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Smiling deviously, I whispered, "Touch yourself..."

He stilled instantly, his honeyed gaze darkening in the blink of an eye. Slowly – and very deliberately, it seemed – the corners of his lips curled into a grin. The look he was giving me was so fiercely erotic that my whole body twitched as though I'd been jolted by a current of electricity.

"Where do you want me to touch myself, Bella?" he asked, his voice a seductive purr.

Oh, God! I should have known he'd turn the naughty tables on me. I felt heat suffusing my face, which, of course, only made Carlisle's grin widen. Biting my lower lip, I closed my eyes and took a deep, shaky breath. How could I possibly do this? I'd never even said the word – or any of its many euphemisms – aloud before...

"Bella..." His voice was soft but commanding; he wasn't going to let this go. "Open your eyes."

I did so very reluctantly, conveniently avoiding the situation by staring at the ceiling. Carlisle chuckled, my embarrassment and stubbornness obviously amusing him greatly. I cursed inwardly when I saw him move, the mattress dipping as he got on and slowly crawled towards me like a predator to its prey. There was no way I could ignore him – he didn't stop until he was hovering over my body, his heated gaze finally breaking my line of sight.

"Where should I touch myself, Isabella?" he asked again, his smile dazzling.

I opened my mouth, hoping my brain would just spit out something clever, but all I wound up doing was gaping like a fool.

Carlisle sat back then, straddling my hips without putting his full weight on me. "Hmmm?" he persisted.

Lord, he was huge. Not just that part of him, which was now standing at full attention, but his whole glorious body. He dwarfed me entirely. The disparity that had once concerned me now only served to fuel my desire; I wanted him more than I'd ever wanted anyone or anything. Unfortunately, my blissful wedding night wasn't going to move forward until I finished what I'd started moments ago...

"Bella," Carlisle whispered huskily. "Tell me what you want."

Avoidance was a strategy that had served me well in the past; perhaps I could still pull this off without having a permanent blush stain my face. Reaching up, I grasped his member. "I want you to touch yourself here," I said, giving him a good squeeze.

Both of my hands were quickly caught and held down above my head. "No touching," he scolded playfully, "only telling." Oh, he was enjoying this immensely – his eyes were alight with pleasure.

Damn it, what should I do? Use the clinical term? That might appeal slightly to the doctor in him, but was it really appropriate here? 'Dick' was just...no. I couldn't be that vulgar. 'Bone,' 'dong,' 'Johnson,' 'Captain Kirk,' 'muscle of love' – I could not imagine myself saying any of these, especially without laughing, and this was a reasonably serious moment. Wasn't it?

I blinked, taking in Carlisle's whole demeanor, from the quirky grin he wore to his teasing, expectant expression. Jesus. He wasn't trying to embarrass me at all. He was daring me – no, begging me – to continue the naughtiness! Because it so obviously turned him on...

Once again, I was floored. The esteemed doctor wanted me to talk dirty to him, just as he'd done to me in the jacuzzi, and it hadn't come out of nowhere either; I'd started it all on my own with those two seemingly innocent words. So, how does an inexperienced virgin with a reputation for all sorts of clumsiness smoothly insinuate herself into the world of salacious verbal foreplay. Good question. Obviously it's an acquired talent, which meant things were about to get very interesting...

Parting and then wetting my lips slowly, I tested the waters with the first words that came to mind. "Touch your cock..." I whispered.

Carlisle's eyes widened, the sparkle within them igniting tenfold. He leaned down until the tips of our noses touched. "What was that?"

Emboldened by his reaction, I murmured, "I want you to touch your cock."

A devious smile spread across his face. "My cock?" he emphasized.


His lips descended to the shell of my ear, whispering, "You want me to touch my hard cock for you, Bella?"

"Yes!" I felt my face heat up once more, but this time it was only partially from self-consciousness. The rest of it was just pure, aching arousal making itself known.

Carlisle pushed himself back up. Watching me intently, he wrapped one hand around his thick length and began a slow, easy rhythm. "Like this?" he asked.

"No," I challenged, meeting his surprised gaze unflinchingly. "Faster."

He obliged, humming needfully as he surrendered to my will. My jaw fell open while I watched, my gaze playing tag between the roguish smile he offered me and the hypnotic movements of his hand. Seeing my dilemma – if one could call it that – Carlisle shifted his body forward until I quite literally had a front row seat for the show. I was practically panting by the time he settled lightly against my chest. He paused for the briefest of moments to caress my cheek with the tip of his member before he resumed pleasuring himself.

When I reached for him, eager to help things along, Carlisle gently restrained my hands again, banishing them back to their spot of exile above my head. "Ah, ah, ah," he chided, shaking his head. "No touching."

"No fair!" I whined, but my plea was ignored.

"Talk to me, Bella," he purred while taking the matter back in hand, quite literally. "Tell me what a naughty girl you are."

I pretended to pout, making sure to stick my bottom lip out as far as it could go. "But, I'm not naughty."

Carlisle's smile intensified. He tilted his head while keeping his gaze firmly locked with mine. "Are you sure?"

I nodded dramatically, feeling slightly dizzy from all the sexual tension in the air. As it was, there was probably a huge wet spot underneath me that had nothing whatsoever to do with having been in water.

He leaned down, bringing his face closer to mine. "Did you like having me in your mouth?" he whispered.

Eight little words, and he had me. I couldn't stop the giggle; it slipped past my lips before I'd even registered what was happening. In this particular realm of naughtiness, good girls certainly didn't enjoy sampling that kind of meat...

Carlisle's hand slowed its progress, coming to a standstill as we stared at one another. "You did, didn't you?" he cooed. The look on his face was ridiculously lustful, causing my body to tingle in all the right places.

I remained silent, deliberately taunting him with my own sultry grin.

"You are a naughty girl, Isabella," Carlisle murmured. He shifted again, maneuvering his lower body backward so that our lips and noses were brought even closer together. "Do you want to know what I do to naughty girls?"

My ragged breaths were unbearably loud in the silence that followed. He was still straddling me, but he'd stretched out somewhat, his arousal jutting proudly against my stomach.

"Do you, Bella?" he continued, ghosting his lips along my cheek and down my neck. "Do you want to know how I punish naughty girls like you?"

I swallowed thickly, finally managing to force a single word out. "How?"

In an instant, Carlisle's mouth was pressed to my ear, the tickle of his breath making me shudder. "I make them scream..."

A whimper escaped my throat, my hips bucking. God, I needed him. I no longer cared about pain or bleeding...nothing except the deep-set ache in my core, one that could only be assuaged by the feel of his length buried inside of me. "Carlisle!" I whispered desperately.

He raised his head to gaze at me, his eyes completely darkened with sensual hunger. "Now...are you a naughty girl, Bella? Tell me."


"Tell me," he teased again.

"Yes! I'm a naughty girl!" I practically yelled.

Carlisle smiled wickedly and whispered into my other ear, "Oh, I'm going to make you scream, my naughty Isabella. I'm going to make you come so hard that you scream until your voice is raw..."

I cried out involuntarily as I felt his lips and teeth graze my ear and make their way along my jaw, sucking and nibbling a path to my mouth where he finally claimed me with a bruising kiss. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, one of my hands instinctively fisting those beautiful golden locks.

The next few minutes passed in a blur of incredible sensations and mindless need. Carlisle worshipped my body from top to bottom, slowly and efficiently, using hands and mouth to show me exactly how much I was desired. For the first time in my life, I think understood what passion is in its truest form.

By the time he spread my legs and kissed his way up my thighs, gazing at me with the most loving smile I'd ever seen, I was already convinced I'd died and gone to heaven. Boy, was I wrong. The moment he nudged my delicate folds with his tongue, it was obvious my ascent to nirvana had only just begun!

I jolted at the first contact, my inner muscles quivering in anticipation. Carlisle's slippery coolness felt wonderful against my heat. He slowly plunged in and out of my center, once again mimicking what would soon happen between us, and the feel of it was absolutely divine. I couldn't wait to have him inside me, stretching and sliding...replacing my innocence with a woman's joy in being so deeply and utterly loved by her husband.

Suddenly, Carlisle was fluttering his way up through my silky softness to the one place that craved his attention most. When he reached the tiny bundle of nerves, he paused, making me wait breathlessly for what was to come. Still gazing at me, he slowly pulled the bud into his mouth and began laving it with a gentle, steady rhythm that immediately sent shock waves of pleasure throughout my core.

Never in a million years could I have imagined such blissful sensations. It was incredible and wondrous all at once, and I found myself gasping and shaking in Carlisle's tender embrace. I grasped blindly at the bed sheets, pulling until I heard the angry snap of a corner pocket letting loose, but I didn't care. I couldn't...not while I was a willing hostage to the rapture building inside my every nerve ending.

Carlisle quickened his ministrations. I whimpered loudly, thrusting my hips against his mouth. He played my body like the virtuoso he was until I was panting and moaning and trembling on that staggering precipice from which I so desperately wanted to fall... And there he held me, slowing his tongue just enough to keep ecstasy at bay while tears of joy and frustration trailed down my cheeks.

Digging my fingers into the mattress, I lurched myself forward, seeking that last needed bit of stimulation, but my effort was in vain. Carlisle's hold on my thighs only tightened, and his mouth effortlessly followed my body's path.

"Carlisle!" I cried.

He gazed back at me calmly, the corners of his eyes crinkled with amusement. Apparently nothing was going to deter him from torturing me, not even the expletive I muttered under my breath. To that, he simply winked.

My head fell back against the sheets, and I lay there trembling while the pleasure teased me. I tried thrusting my hips again; he allowed it, adjusting his touch accordingly. I had to admit it was exhilarating to be kept on the brink of climax for so long – to feel one's inner muscles coil with barely restrained bliss, not knowing when the explosion will happen because someone else is in control...

My breath hitched as I finally felt Carlisle take things up a notch, and I wasted no time in pressing myself harder against him. His fingers loosened their hold on my legs, dragging lightly along my sensitive inner thighs. That alone was nearly enough to push me into orgasm, but just when I thought I would finally find blessed release, his tongue slowed once more. I whimpered, I pounded my fists on the bed...I even tried to twist myself out of his grasp and crawl away, but none of my tactics worked. That talented tongue of his remained steadfast in its effort to drive me slowly and relentlessly insane.

Carlisle brought me to that beautiful, jagged edge again and again, pushing my body to levels of need I never could have dreamed of on my own. Finally...finally, after an eternity of sweet agony, I felt the first unhindered ripples of pleasure cascade through my abdomen. Straining furiously against his mouth, I groaned when I realized he wasn't stopping this time. Instead, his lips and tongue seemed to accelerate to vampiric speeds, igniting my orgasm only moments later.

My body convulsed wildly as I rode a wave of pleasure so intense that the darkness of unconsciousness threatened to overwhelm me. It wasn't until I realized the long, hoarse wail I heard bouncing off the walls was coming from my own throat that I understood why I was on the verge of passing out.

Breathe, Bella! Breathe!

My God, I never would have believed such ecstasy was possible. I cried openly as I gasped for breath, already mourning the loss of the rapidly dissipating sensations. Tremulous aftershocks rocked me, but they were no consolation. I felt elated and bereft and heartbroken all at once. La petite mort... Now I understood.

Carlisle's mouth continued its loving caresses, albeit indirectly, just as his hands rubbed soothing patterns along my legs and torso. He brought me down slowly and gently, allowing me the time I needed to calm myself, before surprising the absolute hell out of me by shifting his lips and tongue back on target. Apparently he was just getting started.

I moaned and writhed and screamed until my throat was indeed as raw as predicted, soaring to the heavens not once, but twice more under his expert ministrations. In the end I begged for mercy, my body so deliciously ravaged that I could barely move a muscle, and Carlisle graciously complied.

While the swirling vortex of after-bliss colored the darkness behind my closed eyes, I felt him slip away, and I instantly missed his touch. The mattress sagged as he shifted, and I heard a mysterious click, followed directly by the distinct sound of something wet and slippery. My foggy, sated brain couldn't fathom what he could possibly be doing, so I cracked my eyes open. What I saw should have made all my virginal klaxons blare in warning, but instead I just sighed happily.

Kneeling beside me, Carlisle held a closed tube of K-Y in one hand while the other slicked liberal amounts of the gel onto his arousal. His gaze caught mine, and he smiled softly. His face shined with a layer of my moisture; it was probably the sexiest thing I've ever seen.

Tossing the lube aside, he wiped his hand on a towel procured from the night stand and moved himself between my legs. Leaning down, though careful to keep his body separated from mine, he pressed a gentle kiss to my lips. "Are you ready to join with me, my angel?"

Oh, I was way beyond ready.

"Yes...please," I whispered.

Carlisle lowered himself onto me while nuzzling my cheek. Pulling my left leg up slightly, he shifted both of us so that we were lying on our sides. I eagerly wrapped my right leg up over his waist, fully opening myself to him. He kissed me again, more deeply this time. My own musky flavor danced along my taste buds, and I hummed with delight.

"Try to stay as relaxed as possible for me, okay?"

I nodded, reaching for him again. I suddenly couldn't get enough of those sinful lips of his, which didn't seem to bother him in the least. I felt him guide the tip of his length through my folds to my entrance. Almost immediately, there was a slight pinching pressure, but it only lasted a few seconds. It reappeared a few moments later before backing off once again. When the pinch returned a third time, lasting somewhat longer, I realized Carlisle was literally taking his time, stretching me slowly in an effort to make the whole experience less painful. Just as he'd implied he would...

He kept me distracted with loving whispers, kisses, and teasing touches while he pressed against my maidenhead again and again, a little harder each time, until, with one final determined nudge, my barrier broke with only the tiniest flare of pain. I gasped and cried out, more from surprise than anything, as Carlisle's member sank steadily home. There was discomfort, I'll admit, but not nearly what I'd been expecting; it was more of a prominent, diffused burn as my inner muscles stretched to accommodate his girth. Still, I found myself panting and keening softly, entirely overwhelmed.

Carlisle rolled us so that he was back on top again, wiping away the tears I didn't even know I was shedding. "Are you all right, sweetheart?"

Relieved laughter bubbled forth as I nodded. The pain I did feel was already subsiding somewhat.

Smiling brightly, Carlisle peppered kisses along my cheek and neck until he whispered in my ear, "Do you feel me, Bella? I'm inside you."

His words made me shiver. I could indeed feel every incredible inch of Carlisle's cool, rigid length filling me, and it was nothing less than extraordinary. We were so intimately joined that the lines between where one of us ended and the other began were entirely blurred. I was truly a woman now...a woman, a wife, and a lover in every sense. I felt safe. I felt loved. I felt blessed.

Sliding one of my hands down his side, I snaked it between us, needing to feel where we were joined. Carlisle immediately lifted his torso to give me more room. We both watched in awe as my fingers explored our union. He was so large...it was amazing to feel him this way, knowing the rest of his length was buried deep inside me. Carlisle moved then, slowly pulling himself partially out before slipping easily back into my warmth. His coolness helped ease the sting of my lost innocence, numbing the residual pain while stirring other nerve endings to life for the first time.

"So beautiful," I heard him murmur. "We are so beautiful together, Bella."

I couldn't have agreed more. I watched through a sheen of tears as he thrust into me again and again, so slowly. My hand wrapped around him each time he pulled out, letting go when he sank back in. As far as I could see, there was no blood, which surprised me. Perhaps taking things slowly had helped.

Without even realizing what I was doing, I slid shaky fingers down to my clitoris and began rubbing in tiny circles.

Carlisle inhaled sharply. "Oh, yes, touch yourself, my love..."

I whimpered as a quick pulse of pleasure rippled through my core, causing Carlisle to groan deeply. He shifted, lowering himself back onto me while still allowing room for my hand to continue with its task. I felt his breath quicken, every muscle in his body straining against what had to be an unbearable urge to let go and pound into my virginal tightness. The pleasure was probably immense, yet he never strayed from his languid pace. I cupped the back of his head and stroked tenderly when he buried his face in the crook of my neck.

"I love you, Carlisle," I breathed into his ear.

His response, muffled yet discernible, was most definitely in kind. I felt his teeth graze my neck then, scraping along the length of my jugular before briefly sucking a fold of skin into his mouth. I trailed my free hand down Carlisle's back, eliciting from him another deep sound – this time I was certain it was a growl, but instead of making me pause, it only served to turn me on even further.

As my pleasure built, I planted my feet on the mattress and met Carlisle's hips, thrust for thrust, my fingers continuing their ceaseless dance round and round the tiny bundle of nerves at my center. Within minutes, I was panting raggedly.

"Isabella... Let go for me, sweet angel."

My insides fluttered teasingly at his words, but it wasn't enough to push me over the edge. Determined, I stepped up my efforts, thrusting harder against him. I could feel the pleasure hovering just outside my reach, but as had happened earlier, it refused to ignite into climax.

Kissing his way up my cheek, Carlisle looked down at me with those kind eyes of his and smiled. "It's all right, sweetheart," he whispered. "Just let it happen."

Gazing back, I couldn't help but trust him. I relaxed and stopped trying to force my body to cooperate. Even if I didn't come, it felt so good just to be in his arms and to feel him moving inside me. Of course, as soon as that thought crossed my mind, the most incredible thing happened. It started as a tiny, ticklish ripple deep in my core, but very quickly mushroomed into an explosive wash of pleasure that seized my entire body. I writhed and jerked uncontrollably when the orgasm hit, my keening screams rising in pitch until Carlisle successfully swallowed the desperate sounds with a kiss.

Shocked beyond words at the suddenness of my climax, I was unable to say a thing when Carlisle first pulled back, but apparently that was just fine with him. His eyes had taken on an urgent, slightly wild tinge, all traces of the beautiful honeyed color having disappeared. He started to thrust more forcefully, though I could tell he was still being mindful of my fragility.

"Bella..." His voice was thick as he nipped, only half-playfully, at my swollen lips. "Mate with me!"

"Yes!" I moaned, pulling him tightly against me.

I knew he needed this, needed to unleash the more untamed side of himself. He'd been extremely gentle and considerate all evening long, enduring things even a human male would have found trying. And I knew he would never truly hurt me; I could handle a few bruises if it meant having Carlisle experience the same joy he'd given me.

I yelped in surprise when he sank his teeth into the juncture of my neck and shoulder, not hard enough to break the skin – or to really hurt me – but definitely enough for him to hang on while he adjusted his angle for deeper penetration. With both of my hands now wrapped around his back, he ground himself firmly against me, each clash of our pubic bones causing a tiny spark of pleasure to reverberate in my groin.

Carlisle's arms snaked around my lower back, lifting me while his hips snapped against mine with increasing fervor, the resulting cupping sound echoing loudly. It felt absolutely incredible, making love with my husband like this. The intensity, the wild abandon was so exciting and electrifying. Every square inch of me tingled as I lay wrapped securely in his arms, our combined exertions making the bed jiggle deliriously, and the feel of him sliding in and out of me, touching me in places and in ways even I'd never previously explored...it was just indescribable.

I felt him let go of my flesh, though his mouth still hovered close to my neck while he groaned and panted. Working on instinct alone, I tried my best to intensify Carlisle's experience. I tickled and caressed him wherever I could reach, including some well-timed pinches to his bottom cheeks, and whispered endearments and even some dirty things I never thought I'd hear myself say. He reacted very enthusiastically to all of my attentions, but it wasn't until I inadvertently clenched my inner walls that I realized how much pleasure I could truly offer.

"Oh, Bella!" Carlisle practically howled, his whole body jerking.

Laughing, I hugged him to me and squeezed again, and then again, continuing my rhythmic onslaught until his tremulous moans were nearly continuous. When his voice took on a desperate edge, I clenched around him one final time, holding myself in place so that he felt nothing but unbearable tightness. All it took was a single thrust after that to send him into climax. He shuddered and lurched and cried out wordlessly, burying his face against my shoulder while he rode the waves of ecstasy. I could feel him pulsing inside of me, his cool venom bathing my insides with pure joy.

Carlisle's adoring whispers brought more tears to my eyes as he came down from his high. We lay together for a long time like that, just holding each other, lost in the enormity of what had just happened between us. Surprisingly, instead of softening within me, he remained partially erect, leading me to wonder whether that was something vampires could control. Before I could ask, however, Carlisle gently rolled us over and, with a devious smile, began teasing all of my sensitive spots with relentless, wiggly fingertips. Listening to my delighted squeals, it didn't take long before he was rock hard again. Guiding my hips with renewed desire, he proceeded to show me the wonders of being on top until I was gasping and shaking with pleasure once more.

I wanted nothing more than to continue making love with my husband into the depths of eternity, but after a whirlwind day of such incredible experiences and emotions, I was well and truly exhausted. Once Carlisle finally pulled out of me, the dull ache of my lost virginity began to throb in earnest. I didn't really mind; the feel of it actually made me smile happily, but I was still uncomfortably sweaty. That meant using what little energy I had left to get to the bathroom.

As if sensing my thoughts, Carlisle pressed a gentle kiss to my lips before gathering me into his arms and padding us back to that incredible marble room. I relieved myself while he got the shower started, and then we stood under the hot spray together, washing each other slowly and tenderly. We took our time drying off afterward with the warm towels, stealing more kisses and embracing for long minutes at a time. The passion had long since ebbed away, though, leaving only our love in its wake.

Carlisle's gaze trailed down to my right shoulder, and I could tell by his concerned expression that he was looking at the bite mark.

"Hey," I said, scratching playfully at his chest. "Don't worry. I think it's sexy as hell."

He laughed heartily at my words, but his mirth quickly faded as he rubbed the bruised skin with his thumb. "Here I spent so much time with the other men, helping them understand how fragile you are and how they would need to be so careful...and then I go and let my primal side loose on our first night together."

"Carlisle, trust me, I thoroughly enjoyed the primal thing." He still didn't look convinced, so I continued, "And I intend to wear as many wide-necked shirts as possible so I can show the rest of the world what it's missing."

He grinned. "You would, wouldn't you?"

"Yep," I affirmed, playfully poking his stomach. He looked so adorable standing there smiling with mussy damp hair, several strands of which hung flirtatiously over his forehead. It made me want to kiss him until he couldn't see straight, but I knew that would only lead down a path my body wasn't prepared to handle – at least not any more tonight.

Unselfconscious of my nudity, I tossed my towel aside and moved to the vanity where I unhooked the courtesy hair dryer from its perch on the wall. While I was no longer shy about being naked around Carlisle, I was definitely not going to let him see me wake up after going to bed with wet hair. That would most certainly redefine the word scary as he knew it.

I let my eyelids close against the warm wash of air. I couldn't remember ever feeling so alive...or so cherished. And this was all just the beginning. I had three other husbands to love and bond with, and three sister wives with whom I would spend the rest of my life – and eternity, eventually – sharing hopes and dreams. I couldn't imagine anything sweeter or more fulfilling than that.

When I reopened my eyes several minutes later, Carlisle was nowhere to be seen. Next to me, on the vanity, though, rested a glass of water and two ibuprofen. I smiled, turning off the dryer and putting it away. After taking the pills, I shut off the light and made my way back to the bed, where I found my husband waiting patiently for me.

Carlisle was stretched out on his side under the covers wearing nothing but that trademark charming grin of his. He'd turned the lights down almost all the way, but there was still enough of a glow that I could easily make out his features. After getting in, I started to slide over to him, then came to an abrupt halt.

"Wait...where's the wet spot?" I definitely didn't want to spend the night on that.

He chuckled. "I changed the sheets; no more wet spot."

I blinked at him. "Where did you get..." Then I held up my hand. "Never mind. It's probably best if I don't know."

We both shared a laugh as I snuggled into his embrace. After making sure I was securely wrapped in the cozy covers, Carlisle pulled back to look at me, his hand gently brushing through my hair.

"Are you sure you're all right, sweetheart?" he asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

I grinned, nodding. "Thank you...for making this such a beautiful memory." I could barely hold back the new wave of tears that filled my eyes.

The smile he gave me was radiant. Leaning down, he captured my lips in a sweet kiss before pulling me close. "Anything for you, my angel. Sleep well..."

As I closed my eyes, finally letting my body relax completely, I felt Carlisle gently rub my back, heard him quietly whisper, "I love you," in my ear just as a single tear of happiness fell down my cheek, leading me into warm, blissful unconsciousness...

(~ * ~finis~ * ~)

Story Note: While this marks the end of First Night, many of you have expressed an interest in reading more – in seeing how it might work to have the Cullens all married to one another, and I'm curious as well! So, I've decided to continue to explore this particular coven dynamic in a project I've titled For All Eternity.

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