Dean's Fear
Deanie McQueen

"I don't like this, Sam," Dean said. "I don't like this at all."

Sam's wrist hurt from the amazingly strong grip his brother had around it. There would probably be bruises, and he was probably going to have to explain this to some stranger someday, some stranger with an abnormal concern about Sam's well-being. Like CPS for adults.

But he loved his brother.

"You're doing real good, Dean," he said, his tone soothing and soft and raspy. "Only a couple more minutes and it'll be over. We'll be back on the ground."

"I fucking hate airplanes," Dean replied. "I hate them so much."

"I'll get you a philly cheesesteak sandwich when it's over," Sam promised, his voice almost overpowered by the excited shriek of a small child in front of them.

"What is that kid so goddamn happy about?" Dean demanded.

"It's exciting, Dean."

"That kid's a douche. And so are his parents for making him."

"Dean!" Sam was horrified by his brother's callous words. "Don't blame him. He's a kid. Kids like to fly."

Dean shifted in his seat. His hand tightened around Sam's wrist even more as they went higher into the air, his green eyes wild with terror.

"Be brave," Sam said. "You kill monsters, for chrissakes."

"I wish I could kill this motherfucking airplane," Dean replied, a little too loudly for the mother of the happily shrieking ankle-biter turned around and glared at them in a very dangerous way.

"Sorry," Sam said, embarrassed. He elbowed Dean in the side. "Just...try to bite your tongue and calm down, Dean. It'll be over in a second or two."

It was over in a second or two. The plane landed and Dean felt whole again, as he tumbled out of the tiny enclosure, brushing his hand viciously over the firetruck red exterior of the heinous mode of amusement. Carnival noises came rushing back to his ears, the smell of funnel cake, sickly sweet cotton candy, and chili cheese dogs assaulting his nose with their wonderfulness.

"It's over," he gasped and stumbled forward, pushing his way past the ride attendants.

Everyone was giving him weird looks, but he didn't care. He was off that stupid Tiny Tots Air Adventure and he was never going back.