Chapter 10

Yes, Harry and Draco did see one another, but it was only glimpses. At meals, in the halls, and obviously they chatted a little in potions. Harry was antsy by the time Christmas break came. He and Draco both signed the forms to stay over Christmas. Ron was going home and Hermione was going with him. Harry was sad they decided to leave, but he knew they'd be back. Not many students stayed at the school so there were less people around than usual for Christmas. Sitting in the common room early Christmas Eve morning, Harry was trying to write a letter. He wanted Draco. Simple as that and he planned to get what he wanted. So he wrote:


Hey Baby! Meet me outside the Gryffindor common room, 1 AM…

Simple and to the point was the letter. Harry folded the parchment and sealed it. He then took the letter to the owlery, gave it to a school owl to deliver, and headed down to breakfast. At the table, he waited pretending to eat. Draco came in just as the owls all arrived. Many people talked excitedly about getting good wishes from home. Harry watch Draco as an owl landed on his plate. He looked surprised since his mother had quit sending him stuff and his dad was back in prison for association with Voldemort. Draco opened the letter and read. No way! Harry wanted to meet him late at night. Looking up, Draco saw Harry watching him. He nodded to show he understood and got up to leave. Harry saw the nod and became rather excited. Harry's dorm would be empty that night. All his roommates had gone home for Christmas. All through out the day, Harry was anxious. He couldn't wait, but he tried. It was a long day and an even longer night.

By 1 o'clock, Harry was going crazy. He had decorated his room with Christmas stuff and Draco's gift was on Harry's bed. He left the common room through the portrait hole. Five minutes later Draco appeared gasping for breath.

"Hurry, Filch!" Draco said.

Harry pulled him and gave this password, tinsel, and the portrait swung to admit them grumbling about being woken. They entered the common room just as Filch's wheezing hit their ears.

"What were you thinking? I'm banned remember?" Draco spoke in a whisper.

Harry looked right at him. "Well, would you rather have Filch or me?"

Draco laughed as quietly as possible. "You!"

"Come on!" Harry said taking Draco's hand again.

What the hell? Harry was leading him up to the dorm. Oh this had to be good. Draco couldn't think. Harry stopped outside the door marked Seventh Years.

"Close your eyes." Harry said.

When Draco complied, Harry opened the door and led him in. He closed the door and did the same two spells as always, silencing and door locking. When he finished he turned to Draco.

"Okay! Open now." Harry spoke right behind Draco's left ear.

Draco opened his eyes to an amazing sight. Harry had strung Christmas decorations all over one of the beds. Draco guessed it was Harry's. A brightly wrapped package lay in the middle of the bed. Two candles stood on the stand giving a soft glow to the room. Draco was speechless.

"You…what is a-all this?" Draco stumbled out.

Harry grinned big. "Your Christmas."

Draco looked at him, shocked. "You did all this for me?"

Harry nodded and took his hand. Led him to the bed and sat him down. Draco then saw the package had his name on it.

"Go ahead, open it." Harry said picking up the gift and handing it over.

He took the package from Harry and opened it. A beautiful scarf lay inside. It was two colors, Slytherin green and Gryffindor red. Draco picked it up slowly letting the colors twirl.

"Wow!" He said impressed. "Thanks!"

"Look here!" Harry said pointing to a spot one side of the scarf. "Harry and Draco"

In pretty white writing sewn into the scarf were their names. Draco almost cried. He looked up into Harry's face.

"I'm sorry, I didn't bring yours. I was going to send it to you tomorrow." Draco said.

"No worries. I know something you can give me now…" Harry said playing on a thoughtful expression.

Raising his eyebrows Draco asked. "What?"

Harry gave him a very naughty look. "You, I want you."

Draco coughed. "Ok. Are you sure?"

Harry nodded afraid to speak. Draco used the scarf to bring Harry closer, wrapping it around the back of his neck and pulling him forward. The kiss that followed was bigger and more passionate than any before. Draco slid his tongue into ever inch of Harry's mouth. The need became unbearable. Both of them lost their clothes within minutes. Harry was so ready for this. Draco stroked every inch of him. Running his hands up and down Harry's body. Massaging every inch of flesh. Harry moaned and sighed like no tomorrow. Draco finally stopped.

"Are you sure? Once it's done, there's no going back." Draco asked.

"I'm sure." Harry said nodding.

Draco flipped Harry over onto his stomach. Tracing a finger from his hairline to kiss beautiful ass. Harry shivered. Draco stuck his own finger in his mouth, wetting in fully. He then slowly pressed it into Harry's ass up to the first bend in his finger. Harry moaned. Draco twisted the finger slightly opening the one place he wanted to be. Easing it in farther Draco saw Harry really was ready. Harry hadn't flinched once. He pulled the finger out and held his hand to Harry's face.

"Spit!" Draco ordered.

Harry did as he was told presenting Draco with a large amount of saliva. Draco rubbed his dick with the spit hoping to ease some of the discomfort Harry was about to face. Slowly Draco entered just the head into Harry. Harry yelled out loud.

"Oh… baby… please…" Harry spluttered between gasps.

"You like that?" Draco asked in Harry's ear.

Harry nodded not able to think of much more. Draco entered the remainder of himself into Harry with slow deliberate strokes. Harry still moaned and cried out wanting it all. Draco pulled out all except the head and re- entered. Repeating the motion over and over. Harry was so hard. Draco kept up the pulses while reaching around to grab Harry's dick. He pumped with his hand and plunged with his manhood. Both of them crying out as wave after wave of pure pleasure it them both. Draco collapsed onto Harry as the sensation ended. Then he headed for the bathroom, bringing back a towel for Harry.

"Thanks!" Harry said taking the outstretched towel. He cleaned himself and looked up to find Draco getting hard again.

"Not yet… come lay with me." Harry told Draco. Draco moved to the bed and lay with his back to Harry. Harry stroked his hair and kissed his ear.

"Thank You!" Harry whispered before they both fell asleep.

Harry awoke the next morning to find presents at the bottom of his bed and his arm around his first lover. Draco stirred. Harry smiled deciding to have some fun. He got up off the bed and went around to the other side. Starting at Draco's ear, Harry licked a path all the way to his ass and back up.

"If you don't stop, you pay the consequences." Draco threatened opening his eyes.

"Sounds great." Harry said in Draco's ear. Harry tried to move away, but Draco was faster and he grabbed Harry around the middle pulling him back to the bed. They kissed before Harry pulled away.

"Happy Christmas!" Harry said.

"You too." Draco answered.

"Hey, some of these are yours." Harry said smiling.

Draco sat up behind Harry putting his arms around him. "Open them, I don't care."

Harry nodded and proceeded to unwrap the entire pile of gifts including Draco's. It was a difficult task because Draco was running his finger over Harry's nipple making it peak.

Draco looked serious suddenly. "Are you sore?"

"A little, but I'll be fine." Harry answered.

"Oh… I see." Draco said.

Harry turned and kissed him. "I'm not afraid, from now on we act like a couple all the time. If anyone has a problem it's theirs."

"Really?" Draco looked surprised. "So I can come up to you in the halls and kiss you senseless and you wont hit me?"

Laughing Harry said. "Yes!"

Draco looked happy at the news. "You do know…" He hesitated.

Harry looked to him. "What?"

Draco took a deep breath. "You know I love you, right?"

"Uh…" Harry looked stunned. "No I didn't, but I do now."

Draco smiled.

"And Draco, I love you too." Harry smiled back.

Harry knew this was all true and no matter what happened he was a lucky guy. He had experienced something only some people do, love. Harry was happy, truly happy and Draco…well, Draco was a new person. Harry's love made him complete.