evil. I'm fine with it if you all are."

"All those in favor?" Sirius asked and the others raised their hands, "Well its unanimous."

"What's the dark mark?" Lily asked.

While Remus was applying his tattoo Harry explained the mark, and its significance. He continued to talk about Voldemort and his first life all during the process, "I hope Ginny doesn't get mad that I got a tattoo without her knowing."

"She won't, " Ron said, "Although she may be jealous she didn't get one too. You may be hexed for that."

James shuddered, "I would hate to get on her bad side. Any chance of seeing that duel between her and Alan yet?"

"Only if he starts acting stupid again." Ron said, "Oh by the way, Mum, Dad, Dean and Ginny know about Harry but none of the others do."

"I don't want to tell anyone else unless I have to." Harry said, "Everyone will think I'm crazy if I go spouting about it, that's why I always request the vow."

Fred jumped off his seat and went to the door, opening it he let Ginny come in.

"I didn't even get to knock," Ginny said, "How did you know?"

"I always know when my favorite sister is around." Fred grinned.

"Whatever," Ginny replied, "What's going on, Mum said Ron and Sirius kidnapped Harry so I figured you would all be here."

"Sirius wanted me to tell them everything and they gave me the marauder mark." Harry said.

"I want one too." Ginny said, "and don't try to tell me I need to pull more pranks. After I got all four of you at once that should prove it."

"I'm for it." Harry said.

"You would give her anything she wants." Sirius grumbled when Ginny pointed her wand at him he said, "But I think she should have the mark too."