Only 33 Spartans survived the final inoculations and after a few years all but a few remain. Only 33 that is the accepted number, in reality 38 is how many Spartans survived in the program these 5 "Dead" soldiers plus 2 others make up Spartan team K21. They are a group started on reach the last edition to where this story begins.

The room was full of light the computers were blinking on and off a Spartan team was buying time out side and the doctor was trying to beat time to finish her work. The only other involved is on no record. "Dr. Halsey you can't go, if team noble sees me!" "Be silent!" The clearly enraged Docter said. "Use this armour you should be able to use it. It's not as good as MJOLNIR body armour, but it shal do." The tall figurer grabbed one the plates looking at the quickly putting on every piece as if he had done it a thousand times "Thank you miss but." He was cut off. "After you have that on I want you to follow team noble to the Pillar of Autumn get into one of the longsword's and head for this planet." Dr. Halsey pointed to a space map "but that's almost a 2 week trip?" "Did you think I wouldn't have thought of that? Take this it's a portable chemical cryo pill. It will slow your heart rate and metabolic system so you can survive the trip." The sound of people aprocthing from outside was clear, then a voice. "Dr. Halsey its noble leader." "Hurry Mitch go, I need to finish this,... yes! I will open the door."

The forest was dense and not just with plant life, the air itself was suffocating with humidity. It seemed as if the rain turned to steam to make more clouds above. A group of Spartans trekked though the dense foggy rain. "Captain, This planets hell why are we looking for forerunner tech here?" "Were looking here, because Dr. Halsey told us to. Do we need another reason Shorty?" "No captain," Jacobs looked around confused his armour had radar problems from a battle before and never had time to repair it. "Great radar on the fritz how far Shorty?" "It's only a click away; we should be there in about 10 minutes" The captain took a knee and looked up as fast as her team copied her movment. "K21 radio silence! We got a high contact" The sky opened with eerie blue glow. When the clouds could not contain the light anymore a long streak of fire fell from the sky only a mere, 25 yards from the group. The wreck was what remained of a long sword, within the twisted remains was a warped suit of armour it's only difference from the groups was it had no UNSC markings.

"Captain any life signs?" "Yes Frank, his armour must be in lockout" "Think he has an AI," "not likely OX" I'm going to hook up and see if I can unlock the suit" the captain pulled a long cord from the back of her helmet, placed it in the AI slot in the back of the locked suit, after about 6 seconds of silence the arms fell to the ground and the person slumped. The hand on the injured figure slowly rose to make the hand sign for friend. The captain unplugged the cord and it zipped back like a vacuum cord. "He's awake just give his mind a few seconds to reboot. He must have taken something to get his heart rate that low without dying." Zapper walked over looked down and gave the body a slight nudge with his foot. "You move at all?" the radio cracked to life "yeah I can move just give me a second" when he stood up he was taller than even frank, way thinner but still taller. Shorty walked over, looking at the odd figure he wasn't quite human shaped. Shorty was crouched on a rock with his hands between his legs gun on his back, and when the tall figure turned something else became apparent very quickly to him as he was just the right height. "Hey frank, this guy's got a tail! I want a tail." Jacob cuffed short in the back of the head, "Why, so you can be more of a monkey?

Shorty's head snapped to Jacob's direction his mask went clear and the facial expression was as hostile as the planet, "HEY!" without reacting to the "monkey" Jacob continued "No offence umm," "Names Mitch" "so just Mitch, who are you?" "Thanks for not asking what, like most do, I was a genetic experiment by Dr, Halsey can't say much I don't remember anything very well. She said I was a pre-test for a program that would slow the covenant. I would assume that would be you guys," Marth looked up. "What kind of tests we don't have tails after all." "Well you don't because your goal was simply a grand increase in strength mine was increased speed, strength, endurance, balance and a great increase to my ability to hear see and smell. I think she went a bit far by giving me a tail and non-human ears." Frank walked over to Mitch he looked into the face mask without any concern for personal space. Zapper instantly spoke up before Frank went any farther. "Mitch, he wants you to take off the helmet"

Mitch began backing up from the Spartan, he raised his hand to the back of his head pushed in twisted and pulled the helmet off with one hand slowly showing the face beneath. It was surreal his face was indefinitely not human his face looked like a mix between a human, fox and a cat his skin was coated in a red fur his ears were rounded cat like and his human ears? As if they were never there. Now his muzzle was nothing like the old fantasy but his mouths muscle shape did make him more cat like. His eyes were gold with a bright blue iris his pupils were slits, somehow darker than the black of human's eyes. Jacobs took a few steps back and sat on a nearby rock. Marth was the first to speak. "you deflected what kind of test's?" Mitch almost looked scared at how she had picked it out, He thought the shock of seeing him might have made her forget. " well at first it was just to increase my ability's but after about 2 years it became more, some Forerunner DNA was recovered from a planet and they tried applying it to me as a result, my other DNA infusions accepted the change and applied it the Dr. never noticed a change. But since then all forerunner tech seams to make sense like as if we all ways knew how to use it. So they gave it to master chief and one other Spartan, "Kurt" I believe. I even fixed an old forerunner computer with it Dr. Halsey made some AI"

"You spoke of Dr. Halsey did she say anything about us or why your here?" "No there wasn't enough time you see Reach is probably gone by now. The Covenant attacked I heard she got away, but don't see how, I only saw Pillar of Autumn in space." Only the master chief and I got away from what I could tell." Marth called out, "Spartans were moving he must be sent for our mission. We are looking for a signs of forerunner tech rear I assume you're good at that," "Yeah I'm good at that but could I get everyone's call sign and name first." Each Spartan said there name as he looked across them.

"shorty! Mark " "Darsz! sorry they just call me by my name" "Zapper! Name's Taith" "Marie but that's captain to you." "Jacobs, the name! But I prefer bone crusher" Mitch gulped at that. "My names Francus H, Ammon call sign Frank" Shorty practically jumped off his rock beside Frank, Marth turned around and the rest simply looked. Taith looked at frank. "wow you never talk" Frank grunted and looked ahead. Mitch couldn't figure out if he had found his salvation in a solid team or got put in with a group of crazies that got kicked out for not being solider material the only one with a head on straight seemed to be Marth and Taith. Marth looked Mitch up and then down. "you have any weapons?" "Yeah but there only for close combat, have any spares" pointing to the rifles. " Darzs grabbed marks DMR off his back, " looking at the support sniper "what? you don't need it" and tossed it to Mitch who grabbed it out of the air and simply looked at Mark with some sympathy.