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Akihiko's low, baritone voice resonated in Misaki's ear as he stood over the stove, fixing breakfast. "I like being able to wake up to you making me breakfast again." He muttered, nipping at the boy's earlobe.

"Usagi-san," Misaki shied away from the touch bashfully, "I'm cooking. Don't distract me, baka. L-Let go, will you?"

The silver-haired writer flushed his torso against Misaki's back a little tighter as he hugged him. "No." He pouted. "If I let you go, you'll leave again."

"I told you, I'm just going there to do some work." The small brunette reminded him. "You have to finish that next chapter for your book anyway, and if I'm here, you'll get distracted."

Flipping their rice omelets onto two plates, Misaki pulled himself out of Akihiko's arms, and walked toward the table. "I don't like you being there without me." The author protested in a low tone. "You should just finish moving the rest of your stuff in here."

"No. T-That's not what we agreed." Misaki argued. "I told you I want to keep that apartment so I have a space of my own. I have somewhere to do my work and... and I can stay a bit independent."

Akihiko narrowed his eyes, "You have a room here. You don't need a whole apartment. There's no reason for it."

"I'm living here again, isn't that enough?" The boy countered.

"No." Usagi-san frowned. "I want all of Misaki to be here. I don't want part of you to be somewhere else."

Misaki sighed as he dug into his omelet. "Please try to understand, Usagi-san. It... it doesn't mean I don't love you. I came back. We're together again, but I just want to keep my own apartment. It makes me feel older. I-I like having a space that's my own; all my life I've either lived with Nii-chan, or you."

His older boyfriend still didn't look too pleased about the arrangement, but opted to continue sulking rather than continue the conversation.

The two finished their breakfast in silence, before Misaki was gathering his things, and getting ready to go to his apartment for a few hours of concentrated school work. Akihiko was going to be working on his latest novel and the boy wanted them BOTH to be able to focus. But as he was slipping on his coat and scarf, he felt the tall, looming presence of the writer from behind him.

"Misaki, I'm sorry." He grumbled. "I just worry you'll move out completely." Pausing, a large hand gently stroked the back of Misaki's head. "How about this? As a peace offering... I'll pay for your rent, so you can keep that apartment. Ok?"

The small brunette turned, and gazed up at his lover curiously; doe-green eyes wide with shock. "R-Really?"

"Really." Akihiko smirked, leaning in and placing a tender kiss on the boy's forehead.

Misaki blushed and lowered his gaze a bit. "Thank you, Usagi-san. That really means a lot." He smiled.

"I'll call your landlord today and arrange for your rent to come out of my account." He reassured him, walking back away from his young lover to grab a refill on his coffee.

He nodded, "O-Ok, great! Thanks Usagi-san! I'll be back in a few hours!" He waved, opening the door. But a final thought crossed his mind, and Misaki frowned, "And get some work done, too! I don't want to come back to see that you've done nothing but written another horrible BL novel!" He scolded, before shutting the door.

Akihiko stood with his cup of fresh coffee in hand; the smile on his face slowly fading to a look of guilt.

'This is what's best.' Akihiko thought solemnly to himself. 'Misaki will understand... eventually... that I need to do this. For his sake.'

"Stupid history." Misaki muttered to himself.

He hated history. Even moreso than English... but his dislike of that particular subject came from a dislike of his professor in said-subject. Professor Kamijou certainly hadn't been going easy on Misaki since their relationship-run-in, nor anyone in their class, for that matter. His attitude only seemed to be getting worse.

And deep down, Misaki couldn't help but wonder if he and Nowaki were getting along ok.

Chewing on the end of his pencil, Misaki's mind inadvertently switched to Nowaki. Maybe the demon professor was in such a bad mood because things weren't going well? Dare he hope? He often had dreams about Nowaki; some scenarios were a bit more 'embarrassing' and arousing than others... but regardless of the time or place, Misaki felt comforted when the gentle giant was around. Even if it was just in his dreams...

Knock, knock.


Immediately recognizing the voice, Misaki scurried away from his kitchen table, and rushed to open the door. He wondered how long his neighbor had been knocking before he snapped out of his daze and heard him.

Throwing open the door, Misaki smiled, "H-Hello Nowaki-san!"

"Misaki." Nowaki smiled, walking in. "I wondered where you'd gotten to. I haven't seen you in a while, and every time I come by, you're out." Pausing, the tall noirette furrowed his brow. "Why does your apartment seem emptier?"

Misaki bit his lower lip anxiously, forcing a smile, "Ah, well... Usagi-san wanted me to move back in with him. B-But I wanted to keep this apartment for my own personal use. Like, a place to call my own?" He explained sadly. "So Usagi-san took most of my things back to his place... and... I just kept the bare essentials here."

Nowaki drew his eyes around the relatively empty apartment with great disapproval.

"That's healthy." He muttered sarcastically beneath his breath. Turning back to his young friend, Nowaki tilted his head. "I thought you liked living on your own?"

"I-I do! I mean, I did." Misaki stammered, wringing the bottom of his shirt in his hands. "But I'm trying to make this work... with Usagi-san. You know... like... like you are with Professor Kamijou." He explained, trying to link their oh-so-similar situations.

Nowaki sighed, "Yes, but even I'm not ready to move back in with Hiro-san yet. We're taking this recovery slow. In fact, I don't even know if there are any guarantees we'll get over this rift. We've... we've been arguing a lot lately." The gentle giant's face fell, showing his clear discouragement regarding the whole ordeal. Even Misaki could tell that Nowaki looked a bit more tired than he usually did. "The point is, you can't make yourself unhappy for Usami-san and his selfish demands."

As much as he tried to hide it, Nowaki saw a small tremble in Misaki's lower lip. He frowned, and took a step toward the other – but surprisingly, Misaki stepped away.

"Y-You're making me sad, Nowaki-san." He mumbled shyly. "This is supposed to be a good thing. I-I don't want to think about how I felt before. Usagi-san wants to make this work, and I owe him that. I don't want to cause him, or you, a-anymore trouble."

Without missing a beat, Nowaki reached out and grabbed Misaki's thin arm – tugging him over, and right into his strong embrace. The brunette was shocked at first, and wanted to protest, but Nowaki cut him off...

"You could never cause me trouble, Misaki. Never."

The shorter blushed; his body relaxed a bit, and for a moment, he reveled in the feeling of Nowaki's long arms around him. Smelling his warm, comforting scent, hearing his strong, steady heartbeat.

'How long had it been since Akihiko had said those words to him?'

"Misaki-kun..." He whispered. "How about we watch a movie together? We haven't done that in a while." Truth be told, Nowaki had begun to miss a lot of things that he and Misaki used to do when they were neighbors. "Hiro-san won't be back until much later. And I'm not on call tonight."

Misaki thought of the pros and cons of hanging out to watch a movie with Nowaki. He knew Akihiko could get angry... but... then again, wouldn't it help to give the author as much time as possible to finish his book? If they watched the movie early enough, Misaki could still get back to the condo to cook Usagi dinner.

"Well... o-ok." Misaki reluctantly agreed with a small smile. "I'd like that. I'm not getting anywhere with my stupid homework anyway." He grumbled. Reluctantly pulling himself out of Nowaki's arms, Misaki took a few steps into his living room, and looked around. "Um, well, I-I think Usagi-san took all my movies back to his condo. So I don't really have anything."

Nowaki wanted to make another comment about Akihiko's overly-possessive behavior, but opted for biting his tongue, and offering Misaki a bright smile instead. "That's ok, Misaki-kun. I have movies at my place too." Lifting a hand, he ruffled the brunette's hair playfully. "Besides, you're movies are awful."

"Baka! No they're not!" The younger argued in a huffy tone.

It seemed like no time at all before Misaki and Nowaki had re-established their connection; they had picked a movie, bickered back and forth playfully – and wordlessly cuddled beneath a blanket while they watched their chosen film.

Both felt more at peace then than they had for the past few weeks since their respective lovers returned. For Misaki, it felt nice not to be regularly attacked, and to watch a movie peacefully. In Nowaki's case, he was just glad to be able to relax in his apartment without arguing with Hiroki (like he had been for the past week). It wasn't always arguing, but there seemed to be an uncomfortable tension between them that neither could identify the root of.

Well, Nowaki had an idea... but he wasn't ready to admit it quite yet. He'd been with Hiroki for about six years. He couldn't just throw that away. 'But at the same time...' He thought.

His blue eyes flickered down to Misaki, who was currently spooned up against his side; head resting on his shoulder. He smiled fondly. 'I've really missed this...' He thought in the back of his mind.

By the time the movie was over, both boys had lulled themselves into a little snooze. It was the most relax either one had felt all week.

Of course, it didn't last long. It never did.

Misaki was jolted awake two hours later by the sound of someone frantically calling his name. Pounding followed, and again, his name was called. Sitting upright, Misaki rubbed his eyes and tried to focus; he wasn't dreaming was he?

"Misaki?" The familiar, deep voice called from the hallway. "Open the door! Are you alright?"

Wincing, his brain finally recognized the voice as Akihiko's. "N-Nowaki-san... wake up." The boy lightly shook the noirette's shoulder, and woke him. "I-I think Usagi-san is looking for me." He muttered sleepily.

Standing up, the two straightened their slightly wrinkled clothing, and headed over to the front door. Opening it, Misaki was the first to venture into the hall – followed by his extremely tall neighbor.

"A-Ah, Usagi-san!" Misaki greeted with a nervous grin, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. "S-Sorry. Nowaki-san and I were just watching a movie."

Akihiko turned; his lavender eyes showed a brief hint of relief at the sight of his lover... but that relief was quickly replaced by seething jealousy, when he heard of Misaki's whereabouts – and saw the young doctor standing behind him.

Without missing a beat, Akihiko grabbed Misaki's arm – and dragged him forward. "Open the door, and get inside." He growled.

"U-Usagi-san..." Misaki stammered anxiously. "Why are you so angry? Nothing happened, w-we were just-"

"I said: get in, Misaki." The author growled again.

Blushing, Misaki tried to stop his hands from trembling long enough to get out his key, unlock, and open the door. As his small lover ventured inside, Akihiko spared another glance toward Nowaki – who was glaring at the silver-haired seme so strongly, it was a miracle Akihiko didn't burst into flames then and there.

Though, naturally, Akihiko could hold a deadly glare with the very best of them. Unfazed by Nowaki's cold demeanor, the writer disappeared into Misaki's apartment; slamming and locking the door behind them.

"Usagi-san," Misaki tried to gently coax. "I-I know you're probably angry I didn't call, but... I just kind of forgot about the time. I did my homework, and-and then Nowaki-san came over and we started talking... and he asked if I wanted to watch a movie, so-"

Misaki's explanation was cut short when Akihiko's mouth suddenly slammed over his own. He muffled a weak protest, but soon fell limp at the familiar feeling of his lover's tongue dominating and coaxing his own. Misaki mewled as Usagi-san lifted him up into his arms, and pressed him back against the wall; already working on undoing the boy's jeans.

"U-Usagi-san... s-stop..." He panted. "Nowaki-san... m-might... hear..."

Akihiko's eyes seemed to darken, as he silenced his uke with another kiss. 'That's the idea.' He thought jealously to himself.

It was a base notion. It was instinct. It was the idea of claiming one's mate; he had to mark his territory, and leave his scent on Misaki – so other seme's (or in this case, namely, Nowaki) would get the message: Misaki. Was. His.

"A-Ah!" The familiar, alluring cry of his sensitive uke brought Akihiko back to the task at hand, as he fondled and stroked Misaki's now exposed cock. "U-Usagi-san... n-no..." He weakly protested.

Akihiko's hungry tongue ran up and down Misaki's neck, leaving marks and thick trails of saliva as he got himself even more turned on. Hoisting Misaki's legs to sit around his hips, Akihiko undid his own pants and pushed them down. He was already hard. There was something about having Misaki in such a vulnerable position; something about claiming him, and listening to him whimper his protest...

Nowaki had reluctantly re-entered his apartment after his silent face-off with Akihiko. It was as clear as day now; there wasn't a shadow of doubt in Nowaki's mind...

He absolutely... one hundred percent... hated Usami Akihiko.

Not only had he make Hiroki's life difficult at the beginning of their relationship with that whole 'blindfold sex' incident – but now, he was intent on separating him from Misaki. It was obvious he detested their bond and friendship, and the more Nowaki thought about the sweet brunette being dominated and bullied by Akihiko, the more his hatred grew.


Nowaki stopped, and paled when he heard the noises coming from next door; gradually growing with each passing minute, louder and louder.

"Usagi-san... n-no..."

Grunts and repetitive groans followed afterward. It took Nowaki a good five minutes before he realized his hands were clenched into fists, and his teeth were grounding together in frustration. Needing a distraction – he walked over to the sink, and began to hastily wash some left-over dishes from earlier in the day.

The noises on the other side of the wall, however, did not ease up. Instead, they became louder and louder – until Nowaki could hear Misaki nearly screaming at the top of his lungs in pleasured ecstasy. With the vibrations pulsing through his apartment, the young doctor could only deduct that Akihiko was probably taking Misaki right up against the wall.

'Bastard...' Nowaki hissed internally; dark glower on his face as he washed a plate. 'He's doing it to annoy me... he's trying to provoke me... thrusting in and out of Misaki – pushing him against the wall... probably licking and sucking on his neck... grinding their hips together so roughly it's causing the wall to shake, maybe even mild bruising... bringing Misaki further and further to his release... his head thrown back in-'

The sound of a plate shattering against the far kitchen wall brought Nowaki out of his overactive imagination. The noises next door stopped. Everything was silent again, and Nowaki was left leaning over the sink; head hung in a shameful realization...

These new feelings were getting out of hand.

It was almost a week by the time Nowaki saw Misaki again.

And it was only because he decided to venture to his university campus to check up on him. As he suspected, the boy looked exhausted. He yawned about three times within the span of three minutes as he headed across the front campus grounds. When Nowaki moved closer to intercept his friend, he also noticed a few dark hickeys covering his otherwise smooth neck.

"Misaki-kun!" He called out, raising his hand so the younger male would see him.

As Misaki looked up, his face immediately brightened – and he jogged over toward the tall doctor. "H-Hi Nowaki-san."

"I'm glad I caught you." He muttered with a small, fond smile. "I just haven't seen you for a while. But it looks like you've been... busy." He finished; his voice dropping the usual enthusiasm which he normally had when talking to Misaki.

The young brunette seemed to instantly pick up on what Nowaki was referring to, and he absently reached a hand up to tuck away some of his hickey's further from view behind his shirt collar. "Y-Yeah..." He blushed. "Usa-" Misaki stopped. "Um... school... has been keeping me busy."

"Well, I'm taking you out to eat. You look like you've been skipping some meals." Nowaki teased, poking Misaki in the side. While it was meant as a jest, the boy did seem a little paler than usual. He hoped that Akihiko wasn't overexerting Misaki with his selfish demands.

Misaki tilted his head cutely as he gazed up at Nowaki, "Oh... but... aren't you meeting Professor Kamijou? That's why you came to campus, isn't it?"

"Well..." Nowaki lowered his gentle gaze to stare down into Misaki's large, green orbs. "Actually, I was worried about you. It's been a couple weeks, and after the way Usami-san acted the last time we were together, I just..." He trailed off, not really sure of what he wanted to say.

But the shorter student seemed to get the hint, and blushed profusely. "Nowaki-san..." He whispered. "I... um..."


The sharp, familiar tone of Hiroki Kamijou immediately caught their attention. Both looked over to see the assistant literature professor quickly approaching. "What are you doing?" He asked suspiciously, sizing up Misaki – who, was in turn – shrinking down under his professor's harsh gaze.

"Nothing, Hiro-san." Nowaki answered calmly. "I just offered to take Misaki-kun out for dinner. He's been working hard lately."

Hiroki stared at his lover silently for a few minutes, while he pondered over that answer. "Good." He finally answered. "Then I'll come along. I'm hungry." He grumbled. "Let's go."

Nowaki bit his tongue, and refrained from denying Hiroki the pleasure of accompanying them. He had initially only planned on taking Misaki, in the hopes of convincing him to fend off Akihiko's 'advances' for the sake of his own health. But that would prove to be a bit more difficult with Hiroki watching his every move, and listening to every inflection in his voice.

With no other choice, the three males awkwardly headed out to dinner; specifically, to the closest family restaurant.

Aside from their quiet, tense table – the atmosphere was chatty and light. Other couples, families, and friends surrounded them.

"So, how are your classes going?" Nowaki asked, trying to keep to a generic topic.

Misaki opened his mouth to answer, but Hiroki cut him off as he absently typed away a message on his cell phone. "Horrible. He doesn't pay enough attention, and he overlooks key factors when it comes to critical thinking."

The young brunette glared at his professor wearily. "Maybe if I didn't spend so much time dodging the erasers and chalk you throw." He mumbled.

"What was that?" Hiroki snapped.

Misaki didn't answer, and instead took a drink from his glass of water. Nowaki gave a small, awkward laugh and decided to change the topic. "I hear it's supposed to thunderstorm all next week." Glancing over at his lover, he saw Hiroki snap his phone shut and put it away. "Who were you texting?" He asked with a light curiosity.

The demon professor didn't answer; he simply stared at the giant noirette for a few seconds, before opening up a menu and reading it. "Where's the waitress? I want to order." He complained, completely avoiding the question.

Suddenly, both Nowaki and Misaki had a similar, sinking feeling in the pit of their stomachs. The last time Hiroki had texted someone while they were together, it turned out to be Akihiko.

Well, as it turns out, this scenario wasn't any different. No sooner did the three men place their order, when Akihiko stormed in and made a b-line for their table. But instead of taking Misaki home, the silver-haired author slid into the booth beside his young, stunned lover.

"Sorry I'm late." He mumbled; as if he'd been invited the whole time. He shot a quick, deadly glare at Nowaki – who in turn, sent a disappointed look to Hiroki. Poor Misaki, of course, was caught in the middle, and wasn't quite sure what to say. The atmosphere at their table in this pleasant, family restaurant had only gotten more and more tense. It was bad enough that his time with Nowaki had been crashed by Hiroki, but now Akihiko was here as well.

The two old friends began chat about literature, the latest books they've read, and naturally, Akihiko's work (both old and upcoming)... while Misaki and Nowaki sat there silently. Neither was sure of what to say. They couldn't really jump in on the intellectual conversations happening beside them, due to a lack of 'extensive' knowledge regarding prominent literature.

"Misaki-kun," Nowaki muttered quietly to the brunette sitting across from him, hoping not to interrupt the other conversation. "I hear there are some new baby penguins at the zoo. They were born a couple days ago." He smiled. "Want to go see them with me?"

The doe-eyed boy's face seemed to perk up; it was no secret he loved penguins. "Uwah! I'd love to! I re-"

"I'm already taking him." Akihiko chimed in stubbornly.

Both boys fell silent. "Ah... r-really, Usagi-san?" Misaki asked tentatively. "You never mentioned anything, s-so I thought..."

"It was going to be a surprise." The author answered sharply, shooting Nowaki yet another harsh stare, before lighting up a cigarette. Reaching into his pocket, Akihiko pulled out a wad of cash, and placed it on the table. "That's for dinner. My treat." He mumbled, sliding out of the booth, before taking Misaki's hand and tugging him out as well. "We need to get going."

Misaki's head lowered shamefully. He tried to offer Nowaki an apologetic smile, before Akihiko pulled him along – and they disappeared outside.

Nowaki's eyes followed Misaki right up until he was completely out of sight.

"Why do you keep going out of your way for that brat?" Hiroki's cold voice brought Nowaki back to his companion. His lover.

The noirette frowned, "We're friends."

"And we're lovers." The young professor corrected. "Stop interfering in Takahashi's life. It's problematic for Akihiko... and for me."

Nowaki didn't answer.

Misaki heaved a heavy sigh as he walked through the doors of his apartment building. It had been an exhausting two weeks. His workload from Professor Kamijou had only been getting heavier; he was well aware that Hiroki undoubtedly hated his guts... and that his treatment was becoming more and more personal each day. But Misaki, being who he was, chose to put on a brave front – and take each insult and hurdle with the stick-to-it attitude he was known for.

His re-established relationship with Akihiko was also a bit of a roller-coaster. The author had been rather clingy lately; he dropped off and picked up Misaki from school, insisted they go back to eating all their meals together, and tried to jump the poor boy whenever he had a free minute. It was utterly exhausting.

And... it had been two weeks since he'd seen Nowaki.

'Why am I keeping track?' Misaki wondered, blearily trying to suppress a yawn as he made his way through the apartment building's lobby. He had finally managed to snag some personal time for himself after his classes. Akihiko had a meeting with his publishers today, and wouldn't be back for a few hours. While Misaki knew he had to get back to the condo before Akihiko returned – he wanted to use this time to hang out in his own apartment.

Maybe he could venture next door and see if Nowaki was-

"Takahashi-kun." His landlord called, effectively recapturing Misaki's attention back from his inner thoughts. "I left some big boxes in your apartment; hope you don't mind. I figured you could use them."

Misaki frowned, and tilted his head, perplexed by the gesture. "Ah... t-thank you, but, I don't think I need any boxes." He muttered.

"Oh?" His landlord furrowed his brow. "But how else are you going to pack up your things? A blanket tied around a hobo-stick doesn't cut it anymore, you know." He chuckled bemusedly.

The young student's heart fluttered, and he felt his stomach begin to sink...

"Am... am I moving?" He asked slowly.

The landlord nodded, "Well, that was my understanding." He admitted, scratching some of the ingrowing stubble on his chin. "Usami-sensei called me a few days ago, and canceled your contract. He said you were moving back into his charge."

"T-That's... no, that's not true," Misaki stammered, clutching his bookbag like it was suddenly a lifeline. "He was helping me pay my rent, but t-this is MY apartment!"

The older man sighed sadly, "I'm sorry, Takahashi-kun, but I've already rented the apartment to someone else. You need to be out by Friday." He stated awkwardly; clearly, he was just the messenger, and this plan was already in motion. "Usami-sensei said he has already hired movers to come that day."

Misaki could do nothing but stare.

He couldn't believe this was happening. Didn't Akihiko tell him he could KEEP his apartment? Why was he suddenly canceling his lease, AND the payment, and forcing him to move out? Why was he making these decisions alone? It was HIS apartment, and Akihiko shouldn't have a say! He thought they had moved to a place of trust. Misaki had loved feeling independent; he had loved having a place to call his own... someplace that wasn't Nii-chan's, and wasn't Usagi-san's.

His internal anger continued to boil and bubble up inside him as he tore himself from the building, and headed outside with cell phone in hand. A quick speed dial of a familiar number, and within minutes, Misaki was connected to the perpetrator.

"WHAT the HELL have you done!" Misaki screamed into the phone.

On the other end, Akihiko's cool voice answered, "Oh? Ah. The apartment."

"Yes, the apartment! MY apartment!" Misaki continued furiously, "Y-You said I could keep it! You said you would just help me pay for rent! But if it's too much money, I can keep paying it on my own! You didn't need to do THIS! H-How could y-"

Akihiko interrupted him pretentiously, "It was interfering with your studies." He countered. "Kamijou-sensei told me your grades have been slipping. Being on your own is causing you to lose focus; you can get everything you need to get done at the condo. THAT is your home." He stated; like it was gospel. "The apartment is useless, and a waste of money, since we're in a relationship. I will take care of you, Misaki."

"T-That was never the issue a-and you know it!" Misaki cried. Tears had already begun to stream down his cheeks, while his anger gave way to vulnerable heartache, as it so often did. "T-This is like a betrayal! I... I can't believe you did t-this without telling me!" He wept.

His lover sighed on the other end, "Don't cry Misaki. This is not as devastating as you think. I love you, and I just want you close. I don't want to lose you again." He offered comfortingly. "I'm sorry, but I have to go now. I have arranged for some movers to come to your apartment on Friday. They will bring what's left back to my condo." Releasing a heavy sigh, the author finished. "We'll talk more when I'm home. I love you."

Misaki didn't answer. He slammed his cell phone shut and stuffed it into his bag. Sinking down onto the ground, the boy tried to wipe away his tears on the back of his coat sleeve.

He hated this. He hated that he had no independence; he hated that Akihiko's jealousy made him selfish and unreasonable. Why would he do this? Why wouldn't he talk to Misaki about it, instead of acting on his own?

'Could it be... because of Nowaki-san?' The green-eyed student wondered.

It was no secret Akihiko hated (and felt threatened by) his friendship with the tall, noirette giant. Was this his final, strategic move to separate them? He knew moving back in completely with Akihiko would cut off his ties to Nowaki almost completely. After all, when would they see each other? Between his lover picking him up and dropping him off at school, Demon Kamijou, and Nowaki's job at the hospital... it would be a miracle if they saw each other again.

Slowly, Misaki forced himself to stand – and gradually willed himself back into his apartment building.

'Guess... I don't really... have a choice...' He thought solemnly.

By the time Thursday night rolled around, Misaki had most of his things packed. There were a few items; namely a lamp, a couple end-tables, and a sofa that he wasn't taking. There wasn't really a need, since Akihiko's condo was already fully furnished. He explained it to the landlord, who assured him that the next tenant would probably be more than happy to have those items.

His place seemed so empty. So hollow. He'd been feeling a bit melancholy all week, despite his best efforts to appear positive. But there were some feelings that even Misaki Takahashi couldn't hide. He was disappointed; it felt like he and Akihiko were going backwards in their relationship... and the over-protectiveness was ten times as worse as it had been before.

Sitting on the floor, Misaki lazily placed another piece of masking tape over the box flap, to make sure it stayed secure. The movers were coming tomorrow; Misaki had at LEAST managed to convince Akihiko that he needed to spend the last night in his apartment alone, in order to finish packing (and get some closure, though he tactfully left that part out). Usagi-san hadn't been wild about the idea, but a missed deadline had him otherwise occupied – so he reluctantly agreed.

Knock, knock.

Misaki winced at the sound of the door, but slowly dragged himself up onto his feet and shuffled over to it – thinking it was probably his landlord, wanting him to sign off on some final paperwork.

"Hey Misaki-kun!" Nowaki's bright, smiling face was there to greet him instead. "I'm glad I caught you. It's been weeks! But each time I came by, you were... never..." The dark-haired doctor slowly trailed off when he noticed Misaki's sullen expression; his doe-like green eyes were quickly welling up with tears.

"Misaki-kun?" Nowaki cooed, lifting a large hand and placing it on his neighbor's head. "What's wrong?"

Misaki shrunk back from the touch, "I'm sorry, Nowaki-san... t-this isn't really a... g-good time..." He choked out.

Growing more concerned by the second, Nowaki took a couple steps forward, and let himself into the boy's apartment. His focused-blue eyes immediately noticed the lack of property; Misaki had only kept a few things here, since he was partly living with Akihiko... but now, it looked even MORE bare.

"...What's going on?" Nowaki asked more seriously.

Misaki gazed up at his tall friend guiltily, before lowering his head and shutting the door. He locked it behind them, "I'm... moving."

"What?" Nowaki glared, "But... you said you were going to keep this apartment. I thought you liked having your own space? I thought-"

"I DID!" The younger male suddenly screamed; startling Nowaki enough to immediately shut him up. "I... I didn't WANT this, Nowaki-san! I wanted to stay, I liked this place!" He blubbered uncontrollably. "But U-Usagi-san canceled my lease, and now it's been re-rented!"

The normally 'gentle-giant' seemed to have a dark, menacing aura growing around him. "What?" He asked in a low tone. "Misaki-kun... he can't do that. This is your apartment. You were paying rent."

"W-Well..." Misaki sniffed, shrinking down in shame. "H-He... convinced me to let him pay for my rent. S-So it got transferred into his name." He admitted. "I-I didn't know this would happen! I... thought he was ok with it. He TOLD me h-he was ok with it!"

Nowaki grit his teeth together. What the hell was Usami-sensei thinking? How could he betray Misaki's trust like that for his own selfish reasons? And what's more, why would Misaki let him have that kind of control?

"Misaki..." Nowaki sighed, taking a step toward him.

To his surprise, however, Misaki shot up and clutched onto the front of Nowaki's shirt and chest desperately. "I-I don't want to leave, Nowaki-san!" He cried hysterically. "I-I... liked it here! I liked being on my own, and-and feeling more like an adult!"

"It's alright Misaki, please don't cry." Nowaki coaxed, lifting a hand up to stroke away some of his tears.

"T-The worst thing is... I know that -hic- if I l-leave, I... I..." Misaki began to stammer; staring up at his friend with wide, watery eyes that pierced Nowaki to his very core; he waited with baited breath for him to finish.

"I... I won't see YOU anymore!" He admitted painfully.

Nowaki was stunned. Was that the real reason Misaki was so distraught? Naturally, it would be hard to have someone you love betray you, by making such a momentous decision without your consent... but dare he hope that a big part of Misaki's reluctance to leave – was because of him? It appeared so.

If he was going to be completely honest with himself, Nowaki didn't like the idea any more than Misaki. Akihiko certainly seemed to be pulling out all the tricks he had to stop them from getting any closer. The two times he had seen Nowaki and Misaki together must have been enough; Hiroki had told him before how possessive and stubborn the writer could be when it came to things he wanted.

"Misaki..." Nowaki whispered, pulling him close. Wrapping him in his arms, the towering noirette leaned over, and planted a deep, soothing kiss on Misaki's lips.

The boy was stunned at first; he froze completely, and almost went limp in Nowaki's arms. When the doctor pulled back, Misaki was staring up at him quietly, with an almost unreadable, sedate expression on his face. They stood in silence for a few minutes – standing within the empty, darkening apartment as the evening sun continued to set further and further into the distance.

Then without warning – Misaki threw his arms around Nowaki's neck, and kissed him back with such fevered desperation, that Nowaki stumbled back a bit in an effort to keep his balance. His comforting arms settled themselves around Misaki's waist again, but more tightly this time; almost hoisting the younger man up off the floor.

Their position changed rapidly when Misaki tugged back, and successfully toppled them both onto the bare, hardwood floor of his box-cluttered living room. He reveled in the feeling of Nowaki's broad torso and weight above him while they hurriedly licked and kissed each others faces.

Misaki's sex drive had been considerably lacking this past month; whether it was because of his school work, or the hiccups in his re-born relationship with Usagi-san... he didn't know.

But what Misaki DID know is that he was more turned on, and more desperate to have Nowaki claim him than he had been in a while.

He worried, briefly, in the back of his mind if this was just 'sex' for Nowaki. He recalled once, a while ago after they had first slept together, that Nowaki had defined them as 'friends who could comfort each other' … which basically translated into: friends with benefits.

The idea made his heart wrench slightly, and for a moment, he wanted to withdraw... he wanted to hide his heart away from being hurt, or damaged beyond repair any more than it already was...

"Misaki..." Nowaki's husky voice seemed to resonate through his entire body. "I've missed you..."

And with those simple words – Misaki gave up completely.

He didn't realize how much he'd really missed Nowaki-san... and knowing the feeling was absolutely mutual, sent Misaki into a state of ecstasy he hadn't experienced, nor felt, in nearly half a year...

The aftermath was filled with a peaceful, content silence. Both were laying on the floor naked; Misaki was spooned right up against Nowaki, almost completely on top of his toned, muscled chest – while the giant seme's arms remained around him in a tight embrace.

The sound of separate vibrations drew the exhausted lovers from their blissful haze. Glancing over, Misaki saw his cell phone a few feet away; vibrating quickly on the floor, making it dance ever so slightly. Nowaki's was also nearby, and mimicked the same movement.

Frowning, Misaki closed his eyes to stop any more tears from erupting. He'd cried enough this past week.

He knew who was calling...

"N-Nowaki-san..." He whispered into the dark.

"No." The noirette cooed, stroking the back of Misaki's soft hair gently. "Ignore it. Ignore everything." He told him. "We only have until morning... I want to keep you here. I want us to enjoy this."

Misaki squeezed his eyes shut, and hugged Nowaki even closer; gasping when he felt the giant's arms tighten around him in a similar way.

The vibrating cell phones eventually stopped.

A/N: Ok, so I know I've deprived you of a sexy Misaki/Nowaki lemon lol but I promise, it will be referenced/flashed-back to in the NEXT chapter. I hope this update hasn't let you down; you've been waiting patiently, and I really appreciate it :) I hope it was worth your wait. Believe me, everything is just going to get worse; their hardships are far from over. I had to at LEAST give Misaki/Nowaki a final night together, alone... before the movers come. Alas, what will become of our love-lorn boys?