Hello everyone.

Sorry for all of you waiting for a chapter of SBD that this isn't one. I'm sorry for the long wait but I'm not very happy with the story and am thinking of doing a complete rewrite. I've also still been rather ill and have not really had the strength to get on it. For those of you wanting to know, I am doing a bit better now that I'm figuring out some of my triggers.

So anyway...on to what this post is about.

I'm sure many of you, if not all, have heard that fanfiction is getting ready to enforce their TOS for a change. That will most likely mean my stories will be purged. My stories don't contain graphic violence but they do contain lots of lemons. Honestly I feel that this whole thing is silly but it's not my site so who am I to judge.

In order to accommodate any of you that still wish to follow my stories, I've made an account on adultfanfiction(net) {I'm sure you know the drill}. While I don't really feel I'm that great of an author, I've gotten a lot of alerts, favorites and reviews with my stories and I feel I should continue for those people who have shown their kind interest. I will continue to post here as well till they force me to stop. At that point I will just be a AFF, though I am giving consideration to getting a blog site or something and posting there as well.

So, my lovelys, that is all I needed to say. I will try to get some work done on SBD soon and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your interest and patients.