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To be Loved back - 1 - Link's POV

Closing the door to the room he shares with his charge at Black Order HQ, Howard Link walked to the unique bed and fell on its covers with a shaky groan, letting go of his reserved façade.

Undoing the ties and button retaining his high collar, he traced a path over the trembling skin of his neck and collar bone with his fingers, letting his nails dig into the flesh of his nape to make it feel like a bite. Shivering, he undid the buttons of his coat with his other hand and let it wander over his chest and nipples, pinching and tweaking them for a while before continuing down south, into his pants.

His hand found his aching erection and pinched the slit. "Ah..." he traced the length and circled the tip before enclosing his hand around his shaft and starting a slow rhythm.

Link's left hand moved down to his nipples, rubbing and circling them as best as he could. He caressed his chest some more before rolling to his side, his body twitching every now and then as the pleasurable sensations his other hands elicited on his shaft increased in intensity.

"Haa... nhn..."

When he felt precum against his palm, his left hand left his now erect nipples and went under the waistband of his pants to slick his fingers one by one. When they were coated enough, he led his hand to his lower back, where it slipped under his pants and underwear to find his entrance. He flushed when he circled the opening, and closed his eyes as the first one pressed in.

It wasn't comfortable at first, but he quickly got used to it thanks to the distraction his other hand gave him. The second pressed in, scissoring the walls inside, wriggling hesitantly. He didn't add a third, because it hurt and he didn't want to risk wobbling or bleeding later should his nails make a wound.

He couldn't risk letting his secret found out by anyone, least of all the one that unknowingly made him do this.


His whole body grew hotter just by thinking of the white-haired teen he'd left at the library under the pretext of going to the bathroom, and he bit down a loud groan, fastening his rhythm. He buried his face in the jacket he'd successfully stolen from the dirty laundry, letting Allen's scent fill his nostrils. It smelt strongly of lavender soap, but he also detected a trace of musk and sweat. He liked the last two flavours the most, because it was Walker's real scent. It was such a nice combination...

His right hand tightened its grip on his shaft, and he let out a muffled moan. He imagined Walker touching him there, stroking him expertly as the fingers of his mismatched hand went deeper inside him and curved to find that special spot that made Link see stars.

But this position wasn't the best to reach it. He blushed in embarrassment as he shakingly rolled to his belly and rose up on his knees, his face still pressed against the dirty jacket. His low ponytail fell to the side of his head, blanketing half of the pillow in blond as he lowered his pants to his knees to have better access to his neither regions.

His fingers found his sweet spot, and he muffled a loud moan into the jacket, his body violently shuddering as he increased the pace of his pumps. Stars started filling his vision as his fingers wriggled but never thrust against that place inside his body (1), his entrance spasming and tightening repeatedly around them. Precum dripped onto the sheets below, staining Walker's jacket even more.

Oh gods, he felt so dirty doing this with one of the white-haired teen's favourite piece of clothing. It was such an agonizing torture to be so close to him yet never being able to touch him like he wanted…

It was a hopeless situation and Link knew it, yet he never beat himself out of his crush for Allen, choosing instead to hope vainly that one day said boy would stop seeing him as nothing more than furniture and maybe, just maybe, return his one-sided love.

In the middle of his ecstasy, his chest throbbed painfully with hidden longing and tears of desperation wet the teen's jacket.

"Walker... Walker...!" his voice broke half–way, and he pressed his head deeper into the cloth, the only thing he could momentarily have all to himself. I so wish that it could work between us...

Fisting himself roughly now and mercilessly attacking his sweet spot, he came with a muffled, agonized scream, releasing his sin onto the piece of cloth. "Allen..." he whimpered.

Trembling all over, he fell unceremoniously to his side. He clutched the stained jacket and shed silent tears into the fabric, his body shaking with the aftermath of his bitter orgasm. When it all calmed down, he weakly pulled up his pants, his hormones spent and his heart hollow.

It was then that his ex-Crow senses picked a presence in the room. A presence he knew all too well. His eyes snapped open and immediately zeroed in onto the wide-eyed figure standing frozen by the door, a hand on the doorknob. Recognition struck Link and he paled.

"Did you just call out my name, Link?" said the intruder, Allen Walker in person.

(1) Link had quickly discovered that he couldn't finger-fuck himself well when he got closer to release; his entrance had a tendency to clench tighter around his fingers and stop their movements when his body was swimming in a sea of ecstasy...

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