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The Sue Rules

By Mr. Havik


The storm that loomed above his head boomed angrily, spitting lightning and threatening to shower, angered at his presence. He knew the raging clouds warned him that his arrival was not welcome here. His soul was corrupted and stained with his grotesque sins. He knew that he was forbidden to tread on such holy land, but unlike his usual nature to displease the Thunder God for just the sake of it, he came here for a reason. He would not degrade himself by ever setting foot on the earth that was used for his nemesis's worship, but this new danger, this new threat was something he could not manage to execute with his sole prowess.

He, and the few that had allied themselves with him could not prove successful in vanquishing this monster. She was too powerful, though out numbered, and nearly impossible to stop.

Indeed, she was only nearly impossible to defeat.

With separate powers that is...

He knew that with unity between the allies of darkness and light, they could manage to destroy his regrettable creation. Together, there was a chance that she could be annihilated before she could manage to make the realms crumble at her feet, and seemingly destroy reality.

He knew what he had to do, even if it meant risking his pride and bargaining with his enemy.

It was for the survival of existence.

His survival.

The wind had begun to blow like a herd of rushing bulls, trying desperately to topple him over the edge of the high-point of the tower. But he managed to strengthen his footing and stand like a rock in the rolling wind, unmoving, not submitting to its will. He turned his pale face towards the dark, churning sky and called the god's name, using all the energy he could muster to make his voice sound louder than the storm.

Within moments, the sky lit up, revealing a tint of blue at the belly of the clouds and sending down upon the center of the Temple a single stroke of lightning. He shielded his dark eyes with his arms as the bolt shot down at a metallic rod at one corner that emitted a sudden flash of white. A short boom was heard before the light died down and he believed it to be safe to see.

Before him stood Raiden, adorning his simple straw hat and a deep frown. His eyes spat a few sparks with anger and static ran across and around his clothing and hair. He was equipped with his enchanted staff, which too had blue currents running about its length. His weapon was an indication that if provoked, he would definitely fight back.

But now was no time for meaningless squabble. Now was the time to from an alliance and protect the reality that framed the land they walked upon.

He had to have his trust, or else, all would be lost.

In a show of submitting and humbleness, he fell to one knee and bowed his head. But the god was not moved. He knew that the immortal would well think of this as treachery, and so, took his staff in both hands.

"All I ask is your faith..." he began quietly, internally cursing himself for falling at his enemy's feet.

"Stand up so I may know of your intentions..." the god ordered, which he obediently followed.

Raiden paced back a little, taking back his staff in his left hand and staring into his cold grey face. He knew he was peering into his soul to know his true motives. This was one thing he felt confident at, for his intentions were not for causing discord for the moment.

"I do not entirely trust you, Quan Chi..." the god spoke, his voice crisp and loud as thunder. "But you may relate to me your purpose for intruding into sacred grounds."

"I come to tie an alliance with you, Raiden," he stated, almost sneering through a mock smile in an attempt to sound as generous as he possibly could. "I seek the support of the forces of light to aid us in the fight against this new threat –"

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE NOW?" the god bellowed, thrusting his arm over his neck to push him off the tower. He stumbled back at the sudden blow, but caught himself before he would fall over. He took a hold of the limb that oppressed him and pushed it away just enough so that he may breathe.

"Temper, Thunder God," he said calmly. "I did not come here for a fight."

"Then what did you come here for?" the immortal demanded, his eyes flashing wild sparks. He could feel the tinge of the static that now raced uncontrollably through the god's fingers.

He quietly eased himself away from Raiden's grip and made his way towards the center of the platform; the farthest from the short walls and a hundred meters drop to the ground.

"You have every right to be outraged," he had said, forgetting that he was to make good terms with the god and reverting to his initial persona. "It was a mistake actually. I thought I had made a force capable of destroying an enemy that has long been a hindrance in my life. The creation was successful, but I had only realized how... grotesque... it actually was until she had been born..."

He saw how the immortal narrowed his eyes in anger at him when that word snaked from his mouth.

"You might understand now why I have come to you. And I need you and your allies to aid me in her execution..." he requested, taking a step forward and extending a gloved hand.

"And give me one good reason why I should refrain from throwing you off the building right now...?" the Thunder God queried, his frustration having still not left him.

"Because I am the only one who has the knowledge to destroy her..."

The god bowed his head low, obscuring his face with his head wear. He heard him sigh and then shake his head regrettably until he looked back up again. The other's fingers wrapped around his hand and shook it once before releasing his hold.

It was a deal.

Nothing more to be said, nothing more to be done, he took his leave, passing by the god who remained in place, sighing with exasperation.

"Quan Chi!" Raiden called. He did not turn to meet him, for he knew that his tentative ally surely did not want to face him as well. He stopped in his tracks, aware that the god would know that he had not left yet.

"You called this threat a 'she'..." he began. "What exactly have you made?"

Chi sighed deeply and closed his eyes, regretting his experiment. He turned lightly on his heels just so that he could look back the tall immortal. Raiden, too, was facing him, his staff standing beside him.

"The only thing we all would be powerless against," he began, a sad frown on his cold face.

"A Mary Sue..."

Looking up at the stars of the night time sky, she shivered silently in the mild cold. She hugged herself to keep her body warm and ignited the fire inside of her so that the heat may quickly reach her body. Within moments, she could feel easy to walk in the slow wind.

She looked up ahead at the distant path of the valley, winding and folding behind green rocks. She sighed in frustration at having to tread such a long way. She was tried, and decided it was enough for the day. She skipped over a few rocks to her right and conveniently found a small brush near a flat stone that stretched to nearly two meters. Placing her weapon of choice, a kunai attached to a rope under a small niche in the rock, she quickly untied her waist long, chocolate brown hair. She stretched her arms and yawned beneath her mask before lying down upon the smooth stone.

She looked up at the stars again, wondering how beautiful they were. She realized she loved them; the first thing she could ever love during her time on the Earth. Back in the nether, the sky did not wear any stars, and hardly anything was liable to be called beautiful there. But this realm she liked, because it had so many things that were so beautiful. It made her feel happy; a feeling she thought she would never know until she had been resurrected.

Another yawn escaped her lips; her mortal body's way of telling her to get some sleep.

She turned to her side, placing an arm beneath her head to rest on. Soon, her eyes fluttered shut and she fell into blissful sleep.

Scorpion had shuddered.

He did not know why.

He did not feel the cold, neither could he sense an unwanted presence nearby.

Then why did he shudder?

He turned his head to his side, his white eyes searching for perhaps a stalker. His hand reached for his spear, equipped on his belt, ready to strike in case of an ambush. But as long as he waited silently in the still of the night, he could not feel anyone around him. He could not sense any other besides him. And he certainly did not feel anything anymore. It was as if his body reacted on its own for whatever reason it may have. Sheathing back his weapon he continued on his path, his pace quicker once he realized the light of the moon would soon vanish as the heavenly rock would be obscured by an incoming storm.

He trudged through the thick dirt laden on the pathway, unaware that his mission would hold for him a terrible turn of his fate. Every step he took led him closer to his ultimate demise:

The Mary Sue

Scorpion shuddered again.

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