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Uchiha Sasuke never liked hospitals.

The first time he set foot in a hospital was when he was six years old. His paternal grandfather was dying and Fugaku wanted Itachi and Sasuke to say their goodbyes. Sasuke was very young then so he didn't quite understand what was going on. He did feel scared when he saw his grandfather lying on the hospital bed and felt even more horrified when the old geezer asked for a hug. Sasuke wasn't close to his grandfather so that hug was a bit awkward.

The last time Sasuke was in a hospital was when Itachi died and Miyuki became his responsibility. He lost an important person but gained a new one that day. And now Itachi's daughter is in here, Sasuke thought as he buried his face in his hands. He didn't know what to feel. He was worried, scared, guilty and lost all at the same time. He couldn't help feeling those things despite the doctor's assurance.

"Most seizures are not serious," the doctor said earlier. "and most children who have one seizure will never have another. Miyuki-chan had what we call fever seizure. It can occur in children who have a rapid increase in body temperature. After a fever has reached a high temperature, the risk of a seizure is probably over. Fever seizures can be frightening but they are not usually harmful to the child and do not cause long-term problems such as brain damage, intellectual disabilities or learning problems."

Sasuke glanced back at his sleeping niece. He never felt this helpless in his entire life. For the past couple of hours, all he could do was something he has never done before - pray. He prayed that nothing happens to Miyuki, that there won't be any effect to her brain by that seizure and that it really was a one-time only. Sasuke didn't think he could handle seeing his little niece suffer from another seizure again any time soon. Just witnessing it once was enough to induce a fear so strong it rendered him useless. Thankfully Gaara was there. I should give him a present or something.

Sasuke was contemplating gift ideas when a timid knock came from the door. The relief he felt was so overwhelming that he just sat there staring as Hinata stepped inside the room, her eyes focused on Miyuki.

"H-how is she?" Hinata asked worriedly, hesitating by the doorway.

Sasuke let go of Miyuki's hand and stood up. "The doctor said not to worry. She's going to be fine."

Hinata nodded. "That's... That's good." A pause. And then finally she looked up at Sasuke. "I'm sorry - " she started but before she could say more, Sasuke walked over to her in two long strides and engulfed her in a bone-crushing embrace.

"No. I'm sorry." Sasuke breathed against her hair. He smiled as Hinata hugged him back. "I'm sorry. It was my fault."

Hinata didn't say anything but she kept patting Sasuke on the back and he understood. "Are you okay?" she asked softly after a while.

Sasuke lifted his head and looked at the face he didn't know he would miss so much. "I'm okay now."


Sasuke stared at his girls affectionately. Miyuki was still sound asleep. Hinata was curled up on the couch. He probably looked like a creep, watching her sleep, but it was fine since she was his girlfriend. He frowned. She is still my girlfriend, right? I have to talk to her about it later.

The door opened and Gaara came in. "You look like shit." He said without so much as a good morning. Ignoring my glare, he stepped closer and dropped a bag next to me. "I packed your best pair of jeans, your immaculate white shirt and a cute little boxer. You're welcome."

"How did you even know which is my best pair of jeans?" Sasuke asked quietly, grabbing and opening the bag. He started taking out Miyuki's clothes and prepared them for when she woke up. She was in her pajamas.

"You're not changing clothes?" Gaara asked.

"Why? Do I smell?"

Gaara shrugged. "I just figured you might want a change of clothing."

"I'm fine. But thanks." Sasuke muttered, clearing his throat. This is awkward. He forced himself to look Gaara in the eyes. "For the clothes. And for last night. Thank you."

"No problem. We share the same birthday, after all." Gaara said seriously. He finally noticed Hinata sleeping on the couch. "I'll go get you guys some breakfast."

Sasuke watched in amusement as Gaara left the room with an air of self-importance. They were all surprised to learn last night that Gaara and Miyuki shared the same birthday. Gaara was so pleased. I hope the similarity ends there, Naruto had muttered.

A movement from the bed caught Sasuke's attention. Miyuki was stirring and he rushed to her side just as she opened her eyes.

"Good morning, kiddo." He murmured, feeling her forehead. A nurse checked in on her half an hour ago and told him that Miyuki's fever had gone down. "How are you feeling?"

Miyuki blinked up at him owlishly and looked around the unfamiliar room. Her gaze landed on Hinata. "Hinata-chan!" she exclaimed.

Sasuke shushed her. "She's tired. We stayed up late because we were worried about you."

Miyuki sat up, looking at her uncle. "Sorry."

"Don't be sorry," he told her, gathering her in a hug. "It wasn't your fault. Just... Just don't get sick again, okay?"

"Okay!" Miyuki piped.

Sasuke chuckled as he pulled back. He stroke her face gently. She was not pale anymore. She looked lively and happy. As she should be. He then felt overwhelmed with emotion. "I love you, Miyuki."

Miyuki threw her little arms around Sasuke's neck. "Miyuki love Uncle Sasuke!"

Sasuke was choking. Not because of Miyuki's tight embrace. She finally called him uncle.

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