I have adopted the story Kage Fujin from the author fujin of shadows while this story will be a little different than the original one. As for the pairing I'm thinking of a harem but it's not going to be more than 3 women and I already have the 1st two pairing which will be naruxyugito and naruxmei I am still trying to figure out the last person.


He was now staring down the village that was the cost of his suffering, the very same village that would decide his fate. As he stood before this people he couldn't help but remember the situation which led to this predicament.


As the waterfall continued to fall in the middle of the Valley of End, two people were starring down each other.

The first person had blonde hair, whisker mark in each side of his cheeks, an orange jump suit on, and something else different than his usual appearance: red violent chakra cloak the resembles fox with one tail. As a result, his whisker mark became more define; his teeth, fang-like; and his cerulean blue eyes, now red with silted pupils.

He was the vessel of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, Uzumaki Naruto.

The second person had raven-colored hair, red eyes with three tomoe's in the irises, a blue shirt with white short pants on, and something else different than his usual appearance as well: cursed seal elevated to level two. As a result, his skin became dark grey; his hair, longer; his nose, marked by a dark star-shaped mark on its bridge; and his back, winged with hand-shaped appendages.

He was the last of the Uchiha clan, Uchiha Sasuke.

Both of them had been fighting for quite some time. It was very evident in their battlefield had been ruined since they started their battle, and also in their scars and injuries on both of their bodies. Both were at their limit, down to their last attack.

"Enough is enough! Come on Sasuke, let's go back. You have nothing else to prove," said Naruto.

"No, can't you see? I need the power to kill 'him.' In order to get that power, I have to kill you, my best friend, the only person that I have formed a bond. Now I will break that bond by killing you, Naruto," said Sasuke.

"You can gain that power in Konoha with our friends. You don't need to go to Orochimaru," said Naruto, ignoring what Sasuke said about killing him.

After hearing what Naruto said, he started to laugh menacingly. "You don't understand the power I need; the power I want isn't in konoha. I can only have that power by killing you and by going to Orochimaru," said Sasuke between his laughs.

Before Naruto could think of a response, he saw Sasuke doing familiar set of hand seals. After realizing that that the only way to bring back Sasuke was by force, he quickly charged his right palm for his signature jutsu.

"So it has to come to this," Naruto whispered with sadness in his voice.

"Time to die dobe!" Sasuke shouted.

Then both of them charged holding powerful orbs of energy in the palm of their hands.



As the two powerful jutsu about to clash, Naruto was thinking of another way to end this battle. 'What the hell am I to do? I promise Sakura-Chan that I'll bring the teme back alive, but if this continues, I don't even want to think of what's going to happen. There has got to be another way but, what?' Those were the thoughts of Naruto. Then suddenly he thought of a crazy way to end the fight and lessen the chance of them dying. 'I hope this works. If not, well, let's just say at least this will end painlessly.'

As the two jutsu were about to hit one another Naruto dispelled the rasengan. He shifted his body in mid-air to avoid the chidori. He then sent a swift kick towards the chin of Sasuke, propelling him upwards. Then, making two shadow clones, he used both clones to give him the right leverage to propel himself upwards as well. As Sasuke headed downwards, Naruto grabbed Sasuke's head and slammed it to the ground below, making Sasuke spit out some blood. Then just to make sure that Sasuke stayed down, Naruto choke him till the mark of the curse seal disappeared and he lost consciousness.

As he laid his eyes to his now unconscious teammate, the red chakra started to disappear. His face was starting to turn back to normal, and as he blinked, his eyes turned back to cerulean blue. Then, gathering his last remaining energy in his body. He grabbed the body of his "best friend" and struggled as he dragged it back to konoha.

He limped his way out of the valley, determined to return to konoha with the success of his mission. As he limped, he could feel that his body was practically broken. The fight with Sasuke had taken a hell of lot out of him. Taking multiple fire jutsu, having faced two chidori and taken on Sasuke in level two curse seal was no joke. That and tapping into the fox's chakra in that level was putting a major strain in his body. Even with his amazing healing ability, he still felt like shit.

As his body was about to give in he saw a blur of red and green heading in his direction. He began to panic. If it was the enemy he knew that his worned out body could not protect himself and Sasuke. Luckily it was two of his friend.

The moment he lost consciousness he manages to mutter out in a whisper: "Gaara, Lee". Then, his body finally gave in.

Konoha three days later

The moment he opened his eyes and noticed that he was surrounded with white walls, Naruto realized that he was in the hospital. With barely the energy he started sit up and scan the room.

He saw that he was in a simple room. With a little table in his side. He could see that there was one little flower in the vase, meaning that there was at least one person that visited him. As he tried to stand he could feel that his body hadn't healed completely. Then suddenly he saw a person that was like a father to him.

"Iruka-sensei, what are you doing here?' ask Naruto.

"Naruto you're awake. You should not be trying to move. You're still in pretty bad shape,' said Iruka in a worried tone.

"Don't worry Iruka-sensei. The future Hokage could not be easily weakened by these little injuries." Naruto said while wearing one of his foxy grins.

"Oh yeah, that reminds me, where's Sasuke-Teme? I can't wait to see him. I bet that his very piss off after the beating that I gave him." He jokes while smiling.

Iruka couldn't believe him. After what the Uchiha did to him, he still viewed him as a friend.

"Naruto, he is in the room at the end of the hall," Iruka managed to say.

"Thanks Iruka-sensei," Naruto said while he exited the room.

As Naruto walked to the room of his teammate, he could not stop thinking that he had beaten his rival. That and the reaction of his other teammate. Truth be told, he fulfilled his promise towards Sakura-Chan. He wondered what she'd say to him. As he approached the door it opened to reveal his other teammate.

"Sakura-Chan look I fulfilled my promise to..." He was stopped mid-word as he was slapped to the face hard.

"How dare you I ask you to bring him back alive? I didn't ask you to bring him back half-dead!" shouted Sakura.

"But I did not have any choice. If I didn't fight him like that, he would have escaped and he may have killed me" Naruto retorted.

Before Naruto could answer back he was slapped again.

"I don't ever want to see you ever again. You hear me? I don't you ever show your face to me ever again!" shouted Sakura with anger in her voice as she slam the door in his face.

He was shocked by his friend's reaction. He brought back their teammate alive and fulfilled his promise to her. Maybe half-dead, but alive nonetheless. If he hadn't fought Sasuke like that Sasuke would had escaped, and maybe he wouldn't be alive right now. As he was thinking, an ANBU interrupted his train of thoughts.

"Uzumaki Naruto, the council demands your presence," said the ANBU.

End of Flashback

As he stood to the center of the meeting hall, he scanned around to see the council members. He first saw Tsunade in the middle up. The two people beside him were the two elders. The person below him was a crippled old man. The people in the lowest seems to remind him of his friends so he assume they were their parents.

"Uzumaki do you know why you're here?" said Homura

Naruto didn't know what to answer; he just shook his head for a "no."

"You are here because we are trying to decide your future in this village" said Homura.

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked a little confused

"We recently found out that there is an organization made up of s-rank criminals called Akatsuki and their goal is to capture all 9 jinchurikis, while we do not want to hand over the bijuu to them we cannot afford to put the village in danger either, with the sand and sound invasion during the chunnin exams konoha has become weaker than ever before." said Koharu.

"This organization out there we don't even know all their members the only ones we know so far are uchiha itachi, hoshigake kisame and at some point in time orochimaru if this organization was to launch an attack on konoha to get the kyuubi we can't be sure if we would survive the aftermath which is why we have decided that Uzumaki Naruto will be banished from konoha for the safety of the village." said Homura

"Wait! Even if we banish the boy all we are doing is handing him over to the Akatsuki and they will get the Kyuubi's power! And I for one am not comfortable with handing over the power of the Kyuubi to a group of S class missing ninja's. This will not eliminate the threat that the Akatsuki pose. All this will do will give them more power and make them into an even bigger threat than they are now..." Said Chouza with some members of the ninja council agreeing with him.

"If we listen to you then we will be giving the most powerful and destructive force that we know to a bunch of criminals and I don't think what those criminals have in plan for the Bijuū will be for the benefit of Konoha or any other village and country in Elemental continent!" Said Ino's father Inoichi.

"This matter is not something that is for debate we have already gone to the fire daimyo and explained the situation to him he has given us the go ahead to banish him but because of everything he has done for the village he will not be put in the bingo book." Said Koharu which caused different reactions among the council members.

Naruto hit the ground and slumped over. His world had been shattered, everything was gone now his dream of being a ninja and goal of being Hokage.

"Although I hold no hatred for the boy I do think it is better that he leaves. In our current condition the village can't afford to have an enemy like the Akatsuki. With him gone we can rebuild the village and our forces and deal with the Akatsuki in our own time when we are ready. Also, perhaps with him gone Hinata will finally give up her silly little crush over the boy and start training more and become stronger like a true Hyūga heiress should be. If not I have no choice but to put her in the Branch Clan and have Hanabi be the new heiress." thought Hiashi

The ANBU Commander and Aburame Shibi just sadly shook their heads, knowing that this was a mistake that will one day come back to bite them.

Chouza just sighed sadly knowing his son would be greatly affected by this.

Shikaku just thought, "Troublesome idiots."

Danzo, Homura and Koharu just kept their face neutral much like Hiashi.

One hour and thirty minutes later

Naruto was in his apartment getting ready to leave and had just opened the documents Tsunade gave him after he left the council meeting.

He had just finished reading the document concerning his parents and when he finished he was so furious he had to bite down on his own tongue just to keep himself from screaming in rage at what he just found out. "They lied to me...! Ero-sennin, Baa-Chan and the old man they all lied to me right to my face. Naruto furiously thought.

Naruto had just found out he was the son of the yondaime hokage and his mom was an orphan from a clan that was from another village but that was not what pissed him off, what he was furious about was his father was the one that sealed the kyuubi in him and that bastard jiraiya had been his godfather and the prick left him to rot in the village for over 13 years. He had seen the bank accounts in the documents. They showed his family was pretty wealthy with his dad being the previous hokage and his mom coming from one of the founding clans of a village called uzushiogakure that was destroyed sometime between the second and third shinobi war, they were not the richest families in konoha but they had enough money to last them for about 30 years without working. He had to scrimp and save every day of his life with the little amount he got from social welfare from the village, and all this time he had a fortune that was rightfully his. The village kept his inheritance from him! The Village even denied him his birthright by keeping him from knowing his family and knowing where he came from and even took his family name from him.

- Outside Konoha -

Outside the village on a hill overlooking it a lone figure stood looking down at the village for the last time. It had not been too hard to sneak out of the village. He had decided to have one more look at the village before he left.

"My old life in Konoha is over now and a new one will begin outside it. But you Konoha! I vow this, in the name of my mother Uzumaki Kushina. I will become strong. I will become stronger than my father or anyone else that has ever been and when I do you will be sorry that you ever banished me, and that is a promise of a life time, Believe it." Naruto turned his back on the village and started to walk away from it.

- Few months later -

It had been a while since Naruto left Konoha. He had just taken off in a random direction, not really caring where he was going. His first choice was to go to Suna but that would cause problems for Gaara. Plus he wasn't sure if he would be welcome there with the other people in the village since he was one of the reasons why the invasion failed. And even if Suna had been tricked into it they still suffered a heavy loss and a humiliating defeat. Also that would bring trouble of the Akatsuki to their doorsteps since even though Gaara was a demon host like him he could at least defend himself and his village since it was surrounded by Sand which Gaara could control it to an enormous degree.

He had wanted to go to Snow Country he knew Lady Koyuki would welcome him with open arms but he couldn't go there because they had samurais and not ninjas they would be easy targets for akatsuki the same went for wave and tea country.

He knew he needed to be with one of the five great Shinobi villages to stand a chance of surviving an attack from the Akatsuki. Also he didn't know much about those small villages so he didn't know how he'd be treated there. Kiri was out of the question since he had heard when he met Haku that they were in the middle of a Civil War. Plus after he heard how people with Bloodlines were treated there he wanted no part of that village. Iwa was also out of the question since the moment they looked at him or found out where he was from or even worse found out who his parents were he would be killed on the spot and his head hung at the village gate entrance.

The final choice was Kumo but Naruto didn't want to go there since like Ame, Kusa and Hoshi he didn't know much about the village other than what Neji had told him in the Chunin finals. They had tried to kidnap his friend Hinata when she was only three and thus ended up with Neji losing his father. Because of this Naruto did not have a very high opinion of that village so he decided against it.

Naruto was still thinking about his friends back in konoha and was still wondering if they would all hate him as well if they found out about him holding the kyuubi.

"Foolish boy you think those worthless mortals would understand you. Huh you are more pathetic than I thought boy. Do you ever learn kit from your past experience? The pain the sorrow that you're sorry for an excuse of a village inflict on you or are you just being too stubborn for your own good." Said his tenant as he drag down his 'foolish little' container to his prison.

"Will you shut the hell up? What the hell do you know about my friends huh?" Shouted Naruto as he stares down the Kyuubi in his cage.

After hearing what Naruto said he burst out laughing "Ku. Ku. Oh that's why you're wrong my foolish little container. I have been alive even before you're village had been created. I've seen the worst out of you mortals and I could proudly say that the villagers of your so called beloved home is one of the worst bunch of mortals I have ever seen." said Kyuubi between his laughs.

"Will you just shut the hell up" said Naruto trying to ignore what the Kyuubi said.

"Oh! You can keep ignoring me all you want but you know deep down that all I'm telling you right know is the truth. That you're village is full of worthless mortals. That could not even comprehend the difference between a weak human like you to an all mighty demon lord like me." Said Kyuubi with a sinister smirk.

"You dare call me weak. You dare call my kind weak. No we are not the weaklings. You're kind and especially you are the weaklings. You're kind has unlimited amount of power but still all of you all end in prison whether it be a powerful artifact or a human being like myself. My kind are stronger than your kind for we could not just in prison you're kind but we could also use you're power as well. Said Naruto with the first time in a long time with a proud smirk adoring his face.


"Me worthless. Huh! don't make me laugh. You're the one who is trapped inside me. You're the one who got his assed kick beautifully by the Yondaime. So don't call me worthless because you're the one who's behind bars not me. Oh one more thing, worship, tell me why in hell should I worship someone who's more pathetic than me. Said Naruto while repressing the urge to faint.

"YOU ARE REALLY TESTING MY PATIENCE BOY" Kyuubi shouted while reforming in a bubble in the sewer. Turning to a giant miniature bubble of his head facing Naruto. " FACE IT BOY YOU ARE NOTHING WITHOUT ME SO I SUDGEST YOU START GIVING ME RESPECT FOR YOUR'RE SAKE BOY OR I WILL FORCE YOU TO SHOW ME RESPECT. YOU NEED ME AND MY POWER TO SURVIVE SO JUST ACCEPT IT AND GROVEL AT MY FEET SO WE COULD LEAVE IN A PERFECT HARMONY." Shouted Kyuubi with a hint of amusement in his voice.

After Naruto heard what the Kyuubi shouted, He moved his hand to the bubble miniature of the Kyuubi. "I never needed you not before, not now, and definitely not in the future. I will prove that to you, to the world, and more importantly to me. So I suggest returned to your prison and I will return to the outside world." Said Naruto as he popped the bubble.

After popping the bubble he suddenly returned to the forest where he was currently traveling but not after hearing the last word of the Kyuubi, a faint "This is not over." Is what he heard.

'Stupid fox one day I will show you that I never needed and I will be powerful even without you' were the thoughts of Naruto as he started traveling again.

Three Hours Later

After traveling for three hours Naruto spotted a village a very poor village. By the looks of the village it seemed to be pretty damaged. The houses and the buildings were torn apart and it seems that parasites and rats seem to come out to the cracks of the houses and buildings.

After analyzing the village he decided to just avoid going to the village seeing as he hds nothing to gain in the village. But before he turned to another direction he felt a strong gust of wind going through his face towards the village. As he felt the wind he seems to feel that the wind is drawing him towards the village. Not knowing what to do next and seeing as he has nothing else to lose he followed the wind towards the village.

As Naruto was walking towards the village he could feel the wind being much stronger. This was unusual to him because he never felt the wind this strong around him.

"Oh sorry there old man I didn't see you there." Said Naruto as he help the old man stand up

"No worries youngster. No harm done but where are you going you seem sad and loss." Said the old man.

"No I'm not loss old man I'm just traveling around." Said Naruto trying not to remember about his banishment.

"You seem too young to be traveling around. Are you a shinobi." Ask the old man.

"Yes I am." Was the quick reply of Naruto.

"Ah that explain a lot of things but why aren't you wearing a forehead protector. I thought every shinobi have one of those." Ask the old man.

After what the old man ask Naruto was hesitant to answer so he just face the other side." Well it's a long story." Said Naruto with a hint of sadness in his voice.

After noticing the gesture of the youngster he quickly said" Oh I see. So I'll be going now. Hope I could talk to you some more but I have somewhere to go." But before he could even walk the old man suddenly collapse to the ground holding his stomach.

"Hey are you alright?" Ask Naruto a bit worried

"Yes I'm boy. I just haven't eaten for a long time boy" said the old man while holding his stomach.

"Hey what about you stop for a while so we could eat. I have more than enough to last me for a month." Naruto suggested

"No my boy I don't want...but before he could finished his statement his stomach start growling again.

"No I insist. You look like you need it." Said Naruto as he unpacked his food.

The old man was about to argue some more but he heard his stomach growling some more. So he just complies and eats together with the boy.

"So what is it like to be living in that village" ask Naruto trying to start a conversation.

After hearing the boy's question he momentarily stops eating. "My boy are you heading towards that village?" ask the old man while pointing towards the village. Naruto could only nod. "Boy do not go to that village it has been abandoned for 30 years. Do you know why?" ask the old man. Naruto could only say no as he face the village. "Boy that place was rumor to be the home of an old shinobi that fought in the Third Great Ninja War. A shinobi with terrifying reputation and power. He was said to have killed thousands of men during the war and had never been defeated. I think his name during the war was the 'Black Dragon of the Wind'. It is said that his power over the wind is so strong that he could create a tornado by just raising his hand. It is said that after the war he returned to his original village and butchered every human being in his village. I was traveling to that place and I just went around that village because it's rumored that his spirit is still alive and kills anyone who enters that village. So boy don't you dare enter that village." Was the warning of the old man.

After the old man finished his warning he quickly finished his meal. "Thank you child for the meal and don't go inside that village just go around it.' Said the old man while walking away from the child.

Naruto watched the old man disappear from the distance while thinking what the old man said. That village used to be the home of a powerful shinobi, powerful and a bloodthirsty shinobi at that. A war veteran that was said to kill thousands of men and never been defeated before. A shinobi with a very powerful control over the wind.

After hearing what the old man said about that village and its history he seems to hesitate to go forward to that village. As he start to consider to just avoid going through the village he felt another strong gust of wind hit his body heading to that village. As if the wind is telling him to go through that village.

'What the hell is this wind thing doing to me? Is it trying to tell something? Well it's heading towards that abandoned village so why not just head there. I mean the Third Ninja War happen more like what 18 years ago so I think that guy his probably dead so why not go to his home and learn something about the guy. Maybe I could learn some of his cool jutsu while I visit his home' Were the thoughts of Naruto as he headed through the village.

As he stepped foot inside the village he quickly analyze his surroundings. The houses and the buildings were really torn down when look by a far but now when he looks at it by close the houses and the buildings were really a wreck and really was a dump. Some buildings as well was already demolished.

As he continued to venture further inside the village he could see that there is no life growing inside the village. There were skeletons of animals scattered around the place. The plants were all rotten and dead all around him and it seems that nothing has grown inside the place for years.

As he continues to walk he saw a sign that seems to reads 'The Village of Seals'.

'What kind of village is called The Village of Seals?' Naruto wonders as he continues to venture around the village. The village was really starting creep him out. There really wasn't a sign of life anywhere he look. The only thing he saw was death and it really disturbs him.

After reanalyzing his surrounding yet again he decided to just get out of the village before it drives him to insanity. As he was headed towards the exit he felt another gust of wind hit his body. 'What the hell is this wind again? This wind has been all around me all day. It may feel good but it is really driving me crazy.' Were the thoughts of Naruto as he headed towards the exit but that seems to strengthen wind around him trying to blow him off his feet. 'Okay, Okay cut the wind thing already. I'll stay.' Naruto thought out loud and it seems to weaken the two breezes that is trying to lead him to somewhere.

'What the hell is this? All day this wind has been leading me to places that I can't understand and as much my mind is telling me to ignore this wind but my body, my gut, and my heart is telling me to follow this wind.' Were the thoughts of Naruto as he considered between leaving the village or just follow the wind like he was doing all day. The moment that he considered his two choices the breeze of wind is silently blowing in his entire body trying to soothe him. The way that the wind is blowing around him did not go unnoticed by Naruto. 'Okay, Okay, jeez cut the wind thing already. I'll go where ever this thing is headed.' Were Naruto's thoughts as follow the breeze of wind.

As he follows the wind it seems to lead him to a deeper part of the village and the deeper he goes the creepier it gets. He had spotted several skeletons of animals and some bones of humans as well. The smell of death was also in the air. Also there was a thick mist that seems to envelope around him

'This place is starting to scare me.' Were his thoughts as he stops to a graveyard. "Okay I'm here so what's next" He asks out loud.

It was answer by another gust of wind heading his way to a sign. As he approaches the sign it seems to be covered in dirt. He swipe the dirt all over the sign so that he could read whatever is written on it.

"Who ever follow the wind in this place shall enter hell like no other. If you fail to pass that hell you will be forever part of the wind blowing for eternity. If you pass you will gain control and power over the wind as much as you desire. Leave and you will be part of the ground which you walk upon. Keep following the wind and you may live if you pass the trials if fail you will face total annihilation." Naruto read out loud. After he finished reading the sign a strong gust of wind blew apart the wind in the graveyard showing a path leading to a cave.

'Okay that was very creepy' were his thoughts as he observes the how the wind blows. The wind seems to invite him to enter the graveyard.

"Okay I'm out here. This place is really freaking me out" Naruto shouted as he turn his back ready to get out of that place. But as he took the first step he remembers what the sign said.

'Control and power over the wind huh seems cool. But the sign said if I don't pass that hell its talking about I'll be dead.' Were his thoughts as he took another step. 'But I have nothing else to lose anyway. I lost my friends, my dreams, and my little family. So what the hell do I have left to lose?' Were his thoughts as he turns around facing the path that the wind made for him.

"What the hell? I really am crazy but what the heck. I might see something cool there. So why not?" Naruto said in a whisper as he set foot inside the graveyard.

As he enters the graveyard the temperature seems to drop considerably and the mist seems to envelope his feet. As he continue to walk he seems to smell rotten bodies all around him again only this time it is much stronger. Bones of humans were all scattered around him again and it seems that some rotting flesh were also around him. "Okay this place is more of a bone yard rather than a graveyard. This place is really scary. Okay remind me again why I'm here again." Naruto ask himself. His question was answered by a gust of wind passing through his face. 'Thanks for reminding' were his thoughts as he sweat drop. Finally he was now face to face in the entrance of the cave. Another sign was place there.

'Okay another sign. Let see what it says.' Were his thoughts as he begins to read the sign. "This is the entrance of the world of wind. Enter and you will step foot between life and death. Fail and you will sign your own death sentence. Pass and gain the power that you seek." Naruto read out loud.

'Great another freaky sign' Were his thoughts as he enter the cave.

The cave was devoured in complete darkness. He could not see any walls. Heck he could not even see his own hands. The only thing that is leading him inside the endless cave was a breeze of wind flowing smoothly inside the cave. It was leading him to place that he could not determine where.

As he continues to walk inside the cave he spotted a faint light in the far corner of the cave. Curious, He ran to the faint light. What he spotted was unreal.

"Whoa." Is the only thing that Naruto could mutter out. The room was in mint condition. There were multiple weapons, books, and scrolls. There were also multiple ninja tools. The room was made of some kind of metal that has one common symbol. The symbol is a dragon covered in wind contained in a drop of water. He was confused by the room until he spotted a decaying body in the corner of the room. As he approach the body he felt a sudden feeling in his heart like it was telling him to something. As he reached the body he could see that he was holding a giant scroll with a letter attached to it. To his curiosity he took the letter and begins to read it.

To who ever has followed the wind inside my sacred haven. I congratulate you in surviving the village If you ask why I put a special seal in the whole village. That seal will automatically kill whoever enters the village without a strong affinity towards the element wind and also if they do not have a fairly strong affinity towards water. If you survive the cave as well you have an affinity towards a rare element, shadow element, That element is said to only materialize in a shinobi once every 50 years. I should know I have the same affinity

Now whoever you are I will tell you right now that I am death but because I don't have any offspring nor any apprentice whoever survives those seals mean you are my heir of my power and skills.

I am Satoshi 'the Black Dragon of the Wind'. That's all you need to know about me.

The scroll that I am holding right now sealed all my knowledge, subconscious, and my last remaining humanity in this world. That scroll contains my mind and everything that I experience in all my life. It contains all my jutsu, all my skills, and all my knowledge in the world. It also contains my most prize possession.

I do not wish to create another me in this world for I know that I am demon that does not even deserved to live however I know my skills and my knowledge will be needed in this world someday. To make sure that you don't turn into me I created a spirit that will shape you to a shinobi that is even greater than me.

To access everything that I say open the scroll that I am holding and swipe your blood on the scroll. It will analyze your blood to know your strengths and weakness, your pass, and your life so that it will know how to train you.

This is my last warning and advice. My warning is do not succumb to great power for it will turn you to monster. My advice is simply to follow the wind without question.

Yours truly,


P.S If you fail the trainings of the spirit you will die.

After Naruto finishing reading the letter he was surprise. This Satoshi person seems to be a powerful shinobi if what the letter said is true and he lock all of his skills to the scroll that he is looking at right now. It shock him that there is way to seal someone subconscious in a scroll. It further shocked him because that person manages to seal everything about him in a scroll.

He is no making a choice whether to do what the letter is saying or just ignore it and leave for it will be disrespectful for this Satoshi person. As he was considering his choices the usual wind that has been leading him to places is trying to tell him something.

"So you're telling me to do it huh. I've been following you all day so why not" said Naruto as he proceed to open the scroll. Biting his thump he swipe a part of his blood inside the scroll.

A moment of silent followed him after he swipes his blood inside the scroll. The suddenly a wave of light flash in front of the face of Naruto. The light seems to be blinding him. After the light die down the scroll begins to suck every in the room including him

Naruto was beginning to panic. First was the strange light and now the scroll is sucking him inside of it. He was trying now to run to the exit but that strange wind again came now it really said something to him.

"Follow me Naruto" The wind said to Naruto

Naruto didn't know what to do so he just follow the wind and let the scroll sucked him in to the unknown. He was beginning to lose consciousness as he was being sucked inside the scroll. Then suddenly he saw the same old man that he bumped to earlier.

"You made the right choice. Child of Prophecy.' Was all the old man said and was all that he heard as he disappear before his eyes and as his world turned black.

Alright that's the 1st chapter it's still similar to the original I'm not going to switch things up until naruto's training is over.