SWEET! My exam's over and I am having a blast! Now I don't have to study about a single thing anymore and right now..I feel as free as a bird! Hey people, I'm back! So who's ready for some stories?

Homestly, I love the twins. Sunny's so coldly awesome and Sideswipe is just the right bot to make you smile with his pranks (as long as you're not at the receiving end of it). I think they're the perfect twins. So I decided to make a story regarding them, and some sparkling cuteness. Also starring Wheeljack and other 'Bots.

Enjoy. I own nothing but the plot.

Life in the Ark isn't actually dull, it's filled with laughter and energy. From the twins' pranks to Ratchet's chase all over said Ark and from the multiple parties Jazz usually make to Wheeljack's infamous explosions.

Speaking of explosion, everyone might not be ready for what might happen.

Everything went out as it normally does. Mechs gathering in the rec room for some energon, chattings, gambling (Smokescreen..) like it normally does. The twins, as usual, plotting out another prank for some poor mechs in their room.

"C'mon Sunny.."




"It'll be funny.."


"Perfect blackmail material."

"Frag it Sides! What part of 'NO' don't you understand?"

Currently the red melee warrior is not doing a good job convincing his brother to prank Jazz. "But..but..the last time Jazz pranked me, he made me turn blue! I curse his improvisation skills at times.." he muttered the last statement to himself but loud enough for Sunstreaker to hear it and chuckle slightly.

The yellow twin is on his berth while scowling at his brother who looks like a kicked turbo-puppy on the floor.

"Yeah, that skill is perfect to prank the likes of you Sides. I gotta say he got good taste in colours for you," grins Sunstreaker. Sideswipe pouts at the statement.

"Which is why I need your artistic hands. In order for me to turn Jazz to look like a femme, I need to apply makeup, and who else from my brother to do it," Sideswipe tries to reason while giving his best sparkly optics. Sunstreaker made it look like he was considering, which lifts Sideswipe spirits up a little.

"No. I just got back from a horrible three week patrol and six hours of buffing. The last thing I want is to be kicked out for extended patrol again, so you can kiss your aft and leave me alone. End of discussion!" Sunstreaker snaps. He rolled onto his berth and face his back to Sideswipe.

"Be that way! I'll just have to find someone else to do it!" he growls. Sideswipe pushes himself upright and walks out the door.


'Now..who else am I suppose to ask help from? It's not like they can help paint, except Ratchet's human assistance, Leanna. But I'm sure she'll flat out refuse not to mention Hatchet might throw a wrench at me..' he thought sulkily. The red mech sighs as he continues his way without even realizing where he is.

All that he knows is that he needed someone who could paint and wanting to help him prank. Not that anyone would..his usual pranking partners would be either Jazz, or Sunstreaker. But apparently his target is Jazz and his brother..abandoned him.

'What if I use Jazz's charge, Jeazmyne? Maybe she'll..' he sighs again after remembering something. 'Nah..she's got a project to finish and might kill me if I stall her..damn human schools..'

As Sideswipe sulkily drag himself through the corridor, he passed by Wheeljack's lab without even realizing it. And inside that lab, Wheeljack is hiding behind a table that has been turned. Goggle covering his optics and a remote in his hands, he focused entirely on the innocent-looking device he had just built.

"If I did blow this at least I got this table to protect me.." he mumbles to himself. Taking a deep breath, he presses tha button and the little device starts to shake, smoke and sputter.

"Not a good sign..!" he gulps. Just as he ducked behind the table, the device exploded with a loud BOOM! Smoke covers the room and when Wheeljack turns around, the rest of the table is gone except a small portion that had hid him. "Hey! I just made a sculpture!"

After declaring it's safe to look around, Wheeljack saw the damage that has been done. Practically half his lab has been busted, good thing he took precautions by keeping his important chemicals safe in his store room. The machine's top half is gone and sparks shooting out of it like fireworks on fourth of July.

"Whew..at least I'm safe," he chirps happily. The last time an explosion happened he nearly lost his hips down and some fingers. Ratchet had cursed him a storm after that accident, so now he's learning from his mistakes..until a soft crying could be heard. "That can't be right.." he squeaked.

Rummaging through the debrees slowly, he finally found the source of the sound. Wheeljack lifts the goggle slowly off his face. His emotions are whirling inside him like a tornado. Fear, shock, denial and speechless. Fear because Ratchet and Sunstreaker might deactivate him, shocked of the effects of the explosion, denial because of what he's seeing now and spechless because of the same thing.

There in the debrees, a cute red sparkling with black helm is crying his optics out. Wheeljack quickly cradle the tiny bot into his arms and tried soothing him. Tried being the key word. The sparkling continues to wail in his arms and Wheeljack is praying that he wouldn't get too slagged for this.


Sunstreaker is happily napping on his berth, dreaming about his shining days as an artist back on Cybertron. A sudden jolt of pain ripped through his spark and he woke up with a start. The throbbing pain was immense and disappeared moments later. He panted and clutched a hand over his spark chamber, thinking on what the slag just happened.

Then he felt weird. Usually his emotions would be mixed together with Sideswipe's as their bond are at full force. The thread that connects him to his brother seems a little..off after the pain. Instead of the usual gentle pulses, it starts to get off rythm. He can still feel Sideswipe but somehow, that's not Sideswipe.

Searching through the bond, Sunstreaker found out that the signature his brother's end of the side is equal to what they have when they're younglings.

'This can't be good...' he thought with a groan. Pushing himself upright, he walks off towards the door in search for his brother. Somewhere in his spark, he couldn't help but feel worried at the weird rythm.


"HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN!" roared a certain medic at the cowering engineer.

"I know there's going to be an explosion but I didn't know that he's going to be in front of my lab when it happened!" Wheeljack defended himself. He's currently hiding behind an overturned medberth as Ratchet kept shouting and scolding him. The red sparkling is situated at the crook of Ratchet's left arm and still wailing at the loud volume.

"What is going on here?" came Sunstreaker's sudden voice. Ratchet and Wheeljack seized their fighting for a moment to see the yellow warrior at the door.

"Nothing new, just Wheeljack blowing himself up again," Ratchet answered idly.

"But I'm fine.." mumbled the engineer in a hush tone. Ratchet rolled his optics at Wheeljack.

"Not all of us. And the reason you're here?" Ratchet glared at the frontliner. His arms are still hiding the sniffling sparkling from Sunstreaker's view. 'Somehow I can already guess the answer..' he thought sourly.

"I felt something's wrong with Sides. The bond lead me here," answered the frontliner which causes Wheeljack to flinch, whimper and lower himself more behind the berth and Ratchet to close his optics with a groan.

"And you have the rights to be worried. Here's your brother.." Ratchet hands the little sparkling to Sunstreaker who widens his optics in shock. The red sparkling sniffles and cooed at the familiar feeling.


Sunstreaker sent a glare that could kill even the scariest Bot towards Wheeljack. "What. Happened." voice lowered a few octaves and his icy blue optics starts to turn darker as blood red flecks threatens to cover up his entire optics.

"I was just testing a device that could make the way the 'Cons processors revert back to sparkling age..I didn't know this'll happen.." explained the hiding engineer.

Sunstreaker was about to slag Wheeljack when soft whimpers could be heard. He gazed down at the sparkling and saw the bright optics turned glassy with tears. Apparently he forgot that the bond between them are still open and sparklings can feel distressed at even the slightest negative emotion.

Stroking Sideswipe's sensitive helmhorns, the sparkling's whimpers died down to coos and clicks. Sunstreaker hefted his brother higher up until his little head rested against his chest and over his spark chamber. As far as he knew, Sideswipe calmed down easily by just listening to the older mech's soft pump beat of hum of their internal systems.

"We need to tell Prime about this. And you! -points Wheeljack- You better start reversing this or else you'll find your disembodied limbs scattering around the planet!" threatens Ratchet.

Saluting the medic, Wheeljack runs out of the medbay and straight towards his lab where he immediately starts to brainstorm.

"You know..somehow Prime's gonna glitch for this. From what I can tell, Sideswipe is a newborn," Ratchet points out. Sunstreaker gazed down at the now sleeping form and groans.

"That makes it ten times harder..!"

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