Hey everyone, My name is Kidan Yoshilda and this is my first real Nsruto fanfic. Normally I write for Ranma ½ but after reading several Naruto fanfics An idea started to form in my head. This story is an AU story, the idea is not original but I hope that the story is.

Okay I original had a Prologue for this story but I lost it. No really I lost it, as in I can't remember the original prologue. So there will be no prologue until I think of it.

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Naru: Warrior of the Kitsune.

Chapter One: A different start.

Four pair of eyes watched and the young blond started pacing back and forth in the Hokage office.
She had her arms crossed and as she would turn she would look at the others within the room.
She hated this, she hated being a pawn just to fine someone that may not even be around.

"I had enough Grandfather." The young blond said. "It's bad enough that the Villagers call me demon but
you want me to spy on one of my teachers." She almost screamed. Hiruzen Sarutobi let out a sigh, he knew
that she was going to be against this but he needed someone close to the traitor. "Naru, I know this is going
to be hard…" The young blond jumped up on the desk and glared at the old man.

"Your asking me to follow an order from a traitor." Naru said. Naru jumped down off the desk. "Worst yet your
asking me to fail…..AGAIN!" The blond screamed. Truth be told she couldn't care if she passed or not but this time
was different.

The Anbu ninja that was in the room handed Naru a file. Not much could be seen of his face but Naru knew this man
well. Naru glared at him and then opened the file. As she read the file her eyes grow hard. "Are you sure he's working
for this Orochimaru?" The blond asked.

She like so many before her knew the name but could never place his face. She sat down to read the rest of the file, knowing that
the info had to somehow be a fake. As she read the file, everyone in the room looked at her. The young teen was around
fourteen years old, her hair was a mix of blond and red. She had dark blue eyes and a small build to her, but don't let that fool you.
While she is young she may already be the best ninja that the village ever had.

She also is the holder of a powerful demon fox called Kyubi no yoko. How ever she didn't tell them that there was a other fox with in her, one that was more friendly and kind. This other was called Kitsune, a powerful nine-tailed fox spirit.

Kitsune was her friend and teacher and taught her how to be strong, it also helped to know that she was also Kyubi's older sister and would be able to keep him in check.

The young teen's name is Naru Uzumaki, the unknown daughter of the fourth Hokage. Naru looked up after reading the file. "Are your sure, he maybe the one?" she asked. Hiruzen shook his head. Naru sighed. She stood back up and looked at the Hokage.

"I'll do it, but if he is not the spy then we would have to keep looking." Everyone under stood that. "The day after tomorrow is going to be the exams, I'll do my part and fail, but I still want to pass, so after I captor him, That should be when I pass."

Her teacher looked at her. He sighed. "Naru, you all but past, you just need to sigh a few papers and you'll already be a full ninja." Naru looked at him, sure she was trained by Kitsune and her adoptive father and grandfather, but she had yet to pass any of the tests from the Academy.

"No." Naru said. "it wouldn't be fair. You all trained me so that I would be fighting the villagers, given 'Them' a reason to have me locked up and trained as a weapon." They all nodded at that.

'Them.' was the people of the council of the village. They been running things from the shadows with a group of rogue Anbu ninja called ROOT. The only thing keep them alive was the fact that they really haven't done anything wrong, yet.
"Very well, when you have captor Mizuki. You will become a Genin." The third Hokage said with a smile.

Naru smiled back. Then she lefted the file up and whispered. "fox fire." which caused the fold to bust into flames.
"Mission accepted." the blond student said.

The next day.

In Konohagakure, if you wanted to be a ninja you had to go throw ninja school. Like civilian schools you learn many thing. As she made her way down the hall to her class room she spot an old friend. Old as in being he didn't give a damn about anyways anymore.

Sasuke Uchiha was a pain in her ass if you would to ask her. Ever since his clan was killed, he became a cold hearted bastard to everyone, even his fan girls, who all that he was cool. "Hey Mister stick in the ass how's life?" Naru asked.

"Hn." was all he said. Naru wanted to kick his sorry ass all over the place, but she couldn't blow her cover, not yet at least. Naru sighed. "You know Sasu-san. If you keep looking for revenge, you'll just end up dead." Naru said as she made her way down the hall and past him. She never looked back at him.

"What would you know about revenge , you loser?" Naru stopped in her tracks. Naru looked down at the floor and rubbed her left shoulder. With out looking at him and with her bangs casing a shadow over her eyes she said softly. "More then you could possibly know."

A few minutes later.

It was one of the few times in his life that he could just lay down and sleep. That is until she saw her walk in. "Hey Naru over here!" he called out to her. The young blond looked up and smiled at him. "Hey Shika." She called back. Shikamaru Nara, became Naru's friend back in their second year at the Acadmey.

"What's up?" He asked. Naru just shrugged her shoulders. "Had a little chat with Mister Popular." The blond said sitting down next to him. Shikamaru took her hand under their desks, and looked at her. He knew that Naru's break up with Sasuke had hurt her hard.

After all the two have been best friends long before Sasuke's family was killed. Shikamaru looked around the room which didn't have many students in it, he leaned in and gave the blond a soft kiss on her cheek. Naru blinked with a smile.

"I know you can do better." she whispered.

"I know, but it's too, troublesome." He said back.

The two have been dating for to weeks now, wondering if it was a mistake since they would be graduating soon to become full ninja. They still wanted to try and make it work though.

After awhile the class started to fill up with the rest of the students and the teachers, Iruka Umino, and Mizuki walked in it was time to teach the class.

It was an other boring day of classes and Naru was caught falling asleep during a lecture on Chakra. Naru hump at that. While she would train and learn from Kitsune in her mind she learned that there was another type of power she could use called chi.

Unlike with chakra which could easily be blocked with seals there was no such thing for chi. In truth chi in itself is an lost art that dates back thousands of years. Kitsune and to a point Kyubi had taught her to use this incase her chakra was ever blocked.

However her class mates didn't need to know that. She thought with a smile.

It wasn't long before Naru knew what they had to do with the exam. Cloning, she hated that. Up until she learned the shadow cloning skill she was never able to make a normal clone. There was other things that they needed to do as well.

Naru hated this, she wasn't a mess up in the ninja world. She was well trained, in all skills. She worked with the Hokage as a Black Ops trainee, this was do to her guess as she calls them. As she sat there with her head in her hand she watch her Sensei, she just couldn't believe that he maybe a spy for Ocochimaru.

She hated this. Naru closed her eyes and pretended that she was a sleep. She listened to everything that the teach was saying, and then she moved her head as Iruka sensei had thrown an easer at her. This in turned caused the young blonde to fall out of her seat. "Sensei!" She cried out.

"Well maybe if you was paying attention." Iruka said. Really she liked him but sometimes she couldn't stand him. Naru sighed and picked herself up. Then her eyes turned cold as she laid eyes on Sasuka. That bastard was watching her, she let out soft growl.

Later that day.

Naru sighed as she sat down on what she dubbed her swing, her head was down and she was watching her feet. After all she had to play her part. She felt so bad about this but she had to do. She had to find out where Mizuki lived and look for any clues.

Sometimes it doesn't pay to be in the Black Ops. Naru thought. What choice did she have? It was either join the Ops at a young age, or be turned into a weapon. At least she was able to get better training in then what she was getting at the school.

When she saw her target leave the school she used a move she learned This moved made her body seem to vanish, however that was not the case as it hides her deep in the shadows. Naru uses her Chi for this move, it allows her to move fast as that what she needed to do.

When she saw him enter a Bar and Gill place it was her chance, she just prays that she has enough time to look for her Teachers innocents. Unknown to Naru that her teacher was talking bad about her to his friends.

Mizuki's Apartment.

She was like a shadow looking through files and everything she can. While looking in the desk she did fine a hidden compartment with orders from ROOT, Naru growled. Them again, it seems like they always seem to be in her way.

The young Ninja went to put the orders away after reading it and then leaned her head on the desk and started to cry. It was an order to kill her, but it wasn't from the snake traitor. She so wanted to believe he was a good person.

She was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn't hear the door opening or closing or the fact that the person she was ordered to watch was in the door way to his office. Naru looked up, she was wearing a face make to hide who she was, and with no leaf head band, Mizuki wouldn't no where she was from.

"Did Ocochimaru send you?" He asked. Naru glared at him, then nodded. "I was thinking about someone." She said in a deep voice. "I know how you feel." Mizuki walked over to a panel placed his hand on it opening a secret safe, he then placed a folder on the desk.

"Tell master Ocochimaru That Master Donzo will do his part."

Naru could only nod as she had taken the folder. "What is this?" she asked. Mizuki looked at the young woman. "It's the file on the Naru Uzumaki. The carrier of the Kyubi."

Naru looked though her filed and her eyes widen. All her hopes was finally crushed, it was the proof she was hoping she couldn't find. With a heavy sigh, Naru set the folder down. Her orders was very clear, she was supposed to kill him if she found out if he was a traitor.

"Mizuki, By order of the third Hokage, you are under arrest for treason." Naru said standing up, however she do not see the young man Throwing a punch at her, hitting her hard in the face. As she was getting up Mizuki kicked her in the ribs.

"You blasted Bitch!" He yell grabbing her by the hood and ripping it off. "YOU?" He yelled with a shock look in his face. Naru looked up, wiping the blood off her with the back of her sleeve. She got up and faced him, only to block a heavy punch that knocked her back into a wall.

"So the rumors are true." Mizuki said as he grabbed her by the neck and started to rabidly punch her in the stomach. "That there was a teenage girl working in the Hokage Black Ops, I never thought it would be you, Naru." He then slammed her head into the ground.

He then slammed his foot into her hand. Naru held back a scream, that is until Mizuki pinned her down with his kunai through her hand, he then did the same with her other hand. Naru held back her scream. She wouldn't give him the satisfactory of hearing her scream.

"There was also another rumor as well." Naru eyes widen at this, he couldn't mean…..suddenly there was a ripping sound and Naru felt a cold chill run down her back. "So this is true as well." Her Sensei said, he ran his finger down her bare skin, the skin was deeply scared by something.

"You done yet you sick bastard?" Naru asked. Naru felt his hands goes in between her legs. Oh god not again. Naru thought. Then another shape pain went throw her as Mizuki kicked her in the back. "Why would I touch something as filthily as you?" He yelled as he kicked her in the ribs.

Naru looked up at him. "I can't believe I thought you was good." She said then she spat at him. Mizuki Kicked her in the face. "No one is good in this village Naru." He said. "You know why?" Naru slowly got up, her ribs hurt like hell.

"Because of me?"

"You can say that." Mizuki smiled at her. "The nine tail fox attacked this village and was sealed in you." He grabbed Naru by the hair once more. "That beast killed a lot of good people, including my fiancée." Naru glared at him.

"So why me? Huh? I'm it's jail, without me it'll attack once more." Naru said, looking Mizuki in the eye. The older man let go dropping Naru to the hard floor. He looked at her. Then he took out his knife.

"It's simple, Naru." He said as he slashed Naru in the chest. Naru eyes widen at this. "Kill you and I kill the fox." he then slashed at Naru again, slashing her left leg. Still Naru wouldn't scream. Another slash, this time it was one of her arms.

Naru was trying her best to move, but the injuries was limiting her movement. She was able to pull her hands free of the kunai that had her pinned down but as she moved the blades cut even deeper untile they were pulled out.

Another slash, this time it caught her cheek. Five more followed until it looked like she had whiskers.

"ha ha! That look fits you so well." Mizuki said. Naru placed her hand on her cheeks. The cuts were deep, but her fast healing was already working.

On her knees now Naru was looking down trying to catch her breath. Blood was dripping on the floor.

"You forgotten something Sensei." Naru said as she looked up. The slash makes have healed into whisker like scares now.

"There were two foxes that night." Mizuki stared at her. As she stood up. Her hands started glowing. "Kyubi, and his older sister. Kitsune." Naru stood up at her full height glaring at her sensei. "One is the master of chakra, the other the mistress of an unknown power called Chi."

Naru body started to glow a soft blue, leaving around her an aura of power. Mizuki glared at her, his apartment had seals in it to prevent chakra though. When the aura vanished so did Naru. The next thing Mizuki knew was that he was in pain.

Naru movements was a lot faster now, using combos that wouldn't limit her speed. With the last punch she sent Mizuki to the floor. She knelt next to him and in a soft voice. "Tell me who is betraying the village within the council."

Mizuki just laughed and took out a paper bomb. "Like I would do that you no good demon." The bomb was lit and ready to go. Naru eyes widen she only had seconds before the bomb went off. Naru ran to the desk grabbed everything that she could and just as she jump out, the Bomb exploded sending Naru face first into the other building.

When she landed it knocked the wind out of her and she hard something brake. Knowing she only had minutes to left she slowly got up and made her way to the Hokage tower. Once there and holding her ribs Naru softly knocked in code, she entered when the door opened.

"Mission Completed." Naru said as she collapsed.

To Be Continued.

Next time on Naru: Warrior of the Kitsune.

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