Naru sat in the shade of a tree, beside her was a brown striped cat. Said cat was purring as Naru was petting her. "I wonder if life would be easier if I was a cat." The cat just gave her a soft meow before falling asleep.

Naru touched something that was on her throat.

"Pinkie, you there?"

"Who the hell you calling pinkie?"

"I have the target, reporting back to the tower."

A Few minutes later Kakashi and the other two members of team seven was standing at the door to the Hokage tower. Sasuke and Sakura watched as Naru came by carrying a brown cat. Said cat was in fact a missing from the wife of the daimyo of fire country.

Naru just frowned as she watch the over weight woman cuddle the poor animal. Naru turned to the table ware her team was waiting for their next d-rank mission. She watched as the person who she thought of as her grandfather looked though scrolls.

"Sir. May I ask for a c-rank mission for my team?" Naru looked at her father. The Hokage looked at him and then at Naru, he gave the two a nod. "I feel that my team is ready, even though Sakura and Naru don't get along very well…." Kakashi was interrupted

"Well if Pinky here would focus more on her training then her lover we would get some where." Naru said as she crossed her arms. Sakura throw a right hook at Naru who caught the punch easy enough and smack Sakura across her cheek.

"Who the hell you calling Pinky?" Sakura yelled. Sasuke just sighed and muttered something under his breath when a shoe hit him in the head. "Speak up we can't hear you." Naru said.

"I said you two are troublesome."

Naru: Warrior of the Kitsune

Chapter four: Mission to Waves.

After the small fight between the three Naru and her team was in the Hokage's office. He didn't look happy and glared at the team. "Kakashi I am to under stand that you think this team is ready when they fight each other?"

Naru father just sweat dropped at that but it was Naru who looked at the old man. "Grandfather, please we my fight but over the last few weeks, my team have completed more d-rank missions then the others." She looked at the young couple. "and while they my not look like it, Sasuke and pink…I mean Sakura are well aware that their feeling for one another are to be on hold during said missions."

The two looked at Naru. They couldn't believe what they was hearing. Naru continued. "While Father, um I mean Sensei Kakashi trains Sasuke, I myself have been training Sakura in stamina and chakra training. And is doing very well."

The Hokage looked at Naru. " What about your training young lady?" He asked. Naru blushed, the truth was she been training with Kitsune and Kyubi while she slept. "That's a secret for now, grandfather." The Hokage nodded at that.

"Very well, Sasuke, Sakura could you wait outside?" The two nodded. Naru grinned as said. "Make sure you two keep your cloths on." She laughed when the two tripped over their own feet before the door closed.

Naru looked at her father and grandfather. Then she gave the two a look.

"What?" A scroll was handed to Naru as she opening it the Hokage said the mission briefing. "A Bridge builder name Tazuna, have requested a c-rank mission." Naru looked at the picture and raised an eye brow.

The client was an older man around fifty or so with white hair. Some more reading tells Naru that Tazuna as so has a drinking problem that he developed sometime after the death of his wife and son-in-law. However it wasn't the profile that caught her eye it was a name.

Naru eyes narrowed at the name and looked up at the Hokage. He nodded. Naru sat down and looked at the list tat was with Tazuna file and the name attached to it and read that file. "If this man was so dangerous way is he still a free man?" Naru asked.

Kakashi looked at his daughter. "He's buys his freedom with a large amount of money." He said. The Hokage nodded. "It's one of the reasons why we're taking this mission." Naru looked at her father. "Father are you taking about…" Kakashi nodded and Naru looked at the file. She then looked up. "You know how I feel about killing."

The Hokage sighed. "You wouldn't be killing him, that job falls under Kakashi." Naru still sighed. She knew this man was dangerous. He's lies, money and killing have been going unanswered. There was no choice. In order for the Bridge to be built, Gato must die.

"Mission…..Accepted." Naru said, she just hoped that she doesn't regret this choice.

Hour later….

Naru and her team meet up with the bridge builter and when she first meet him Naru wanted to kill him.

"I mean she flatter then the one with pink hair." the old man said causing Naru to ball up her first. This is why she hated perverts.

After awhile the team was on their way to the land of waves. Sasuke and Sakura was told what the real mission was. The three students was to protect Tazuna at all coast. as long as they stayed safe. It was a high risk mission and another team should be doing.

As they left the gates Naru took out a blink fold and tied it on over her eyes. Sakura looked at her like she was nuts. "What the hell are you doing?" She asked. Naru looked at Sakura and just smiled before she said. "Why Sakura I'm training." Sakura just shook her head.

As the five of them walked Naru was focusing her chi energy all around her. She could feel life all around her, and while she had both the blind fold and her eyes closed she could see Her father and team mates. hidden chi energy.

She smiled as she felt Tazuna energy around him as well. However that smile fell when she felt two others.

"Master Kakashi." Naru whisper. "Two in the brushes." Kakashi nodded and was ready. Naru took off the blind fold, and readied her staff. The others saw this and was ready as well.

The attack happen so fast. Chains warped around Kakashi so fast he didn't have time to react. Naru eyes grew wide as she saw her father's death. "NO! YOU BASTARDS!" Naru yelled out as she grabbed one of the chains and pulled hard causing a Ninja to fly out of a tree. Naru punch was hard and broke the ninja's nose.

She didn't let up and she kicked him in the ribs. She followed this up by throwing kunai at him with pined the ninja to a tree. However she was caught up with one Ninja that she didn't see the other until a blade went throw her chest.

"NARU!" Sakura yelled getting ready to attack the other ninja was kicked in the groin by another Naru that was when the dead 'Naru' poof into smoke. Standing behind her was Kakashi. "The demon brothers." was all he said.


"You okay there?" Sasuke asked Naru as she hanged her head over the side of the boat. The blond just looked at him then back over the edge of the boat. "Master Kakashi do you think we can stop for lunch soon?" As soon as that was asked there was a splash heard as Naru tossed Sasuke into the water.

Kakashi sighed. This was going to be a long mission.

To Be Continued….

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The land of waves could be a beautiful place if you let it. However when you got people after you and the person your protecting can be hard. Next time My team and I face but fear and skill in an legendary assassin.

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Chapter five: Fight in the land of Waves.

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Yes I'm serious. Naru may be powerful with both powers, but you have to remember something. Naru weakness is her mind, once she starts thinking about something she doesn't notice anything of anyone or anything.

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