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Sebastian and William both landed gracefully onto the ledge of a window. It hadn't taken them long to get here because both of them clearly harvested powers and they had both been to the said mansion twice.

Keeping a good distance between each other so they didn't feel like clawing each other's faces off; they both turned to face the window, before pausing to initiate a plan.

"This should be simple as long as you can find the girl demon, I bet you could smell her soul or something," William said with a smirk, "A bit like a dog."

Sebastian chose to ignore his comment and nodded, inhaling the surrounding scents. Yes, she was here somewhere; her scent was distinctive like most souls of children.

It didn't help that Sebastian could smell emotions as well, just like if they were different fragrances. Misery and fear, drifting into the wind.

It made Sebastian's stomach tighten. Why had that stupid girl sacrificed herself? Didn't she know that no one got ahead in life depending on others? She was one of the many used by someone else in order for them to move to the better. Then again, the girl would probably disagree with him. He really didn't understand the concept of friends, but when his mind reflected back to the girl, he assumed one thing.

He cared for her like he did his master, so maybe she was his friend. God, he sounded pathetic, here he was mighty demon and he was thinking of a little girl.

Just save her and take her back like your master instructed you too Sebastian, he thought to himself as he lifted up the window that any normal person would have failed to open due to the fact it was shut tight.

Being a demon really did have its advantages.

"We must try and avoid the other two as much as possible, I would rather get back without any fuss," William put forward and Sebastian nodded too. The simpler the better, he didn't fancy the sound of getting his suit messed up like he did the last time he fought a death god.

Though the girl's words from her last days did play on his mind,

"He'll threaten to kill me, I know it! He wasn't expecting Sebastian last time, but this time, he will be, I'll never escape."

Was the girl correct? Did the guy really keep guard that well? He didn't think so, he and William had entered through the window rather easily and most of all undetected. So was the brat all she had him made out to be?

"You don't understand...Lucas is special. He too has powers!"

So what if that man had powers, he doubted they would affect him.

Still, the girl was so hung up about it before. Maybe he did need to be on his guard a little.

"Demon, stop daydreaming and lead the way!" the death god hissed hotly, tapping his foot impatiently.

"Don't get impatient, we'll get back to your little girlfriend soon," he teased and he noticed as the death god's face got a tomato red as he glared back at him angrily.

"Just move demon," he ordered, and Sebastian just rolled his eyes before moving onwards.

"If you two don't hold still, I might have to kill you," Olivia growled as the two she was carrying squirmed as she took another jump into the air.

"Easy for you to say," Ciel grumbled, clinging on tighter, and Emma just whimpered imitating the boy.

Olivia moved once again over towards the direction she had sworn William had headed off into, but she felt lost.

Jumping to the forest floor, the other two squeaked loudly at her sudden halt.

"Why have we stopped?" her brunette friend had asked, her voice rather loud in Olivia's ear.

Ciel was quick to follow, grumbling and groaning at the out of the blue stop, "Don't tell me you're lost stupid girl!"

Great, keep insulting me, and I'm just going to dump you both here and go by myself, she thought but then sighed, even if that idea seemed attractive she had no idea where she was going herself.

"Not lost, just thinking of where to go next," she said in a voice that tried to sound convincing, but Ciel had clocked on and tutted loudly.

"No, you're lost."

She made sure to growl at that statement of his, scowling down at him as he held in her arms.

"Look, just shut it for two seconds, and then I can think," she demanded, pausing and attempting to block out the sound of the unhelpful pair.

There must be some form of Shinigami power for this, she thought to herself, like a tracking device or something…or how else would William know where to go all the time.

Concentrating hard, she shut her eyes tight and attempted to summon the power she hoped was like a Shinigami satnav.

"This way," she announced, turning to her right. This felt the correct way, she couldn't quite fathom out why; it just seemed to stick in her mind. Maybe she really did have a Shinigami tracking device power.

"Why this way?" Ciel snapped accusingly, glaring again, and Olivia just felt like dropping him there and then.

"Shinigami intuition."

It must have been the 20th time I had attempted this act again. The 20th time I had flopped back on my bed and squeezed my eyes shut in hope that this was all a wacky dream.

But seeing as it was my 20th you can probably guess it wasn't at all successful.

Just what was I doing here? Being here for god knows how long does help you think…in a way. It's just one of the other things I think about before my mind moves to my incredibly unfortunate predicament, and yes…my obvious crush.

Even if my wedding was on what…Friday? I had tried not to think about it. Tried not to think about it when Lucas put his grimy hands on my shoulders as he asked me ridiculous questions like what colour roses did I want at the wedding.

It's as if he really thinks I want to be his bride! Thinks that I will just accept a murdering, psychopath, kidnapper for a husband, even after he killed those girls, harassed me and ordered his death god of a butler to stab my best friend!

Then again, I feel as if he's punishing me at the same time, by playing this sick twisted game, maybe it's because he found my pictures the other day.

Yes, even though they were absolutely horrendous and looked more like a woman than a man, he had found my pictures I had drawn of Sebastian.

You know, I'm never really one for subtly, every time I get a crush, my eyes immediately hit them, and I can't stop thinking about them, as much as I try to deny how embarrassingly stupid that is.

What struck me as odd was I hadn't decided to keep my feelings just inside my mind now, I mean those drawings, I don't just normally draw the guys I like. I mean, one its weird, really weird, and two, I'm one for trying to not think I'm a strange person like that.

The thing is the other day I really hadn't hidden them well, and in came Lucas, luckily no Malcolm, I mean if he had seen the pictures; it could have been another repeat from the other day.

The idea of that literally sends shivers down my spine, why? I don't want to die, like most humans don't.

But in he came, found those pictures, and bam! He had yanked from the bed, dragged me roughly from my room I only felt marginally safe in and then had taken me back to look at that dreaded wedding dress.

As beautiful as it was, I couldn't admire it, as he shoved me closer to it, his face wearing a strained smile, as he wrapped his hands around me too tight and pressed his lips to my neck.

I had protested as usual, shoved him off with whatever strength I could conjure up, even if my body was on the verge of seizing up and becoming like a rock.

He hadn't said much after that, just sighed and asked me about what type of food I fancied at the wedding.

Urgh, the whole concept of my wedding makes me want to cry, literally, I've had enough now. I know I'm whinging, but I think I'm entitled too, I mean right now, all I want to do is go home, back to where there are such things as hot showers, laptops, and hair dryers, and live happily ever after.


Though if I had never gone through, I wouldn't have met Sebastian, in fact I would have just reading about his rather strange adventures with Ciel when the manga author brought out more.

You know at the end of the day, I don't know what I want this situation to be. Do I want it to be real, or a figment of my imagination?

Man, getting kidnapped, forced into marriage and all this mayhem really gives you time to think deep.

I rolled over onto my front, and buried my head into the bed throw underneath me.

I wonder what Emma and Olivia are doing now? Sebastian had better of taken them back home, if not I'll be so mad.

A knock to my door caused me to jump; only one person knocked in this house and that was flipping Malcolm, had he come to hurt me again?

Sitting up, and crawling back a bit, I tried to regain confidence even when I was shaking like a leaf.

"Who is it?" I called, my body already half under the covers as if they would protect me from a super human thingy with a fetish for garden shears.

The door opened a fraction, and I peeked over in that direction before the door quickly shut behind.

When I got a look at my guest…or guests for that matter, you could say I was more than shocked.


Sebastian and William were already up one hallway when things started to get peculiar. The house felt like a maze, it felt like even though Sebastian and William opened every door there was always another one…with nothing in…like a trick.

"There's something not right about this," William muttered under his breath, peering what seemed anxiously over his glasses, and Sebastian could only agree.

Something was most definitely wrong here. The atmosphere in the room seemed to be tense, like something would pop out at any minute. There was also the clear problem that the men found themselves evident to. They were walking around in circles.

The irritation of the situation had got to William first, his short temper arising as he pierced his spear into a nearby wall. Sebastian tried to ignore him, but it was starting to get infuriating for him too. Something clearly inhuman was at work here.

It didn't give off a presence of a death god however.

Sebastian took another step forward, overlooking the death god beside him pulling the spear from out of the wall, and that's when it happened.

"Good evening gentlemen," announced an immature voice, one that Sebastian knew, one that William couldn't really recognise but it seemed a tad familiar.

"Do you like my tricks? Comes along with my mind manipulation you see, pretty darn handy if I must say myself," the voice continued on and Sebastian could now picture the face of the young man that had kidnapped Eleanor.

"Who are you?" William snapped loudly, the man clearly on his last tether of patience.

"Oh, don't you remember me death god, I'm the one who order your girlfriend to be stabbed, the one who order her to be kidnapped that one time," the man mocked William and once more the spear went flying into the wall, this getting on Sebastian's nerves. The man's overreactions weren't getting them anywhere. What Sebastian wanted to know was what had brought on this new surge of power the man had, or if he had it before why didn't he use it? Not to mention his motive behind it.

"What is it you want?" Sebastian spoke up this time, and all he heard was the low of hum of the man hidden away as he appeared deep in thought.

"Eleanor…to keep her for myself, obviously," he declared and Sebastian tried to disregard the twinge of jealously that stuck at the back of his mind.

"And you know what? I knew you guys would come, again and again, at the start, I hadn't expected the girl to have 'rescuers' of your category, so I needed to get her back somehow, she's obviously a lot kinder than I guessed, sacrificing herself for that cute feisty blonde."

Sebastian's eyes flicked back towards the death god who literally had flames flying off him, his eyebrows arched to an impossible degree.

That idiot was really in love with that girl, Sebastian could settle with vomiting now.

However it seemed the man above hadn't finished yet.

"And it had dawned on me, you guys would be back, I mean that cutie Malcolm stabbed seems to be stubborn, even now, so my idea is to kill you all, so you can't come back, simple isn't it?" The man hidden chuckled, his laugh so sickly sweet.

"Like you could kill me," this time William had decided to stop growling and scoffed instead, attempting hard not to act like a hissing cat from behind his glasses.

"Oh, you might be right there, howeeeevvverrrr, I could easily kill someone else now, a few people actually."

What? The two stood in shock as the other continued to laugh.

"Oh~ you really don't know? Those three are here, that blonde girlfriend of yours death god, and that brunette with your precious little master, they're all here."

The other two froze, how was that possibly?

"They followed you all the way here, like disobedient kids, and now…I've sent Malcolm to kill them."

"You know you should be grateful to see us," Ciel grumbled as he stood in the doorway, Liv and Avi clearly beside him, and not at home like I had begged them to go.

"Why didn't you guys go home?" I found myself growling, at the other pair. Avi seemed to shrivel at that point, her face covered with shock, Liv on the other hand, I could tell she was mad by my little outburst.

"We're here to save you, drop the bitchy attitude," she said, frown lines creasing on her forehead.


Then again, the fact they had come, did make me feel happy, loved once again, and seeing their faces did seem to cease the anger that I could feel bubbling up inside.

I perched on the end of the bed and held my head in my hands.

"Why didn't you guys just go home?" I uttered.

"Cause we had to save you, stupid," Avi said, and I looked up to notice her wearing a half-smile. She was mad with me, just like Liv was.

"I'm sorry," I whispered, I should be happy I really should, but I have a feeling, a bad one.

"Come on then," without warning the three were tugging at my hand and heading over towards my window.

"The bastard barricaded them after I had an argument," I confessed as they tried hopelessly to open the window, I remember that day, I had slapped Lucas because he had tried to kiss me, the reason the windows stayed shut though was due to the fact I said I would rather die than marry him.

"I could always smash it open," Liv said with a smile, but Ciel stopped her before she could,

"Idiot, that death god will detect us if you do that, where the hell is Sebastian?"

Liv seemed to be unpleased with Ciel's suggestion but she then lowered her weapon.

"So what do you suggest?" I heard her ask.

"Go back the way we came," Ciel declared and the other two nodded. How had they got in here so easy? Had Sebastian killed the other 2? I was being tugged into the hallway again. It was painfully quiet.

"Come on, hurry," Liv whispering hotly at me as she urged me on.

Something was wrong? Something didn't feel right!

"Guys, stop," my words came out quiet but the three others froze, each turning to look at me like I had been possessed by the devil or something, "Something's wrong? I can feel it."

The sound of clapping then suddenly filled my ears and my blood felt like it was rushing away from me. Swinging on my heel, I came opposite the man I feared most at the moment, garden shears swinging from a loophole on his trousers.

"So very clever, but shame, your too late now," Malcolm announced with a smirk, removing the shears from his trousers. He lunged forward, and I felt myself freeze, he was going to kill me!

Suddenly I felt my body been thrown back, my hands hurt now, but I didn't feel like I had been cut, or was anywhere close to dying.

My eyes opened slowly and I was staring up at Liv, her scythe now pressing up against the garden shears as the two dangerously pushed forward.


No, this wasn't happening, we can't just leave her! Why didn't they just go home like I said in the first place?

"NOW!" She screamed once more and before I could even protest, I was being dragged again, Emma or Ciel yelling 'come on' or something in my ear.

She was disappearing out of sight now. This couldn't be happening.


The two men froze as they heard Eleanor's scream. Images flashed into their minds, like a projection.

Sebastian's was of Eleanor, her face now stained with tears as his master and her friend dragged her away. William's was of Olivia, whose pained face was coming into vision as she wobbled, attempting to keep her grip on holding back the traitor of a death god.

"Let the hunt begin gentlemen, I assure you in the end I'll get what I want."

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