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Let's cut the chit-chat and get straight down to business. I'm not sure if this is the last chapter or not 'cause I've got plans in mind. This might be short because I don't want to put too much drama in it. I want suspense, some bro-fluff and maybe a few silliness between them.

Enjoy, Transformers doesn't belong to me, Leanna and Jeazmyne are my characters.

"Get the machine on already! We're losing the both of them!" Ratchet shouts over his shoulders as his assistant run forward to get Sideswipe from Sunstreaker's arms. Wheeljack flips the switch and the machine starts to hum and the glass door slide open.

"Their sparks are weakening! Put him in NOW!" shouts Ratchet as First Aid quickly shove the sparkling a bit roughly into the machine. Perceptor, Skyfire and Hoist stood away from Wheeljack when he pressed the button. When it starts to shake and the interior clouded with smoke, Wheeljack hit the deck and waited anxiously for something, anything to happen.

Sunstreaker's systems went to a complete halt when the smoke clouded the inside. Ratchet thought that the inevitable had come and was ready to scream his anguish, but moments later for what felt like hours, a soft blip on the monitor that's hooked to the golden mech.

"Did we done it? They're alive?" Skyfire breathed out. The others didn't answer him, only holding their breath in when the glass door slides open and Sideswipe's prone frame collapse forward.

"Ratchet..?" Perceptor whispered. The CMO turn to the monitors and was relieved to see that Sunstreaker's spark is still pulsing.

"Sunstreaker's fine but we have to make sure Sideswipe does too. Put him on the berth there, I'll hook him up," Ratchet instructed and grab a few wires to be inserted into the now grown mech's medical port.

"I hope nothing happens to them," Wheeljack said out. Both of their sparks are pulsing nicely, a little weak, but nicely. They haven't regain consciousness just yet, but that's what the medics could tell physically. In their processors, nobody knows.


It's dark, he couldn't see anything, he couldn't even feel his other half! Sunstreaker thought that both of them had died in the strain. But if he's dead, shouldn't there be something? The Pit's fiery light? The Matrix's warmth? Anything? It couldn't be all pitch black..

~SUNNY!~ a voice shouts out. Sunstreaker's optic twitched and he spun around, tackling the owner's voice to the..well, there's no ground so he just tackled him down.

~Sideswipe! What did I tell you about calling me that! And where the Pit are we?~ Sunstreaker wondered, looking around him. Sideswipe giggled like a schoolgirl beneath him. The sunshine coloured mech slowly quirk a metal brow.

~I dunno where we are. But I can feel my body back to normal. Isn't it great?~ he squealed out. Sunstreaker got off of him and offered a hand up to which Sideswipe happily took and pull himself.

~Okay, so...we have no fragging idea where we are but..why is it so familiar?~ Sunstreaker thought about it a moment and it came to him. ~Oh yeah...we're in your so call 'genius' processor. I don't want to know what your thoughts might be,~

~HEY! I'm telling you, I have a very creative mind. Hey look, it's clearing up,~

True enough, the darkness that engulfs their surrounding lifts up as light took over and Sunstreaker finally sees the monitor like memories that Sideswipe stores in his mind. The place was absolutely stunning, each monitor shows what Sideswipe had seen in his life and they are all around them.

~All these...are your memories..~ Sunstreaker said in awe. Sideswipe is smiling broadly beside him as he showed a clip when they were still on Cybertron. Pictures pass through the clip that shows that Sideswipe is in some sort of gallery and Sunstreaker's smiling face showed up.

~I was walking down your exhibition and you were so happy that time, it's kind of my most cherished memory,~ grins the red mech. Sunstreaker can only see the clips one after the other as his own memory resurfaces from the file that has never been opened for decades.

~This is when we're still young mechs..~ Sunstreaker points out as he continues to watch the clip.

~We're not young anymore? I'd say you're getting old and I still obtain my natural handsomeness,~ Sideswipe boast out, puffing his chestplates proudly. Sunstreaker hover closer and whap him at the back of his head.

~According to Earth timescale, I'm only a couple of minutes older than you!~

~Yea..but the word older twin still sticks,~ laugh the red twin. Sunstreaker glared at him and Sideswipe pulls him over to some of his other memories, showing one by one that he kept close to spark.

They float together side by side when all the clips just vanished from sight and they were left confused. The light starts to get brighter and brighter until it nearly engulfs them. Thw twins hold each other close when they felt that they're being torn apart from each other. Finally, their sub-conscious melts away.


"I give up on these two. Why is it that all the most dangerous injury and such always goes to them?" Ratchet mutter out tiredly at First Aid who's currently bringing a couple of energon cubes for the both of them.

"Maybe it's their spirit of adventure..or so I heard from the human's phrases. Here, you've been through a lot these couple of days," First Aid hands over a cube to which the CMO gladly took it from his hands and sipping the contents.

"Spirit of adventure my aft! Those two only have the spirit of extreme idiociness! Which is why all of my work always goes to them, makes me wonder how they would be if their sparks never separated. Don't you?"

First Aid shrug a shoulder. "Maybe, but it's not like we could do just that, it'll be great if we could though, we barely know anything about twins in the first place. Though I'm particularly interested in the humans' 'mirror' twins,"

Ratchet has that interest as well, but he still doesn't have time to study anything about it since he's secretly taking datas of their own pair of twins, just in case the war would end and Cybertron would be rebuilt. But if not, better keep them safe for the future race to find it. The two medics are leisurely talking and drinking when a soft groan could be heard.

They both downed their cubes and threw it at a waste disposal unit and went over to check the now, fully-grown Sideswipe.

"Nice to see you back online, how're you feeling?"

"Uhh..? Just..th'usual ache in my processor... What the frag happened?"

The two medics look at each other confusedly when First Aid spoke up,

"Y..you don't remember anything?"

"Well it's kinda hazy. Last thing I remembered was walking down the hall and next thing I know, nothing.."

Ratchet lightly taps the side of Sideswipe's helm and open a small compartment that connects to his memory core. A cable then extends from the CMO's wrist to connect with the small opening and he browse through the file via medical code.

Once he's done, he unplugs the cable and discuss a few things with First Aid.

"So..am I all better?" ask the red hellion. Ratchet eyed him but didn't say a word, intead he continues to talk things through with his assistant. Sideswipe, who's got nothing better to do, lay back down and idly playing with his recharging brother's fingers when it suddenly grips his hand, earning a surprise yelp from the red twin.

"Heh...you always were a bit of a coward.." Sunstreaker's tired voice drift out. Sideswipe grin broadly when his brother lock optics with him, but then a sudden feeling came to him. A feeling he never felt before but so familiar.

"What are you looking at?" ask the yellow twin when he notice the odd look his brother is giving him. Sideswipe brought himself back to reality and shook his head, clearing away the fog.

"Nah..just forgot something. But why is it when I look at you I feel so...different?" ask Sideswipe. Sunstreaker felt it as well, he may have missed his same age brother when he's a sparkling but right now he's not seeing Sideswipe as Sideswipe, he sees Sideswipe as the sparkling he had cared for a couple of months.

"I know...but I'm sure Ratchet would take a look at the both of us,"

"I guess.."


"What happened to the Hatchet..? He strikes hard.." Sideswipe moan slightly when his fingers accidently brush the freshly-shaped dent thanks to Ratchet.

"Beats me, last time I checked he doesn't really have a perfect control of his temper," Sunstreaker merely shrug, ignoring the dent on his own helm.

"And from all of us here, only Prime, Hoist, Swoop and First Aid didn't get hit by that wrench of his, what a picky,"

"I wouldn't say Prime, he nearly got a few close calls with that evil wrench of his. But I do agree on First Aid and the other two. Just because they're medics doesn't mean they should be treated like royalty,"

"I'd say we make a riot!"

Sunstreaker stop walking to turn at his brother, arms crossed over his chestplates. Sideswipe's grin is still there but he's blinking like his mind just went blank.

"Eh? What?"

Sunstreaker opens his mouth to voice out his oppinion, but he better shut it since Sideswipe rarely take words to spark. Why bother now? Sunstreaker shook his head and went past his brother, who's still blinking like an idiot.

"Yo Sunny! Wait up! How about the riot?"

"In your dreams Sides!"


At first he thought that his twin just lost his sanity. Sunstreaker, his ever psychopathic and cold-sparked Sunstreaker actually wants him on his berth tonight. The red twin couldn't believe his audios for hearing it, and his optics for seeing the invited hand.

"Who are you and what have you done with my brother?" ask the red frontliner with a hint of paranoia in his tone. Sunstreaker grins and just grab his brother's arm and pull him towards the berth where Sideswipe toppled down with a crash. And to his utter surprise (and full-blown horror) Sunstreaker cuddled up next to him, hugging his brother's waist loosely.

"Sun..ny? What happened to you?"

"Let's just say...I miss my twin,"

Sideswipe went tense for a few short moment when his brother shifts around to make himself more comfortable. But then his cerulean blue optics lock with Sideswipe's own sky blue orbs. The bond between older twin and younger twin went silent for a while as Sunstreaker crawl upwards and pull his brother into an embrace.

Sideswipe's optics went wide and he start to get scared. But then their bond overflows with warmth from Sunstreaker's end that made the red twin feel like he's in a haze. The warmth around his mental and physical state made him feel so protected and apparently his other half isn't letting go of him anytime soon.

"Sunny..what happened to me?"

"After you got blasted, you kinda turned into a sparkling. I had to take care of you the entire time. Did you forget the conversation we had in your head?"

"Which one?"

"The one when you said that you're only a sparkling in body and not in processor. You want to wake up but you can't until I literally shook you awake,"

"...Yea...I remembered that one. I still can't belive you said my head was empty!"

Sideswipe pouts in his brother's embrace while Sunstreaker cover up a snort. They stayed like that until they both fell asleep. Sideswipe cuddled up closer and Sunstreaker hugs tighter.


The next morning come and Sideswipe groggily wakes up, clearing his head from the dizziness. He look around and realized that his brother is missing. At first he thought that Sunstreaker had gone for his shift, but the bond tells otherwise. His other half is still in the room inside the washracks.

"Sunny? You there?" he ask, walking towards the washracks but stop dead in his tracks when he sees his brother's condition.

Apparently, Sunstreaker now isn't a mech anymore. Through some unknown force, his brother has been turned into a whimpering, crying youngling. Sideswipe's optics grew twice in size.

"Oh frag..!"


I just couldn't end it like that so I decide to make a sequal. I'll start writing as soon as I can but no promises since my life have just gotten twice complicated. Might take some time, but maybe I'll try to speed things up by posting a chapter in less than a week.

Keep your fingers crossed! See you in the sequal.