Hey guys! CWC here! Well it snowed over here and I was inspired to write a snowball fight in here! Because let's face it IT HAD TO BE DONE!

Pairings: TomXSarah, parental!Maxxor and Tom and ChaorXTakinom if you squint.

Oh yeah and before I forget this is set BEFORE the Perithon race but AFTER the M'arrillian invasion!


Kaz and the others were watching a Chaotic Match when Tom came rushing towards them, face flushed and slightly shivering, notably covered with snowflakes.

"Guys! GUYS you gotta come see this!" Tom exclaimed, pounding his hands on the table to get the others' attention. Everyone jumped slightly in their seats and turned to him with surprised expressions. "It's totally unbelievable!"

"What's so freaking unbelievable?" Sarah asked.

"It SNOWED in KIRU CITY!" Tom exclaimed.

Everyone stared at Tom for a full half a minute before exclaiming very loudly,



About an half an hour later, after everyone had gathered up their winter clothes the group of kids were outside of Kiru City, standing in almost knee deep snow looking around in astonishment. Kiru City was thought to be a dry desert, rarely having any rain at all. To have it snow and snow so much was almost unthinkable.

"Holy code you were right Tom!" Sarah exclaimed. "And it snowed A LOT too!"

"Maxxor told me that this happens every other year," Tom said, "Apparently every other year instead of getting a rainy season Kiru City gets a snowy season and once the snow melts a lot of plants are going to pop up."

"How long does the snow last?" Sarah asked.

"'Bout a month..." Tom said. "I'm gonna get a scan of this place now before I forget."

"Good idea," Sarah said, taking out her own scanner.

One the two were done with their scans, Kaz shouted,

"Hey Tom! Does this remind you of anything?"

"Huh?" Tom said, turning around to face Kaz, only to have a snowball nail him in the face while Kaz shouted: "SNOWBALL ATTACK!"

Peyton burst out laughing, Sarah looking confused, and Tom did not look happy. He gathered up some snow and threw it at Kaz, who ducked and ended up nailing Peyton in the face.

"You do realize this means war right MajorT?" Peyton said in a half-serious half-joking manner.

"SNOWBALL FIIIIGGGHHHT!" All four of the teens exclaimed at once and starting wailing on each other in a flurry of snowballs.

"HAHAHA! THERE'S NO WAY I'M GONNA L..." Tom began, hand recoiled behind his back, ready to launch a snowball at Kaz again when...

"What are you doing?"

Tom promptly dropped the snowball from shock and spun around to face the OverWorld leader,

"M-Maxxor! w-what're you...?"

"I was walking when I noticed you four having a snowball fight," Maxxor said with a laugh while the other three teens, completely immersed in their snow-war, took no notice of the arrival of the OverWorld leader. Maxxor had replaced his usual tunic with a long sleeved version of it and was actually wearing pants and shoes (c'mon it's snowing nobody would go barefoot!)

"Oh..." tom said, with an awkward laugh. A part of him was nervous that he and the others had somehow managed to get themselves into trouble yet again when Maxxor said,

"Just be careful. Don't accidentally pick up a rock with the snow and..."

Whatever Maxxor was going to say after that Tom would never find out. Right in the middle of the leader's thought a rather large snowball nailed him in the back of the head with such force it nearly sent him toppling over face first into the snow. Tom covered his mouth, trying very, very hard not to laugh but failing in stifling a few giggles.

"Why do I get the feeling THAT particular snowball had nothing to do with you kids whatsoever?" Maxxor muttered, glaring at Chaor who was failing in his attempt to look innocent. Takinom was shaking with ill concealed snickers.

When'd they get here? Tom wondered while Maxxor straightened himself up.

"Hey aren't you going to throw a snowball back?" Tom asked.

"And stoop to their level? No I'll be the mature one about this." Maxxor said, only earning himself yet another snowball this time actually sending him over backwards and into the snow. Tom couldn't help it, he burst out laughing along with the two UnderWorlders.

With that all maturity went out the window as the two leaders, plus the UnderWorld second in command, joined in the fight and eventually somehow Intress got involved as well. It was the most fun any of them had had in Perim.