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Close up camera one, the hero sings in this scene

Hermione sat in the back of Snape's classroom, pen in hand, diligently taking notes from the board.

She already knew how to make liquid luck off by heart, but when Snape could see she had nothing to do, he would force her to mark first year papers, which due to the immense amount of stupid spelling mistake, frustrated her. It didn't matter, she enjoyed just being in the same room as him, being able to look up and for him to be there. They had been together for a year. School had started again and she was observing his lessons so she could take over when the new school year started. Sometimes she helped out and sometimes she brought a book to read, she just liked being around Severus.

He was pretty lenient with her because he knew she was perfect for the job anyway with no training. She looked up, smiling at him, and it was all he could manage not to smile back. She looked so perfect when she smiled. Like an angel. No, better than an angel. Her eyes shone and her cheeks blushed a slight pink colour. She was everything he wanted. She was the reason he lived. He would do anything for her. He would never tell her any of this of course, he wasn't good with feelings let alone sharing them, but she knew. At least he thought she did.

Class ended quickly and the second years exited the classroom. Hermione stood quickly and put her things away but when she looked up she only saw his black cloak as he swept into his quarters. She followed him, opening the door slowly to find him sitting at his desk, head in his hands, a piece of paper in front of him. She tried to sneak up on him and take the letter but he heard her coming and in one swift movement, threw it into the fire. He then looked up and tried to compose himself before standing up and straightening his robes.

"Miss Granger, I think you should leave. It's over. I will be gone by ten o'clock tonight. You can have my quarters. Teaching starts tomorrow, the schedule is in my drawer. Goodbye."

He tried to turn away but she grabbed his arm before he could get very far. He turned around and his look scared her. His eyes were so dark and emotionless. She hadn't see him look like this in so long.


He tilted his head slightly.

"Why? You're better off without me."

"Because I'm willing to give it all up, throw everything I have away and rebuild myself based on what you want from me. And you don't give a fuck. But do whatever you fucking want, just don't let this end because you're scared of losing. You can be angry, upset, annoyed. You can hate me for what I am, what I've done, what I stand for. But you cannot hate me for what I'm doing to you."

"I don't deserve you."

"You do. Look, you can hate me all you want, just don't hate yourself. Now what's come over you? What did the letter say?"

He took a deep breath and his look finally softened. He put both his arms around her waist and his chin on her head.

"It's Ron."

He felt her tense slightly at the mention of his name.

"He's escaped from Azkaban."

When he pulled back he saw the tears in her eyes. He wiped them away with one hand.

"Then surely we're better together, stronger? I can't do this without you, I never could."

He held back the urge to cry himself, she looked so resolute.

"He doesn't want you... he wants me."

She recoiled slightly, but then regained her resolution quicker than he thought possible.

"You think he'll give up there? Look, Severus, you're not strong enough to fight this alone."

He didn't want to say what he said next.

"I know. I'm not planning to fight."

He watched her eyes as she slowly understood the meaning of this then suddenly felt her hands clutching at his robes.

"Severus, you know I can't live without you. Please. You can't do this. Please."

Just as he was opening his mouth to contradict her, the door swung open.

"Severus, you and I both know you can't do this. Are you going to tell her or am I?"

Hermione looked from Minerva to Severus and eventually settled on Minerva as Severus did not look like he was about to budge. Minerva looked quickly at Severus before turning back to Hermione.

"You and Severus... are... soul mates."

Severus saw Hermione's mouth fall open before she turned back to him, searching his eyes for an acknowledgement.

"You knew?"

He nodded slightly and their eyes met for a few moments.

After an awkward silence, Minerva spoke.

"We have the Ron situation handled. He was found a few metres from Azkaban, dead. It appears the other escapee was not too fond of him."

Severus turned his head quickly and spoke just as fast.

"And that was?"

"Blaise. A friend of Draco's. The ministry is looking for him, but we do not expect he will be found any time soon. Still, Ron is gone."

Hermione sighed with relief and buried her head in Severus' chest and he wrapped his arms around her before nodding at Minerva, signifying she could leave.

She returned to her office, a smile on her face. As she entered the room, Dumbledore's voice echoed throughout.

"I told you so."