The King laughed as he pointed at the injured Morshu, slamming the door as he went back upstairs. This displeased Morshu, as he got up and planned revenge, tossing a bomb at the window in the castle, of which reached the top floor. Gwonam noticed the bomb, and he screamed as the room exploded, parts of the castle coming off. The King walked up the stairs and gawked in shock as he noticed this.

"What the hell?" The King exclaimed as he scratched the back of his head in confusion, wondering what caused the explosion.

Another bomb was chucked up into the castle, Morshu chuckling as the bomb exploded, sending The ing blasting off into the clear blue sky. The King screamed as he came tumbling down, the entire castle collapsing as Morshu was blasted into the sky.

The King got up as he looked around, seeing his castle in ruins. He screamed as he got out a box of his Munf Munf cereal, eating some of it to sooth his sadness. The King sighed in relief as he was satisfied by his cereal.

"Mmmm... this is good..." The King mumbled.