Perfect Pair?

Tennis superstar Tezuka Kunimitsu and world-famous photographer Fuji Syuusuke were spotted coming out of a high-end French bistro last night at 8.42 pm. Both were dressed smartly and there has been speculation that the dinner date was of a romantic kind. Confirmation is awaited from their respective PR reps.

These speculations aren't new to the roommates. An interview with ex-tennis club teammate and current Olympic gold gymnast, Kikumaru Eiji, reveals that the two have always been suspected of having 'something going on'. "Fujiko and Tezuka have always been close, nya," says Kikumaru-san. "Eventually, the fangirls just picked it up and turned it into something it wasn't, nya."

CEO of Atobe Corporations, Atobe Keigo, a close friend of Tezuka-san's, thinks otherwise. "In Ore-sama's opinion, Tezuka has liked Fuji for a long time, possibly since second year of middle school," says Atobe-san with a smirk. "In any case, if it was a date then good job, Tezuka, you finally made a move. If it wasn't, then it should have been, and Tezuka, you need to get your act together."

"Tezuka-sempai and Fuji-sempai have always been thought of as together," says Osakada Tomoka, university student majoring in sociology and behavioral patterns, an ex-underclassman of Tezuka-san and Fuji-san. "Homo pairings within the tennis team were popular among some of the girls at the time, and Tezuka-sempai and Fuji-sempai were often referred to as the Perfect Pair. In a way, this name really suits them, because it's always been obvious that they have a deep bond that isn't easily described in words. They were, are, the Perfect Pair."

Friend and rival Echizen Ryoma is unfazed by the news when it is revealed to him. "They're dating?" he repeats, raising his eyebrows. "Well, okay. As long as neither of them can beat me at tennis, I'm not really concerned about it," he states coolly, leaning back in his chair and sipping his grape Ponta.

Tennis coach Ryuuzaki Sumire, who is considered favorite teacher by both men, simply sighed upon hearing the news. "I guess I always knew," she says speculatively, tapping her chin. "Those two were always awfully close."

This kind of reaction is the main one among Tezuka-san and Fuji-san's friends and family to the news. Is it safe to assume that the two are dating after all? If they are, they have the full support of the friends, family and fans.

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Yuki Ryoka

I've written it. Review me and tell me how I did. It's not much, but I wanted to write an article sort of thing on them and well... this happened. Maybe I'll write a side-story from TezuFuji's point of view later.

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